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Natasha, it’s like from garbage bags and what to sew? Packs cut into strips and how next? - Sew for the middle? I would have some kind of picture or little scheme, otherwise my brains will swell. We have Christmas Eve on the 24th, there are plenty of things to do at home, and this holiday is with a washcloth at school. So at the wrong time!

Sciurus vulgaris you can make a skirt (you don’t need to sew) for this reason, from strips of bags (for garbage, for example) or from tulle. tutu skirt in 1 hour without seam cars
according to the same principle, you can make a bandage on the head, cuffs or on the ribbon something like a cloak.

tutu skirt in 1 hour without seam cars

I give a tried and tested idea - make your children beautiful, or even for yourself. Suitable for parties, photo shoots, holidays, for dance classes or just dressing up - well, you realized that this is not casual clothes? These skirts are also attended by children at the New York Theater Ballet. You can impose skirts on and for ...


Direction, Thanks for the link! I would never have guessed to see there.


pattern of clown shoes (me for a snowman)!

nimfea here is another topic on the osinka about children's shoes,
look, which basis is easier for you to take. and then cut out a probe from something and see how you can give the desired shape to the "clown" nose.
it’s easier to “enlarge” the nose of such a plan /images/kaksdelatkostyummochalki_585D6C4E.jpg + /images/kaksdelatkostyummochalki_DDA232EA.jpg (insole, 2 sidewalls, upper part and webbing for a fastener)
open better through "open in new tab"



svd, thanks for the compliments. I made a hat from 4 wedges. And the husband gave the wire, some kind of copper, quite thin.

Sciurus vulgaris

Chocolate. Thank you very much. I studied this MK up and down - we dance and I want to make such a skirt for rhythm next school, But what can I make a washcloth suit on the basis of this TUTU? One head is good, but a whole forum.


Natasha, it’s like from garbage bags and what to sew? Packs cut into strips and how next? - Sew for the middle? I would have some kind of picture or little scheme, otherwise my brains will swell. We have Christmas Eve on the 24th, there are plenty of things to do at home, and this holiday is with a washcloth at school. So at the wrong time!

So this is just a thought in my head, there are no pictures.
Just if the costume for the performance, and even the minute role - is it worth bothering with a complex costume? Especially if you don’t really know how to sew.
I imagined it like that - like a lion in the previous pictures, but not the rings stick out, but the stripes. That is, the strip is long, it has a middle - there is also a place of attachment to the fabric. Left and right edges stick out. You can lay out a series of strips from top to bottom on the dress - and in one fell swoop with large seams sew on a typewriter. And you can close it in the ring, then sew across the edge across, then such droplets will fall down. By the way, I walked about topics now - they knit more from T-shirts, they are stronger than ordinary garbage.

And I also really like the idea of ​​a tutu skirt. Make small “packs” on the head and hands, so that the washcloth is different from the ballerina.

Mom july

Oh, how many questions! Mine is not lost.

How this suit is sewn, or rather:
Wings - do I need a frame? From wire, for example, or regiline.
Tail- how to make it stand up? Or is it just for a photo he was put
And finally halo - whether filling is necessary, than.
It seems that many costumes were sewn, this is a snag

I now have such a suit at home, they brought it to me to alter it, the buttons are terrible, they all pulled out, the fabric is bad, the slippers are completely unclear what
now on
Wings on both sides of the atlas, inside the synthetic winterizer everything is stitched, there is no rigilin or frame, they are held on by buttons that all come off
tail not standing, normal - hanging
what kind of filling? so that the volume is larger ?, there is nothing there, just the fabric itself is dense
the halo is just a fight, without a frame, hanging out, as it doesn’t stick on the photo

Yarn for washcloths

Yarn for washcloths

Yarn for polypropylene washcloths can be of different colors. If you want, you can make such products from natural materials in the form of birch bark, rubber and others.

Remember: Washcloths made from natural materials must be changed every month. Otherwise, this personal care item will turn into a real breeding ground for bacteria.

Crocheted mitt

Crocheted mitt

This washcloth is comfortable for the shower. It can be easily soaped independently, and it is also convenient to wash children with such a washcloth.

Sponge Mittens Crochet:

  1. Dial 30 loops
  2. Knit circular rows with a single crochet. In each new row, knit 1 stitch loop
  3. Determine the length of the product by the length of your palm. Now you need to connect the upper parts of the mittens - knit the upper and lower columns together and fix
  4. Sew all the parts and fasten the thread with a knot

DIY polypropylene washcloths

DIY polypropylene washcloths

Polypropylene is a durable synthetic material, so it is used to create household items and personal care products. Do-it-yourself polypropylene washcloths will appeal to all households. They are well soaped and perfectly cope with keratinized skin, sweat and fat in the upper layer of the epidermis.

DIY handmade washcloths for beginners step by step: schemes

If you know how to crochet a little, then creating a beautiful washcloth will not be difficult for you. Schemes will help make the attribute for the shower and bath easy and fast.

