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Rock style in clothes: 50 ideas for creating a rebellious image


Rock festival Chernozem is the most significant and bright event of the summer. Significant not only for residents of the Tambov region, but also for the entire Chernozem region, and central Russia. The Internet is replete with advertising: ticket sales, who, where and how much will appear. But there remains one more important question, to which I would like to have an answer. What to go to the Chernozem Rock Festival?

Today, the popularity of festivals is growing, open air especially if they have a thematic focus. Since such a holiday allows you to do experiments. Allows you to transform into different images and try on different roles. In addition, these events are a sea of ​​music, emotions, dances, freedom, new acquaintances and communication.

Rock - clothing styles

Before we go directly to the question of what to wear at the Rock Festival, let's take a short excursion into rock styles, which are what they are:

Punk rock is characterized by shocking and combines incompatible things. Lightweight airy materials (organza, chiffon) are combined with heavy ones, such as leather, jeans, metal, not summer shoes, massive and bright accessories, mohawk acid shades,

Grunge, the style so fashionable today, preferred by freedom-loving youth, is characterized by such terms as comfortable, careless and most convenient. The main features of the style are free cut clothing, oversize, comfortable shoes and layering,

Another direction of indie rock is characterized by minimalism of accessories and rocker paraphernalia, but with the obligatory spirit of freedom and original rebellion. It can be expressed in quite mundane bows with jeans, a skinny, a leather jacket, a jeans or a checkered shirt and a neckerchief, a scarf,

Hard rock, for those who can and love to attract attention, is characterized by severity and firmness in their beliefs and as a result has pronounced attributes in the form of many chains, spikes, metal, images of crosses, skulls and other symbols of rock direction,

Glam rock, the style of the most gentle and feminine of rock styles, in which you can experiment with any woman, it is based on light fabrics and airy styles combined with leather and denim, complemented by bright makeup and noticeable jewelry, special attention should be paid to a hairstyle that can from gentle to eccentric in vibrant colors and shapes,

Gothic rock

Gothic rock is a style of exclusively black colors, preferably with whitening skin or using other accents of white or pale colors, whips, collars, chains can be used as jewelry, but also black lace, a veil, lacing, shoes or shoes are suitable heeled ankle boots, and makeup can be limited by the summed up eyes,

The next direction of emo is characterized by excessive emotionality, which is quite evident in the combination of black and pink colors, which are the main ones in this direction, but at the same time is free and does not limit its followers to strict rules in choosing clothes, that is, you can completely do without extra accessories by choosing a convenient a combination of top and bottom in black and pink colors, stylish makeup in the same gamut and discreet hairstyle,

Rockabilly is a style that presupposes the most vivid freedom, with the complete absence of chains, spikes, rivets and skulls, but implying the courage, protest and audacity of the styles, who express themselves through the brightness of colors, drawings, splendor of styles, hairstyles and makeup. Mandatory curls in the hair with a complete absence of negligence, classic shoes that do not tolerate dust and dirt and bright colors in the form of a large cage, peas, red poppies - this is what this style represents,

Neofolk is an ethnic and vintage style that most resembles country and boho. And it is characterized by a riot of colors, drawings and materials, instructed by stylistic accessories, natural make-up and hairstyle, complemented by ribbons or rims.

If you like this or that direction from the above, it’s close to you in spirit and you feel comfortable in these clothes, then most likely you have already chosen your image in which you will go to the Chernozem Rock Festival. If for you a rock festival is an experiment and you are not ready to change your style, thinking and principles for it, then the next chapter is for you.

Necessary from the possible

To create an image for a rock festival, it is not necessary to use some kind of style in its purest form. From the existing rocker elements and attributes, you can create quite moderately - an everyday, but relevant image.

Read on if you want to look appropriate at a rock party, but without much fanaticism. At the same time, enjoy their own comfort, view and without extra costs. Just pay attention to those features that you must adhere to when creating your image. At the same time, you should not immediately run to the store to buy something very appropriate, shocking, but only once. Read our tips and delve into your closet. I am sure you will definitely find all or almost everything that is needed. And create relevant images for the whole family.

For a rock-style party, firstly, leather goods, secondly, from denim, thirdly, from linen, fourthly, from knitwear, fifthly, from velvet. It can be like sundresses, dresses, shorts, breeches, trousers, skirts for her, and breeches, shorts, trousers for him. At the same time, you can put on a jacket, jeans, a leather jacket, a plaid shirt, a velvet jacket for a T-shirt, or a tunic of white or black color with a pattern and an inscription. It is welcome when a T-shirt or tunic sticks out from under the top layer of clothing.

