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Glowing Nail Polish


Lacquer, glowing in the dark, allows you to always be in sight, and this will always put you in the spotlight. The presence of a special pigment, which is added to a colorless base, makes the varnish bright and glowing even in the absence of light.

At the same time, its various shades are able to surprise anyone: imperceptible under ordinary lighting, they become noticeable when dark, and the intensity does not decrease even with time. For better brightness, you only need to periodically bring your nails to the light source so that they are “energized” by energy and regain their former brightness.

The question arises: how to make a glowing manicure? The method of applying all types of luminous varnish is similar to the usual one: varnishes with a fluorescent effect are applied to cleaned nails, the first layer should be completely dry, then the second layer should be applied, which will give greater strength to the coating and the intensity of your nails. This varnish is also removed simply - with a cotton pad with a special tool containing acetone.

How to do it yourself

Using special technology, you can independently make “burning” from a simple varnish, as well as make the finished manicure visible in the dark. Varnishes that are made at home can shine no worse than expensive brands of well-known brands.

To create your own shining gel, you need to purchase a phosphor or phosphor powder, due to which the substance glows in the dark. You will also need a regular gel (color or transparent) and a palette in order to mix everything.

In order to get a luminous substance, you need to mix the existing varnish with the phosphor in a ratio of 1: 4. For this, any smooth surface is suitable.

To make the manicure shine longer, you need to apply the material in several layers. In addition, if you want the light from the marigolds to please its effect all night, you can increase the amount of phosphor. For reusable use, you can mix a large volume of ingredients and store the finished product in a bottle. Luminous powder can be combined with materials such as shellac, gel polish, acrylic and gel for nail extensions.

When interacting with these materials, the phosphor is harmless to the skin and nails.

Create a club look

If you are going to a night party, then you must consider absolutely all the nuances of your image. You should carefully consider the choice of outfit, especially if your nails are covered with a luminous varnish.

  • A combination of a snow-white top or dress in combination with a luminous gel will look very impressive. On a white background, it will seem even brighter.
  • Just a mystical and incredible image is created when some parts in the wardrobe contain luminous elements, coupled with nail polish. For example, a blouse with a shining pattern in itself attracts attention in complete darkness, so also sparkling nails that complement the image - this style is to the liking of any club party girl.
  • Recently, it has become increasingly popular to paint nails through one finger - this effect in the dark makes a double impression: unusual and confusing, or coloring all nails in different colors for an even more festive mood.
  • Very often, fashionistas combine a luminous gel for nails and an accessory to match him, for example, a bracelet, brooch or earrings. It is enough to cover the desired object with a substance containing a light element, and the composition is ready. You just need to remember to let him “recharge” in the light before going to a dark place.

Interesting design

In order for the luminous varnish to look even more spectacular, it is worth paying attention to the most popular designs and drawings using it.

  • Screen design using a luminous gel for nails may have a double effect. During the day, it may look like a regular jacket, and at night it will glow with a bright shine.
  • Lunar design looks very interesting if luminous substance is applied to the length of the nail and the nail hole is left untouched. Then in the dark, the nails will take the form of an arc.
  • Favorite design - strip - looks very impressive if applied with multi-colored shiny gels. It can be a straight or with a different interval grid or just randomly intersecting lines. All this will look even brighter in dark light.
  • It is extremely difficult to draw with a shining gel in daylight, since it is almost transparent. But if you try to use this gel in artistic design, you can afford any fantasy that no one will see in daylight, but in complete darkness it will shine.
  • Stamping design can also be used with luminous gel for nails. To do this, you must first apply a regular varnish to the mini-stamp with the selected pattern, and then glow, let the nails dry, “nourish” with daylight and you can safely go to a night club.

Varnish selection

A varnish that glows in the dark, showing its properties in ultraviolet radiation, will look especially advantageous when visiting a night club. Neon and fluorescent varnishes are the best choice in this case.

If your stay is not connected with the presence of light, then you can choose phosphorescent varnishes. For their luminescence, only periodic exposure to light is necessary for greater “recharging” of light energy.

Once you have tried glowing varnishes, you will remain their fans for a long time, because the quality of the glow and the long service life will allow you to fully appreciate their specificity and advantages. To become bright in the dark - this is the motto of all types of luminous varnishes, which made them especially popular among analogues.

Varieties, what is the difference between them, which is better?

Glowing nail polishes are presented in a wide variety and assortment. Among young people, light green, blue and pink shades are very popular. The texture of the varnish is easily mixed with acrylic or gel.

If desired, you can add sparkles, stars and other decorations.

Fluorescent Nail Polish

Fluorescent nail polish is made with the addition of natural mineral stone - fluorite. It practically does not shine during the day, but shimmers beautifully under ultraviolet or neon lighting. This luminous manicure is easy to use, dries quickly on the surface of the nail plate, and also has increased resistance to the destructive effects of detergents.

During application, the fluorescent varnish is evenly distributed and does not leave white marks on the nails. The result is a beautiful and shiny film. The effect of luminescence under artificial lighting has a high brightness due to the presence of ultraviolet radiation. Among the wide and varied selection you can find a huge selection of colors and shades.

Fluorescent Nail Polish

Luminescent nail polish has a beautiful glow, unlike other varieties. It will glow not only in the presence of ultraviolet light, but also in complete darkness. To do this, you need to recharge it in the light for three minutes. You need to bring your hands to any source of light and enjoy its beauty.

