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What to shoot on YouTube ideas for beginners


Many wondered about how you can make money on YouTube. Almost everyone who is even a little familiar with the Internet and how to make money online knows that you can make very good money by uploading videos to your own channel.

Everyone who decides to create and promote their channel on YouTube, asks the archival question "what actually show on the channel?". This is where the problem arises with choosing an interesting idea for the channel. “What to shoot?”, “How to do it?” And many similar questions arise for a beginner video blogger. In this article we will try to deal with these important issues.

Where to start

Actually, the whole process can be conditionally divided into some main stages.

  1. The first and most important stage will be the search for the most popular topic at this stage. The easiest way to understand which topic is currently trending is to watch videos that are currently gaining popularity. Based on what you saw and after conducting a thorough analysis, you need to start shooting your own video. It should be understood that you can shoot not only videos on a popular topic, but also a video with your reaction on this topic, after watching a popular video. That is, simply express your opinion about someone else’s channel. This is the easiest option. Shooting your video with an interesting scenario on a trending topic will be more difficult.
  2. Creation of an idea. At first, when you were just thinking about your channel, create a special notebook in which you can enter absolutely all ideas regarding the topic for the video blog. Let even some of the topics seem completely stupid to you at first. Then when you have enough ideas accumulated, sit down and think carefully about each of them.

Perhaps those very stupid ideas will turn out to be the most promising.

Types of Videos

Almost all videos on the YouTube channel can be divided into several types:

  • video review, as a rule, videos of this type tell about the functionality of various things,
  • educational video, which can include various instructions and stories on how to use one or another thing, program, toy, technique, and the like,
  • video blog or vlog, this video is a video diary in which the author tells and shows how he spends the day, travels, cooks and the like,
  • “Let's play” or let’s play, such a video is actually observing any game the author plays, usually accompanied by author’s comments,
  • various production videos, this is a video clip that plays various jokes, situations or even excerpts from various works,
  • Interview videos are usually filmed by people who boast of acquaintances among famous personalities,
  • show clips for shooting such clips, you usually need a high-quality script and the director’s abilities, as a rule, one cannot make such a shot.

For a beginner video blogger, you can recommend starting filming your trip. If you are planning a trip, just shoot the most interesting moments and upload these videos to the network. If your trip is interesting, then you will immediately have many subscribers.

For the first video, a simple theme is suitable for you, which will not require complex manipulations with the finished video. Besides do not undertake complex works that require real directorial talent. Start simple.

Video Toolkit

In order to shoot videos, you will need a phone, or rather a camera with good optics or a video camera. For video processing and inserting screensavers, you can not do without video editors.

Video editors are both paid and free. Of course, the functionality of paid versions is much wider than that of free versions. For the first video you just need to download any editor from the Internet. Look at the reviews and choose the best option for yourself.

In the first couple, you just need to download a free video editor. It is unlikely that you will need from the first days a bunch of different functions for processing videos. You may later want to shoot a serious video that will require quality processing and cutting of the material. Then you can switch to paid versions of video editors.

If you decide to shoot video on a mobile phone, then make sure that the phone has a high-quality video camera with good resolution. You should not shoot on a phone that has a weak camera, and accordingly at the output you can not get a good quality video. Naturally, for a serious blogger, a phone is not the best option.

The best option for shooting is a good high-quality camera with high resolution. A video camera is also a great option, although less common.

We would recommend, from the very first videos, to take care of high video resolution. Therefore, you should have high-quality equipment from the very beginning of your career as a video blogger.

Ideas for filming

When creating your videos, you need to remember that if they are interesting only to you, then your channel will have few fans. The high-quality video you shot for your channel should be of interest to the widest possible range of people.

It is very important that your shooting is unique, in other words, you should not shoot a video of the same quality and about the same thing that a famous video blogger already has a video about. In addition, your enthusiasm and interest in the topic discussed in the content will be a good help in the fight for subscribers. A person who is interested in talking about what he is interested in can easily infect millions of people with his enthusiasm.

And of course, you shouldn’t shoot videos about what you don’t understand a bit. People who try to pour in clever words on a topic that is very far from the scope of their knowledge and interests look ridiculous.

Let's finally move on to what are the ideas for YouTube videos for beginners, a list of which is given below.

Ideas videos for boys and men

The range of topics for which you can shoot a video that will be interesting to a male audience is quite high. Here are just the main ones:

  • bodybuilding in videos on this topic can cover both your personal experience of classes and fun mushrooms of famous trainers and athletes,
  • automotive topics cover a fairly wide range of topics - it can be a car repair with your own hands, and an overview of new car market products, and useful tips for operating a car, and much more,
  • the topic is my girls or my girl will be interesting to those who do not know what to do with the girl and how to entertain them,
  • Challenges
  • if you are an avid fisherman, then shooting a video about fishing is suitable for you,
  • similarly, if you are a hunter, then shoot a video about your hunt,
  • if your hobby is about politics, then the blog about politics is your choice,
  • Sports topics are ideal for athletes or those who enjoy sports.

Video ideas for girls and women that will be interesting:

  • video about makeup, festive or casual, suitable for different seasons,
  • video about cosmetics, how to use them correctly and their unusual use,
  • A video about how you spend time with your boyfriend will also be interesting, especially to young girls,
  • for very young girls, the topic of what makeup exists for young fashionistas will be quite interesting,
  • if you like to cook, shooting videos about cooking will be very handy, and even if you are not cooking, you can shoot videos about what you don’t need to do so as not to spoil a dish,
  • shooting clips about jewelry, suitable for lovers of jewelry or jewelry,
  • those who have luxurious hair will, by the way, tell in a video about how they care for their hair,
  • skincare videos are also very popular on the Internet,
  • videos about how to make a smart selfie are also very popular,
  • Fitonyashki and just girls and women who are fond of sports, successfully shoot videos about their sports and diets.

In addition to videos that are interesting to people of the same sex, there are many that will be interesting to almost everyone:

  • if you are planning an interesting trip or just moving around a lot, then it’s great to shoot a video on the theme “my trip”,
  • videos on how to start shooting your video for the YouTube channel are also very popular,
  • a story about your plans for the summer, especially if they are quite interesting, will interest many viewers,
  • shooting about how you spend time at school will be interesting to many friends
  • videos about the lives of students can also interest a very, very wide audience,
  • reviews of computer games attract a large number of subscribers,
  • stories about books read or retelling of various works included in the school curriculum will interest many people,
  • reviews of interesting and favorite sites,
  • stories about restaurants and cafes are very popular on the Internet.

Of course, topics for interesting shootings are not limited to the list above. It’s enough to think carefully what might be interesting to you and what you can do, so immediately there will be a huge amount of what is called ideas for the YouTube channel.

In this article, we touched on only the basic ideas and types of videos that are shot for the Internet. Of course, what to remove ideas for beginners on YouTube is a very important topic that excites someone who decided to create their own channel. Therefore, you first need to familiarize yourself with the already popular channels and bloggers in order to create something of your own that will be interesting to a large number of users.

If you have never had any experience in creating videos before, then you should not take up complex production shots right awaythat require experience and skill. It’s enough to try to shoot a short but fascinating video so that you can understand for yourself how much this works out for you and how interesting it is for you.

Try and remember what happens only to those who do not give up at the first difficulties. If it didn’t work right away, do not despair, try again and again!