Believe me, the top layer in the form of a jacket, shirt, jeans in the summer in the evening, and even in the open air will not hurt you at all. On the contrary, it will protect against cool wind, insects and unplanned rain.

Also at the rock party a lot of brilliance, metal, accessories in the form of numerous chains, bracelets, pointed shoes, headbands, bags with rivets, large earrings, both for her and for him, are welcomed.

Sample images for the Chernozem Rock Festival: top 10 for her

  • In order to look 100% at the Chernozem Rock Festival, the following things are necessary. A leather sundress, a leather skirt or shorts, a white T-shirt, preferably with a print, and various accessories in the form of a bracelet or bag on a chain.
  • Things of cropped styles, short tops in black and white, short shorts made of leather or denim will perfectly fit into the summer festival bow. Denim can be with torn edges or inserts from another material.
  • It is quite possible to make an image of yourself in a stylish cocktail dress without a flashy color with a leather jacket or jeans.
  • Skinny jeans or skinny pants with a T-shirt and classic shoes will look appropriate.
  • A very original combination can be original jeans with mesh tights, despite getting into Antitrends 2018. It is on the Rock festival Chernozem - this is more than ever the way and the topic. From above you can throw a shirt of a man's cut into a cage on a t-shirt. From shoes, you can choose sneakers and ankle boots with heels, depending on your preferences.

Women's Photos - Images

  • Corsets of any colors and shades are perfect for leather bottom. In them, everyone, even in the midst of a harsh rocker style, will look gentle, sexy and feminine.
  • If you prefer a t-shirt to a blouse, then it can be combined with ripped jeans or a leather skirt. From above, you can throw a jacket made of leather or denim and complement the image with accessories.
  • An excellent kit can be the image with a leather vest, so fashionable this season. That is, a light blouse, top or blouse in combination with a leather skirt or shorts and a leather vest and hat. You can do without even accessories, an image in the style of glam - rock is ready to conquer any peaks.
  • In a bow created from a light body shirt and leather pants or leggings, you will be irresistible. A thrown-down shortened jacket or blazer with sleeves three-quarters above will complement the already glamorous image.
  • An excellent set can be created from a lace sundress with a leather jacket and pointed shoes. It is a combination of lightness from lace and heaviness from a jacket and shoes that will create creativity, freedom of spirit and originality.

A great addition to any look will be a neckerchief, an original knotted scarf or arafatka.

Rock outfits are designed not to spoil the image, showing their originality and individuality, but rather. They focus on sexuality, emphasize femininity and give the image a daring romanticism, yes, and it happens.

Rock has no age and size. Any lady can put on rock-style clothes and visit the Chernozem Rock Festival. You don’t have to pierce your nose, belly button or ears and get a tattoo. It’s enough to choose an image that combines with your individual style with elements in the rocker style.

Images for Rock parties for him: top 10

For men, in clothing in the style of rock, brutality should be present in addition to rebellion and shocking. Therefore, the abundance of leather, denim, metal fittings is welcome. Crosses, spikes, skulls, chains, prints with rock artists, piercings, bandanas, wristbands, sunglasses, leather belts with massive buckles, leather and silver jewelry are all elements of rock style.

  • The easiest option for the Chernozem Rock Festival will be a set of plain t-shirts in white or black and ripped jeans with a flannel or denim shirt draped over it. You can complement the image with a neckerchief, wristbands or chain.
  • An option from narrow monophonic trousers with a printed T-shirt in black and white is also suitable. And grinders or massive boots and arafatka will complement the image.
  • You can very harmoniously fit into the crowd in the style of rock with the help of a kit consisting of jeans with a leather jacket - a leather jacket or leather vest. In this case, a bandana and gym shoes will complete a brutal image.
  • Leather pants of any style with a t-shirt and arafatka and massive boots are another option. And if you also have long hair and an earring in your ear, then in such a bow you may well be mistaken for a rock musician.
  • Another appropriate and no less interesting image can be a cowboy-style jacket with jeans, worn or torn and pointed shoes with heels. You can complement the image with accessories, piercings or tattoos. Of course, if this is acceptable to you.

