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We repair a single lever mixer ourselves


Active use of the kitchen faucet every day and the presence of impurities in the water over time lead to the fact that the device becomes leaky and the liquid begins to ooz out constantly. Moreover, this can happen either through the traditional outlet of the spout, or near its base. If you do not react in time, then the mixer will lose its external attractiveness due to surface deposition of salts, yellow smudges will begin to appear on the sink, and water meters will wind up extra turns.

For complex repairs, you can issue a call to a professional plumber. But the elimination of the most common failures is within the power of the "amateur plumber." To do this, you do not need a professional expensive tool and super skills.

Types of Mixers

The sequence of technological operations required to repair the mixer depends on its model. At present, two types are actively exploited:

Two-valve, in turn, are divided:

  • with ceramic inserts (half-turn, quarter-turn),
  • with rubber gasket.

The necessary set of tools and materials

In order to start repairing a kitchen faucet, it is enough to have at its disposal a simple set of bench tools suitable for use in different situations:

  • set of open-end wrenches (can be replaced with adjustable spanners with a throat width of up to 19 mm),

  • Phillips and flat screwdrivers (needed at least in a pair of sizes),
  • pliers
  • fum tape (can be replaced with tow),
  • solidol.

Attention! Not the fact that the entire tool listed is useful in a specific situation. It all depends on the design of the failed mixer and on what kind of breakdown you have to face.

Mixer analysis

At the initial stage of work, you need to remove the small rounded decorative cover. Usually on this plate there are two colorful dots (red and blue) indicating the rotation of the tap lever to add hot or cold water. If there is a mismatch in the direction of fluid supply, the lid is turned on the back side.

Single lever mixer

When the decorative cover is removed, a screw is exposed inside the hole that holds the lever in position. This lock can be removed using a regular or Phillips screwdriver. There are times when a hexagon is required to remove a crane.

After removing the lever in one way or another, remove the decorative cover. It happens that this part is also impossible to remove in the usual way. The insert can be loosened by hand, in order to improve the effect at the place of application, a soft, dry cloth is placed. If the cap could not be removed by hand, then to pull it out, you can use:

To protect the surface, the working part of the tool should be in contact with the part through the fabric. After several rotations in different directions, you can quickly remove the decorative cup.

Tightening or replacing a cartridge

After removing the protective pad, we see a cartridge in front of us. Now you need to unscrew the ring nut and you can remove the mechanism for supplying and mixing water. After pulling out this part, on the bottom you can see the landing grooves, which are used to set the device in working position.

Cartridge Slots

If, after removing the cartridge, development of metal corrosion was noticed, then the mixer can be replaced with a new one. In some cases, leaking water from under the lever is eliminated by tightening the nut.

Reverse assembly

The assembly of the mixer begins with the installation of a new cartridge. After that, we twist the circular nut, install a decorative cup. Next, install the lever or flag and fix its position with the screw. If the fastener was rusty or had a damaged thread, then the lever must be tightly pressed onto the cartridge holder.

If the lever lowers itself

Spontaneous lowering of the mixer lever usually tells us about its breakdown. When you click on the flag, water can be supplied with a fine stream or not at all. Many people believe that the main cause of this lever behavior is a broken cartridge, but this is not always the case.

All residents of a city apartment or country house use plumbing differently. Some open the taps gently, others, for example, children, sharply pull the flag. In the latter case, damage may occur to the inside of the lever, which is worn on the tip of the cartridge. In case of damage, the walls of the square insert diverge to the sides, which leads to a certain size of the free movement of the part, when lifting up, the crane begins to fall.

If running out of shirt

In some cases, water may leak from under the mixer jacket. The main reason for this phenomenon is considered to be damage to the sealing gaskets, and fluid may leak both in the upper and lower parts in the area of ​​the location of the circular nut.

Gander Jacket Water

In this regard, during the installation of a single lever mixer, you need to properly tighten the circular nut. This part often loosens or loosens during transportation of the product, resulting in a small gap. Such a gap is quite enough for water leakage.

