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Excessive sweating: how to control it?


What is the difference between beauty and sympathy? What is the attraction to another person based on? The real reason is hard to believe, because it is irrational and shrouded in mysticism.

The sense of smell affects the limbic system, the part of the brain that controls hunger, aggression, sexual emotions and other basic “animal feelings” of a person.

People are not aware that up to 70,000 odors affect their psyche precisely because it remains in the realm of the subconscious. It is no coincidence that the smell is so difficult to put into words. We can at least somehow characterize the smell, only pointing to its source, for example, the smell of a rose, the smell of a rotten egg.

Interestingly, there are no intermediate shades in the perception of odors. There are no neutral odors. They cause either positive emotions or negative ones.

In the brilliant novel "Perfumer" Patrick Suskind showed the monstrous power of smells, their ability to change the visual image of a person.

Do not we ourselves recognize the realm of smells, striving to take a shower several times a day and all trying new deodorants. Many women in search of sexuality are willing to pay any money for a bottle of perfume.

Modern man arrogantly does not notice what is known to any cat or dog. The natural odor of the body is what actually attracts or repels. It is the natural, natural smell of the skin and genitals that awakens the ancient instinct of procreation. The choice or rejection of a partner depends on him. And it does not score with any deodorants or perfumes.

Where does body odor come from? It turns out that it is a vital product of numerous bacteria or microflora, which lives on the skin and on the mucous membranes of the genitals. Decomposing the secretion products of sweat, sebaceous and other glands, the bacteria of the skin and mucous membranes produce a whole gamut of substances that form the body odor. So, what we will smell depends on the products of isolation and the composition of microflora.

Ideally, from a woman’s natural smell, a man (or vice versa) should “take down the roof”. Recall Napoleon's famous epistles to Josephine: “I’ll arrive in Paris tomorrow. Do not wash! ”

The total spread of deodorants suggests that most modern people are afraid of their smell. Fear is enhanced by the fact that the person himself does not feel his own aroma. And relatives and friends because of the delicacy rarely open their eyes to the existing problem.

Why is the natural smell of many people not causing enthusiasm among others?

Alas, you cannot do without base things. The microflora of the skin and mucous membranes is only part of the unified microflora of the body. Its main part (almost one and a half kilograms) lives in the large intestine. It can be safely stated that the bacteria of the skin and genitals are just regional departments of the intestinal microflora.

Therefore, what the body will smell like is determined by the state of the intestine. Ideally, “good” microflora should prevail there, which in the process of fermentation of food forms a mass of substances useful to the body. At the same time, people smell attractive.

In fact, most people have dysbiosis in the colon. The "bad" microflora dominates, decomposing food by rotting.

If we do not want to give "rot", it is necessary to constantly monitor the situation in the colon.

At the end of the twentieth century, scientists identified food ingredients that can selectively enhance the growth and activity of “good microflora”. They are called "prebiotics." This discovery provides a person with a fundamentally new opportunity to control the smell of his body.

To date, a number of prebiotics are already on the market. The absolute leader, however, is the substance Raftilose ® Synergy1, developed by the Belgian company ORAFTI. The crazy success of Synergy1 in Europe, the USA and Japan is explained by the fact that it is the only prebiotic in the world that ensures the growth of “good” microflora throughout the large intestine.

We are pleased to inform you that the company "ORTO" since April last year based on Raftilose ® Synergy1 produces a product ORTO PREBIO, one teaspoon of which contains the recommended daily dose of Synergy1 in 5 g.

Evaluate the effectiveness of ORTO, and it is very simple, you can already after 2 weeks of admission.

Before you start taking the smell of underwear. It is advisable that it be soaked later. * Start taking one or two (in the first week of admission) teaspoons with top ORTHO PREBIO. As you take it, in most people, the condition of the intestine improves, the tendency to constipation decreases, the consistency and smell of the stool changes. After two weeks, re-evaluate the smell of sweaty laundry. It should not be expected that it boasts violets. It is difficult to explain in words, in the smell of most people unpleasant notes disappear and something fresh appears, such an animal-attractive.

* Note. We do not urge to abandon the shower and other personal hygiene procedures.

Excessive sweating and its causes

Sweating is an important function of the body, which is responsible for maintaining heat balance and removing excess fluid. Sweat forms in the sweat glands and exits through the pores. In some cases, the sweat glands are too active and produce it even when the body does not need cooling.

The cause of this behavior of the glands can be variousdiseasesheredity ortaking certain medications. Excessive perspiration may also be caused. changes in the nervous system, for example, stress, anxiety, or emotional overstrain.

Along with the above factors, it is very important to monitor the foods that you eat. Some of them stimulate the production of sweat in the body, while others, on the contrary, can help to cope with this problem in a natural way.

It is important to note that existing in the market numerous antiperspirantsnot good for health. Rather, they block the pathway to the complete elimination of toxins and clog pores, which can subsequently lead to the development of various diseases.

Excessive perspiration and proper nutrition

Keep in mind that spices such as cayenne pepper or ginger, increase body temperature and, therefore, increase perspiration. For example, they are used for colds, so that the patient “sweats” and the temperature drops. Therefore, if you have problems with excessive sweat production, then these products should be discarded whenever possible.

Also avoid very hot foods and drinks.

In third place are foods rich in iodine. They can make the situation worse. These include:

In general, you need to adhere to a healthy diet and avoid overeating, as it also represents stress for the body and can increase sweating.

So-called astringent products. Among them:

  • Tea
  • Lemon
  • Acerola (Barbados Cherry)
  • Red fruits
  • Quince
  • Tomatoes

Tomato soup or juice can be made from tomatoes and consumed every day.

Sage contains Vitamin B, which helps to reduce the activity of sweat glands and, as a result, reduce sweating.

It can be taken in the form of infusion or extract, used in the process of washing the body, and sage leaves are perfect for making salads and sauces.

It should be noted that sage essential oil is part of many natural deodorizing agents. therefore based on it you can cook your own deodorant or just drop a few drops directly onto the skin.

Spores of lycopodium (plauna)

The spores of this plant are also known as "natural sulfur«. They absorb sweat and slow down the growth and reproduction of bacteria that cause an unpleasant odor. Thanks to this action, the appearance of irritations and rashes is prevented.

The tool is used as follows: in the morning and evening, apply it on the area of ​​greatest sweating, avoiding contact with open wounds.

Red clay baths

At least once a week, take a hot bath with red clay (in powder form). Clay absorbs toxins from the body, and a hot bath will help you relax and calm the nervous system.

Add five tablespoons of clay to the water and take a bath for about 30 minutes. Then the remaining clay should be washed off with cold water.

Hamamelis It has an astringent effect, reduces excessive sweating, and also cleanses and dries the skin. In pharmacies, you can buy witch hazel water. Wipe or spray her body before getting dressed, as well as when you notice the appearance of sweat.

Excessive sweating: the latest recommendations

Recommended to wear clothes made from natural fabricssuch as cotton. It should be free enough to let air through and allow the body to breathe.

Also, do not forget that people suffering from the problem of excessive sweating lose a lot of fluid. Therefore, to make up for this loss during the day, you need to drink water, especially between meals.

Illustrations: postbear, Fernando Stankuns y Tie Guy II.