Photos - images for men

  • Unfortunately, rock-style men in shorts or bermudas are not welcome. But it is possible if you really want or force circumstances or heat. Then it can be pretty shabby and torn denim Bermuda with raw edges. Or black leather breeches. All other options will look ridiculous. To Bermuda or breeches you can wear sneakers, a plain shirt or with the image of rock musicians and accessories with rock paraphernalia. And, of course, do not forget about a hat if the temperature goes off scale. Suitable: bandana, cap or hat with small brim.
  • A classic plain shirt, sneakers and a knitted cardigan will work great with a leather or jeans hem. And accessories with characteristic symbols will complete the already interesting bow.
  • A white t-shirt with a velvet jacket is perfect in this topic. A leather or denim bottom for pointed shoes with heels. You can supplement with a neck scarf or arafatka.
  • Leather vest or leather jacket on a naked body. Yes, in combination with skinny jeans or trousers, grinders will fit perfectly into this theme party. And they will provide you with attention from the female half of rock fans.
  • You can choose a style and style, rummaging in the "grandmother's dresser." Dress brightly and shockingly. But at the same time the view will be less brutal, but more light and laid-back.

In order for a man to go to the Chernozem Rock Festival, it is not necessary to be a rocker or to be an ardent fan of it. You just need to behave naturally and at ease, without painting and not “pondering”. And clothes will only add charm, brutality and freedom.

If you go to the Rock Festival Chernozem with the whole family. Dress and child in this thread. To do this, read the tips for creating children's rock style on.

Baby Rock - Images for the Chernozem Rock Festival

Rock festival Chernozem is a great occasion to experiment with a children's image in the style of rock. Children in our modern world also want and can look stylish, cool and appropriate at this event.

Enough to get a dark T-shirt, a skirt - a bundle or jeans. Wear a bandana or a hat on your head. Add accessories in the form of a bracelet, chain or bow in a stylish dark shade. From above you can put on a jeans, leather jacket, plaid shirt and comfortable shoes. In such a bow, your child will outshine not only you, but also rockers performing on stage. In this case, the child can be dressed in the style of Family look. Then it will be a mirror image of you, which will also look harmonious and interesting.

Rock is freedom in all directions. First of all, in thoughts, secondly, in clothes, thirdly, in music and, finally, fourthly, in actions. This style has many directions. Some of them completely contradict each other, so they will suit everyone and everyone. This contradiction is all the beauty. Because everyone can be original in their own way. And it is unlikely that you will find at least one person at the festival similar to another. This style only benefits from this. Rock - style combines what everyone aspires to. Individuality, unlimited by anyone and nothing, freedom, naivety or audacity, emotionality, brutality and sexuality. At the same time, everyone himself determines what his rock will appear at the festival. In clothes, in blood or in mood, or maybe all at once.

Rocker clothing style: a bit of history

The origins of the rocker trend originate from the distant 50s of the last century. Since the advent of rock artists and rock bands, rock style in clothing began to exist. Thus, the legendary Elvis Presley became the “ancestor” of the new branch of culture and art. It was with the light hand of this artist that a boring laconic fashion was reborn in memorable bright costumes.

The 70s are characterized by the birth of hard rock. This direction is characterized by very heavy music and, as a result, more brutal clothes. At the same time, as an alternative to hard rock, a new style is created - glam rock. Artists belonging to this trend brought lightness to the music, and variety to the wardrobe in the form of original wardrobe elements.

The direction of grunge rock in clothes can be called the only one, the founders of which are not rock performers, but designer Marc Jacobs. His appearance in the mid-90s provided the world with the opportunity to combine the most unusual details, namely heavy rough shoes and feminine dresses with a floral pattern.

High fashion and rock style

In modern fashion, the combination of two directions is considered very popular: brutal and glam rock. Today, many famous performers dress like this. One of the most prominent representatives can be called Pink and Avril Lavigne.

In the 2000s, the fashionable Philipp Plein mod, which makes the basis of its collection bold rock and glam rock styles. And in 2008, the world was shocked by the Givenchy brand, which presented a fashion collection in white tones in the original version of glam rock. Designers propose to combine a jacket with a slim jacket and delicate openwork dresses, as well as leather dresses in the rock style, and an elegant tailcoat in black to complement a necklace in the form of a chain.

In 2010, the British brand Ben Sherman developed a collection in the style of the legendary The Beatles. The show is based on jackets, shirts, as well as t-shirts with print from the pictures of the performers. At the beginning of 2018, Versace fashion house launches a collection in the style of rockabilly, which is based on stylish jackets with a fringe, skinny pants in a slim fit and boots, complemented by zippers, metal rivets and various buckles. The main highlight of fashion shows in 2018 is punk rock, expressed in metal chains, women's clothing is distinguished by the brightness of its acidic shades.