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What is a frappuccino from Starbucks, how to cook it yourself?


Good day, friends. A rare person will refuse a cup of aromatic, tasty coffee. Perhaps this is one of the most common drinks. There are an incredible number of ways to cook it. You can enjoy a strong and invigorating espresso, taste the most delicate latte or cappuccino. At the same time, true gourmets of coffee have long appreciated another drink - frappuccino coffee.

Drinking with the addition of milk, cream, cinnamon or vanilla is difficult to surprise someone. But if you add crushed ice, coffee, cream to the blender, and then beat in thick foam, you get exactly the frappuccino starbucks.

With its fresh and refined taste. Experts say that the recipe is very similar to the recipe for the drink "granite". The composition, which includes frozen fruit juice and ice crushed into small crumbs.

Like it or not, it’s not so important anymore. The taste of the chilled coffee drink was amazing. You can taste it not only in starbucks, but also in a cozy home environment. Features of the preparation of the drink we will discuss in our article.

Cooking frappuccino: composition

The main ingredients are:

The name frappuccino itself consists of two words, frappe - chilled and cappuccino. In the literal translation, a chilled cappuccino is obtained. The drink is relatively young, but has already gained popularity among coffee lovers.

The name frappuccino itself consists of two words, "frappe" - chilled and "cappuccino"

The base of the drink is strong espresso. Non-skim milk, syrup (topping), finely ground ice are added to it. For decoration, use whipped cream. The finished coffee looks very appetizing. Toppings can be almost any. Here it’s a matter of taste, whoever likes what.

You can get frappuccino coffee with an exquisite banana flavor, chocolate, strawberries, lemon.

In frappuccino, calories are far from the lowest. Let's find out in what form how many calories:

  • Mocha - 500,
  • Tazoberry - 430,
  • Caramel - 410,
  • Vanilla - 430,
  • In green tea with the addition of frappuccino cream Mix - 430,
  • With lemon syrup - 350,
  • With strawberry - 410,
  • With white chocolate - 440.


There are many varieties of the drink. How to make frappuccino? Consider the classic cooking option. The recipe includes:

  • Crushed ice - 200 grams,
  • Double ground coffee espresso - 1 serving,
  • Sugar - a tablespoon,
  • Cold milk - 100 grams,

For those who are used to counting calories, the best option would be a light frappuccino. The recipe for the drink includes the same ingredients, but sugar is completely excluded. Milk is taken with a minimum percentage of fat content.

What is frappuccino?

Frappuccino is a coffee-based cold cocktail. It is prepared with the addition of low-fat milk, ice, syrups - toppings, as well as whipped cream, the cap of which tops the glass. Frappuccino at Starbucks is often decorated with a variety of toppings - chocolate chips, cocoa, chopped nuts, caramel and cinnamon.

The resulting dainty is not only amazingly tasty, but also very beautiful - transparent dishes emphasize the layered structure, and syrups give the drink different colors. And, of course, Starbucks marketers are constantly working to improve the look and taste of this cocktail. In the Starbucks menu you will find many varieties of frappuccino, the features of which we will tell you below.

On a note! The real frappuccino can be found exclusively in the Starbucks coffee shops, since no one except the copyright holders has the right to prepare and sell this cocktail. However, in other institutions you can still try analogs close to the original, although under completely different names. You can always check with the barista if they have on the menu something similar to frappuccino, and, as a rule, get an affirmative answer.

History of occurrence

Coffee frappuccino, a registered trademark and currently owned by the Starbucks chain, is a fairly young cocktail. The history of its origin begins in the 1990s, when in a small American network coffeehouse "Coffee Connection" young barista, whose names were not included in the history, decided to experiment, creating new tastes from traditional menu drinks.

First, the guys mixed coffee with a milkshake and ice cream, adding ice to it. After several experiments, they got the perfect taste, which they included in the menu. The ultimate recipe invented by these creative young people included:

  • espresso doppio (i.e., double),
  • milkshake (which was subsequently replaced with plain milk and sweet syrup),
  • crushed ice
  • whipped cream.

The next milestone in the history of the drink is its transformation into a Starbucks branded product. In 1995, Starbucks, expanding, absorbed a smaller network of Coffee Connection coffee houses. Together with other menu items, Starbucks became the owner of the recipe for this coffee, and, appreciating its prospects, for a short time patented the rights to it.

