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Happy Birthday


Let’s try to reveal the secret of a really good and correct congratulation. How is it right to congratulate all the same?

You need to tell the person what he means to you.

For example, congratulations to your friend. And say: " Kolya (Vasya, Tolya ...), I am very glad that you are my friend! When you are near me, my strength seems to increase. I am very grateful to you for the fact that we are familiar, for the fact that we are friends, for the fact that you taught me a lot ". Here, of course, you will have to recall on your own what he taught you), well, for example, use any computer programs, fish, bake a pie, and all in the same vein.

Rate the good points

To tell a loved one a pleasant correct congratulation, tell us about the person himself, about what you admire about him. Again, give an example, your friend takes care of his children very much. So, tell him how caring, wonderful, responsive and just wonderful his father is. About how much his children love. And of course, tell him that this is very good and that it inspires and delights you. After such a congratulation, a person will really be pleased.

Tell the truth

That is, with the right congratulations, you must tell the person the truth. For example, to correctly congratulate the leader (a good leader whom you respect and so on), Congratulate him, tell him what he did for you, for example, helped to get comfortable in this profession, taught to really work, say that he became A good example for you is how to work, and perhaps live. And if this is true, and you really treat him like that and say it from the heart, then the person you congratulate will be very pleased.

greeting card

Vivacity, strength, hope, health, patience, dream and its fulfillment, love, warmth, good luck, joy, prosperity, energy, light, inspiration, smiles, success, kindness, fidelity, delight! And steep climbs, vibrant life, fortitude, fire, desire and intoxication from happiness!

Love to live, love inspiration.
May they not scare you next year.
Let your mood be better
And sadness will leave once and for all.

We wish you cheerfulness and laughter,
Plus health and success.
Many years to live, like in a fairy tale,
In full health and affection,
And in honor of such a holiday
Drink a cup of hops.

We wish you not to know grief,
To make the sea happy
Never hurt
For a very long time not to age -
To in your personal life
Everything was always excellent.

Forget all the sorrows
Forget the chagrin.
Today is your holiday
Today is the birthday.

Do not be sad, that imperceptibly
So many years have passed.
I sincerely wish you happiness
On your long - long century.

We’ll hardly get into this world again,
We will not find our friends again.
Catch the moment! After all, he will not happen again.
As you yourself will not be repeated in it.

Funny voice greetings on the phone

Stop, years, for a moment,
Do not hurry! Time, do not rush!
Love and happiness, everlasting bloom
I sincerely wish from the bottom of my heart!

Happy Birthday
Congratulating you today
We wish you from the bottom of our hearts
So many years
Still live without getting tired,
So that these years were good.

As the red sun warms everyone
So your happiness isn’t naughty,
Kindness and affection for people
Smiles, jokes for friends.

Look at life more fun
And do not regret the past years,
Always joke, smile
And do not be offended by fate!

Congratulations without naming numbers and dates,
May God help you, as the people say,
May the cup be at the top of your life,
Let your destiny strive for the best!

You are 28 today (38, 48, 58)
We won’t ask much.
We came to congratulate you
On the true path to direct.
You have an economy class gift
It will significantly decorate the house (a wild flower or a small souvenir is awarded).
Here is another useful product
Any disease will win (a birthday gift is mandarin, orange or lemon).
Well, there’s not much money to always keep (an envelope with money is served).
And most importantly, you have more fun on your birthday! ©