If the nut is well tightened, then the cause of the leak will be a faulty gasket. To fix the problem, unscrew the nut, remove the kapron washer (serves to form a working gap between adjacent rotating parts of the housing). Next, remove the spout of the mixer along with the shirt and carefully check the installation location of the gaskets.

There should be no signs of corrosion, sinks, etc. The only solution to the problem in this case is to replace the gander with an old tap, in the worst case, you will have to replace the mixer completely.

The second reason for water leakage from the shirt is the wear of the gaskets.. Such parts are made in the form of a horseshoe, and their working part, most of them are facing the water chamber. It is quite difficult to buy a new gasket for the crane, but you can repair the mixer.

Disassembling the mixer to eliminate leakage from under the shirt

For this, several layers of fum tape are laid in the seats, which will increase the diameter of the seals and improve their tightness. Then they put on gaskets, install nylon washers, and collect the remaining parts of the mixer.

Before installing the crane in a permanent place, check its tightness. If the repair work is done correctly, the water does not flow, then the mixer can be fixed to the sink.

Signs that make repairs

Repair of the tap in the kitchen is required under the following circumstances:

  • there is a leak from under the nut at the spout, as well as from under the handle, valve, while turning on,

  • failures in the movements of the lever, for example, the inability to fix it or there are scrolls,
  • weak jet with strong pressure in the water supply,
  • drips water with the tap closed.

If any of the described symptoms appears, it is necessary to carry out repairs immediately to increase the service life of the device, to exclude flooding.

Dual valve taps

This technique is classic and made very simple. Under the flywheel, which spins when the water is turned on, there is a crane, which performs a locking function. In devices where for stopping and supplying water it is necessary to turn the flywheels, axle-box axle boxes are placed. They are based on rotational movements, the more you unscrew the valve, the more water will flow out through the spout.

There are axle boxes with ceramic panels with which only half a turn is necessary in the tap for water supply. During opening, the holes coincide, water flows through the nozzle. The cost of the axle box is low, it can always be found in the plumbing store and make a replacement.

Elimination of a leak at the attachment point of the spout

If water began to leak at the base of the spout (sometimes called the “gander”), the following are considered to be the most common causes:

  • loose locking nut on the spout
  • the gasket is deformed (obliterated).

The first breakdown is easy to fix - just tighten the nut at the base of the spout with a key. Thanks to this procedure, the gander will sit denser in its place and the joint will cease to flow.

If this does not help, then, most likely, the gasket has worn out. This happens when the gander is actively turned in different directions in the mixer. To eliminate the leak, you must:

  1. Unscrew union nut.
  2. Remove spout.
  3. Assess the condition of the gasket and replace it with obvious signs of wear. For better tightness of the joint and easier turning of the gander, the gasket is greased with solid oil.

If water trickles out of the outlet of the mixer, the problem is usually with its locking part.

Lever Mixer Repair

Lever models are distinguished by the design of the locking-mixing cartridge:

The cause of leaks in such models may be the inclusion of specks in the locking unit. To fix the problem, you need to disassemble the mixer and clean the inner cavity from all kinds of debris. For both types of lever mixers, the disassembly procedure starts the same way:

  1. Remove the trim on the fixing screw.
  2. Use a Phillips (less often hex) screwdriver to loosen the fixing screw and remove the lever handle.
  3. Remove the decorative ring and remove the clamping nut.

But the cartridges themselves (ball and disk) differ in design. In the first case, the passage of water is locked with a ball with supply and mixing grooves for water. In the second case, the locking of the channels occurs due to two well-polished ceramic perforated plates.

If cleaning the cartridge from debris does not help, you will have to change the entire locking part. Over time, it wears out and loses tightness.

Repair of a two-valve mixer

In such models, the causes of leakage can be identical to the lever ones - clogging and wear of the locking part. But in any case, you have to disassemble them. To do this:

  1. Remove the linings on the ends of the flywheels (they are twisted off or pry off with a screwdriver).
  2. Loosen the fixing screws and remove the flywheels.
  3. Unscrew the axle box using the key of the required size.

Now you can clean the seat of the locking part from debris, check it for mechanical defects. Rinse ceramic plates or rubber gasket. If the result in eliminating the leak is zero, you will have to change the locking part.