Since then, only Starbucks can use this recipe and brand name. Other coffee houses have to look for loopholes to prepare and sell a similar cocktail.

With the expansion of the Starbucks network and its expansion beyond the borders of America to the international level, the whole world recognized and appreciated frappuccino coffee, which quickly won the hearts of gourmets, first in Europe and then in Russia.

The name is derived from two words that characterize the features of this coffee cocktail:

  • Frappe is a French word that translates to “chilled." In French cuisine, the name "frape" means any drinks and dishes into which crushed or granulated ice has been added, and not just coffee made according to this recipe.
  • Cappuccino is the Italian name for brewed coffee with milk.

How is frappuccino different from frappe?

Many people who are not familiar with coffee culture often confuse this cocktail with another popular cold coffee cocktail bearing the consonant name - frappe. The difference between these drinks is great, but in some ways they are really similar.

  • Consonance of names.
  • Cool temperature.
  • Coffee base.
  • Add crushed ice.
  • Serve in clear glass goblets.

  • Technology. When preparing frappe, all the ingredients are whipped together, forming a homogeneous mass with pieces of ice, frappuccino is prepared differently.
  • Appearance. Frappe is a uniform drink that can be decorated on top and has a foam. Frappuccino is layered, with a cap of whipped cream topping it.
  • The recipe. With frappe you can experiment as you like, and in each coffee shop its recipe can have its own characteristics. Frappuccino is patented by the Starbucks network, so only owners of rights themselves can change its recipe, as well as sell it. Frappuccino can only be tasted at Starbucks.

How to make frappuccino according to the original recipe?

A classic frappuccino coffee recipe is prepared using the following ingredients.

  • Espresso doppio (double) - 100 milliliters.
  • Milk with low fat content (up to 2%) - 100 milliliters.
  • Ice (crushed or granulated) - 2-3 cubes.
  • Syrup - 1 tablespoon.
  • Whipped cream - 1 tablespoon.
  • Sugar to taste (in the classic recipe it is 1 teaspoon, but for many it seems too sweet).

The process of making traditional frappuccino at Starbucks looks like this:

  • Using a professional coffee machine, brew two servings of strong espresso.
  • The coffee is cooled to a cold temperature, in which ice does not melt.
  • Pour coffee, milk and syrup into a blender bowl, add sugar.
  • The ingredients are mixed using a whipping nozzle to a uniform consistency.
  • Pieces of ice are added to the blender bowl and beat at high speeds.
  • Pour into a glass.
  • Whipped cream is spread on the surface of the cocktail.
  • Decorate the drink with sprinkles: chocolate chips, cinnamon, chopped nuts.

Everything! Frappuccino ready to serve.

Varieties of frappuccino in starbucks

Since frappuccino coffee is one of the most popular items on the Starbucks menu, specialists developing the assortment of coffee houses have developed many varieties of this drink.

So, in the Starbucks menu you can find:

  • Classical. It contains traditional doppio espresso, non-skim milk, crushed ice, whipped cream and syrup.
  • Easy, or light. Especially for those who protect the figure. It is cooked on the basis of milk and vegetable-based cream. Such frappuccino, if you do not add toppings, sugar and sprinkles, contains almost half the calories than the original.
  • Vegetarian. It is cooked on the basis of milk and cream of plant origin - usually soy. The taste is subtle, with herbal notes, and the calorie content of such a cocktail will be lower than usual.
  • Vanilla. It is prepared according to the classic recipe, but with the addition of vanillin or the corresponding syrup.
  • Caramel. This is a classic frappuccino, in which caramel syrup is added: one spoon during whipping the drink to give a taste, the second - before serving, as a decoration.
  • Cream. It is more a dessert than a cocktail. It does not contain coffee and is prepared on the basis of whipped cream with ice, low-fat, turned into foam milk and syrup.
  • Tazoberri. This recipe also does not contain coffee. It contains Tazo tea, which Starbucks bought in 1995, simultaneously with Coffee Connection coffee houses. Ice and fruit syrups are also added.
  • Moka. This is a chocolate drink with Starbucks mocha branded chocolate. Otherwise, all the ingredients correspond to the classic recipe.
  • "Unicorn," or "Unicorn frappuccino." This is the latest frappuccino recipe created in April 2017 and quickly became very popular, both because of its unusual taste and because of its pleasant aroma. In addition, the appearance of the drink is amazing. It is prepared on the basis of coffee with the addition of milk and ice, as well as powders: sweet - pink and sour - blue. In addition, the drink was produced in a limited edition, which brought him simply crazy fame. He officially appeared on the menu until the end of April, but in fact it was sold out already in the middle of the month, as there were too many people interested in trying it out.

