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How to draw a map of India


Personally, I associate India with the Indian elephant, Indian and Taj Mahal.

Therefore, I will give examples of images of just such drawings. First, learn how to draw an elephant in stages.

We start with the image of the head and body of an elephant.

We draw legs that are somewhat reminiscent of columns.

Now draw the trunk and tusks.

We draw an ear to an elephant.

It remains to decorate and paint the background.

But how can I decorate it with folk patterns.

Now we give a diagram of the image of the Taj Mahal.

And this is a drawing of a dancing Indian woman.

Or you can combine the above drawings into one drawing.

India is a mysterious country in South Asia, draw it on the map.

India is a country of rich culture. Mythology and religion are very entertaining. Draw the goddess of wealth and happiness Lakshmi

Let's draw the god Ganesha - this is the god of wisdom and prosperity.

Let's draw Indian ornaments - rangoli. This is not a simple pattern; it is a prayer drawing.

Find more here. rangoli drawings.

And here is a drawing of an Indian woman drawing a rangoli.

In India there is a very beautiful Taj Mahal palace. You can draw it. In fact, this is a mausoleum built by a padishah in memory of his wife.

How to draw a girl and boy from their India.

Everybody likes Indian elephants decorated with fabulous painted blankets. The elephant in India is a symbol of wisdom and kindness.

Also, beautiful Indian women and girls are known all over the world. You might want to draw indian. Just follow the link to another question on the same site.

We also have on the site drawing indian girls It is made in the style of anime. You can also follow the link.

In India there is a very beautiful temple in the form of a lotus.

Here is how it looks in painted form.

So Indian women draw henna on their hands

India is a country of beautiful scenery. I suggest you draw a magnificent view of India with watercolors.

My Golden Bengal

Bhaskar Chitrakar.
Series of paintings: Kali - Kahlo.
A strange synthesis of Mexican painting / self-portraits of Frida Kahlo and Caligath lubok.

In the works of Frida Kahlo, a very strong influence of folk Mexican art, the culture of pre-Columbian civilizations of America is noticeable. Her work is full of symbols and fetishes.
Show in full ... However, the influence of European painting is also noticeable in it - in the early works the enthusiasm of Frida, for example, Botticelli, was clearly manifested. In the work there is a style of naive art. A great influence on the painting style of Frida Kahlo was made by her husband, the artist Diego Rivera.

Experts believe that the 1940s is the heyday of the artist, the time of her most interesting and mature works.

The self-portrait genre prevails in the work of Frida Kahlo. At the beginning of 2006, Frida’s self-portrait “Raices” was estimated by Sotheby’s experts at $ 7 million (the initial auction estimate was £ 4 million). The painting was painted by the artist in oil on a sheet of metal in 1943 (after remarriage with Diego Rivera). In the same year, this painting was sold for 5.6 million US dollars, which was a record among Latin American works. Another self-portrait of 1929, sold in 2000 for $ 4.9 million (with an initial estimate of 3–3.8 million), remains a record for the value of Kahlo's paintings.

Despite a life full of pain and suffering, Frida Kahlo had a lively and liberated extroversion nature, and her daily speech was littered with profanity. Being a tomboy in her youth, she did not lose her ardor in later years. Kalo smoked a lot, drank a lot of alcohol (especially tequila), was an open bisexual woman, sang obscene songs and told the guests of her wild parties equally indecent jokes.

At the beginning of the XXI century, the Venezuelan businessman Carlos Dorado created the Frida Kahlo Corporation fund, to which the relatives of the great artist granted the right to commercialize the name of Frida. Within a few years, a line of cosmetics, a tequila brand, sports shoes, jewelry, ceramics, corsets and underwear, as well as beer with the name Frida Kahlo, appeared.

In 1994, American jazz flutist and composer James Newton released an album inspired by Kahlo called Suite for Frida Kahlo on AudioQuest Music.
March 21, 2001, Frida became the first Mexican woman depicted on the US stamp.