The easiest way is to completely change the crane box. But you can get by with less blood. It is not difficult to exchange a rubber gasket for a new one or even cut it yourself. Ceramic plates can be bought as part of a finished repair kit.

These are the main causes of leaks in the kitchen faucet and how to fix them. Obviously, difficulties should not arise and everything can be done without the involvement of professionals.

Typical causes

The causes of malfunctions of the taps in the bathroom and in the kitchen are different. They depend on operating conditions, the design of the device. Most often, a dripping faucet is a result of wear on the saddle, ring seal or gasket, the appearance of a layer of rust or salt deposits.

All this can be completely eliminated on your own, but in order not to be distracted by shopping during the repair process, you should prepare for it in advance. Everything is simplified if you do not discard the packaging. Mixer manufacturers usually invest in it a repair kit and instructions with a diagram and description of the product repair technology. If nothing is preserved, then you can familiarize yourself with the process by watching the video and reading the relevant literature, and then purchase everything you need for this.

First of all, you have to close the valve for supplying cold and hot water, prepare a container to drain the remaining water, dry rags. Further, for each type of mixer its own repair algorithm.

How to repair a two-valve mixer with a box crane

When the valve leaks in the closed state or if you hear cracking when turning the valves, this indicates that the rubber band has worn out. Leak from the spout is eliminated very simply: having removed the valve, we remove the crane-axle box, change the gasket. Then we seal the thread with a fum tape and install the crane in place.

If the axle box does not fit snugly into the mixer, this can also cause a leak. To eliminate the malfunction, seal the threads and tighten the nut.

Ceramic axle box replacement in a two-valve mixer

When the tap is dripping, first we try to tighten the lock nut tightly, if it doesn’t help, then we will have to change the axle box. When this business is completely new for you, it is best to find a video on this topic and see how professional plumbers perform the work. Typically, the axle box is changed as a whole, performing the work as follows:

  1. We remove the upper cap from the flywheel, we turn out the opened bolt, remove the valve.
  2. We clean the thread and the flywheel from the inside.
  3. We unscrew the accessories of the dripping tap using sliding pliers and placing soft rags under them so as not to spoil the surface.

How to fix a single lever mixer in the bathroom or kitchen

Single lever mixers are easier to operate, as temperature adjustment is carried out by turning the knob in one direction or another. To adjust the pressure, the lever is raised or lowered. In mixers of this type, the main element is a cartridge - ball or disk. They are not interchangeable, therefore, if there is a need for a replacement, we need accurate information about which one is inside the mixer. It is impossible to visually determine this. Consider the procedure for replacing a ball valve:

  1. After closing the valves responsible for the flow of water and completely draining the water from the system, unscrew the screw that secures the mixing lever.
  2. Slightly loosen the handle, at the same time pulling it up, remove it, and then turn it out in the clockwise direction, the threaded connection that appears.

Independent repair of a leaking tap requires some effort, but such a way to solve the problem will allow you not to waste time waiting for the arrival of a specialist and money to pay for his work.

Single lever types

A single lever mixer in the kitchen is considered more fashionable and modern. With it, the pressure and temperature are regulated by only one lever. Water is mixed using a hollow ball or cartridge.

Using ball devices, note that there will be 3 holes in them. 2 inlets, where hot and cold water enters, 1 outlet - needed to drain into the sink. The mechanism itself stands on 2 rubber "saddles", and when the lever is shifted, you can set the desired pressure and water temperature. Fixation is carried out by a sealing collar and a nut for a stopper.

The main malfunction in case of leakage failures is small specks and debris that is in the water pipes. To fix the problem, you need to disassemble the tap and remove the dirt.

Cartridge devices work by analogy, but there is no ball mechanism inside. The internal design is significantly different. There are 3 holes available, as in the first case, but inside the cartridge there are small ceramic disks, with which you can adjust the water supply. If such a device flows, then the repair is almost no different from the ball type.