On a note! If in the title you see words like: raspberry, banana, strawberry, cherry - this is usually a classic frappuccino with various fruit syrups.

Calorie drink

One of the minuses of frappuccino coffee that you can taste at Starbucks is its high calorie content. What is not surprising: as a part of whipped cream, fruit syrups and sugar.

One serving of a classic drink contains a quarter of the total daily calorie intake recommended for an active adult.

Different types have different calories:

  • Vanilla - 200 calories.
  • Caramel - 257 calories.
  • Creamy - 154 calories.
  • With cookies - 378 calories.

As for the caffeine content, it is from 60 to 150 milligrams, which is also quite a lot. However, its action is mild and gradual. But it’s better to drink a cocktail in the morning, so as not to cause a problem with sleep.

It is also important to pay attention to the content of sugar in this drink. It is very high, even if you do not add sugar specifically - syrups and whipped cream are quite sweet in themselves. Therefore, people suffering from diabetes, it is better not to drink this cocktail.

In addition, there is a cooking method that is suitable for children and pregnant women - this is chocolate frappuccino, from which coffee, and therefore caffeine, is completely excluded.

How to cook different varieties of frappuccino at home?

It will be possible to buy a portion of this delicious cold drink only in Starbaks coffee shops, but, fortunately, you can make frappuccino at home. To do this, it will be enough only to purchase all the necessary ingredients: whipped cream, syrups: raspberry, blackcurrant, strawberry and others, as well as chocolate, if you decide to cook a real mocha frappuccino. You will also need a blender. You can use a mixer or any other technique. But to beat the drink to the desired consistency manually will be quite difficult.

Next, we will talk about how to prepare different versions of this drink at home on your own.

Vanilla Frappuccino

To prepare it, you will need the same ingredients as for the classic recipe, as well as vanilla syrup or regular culinary vanillin. Coffee can be brewed in cezve (Turk) or using a French press. Be sure to strain it so that the cocktail does not get thick!

Then pour it into a blender bowl, add vanillin or the appropriate syrup, milk, ice cubes and sugar. Beat the ingredients, pour into a glass and put whipped cream on top of the drink. Top with garnish with walnut or chocolate chips, and add a little more vanilla syrup.

Caramel frappuccino

Caramel frappuccino is prepared in the same way as vanilla. In this regard, there is no need to retreat from the classic recipe - just add caramel syrup as a topping. It will need about two teaspoons: pour one into the blender bowl, and the second into the glass before serving.

On a note! Frappuccino with caramel goes well with chocolate chips.

Chocolate and frappuccino cream

To make chocolate frappuccino, you also do not have to step back from the classic recipe. Just add chocolate syrup, or melt a regular bar of dark chocolate in a water bath. This delicacy will especially please the sweet tooth! You can cook and the "children's" option - cook this recipe without adding coffee. Such a frappuccino will be a real highlight of the children's holiday!

Frappuccino cream is also uncomplicated for cooking at home - beat milk well enough before adding the rest of the ingredients, and also completely exclude from the composition of coffee. Sometimes this cocktail is prepared with the addition of creamy or vanilla ice cream.

Frappuccino with ice cubes

Ice frappuccino is an interesting and unusual recipe. To prepare it, brewed coffee is divided into two servings. One of them is mixed in a blender, as in the classical method of preparation. The second is poured into ice molds and frozen. Then the resulting coffee cubes are added to the blender to the remaining ingredients and whipped at high speeds.

How to drink frappuccino?

It is very important to drink frappuccino as soon as it is cooked. Indeed, a distinctive feature of this drink, which affects its taste, is the consistency. The pieces of ice that are present in crumbs in a cocktail glass should not have time to melt, otherwise the drink will become too watery.

In addition, frappuccino is drunk without stirring to preserve its layered texture. Whipped cream topping a glass of coffee is eaten with a spoon.

Drinking frappuccino is better in the morning because of the high caffeine content in the composition. Usually it is not combined with other dishes - it is already quite nutritious.

How to keep the taste of the drink?