Beautiful DIY washcloths for beginners step by step:

Beautiful DIY washcloths for beginners

DIY handmade washcloths for beginners step by step: schemes

  1. Tie 7 stitches and lock in a circle
  2. Double crochet in a circle
  3. The diameter of the washcloth will gradually increase towards the middle. When 15 cm, start cutting in every second row
  4. Tie 5 rows in this way. Get a "cylinder" with a closed bottom
  5. Insert the foam inside the cylinder and attach the handles

Do-it-yourself beautiful baby washcloths with crochets: patterns

Beautiful crocheted washcloths: scheme

This washcloth is knitted like a mitten, the steps of creating which are described above. The difference between the children's product is that it will be smaller and can be decorated.

Beautiful DIY washcloths for beginners - animals

How to crochet a washcloth toy?

Caring parents know that children develop in the game. Therefore, even while swimming, the baby should frolic and play. How to crochet a funny washcloth toy?

The knitting pattern of washcloths will help you create interesting bathing toys. The child will have fun swimming with them. Older children will even want to rub such a washcloth on their own with soap.

How to crochet a washcloth toy?

You need to knit such products as mittens. Knit muzzles in a circle with a crochet of yarn of a different color.

How to crochet a washcloth toy - frogs

Bast Hedgehog crocheted

Bast Hedgehog crocheted

Hedgehog is one of every child’s favorite characters. If your baby does not like to swim, then crochet the Hedgehog washcloth and he will look forward to the evening to plunge into the bath with his new friend.

  1. Dial 32 loops and knit in a circle 2 rows with a single crochet
  2. Then knit with elongated loops. Knit 30 rows
  3. After that, change the thread of the main color to the thread from which the muzzle will be made
  4. Continue to knit with a single crochet from 31 to 35 row crochet
  5. Make reductions in each row of 4 loops - the muzzle is ready. Fasten the thread, make the nose and eyes of the hedgehog with a needle and thread

Children's washcloths toys with crocheted loops

Any washcloths toys are best knitted with elongated loops. This technology helps to create a beautiful and soft personal care product for the baby.

Make these children's washcloths toys with crocheted loops:

Children's washcloths toys with crocheted loops

Baby washcloths with elongated hooks

Children's washcloths toys with elongated loops

Knitting with elongated loops is also called "fur". Using this technique, you can knit not only washcloths, but also hats, scarves or sweaters.

Children's washcloths toys with elongated loops pattern "fur"

Children's washcloths toys with crochet elongated loops - the technique of performing the pattern "fur"

Important: If you hold the loop uncomfortably with your finger, you can put it on a strip of thick cardboard.

Crocheted round and oval washcloth

Crocheted round and oval washcloth

A pilling washcloth is slightly different than a bath or shower washcloth. It should be made of hard thread in the form of a circle or oval with a loop for the hand.

A crocheted round and oval washcloth is the simplest product that every woman can make.

Oval knitting pattern:

Oval washcloth crochet - scheme

Circle knitting pattern:

Crocheted round washcloth - diagram

  1. Fold the thread in two layers and knit in a circle with long loops
  2. Now make a sliding loop, three single crochet in this loop
  3. In the next row double the number of loops
  4. Then in a circle evenly add 6 loops
  5. Tie the washcloth to the desired size and fasten the thread
  6. Sew a knitted strip or elastic from the inside for convenience

Important: This washcloth is also suitable for washing dishes.

Crochet flat washcloth

Crochet flat washcloth

The flat washcloth quickly knits, does not stretch and lasts a long time. This flat crochet washcloth is suitable for washing in the bath and in the shower. It is convenient for her to wash her back.

The knitting pattern for a flat washcloth is simple. Even a novice craftswoman will understand it.

Flat washcloth hook - scheme

Tip: Knit such a washcloth with a “fur” or “fringe” pattern with long loops, which was described above.

Tie the edges with a contrasting thread with two single crochet stitches. On the sides, tie chains of 40 loops - these will be handles.

How to knit a washcloth with knitting needles for beginners?

How to knit a washcloth with knitting needles for beginners?

If you don’t like to crochet, or you don’t have such a technique for creating products, then try knitting a washcloth with knitting needles. Prepare regular long knitting needles No. 3 or No. 4 and synthetic polypropylene yarns.

How to knit a washcloth with knitting needles for beginners? Complete these steps:

  1. Dial 30 loops and knit 5 rows with face stitch
  2. In the 6th row, remove the first loop, and knit the second in this way: pry the loop with a knitting needle, as when knitting with the front stitch, and place the thread over the knitting needle, which lies on the finger. Wrap the needle together with your finger two times with thread and knit with the front loop. The third loop is front, and the fourth, like the second, and so on until the end of the row
  3. 7th row - remove the first loop, and knit the rest with facial smoothness
  4. Knit the 8th row, like the 6th and so on
  5. When the required length of the washcloth is tied, make 5 rows with the front stitch
  6. Tie two strips with 40 loops and knit 3 rows of front stitch. Close the loops and sew the strips along the edges of the washcloth for ease of use.