Luminescent varnish has a unique composition, it does not include toxic substances. It is water resistant and completely safe for human health. It can be applied to clips, extended or natural nails. To achieve maximum effect, it is recommended to apply the usual layer of white varnish with the first layer, which will enhance the brightness of the glow. Application technology is performed step by step:

  • The nail plate is cleaned of the old coating with a nail polish remover.
  • Before applying the luminous varnish must be shaken in the dark.
  • The first layer should be thin.
  • To check the uniformity of the application, just look at the nails in a dark room.
  • If necessary, you can apply another layer.

Neon nail polish is an indispensable attribute of a modern girl. It will help to stand out at the party and emphasize your individual style. This varnish is presented in a wide and varied selection of colors.

The most popular are yellow, green, orange, blue, pink and purple shades.

Glowing nail polish - it's available!

The process of applying neon varnish is quite simple, but it is worth considering a few simple rules.

  1. As a base layer, ordinary white varnish is used.
  2. Then two layers of neon coating are applied, each of which must dry thoroughly.
  3. In the end, it is important to cover the nail plate with a fixing agent for longer wear.
  4. Before a manicure, it is important to carefully process the nail plate, because such a coating immediately highlights absolutely all the flaws, imperfect shape of the nail and deformation.

Neon varnishes glowing in the dark will always look beautiful and spectacular. It is perfect for the most daring experiments.

Phosphorus nail polish is a translucent liquid gel texture. It comes in various shades or without them. In a dark room or room, it glows in light green or blue, which attracts the attention of others. Many people practically do not use such varnishes, because they contain harmful ingredients. It charges independently with any light source.

The main advantage of phosphor varnish is the ease of application and use.

It does not need to be brought to a light source, and its brightness accumulates throughout the day from available light sources.

Today, the most popular are luminous gel polishes “chameleon”. They change color depending on temperature or light source. Such varnishes gently look during the day and shine in clubs, at parties or discos. The microparticles are added to the gel composition, which quickly respond to a sharp change in temperature or light.

As a basis, black or white shades are most often used. Chameleon gel polish is distinguished by its increased density, ease of use and application to the surface of the nail plate. A beautiful and smooth glossy finish will remain attractive for three weeks. Light shade favorably and attractively stands out at the disco.

How to make a glowing nail polish at home?

Glowing nail polish has an affordable price, but many women want to learn how to make a glowing nail polish at home. To do this, you need the following materials:

  • phosphorus-based light stick
  • powder with phosphor pigments.

The latter option creates a beautiful effect, and is also characterized by maximum resistance to various external factors. The technology for creating a luminous varnish with your own hands does not require special efforts and looks as follows:

  1. Liquid must be removed from the phosphor stick. If powder is taken for self-production of varnish, then carefully print the tube.
  2. The resulting material is poured into a bottle with ordinary varnish.
  3. All this must be thoroughly mixed with a brush, close and shake well.
  4. Varnish on the surface of the nail is applied in two layers.
  5. To check the brightness of the coating at home, you need to bring your nails to the light to make sure that the stain is tight.
  6. If it is necessary to increase the durability and extend the time of wearing a manicure, it is recommended to apply a transparent top coat.

This type of manicure is ideal for everyday wear for young girls. During the day, it practically does not differ from the usual coating and does not attract the attention of others. At night, with different sources of light, it will shine with its bright light.

Glowing manicure with an additional pattern and design will always remain in trend. It is suitable for going to a night club or a disco. It will become an adornment of bright and confident girls who want to stand out from others and attract attention.

This manicure option is suitable for girls who like abstract drawings. It looks beautiful not only at night, but also during the day under different lighting conditions. The main distinguishing feature - clear lines and shiny glossy finish.

Surely you and your own ideas! We will be glad to share them in the comments!

Nail polish that glows in the dark

The secret of such varnishes is in the luminescent pigment (usually TAT33). In natural light, such a nail coating is practically no different from ordinary varnish. Whereas under artificial light, the phosphor begins to glow, and the dimmer the illumination, the brighter the nails painted with such varnish.

The color palette of luminous varnishes is rich enough, but usually it is bright, saturated shades. Blue and light green varnishes shine most brightly in the dark. Sometimes such a varnish is mixed into the gel or acrylic used in modeling false nails, and thus get nails that glow in the dark even without applying varnish.

Glowing varnishes are produced in two types:

primers - designed to cover a clean nail,

varnish correctors - can be applied over already painted nails.

In the second case, we get a manicure that looks like a normal day, but glows in the dark. To obtain a brighter glow, varnish (both primer and corrector) is recommended to be applied in several layers. For a primer, two layers are usually enough, as in the usual painting of nails, whereas in the case of the corrector, up to six layers may be required to get an intense glow.

Professional luminous varnish

Of course, the choice of luminous varnishes is not as great as ordinary, but lately there are more and more of them. Consider the most popular options.

Varnish Jerden Phosphoric - a budget option. Translucent or transparent liquid, which is best applied on top of the color layer. In order for the nails to glow, you need to hold them in a very bright light.

Lucky Dance Legend - A relatively inexpensive varnish-corrector that glows well in the dark and lasts for several days.

Lucky Neil Art - A line of colored luminous varnishes with a large selection of shades.

Often, luminous varnishes can be found in shops selling jokes, various festive surroundings (for example, for Halloween) and the like.

How to make a glowing varnish

Of course, you will not succeed in making the varnish completely from scratch. But if for some reason you could not find it (this is not the most common product yet), or you did not find the right shade, you can always experiment and try to make a luminous varnish at home.

In online stores, not only luminous varnishes are on sale, but also separately - luminescent pigment. To prepare a glowing varnish, you will need a bottle of any transparent varnish, a phosphor and an envelope or a dense plastic bag.