To make frappuccino as tasty as possible, follow these recommendations:

  • Use chilled coffee in which ice does not melt. It is desirable that the coffee cools at room temperature. You can cool it in the refrigerator - but not in the freezer!
  • Pour frappuccino in cold dishes.
  • To make coffee rich and tasty, use freshly roasted grains. It is best to grind them just before brewing the drink - so they will not have time to run out of steam.
  • Be careful with sugar! Syrup and whipped cream combined with sugar can ruin the taste of the drink, making it overly sugary.

On a note! The fatter the milk, the milder the taste of the cocktail.

How to serve frappuccino?

It’s not enough to cook frappuccino properly — you need to be able to serve it beautifully.

Barista at Starbucks knows this very well, so traditionally they use transparent dishes for this cocktail - tall glasses with latte macchiato if you drink frappuccino directly in the coffee shop, or plastic glasses with a convex lid and a company logo if you order a take-away drink. A tube is necessarily attached to frappuccino - they don’t drink this cocktail “over the edge”.

On a note! The volume of dishes for frappuccino is usually from 300 to 500 milligrams.

If you make a drink at home, you will get more pleasure from it if you pour the cocktail into a tall transparent glass.

Important! The glass for frappuccino should be cold - it is advisable to put it in the freezer for several minutes.

The cost of frappuccino at Starbucks

Frappuccino at Starbucks can cost a lot depending on the recipe. Prices start at 200 rubles, and their limit is 400-450 rubles.

Frappuccino is an excellent remedy against heat and drowsiness! The high content of caffeine and its soft, incomparable creamy-fruity taste will appeal to gourmets and sweet tooth. Thanks to this cold cocktail, coffee lovers will not have to make a choice between their favorite coffee and cold drinks in hot weather. Ради того, чтобы отведать это лакомство, обязательно посетите кофейню «Старбакс», а затем попробуйте повторить их рецепт в домашних условиях!

Шоколадный и фраппучино — креме

Если добавить в кофе шоколадный сироп, то получится шоколадный фраппучино. For lovers who are contraindicated in caffeine, you can choose a recipe without coffee.

If you add chocolate syrup to coffee, you get chocolate frappuccino.

Everything is present in frappuccino cream, except for the main ingredient. It contains sugar, milk, which is whipped with a mixer or using steam, flavorings.


If desired, you can replace natural milk with soy. In this case, you get a vegetarian version of the gourmet drink. In general, adding certain ingredients you can get the most amazing taste characteristics. Any hostess has every chance to create her own unique recipe for a drink.


Caramel frappuccino enjoys the well-deserved attention of true gourmets. It is enough to try it once, and there will be an insatiable desire to drink this drink constantly.

There are three options for its preparation:

In order to taste the milk version, the following ingredients will be required:

  • Half a glass of chilled ground coffee,
  • White sugar - 3 tbsp. spoons
  • Half a glass of milk (any will do)
  • Ice - 2 cups,
  • Whipped cream (on the palate),
  • Caramel syrup at your discretion.

At high revs of the blender, mix the foods in the bowl until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

Perfectly prepared coffee will have a uniform consistency. You can pour it into ordinary coffee cups or glasses. Garnish with cream and pour caramel syrup.

You can replace milk with cream. Then you get creamy frappuccino. It is prepared from the following products:

  • I need to make a cup of strong coffee,
  • Take ice - 2 cups,
  • Cream as desired
  • A little caramel syrup.

You can replace milk with cream. Then you get creamy frappuccino.

  1. Brew strong coffee to your liking,
  2. Pour into a blender bowl and add ice, cream and a little caramel syrup,
  3. Beat until a homogeneous mass is obtained,
  4. Pour the finished drink into a cup and garnish with whipped cream.

Chocolate - creamy

The combination of coffee and chocolate has always been considered exquisite. Maybe that's why chocolate-cream frappuccino has such a breathtaking taste? You can appreciate it by cooking according to this recipe:

  • I need to make four glasses of ground coffee,
  • Add 50 ml of milk,
  • Add a little whipped cream to your taste,
  • Pieces of ice
  • Chocolate syrup to taste.

Vanilla frappuccino can be completely made with your own hands. This drink will be a great addition to a regular dinner or a festive feast. Cooking it is not even an experienced hostess. To do this, she will need:

  • Brewed coffee
  • Milk,
  • Sugar or its substitute,
  • Vanilla syrup
  • Pieces of ice
  • Whipped cream.