Sponge with extended loops - diagram

Sponge with extended loops - diagram

Elongated loops are the same size, so this knitting looks beautiful. Try to knit a washcloth in this way, and then use this technique to create a hat, sweater or cardigan for the baby.

Sponge with extended loops - diagram:

Knitted washcloth - scheme

DIY jute washcloth

DIY jute washcloth

Jute is a natural fiber. Do-it-yourself jute washcloth is an environmentally friendly product that will perfectly exfoliate dead epidermal cells and fight skin contamination. Such a personal hygiene item perfectly exerts a pilling effect.

Important: Flat sponges are knitted from jute, both with knitting needles and crochet. The pattern can be any one you like.

DIY bast of birch bark

DIY bast of birch bark

Birch bast or “birch bark” is a personal hygiene item made of natural material.

To make such a washcloth, take birch bark, cut it into strips and tie it at one end. You will get a round ball that can be used to go to the bath.

A bast of birch bark with your own hands can be done in another way:

  1. Take a piece of birch bark 20cm x 20cm
  2. In the middle of this square, mark a strip 3 cm wide
  3. Cut birch bark on both sides of the mark into narrow strips
  4. Roll the workpiece into a tube and tie in the middle. It turned out a great bath sponge

Important: Before use, the product of birch bark must be steamed, holding for several minutes in boiling water.

How to make a bast washcloth with handles?

A bast is the inside of the linden bark. How to make a bast washcloth with handles?

Such a product can be made simply and quickly.

The first method: Fold the bast threads in half and lightly tie a knot.

How to make a bast washcloth with handles? First way

The second method: Fold the bast threads in half, and tie, stepping back from the place of inflection 5-7 cm.

How to make a bast washcloth with handles? Second way

Important: To make a bast washcloth soft, it needs to be steamed in boiling water, like birch bark.

You can sew a bast washcloth this way:

  1. Take the bast threads
  2. Fold them on a flat surface and spread them.
  3. Sew the blank in a chaotic manner on the sewing machine or make a few straight lines
  4. Sew the band and pens around the edges

How to sew a bast pocket with handles?

DIY washcloth

DIY washcloth

The vegetable net is soft and therefore suitable for creating washcloths. You can take a new grid in a roll, but the used one is also suitable. DIY washcloth:

  1. Wash the net after use (if you have a used net) and dry
  2. Type 10 stitches of netting on the knitting needles and knit according to the principle of “scarf made of ribbon yarn”. Loops should be loose and tight
  3. Get a few rows of seamy seams
  4. Then twist the product into a ring and fix the knitting with a hook or a needle with thread

DIY new washcloth

Kese washcloth

In Turkish baths - hammam, they use soft washcloths in the form of mittens made of sheep wool. Kese washcloth can be sewn independently:

  1. Take a flap of fleece. If there is no such material, you can use any other, but soft and delicate texture.
  2. Cut out two parts so that the washcloth is easy to put on your hand when finished
  3. Stitch these details and trim
  4. Make a pen - the washcloth is ready

DIY bath sponges made of twine

DIY bath sponges made of twine

Twine is polypropylene and natural. Most often, synthetic threads are used for weaving washcloths, as they are stronger and made in different colors.

DIY washcloths made of synthetic or natural twine are knitted according to the schemes described above.

Tip: You can make a flat washcloth or product with elongated loops, as you like.

DIY nylon washcloths

Do-it-yourself thread for washcloths made of nylon tights

After a cold season, every woman has many pairs of worn and already torn nylon tights. Most often, ladies throw them away, but real needlewomen find use for such things.

Do-it-yourself washcloths made of nylon tights with your own hands:

  1. Cut off the upper part of the tights. Only the lower part is needed - stockings
  2. Cut the workpiece into strips 3-3.5 cm wide. These stripes will be the threads for knitting
  3. Now knit as you like - crochet or knitting

Important: Products from tights do not fit with elongated loops. Make a flat washcloth according to the schemes described above to create products from polypropylene.

Sisal washcloth

Sisal washcloth

Sisal is a natural fiber that is obtained from the leaves of Agava sisolana. Needlewomen willingly make washcloths - massage and for washing.

How to do - steps:

  1. The sisal washcloth should be flat
  2. To create it, type 30 loops and knit on needles or crochet with any pattern. You can even face stitch, if knitting needles, or a single crochet column - if crocheted
  3. Fold the edges by first inserting the handles from the old washcloth and sew. You can simply sew knitted from the same threads

How to knit a single sided washcloth?

How to knit a single sided washcloth?

A one-sided washcloth is the simplest model, which is suitable for beginners, despite the fact that elongated loops are used to create it. How to knit a single sided washcloth?

Depending on the material used, a single-sided washcloth should be knitted in one or two threads. If in one thread, then crochet the product, and in two - with knitting needles. Choose any knitting technique of your choice, for example, as in the video below.