Vanilla frappuccino can be completely made with your own hands.

So, the options are incredible. If you add new ingredients to the drink, you can get completely new tastes.

Delicious frappuccino recipe at home

There is not always time and opportunity to go to a coffee shop to enjoy frappuccino. On the other hand, its preparation technology is very simple. To master several options for a drink, just desire and a small supply of free time are enough.

So, let's make a classic frappuccino recipe.

  • Ready coffee
  • Milk,
  • Pieces of ice
  • Cream,
  • Vanilla filler (syrup).

How to cook it:

Everything is very simple. You need to mix coffee with milk in a blender, then add granulated sugar. In order to determine the proportions it is better to taste. If desired, you can increase the portion of the ingredients. Then again beat the mixture with a blender. There, add pieces of ice and mix until the ice turns into crumbs.

The finished drink is poured into a glass and decorated with cream. It can be served together with nuts or pastries. It is more convenient to drink it from a tubule.

Some nuances of cooking

In order to get a drink like in Starbucks, you need to take into account certain nuances. This coffee contains syrups. The basic syrups include caramel, chocolate and vanilla. The amount of ingredients varies according to preference.

In order to make frappe softer or vice versa, they simply increase or decrease portions. You can replace coffee with milk.

As a rule, espresso is used for cooking. If there is no way to cook it, then you can make it in a cezve, or in a coffee maker. Further, the cooking technology remains the same. There is another important detail. The brewed drink must be filtered, and then cooled, or add milk to it.

Some gourmets will taste more delicate frappuccino. Here you can "play" with the fat content of milk. Then the taste of the drink will be softer. Instead of the base, try currant, raspberry and other syrups. Try to mix, and you get a more original drink. That's all, friends!

Secrets of cooking a real frappuccino

  1. Prepare only with freshly ground coffee.
  2. Before you start preparing a drink, it is important that the freshly brewed coffee cool down at room temperature.
  3. If you add ice immediately, without waiting for complete cooling, then the taste will greatly “suffer”.
  4. Everything should be a measure, this applies to sugar, syrup and other additional ingredients. Make sure that the sweets you add are in harmony with each other.
  5. The higher the fat content of milk, the greater the calorie content of the drink.

In order to prepare frappuccino, you need to take the following ingredients

  • coffee beans - per 1 cup (200 ml) take 2 teaspoons,
  • milk 6%, any fat content - 100 ml,
  • syrup, nuts, condensed milk - to decorate the surface,
  • whipped cream - 3-4 tablespoons,
  • ice in cubes - 100 grams,
  • sugar - 1 tablespoon (optional, otherwise it will turn out very sweet).

Stages of cooking frappuccino

2. Pour coffee into a mug and leave to cool for about 10-15 minutes. It is best if the coffee cools down to room temperature in a natural way, otherwise you can resort to using a refrigerator, but not a freezer.

3. We take a deep bowl (any dishes, the main thing is that during whipping the contents of the bowl do not fly into the kitchen). Pour cooled coffee, sugar and cold milk into it - whisk it all with a blender for 1-2 minutes.

4. Ice cubes are crushed to the state of “crumbs”. Ice cubes can be put in a towel and crush the ice with a hammer, rolling pin or other heavy object. Add ice to a bowl with a “cocktail” and whisk again for 1 minute.

On a note! When ice is added to hot coffee, all tastes are lost.

5. Add any syrup or condensed milk to the bowl and mix everything thoroughly. The resulting cocktail is poured into a glass. It is best to take transparent dishes; serving such a drink is much more effective and appetizing in it. A glass jar can be a great alternative. But if there is no such glass, it’s not scary, you can take any other available in your house.

6. Put whipped cream on the surface of the finished coffee. We take 2-3 peeled walnuts (this can be any other kind of nut) and finely chop, then sprinkle the surface of the cocktail. Frappuccino is ready!

A cocktail can be consumed with a straw. It is recommended to use it immediately, otherwise it will become very liquid, since the ice will finally melt. The sweetness and strength of coffee can be different, it all depends on your individual preferences. In addition to syrups, chocolate, cocoa powder, coconut, vanilla are added to coffee. If you follow the figure, then you can take less fat milk and, accordingly, add less sweet ingredients. It is important that the added ingredients as a decoration harmonize with each other.