Causes of mixer leaks

The leakage of a kitchen faucet can have different nature and causes. Among the main species, the following can be distinguished:

  • the emergence of water from the gander. A common problem if there is a two-valve tap. The reason is the wear of gaskets that fail when the water is turned on frequently. To replace it, it is enough to unscrew the nut, remove the gander and put a new gasket or cut it out of rubber. When reassembling, do not tighten the nut tightly so as not to damage the base, especially if it is made of silumin,

  • leakage from a valve or inability to completely shut off water. To solve the problem, the axle box assembly is changing,

  • leak under the sink. Often the problem lies in hoses that supply water to the tap or gasket wear at the connection points. Repair consists in the usual replacement of a hose or gasket,
  • low-quality mixer. The problem appears very often, especially if a Chinese crane is purchased. The service life is only a couple of years, after which the flow begins,
  • improper installation or poor quality work. The leakage problem is caused by incorrect selection of gaskets or poor connection of parts,
  • incorrect use of the mixer. Problems begin when cranking the handles at a different angle or increased leverage.

If the mixer does not work well after a certain period of operation, but there are no obvious reasons, then the problem is hidden in the limescale on the parts. To solve the problem, you need to disassemble the device and completely clear of salts using household chemicals.

A leak problem often appears when installing a new tap, although this should not be. In this case, there is a place for marriage and the product must be replaced under warranty. It is strictly forbidden to repair the device, as this will not make it possible to make a replacement.

Self repair faucets

Before you remove the crane and carry out its repair, you need to prepare the tool. This will require:

  • knife,
  • adjustable wrench or set of keys,
  • screwdriver,
  • детали для замены, в зависимости от вида поломки,
  • смазка в виде WD-40, чтобы упростить откручивание деталей,
  • плоскогубцы.

Независимо от вида смесителя, до начала работы надо закрыть подачу воды и слить остатки из системы. After that, repairs can be carried out based on the design features of the mixer.

Single lever taps

The main principle of work is the phased implementation of actions and accuracy. The steps are as follows:

  1. Using a small screwdriver or a knife, remove the cap on the mixer body.
  2. A screw will be visible in the hole that connects the lever and stem for adjustment. With the help of a hexagon, he gets out.
  3. The lever is removed from the housing, the protective cover is unscrewed, under which there is a clamping nut. It must be carefully removed with an adjustable wrench.
  4. For a ball device, under the nut, there will be a cuff for sealing from below, the ball is pulled out, inspected for cleanliness and deformation.
  5. A cartridge is removed from the cartridge valve and inspected for damage.
  6. Parts are being replaced, everything is going in reverse order.

It is not necessary to tighten the nuts very tight so as not to cause deformation of the rubber bands for sealing and malfunctioning of the crane. For a smooth ride and longer service life, silicone grease can be used. For clarity, the repair is recommended to familiarize the video:

Complete mixer replacement

If repairing the tap and eliminating the leak is not possible, then you need to buy a new plumbing fixture and replace it. To do this, screwdrivers, keys and water containers are needed. Regardless of the model of mixers, the replacement procedure does not differ and looks as follows:

  1. The first step is to remove the old crane. To begin with, the water supply from the central system is closed, the valves on the tap open to completely relieve pressure and drain residues in the system.
  2. Open the flexible hoses from the supply pipes, drain the water in them into a bucket or basin.
  3. Disconnect the siphon from the sewer, at the request and the ability to remove the sink, this will greatly simplify further work.
  4. Unscrew the fixture of the mixer from the bottom of the sink, remove the product with hoses through the hole in the sink.
  5. To install new equipment, you should buy hoses and screw them to the mixer. It is important to monitor the presence of gaskets and their proper location.
  6. A sealing ring is placed in the tap body to prevent water from entering the cabinet.
  7. Hoses are inserted into the sink hole, the mixer is fixed using a special plate. It is clamped with one bolt.
  8. If the sink was removed, you need to fix it back, seal the joints with sealant.
  9. Connect the hoses to the pipeline, put a siphon and turn on the valve for water supply.

After the work done, check the operability, the presence of leaks on all connections. More often it appears at the junction of the hose with the mixer or pipe.


Repairing the mixer may not always give good results; in some cases, a complete replacement of the device is required. Experts advise you to follow a few simple rules with which the technique serves for a long time:

  • if possible, install filters for coarse water purification to prevent ingress of specks and other dirt from the water supply,
  • if you install a filter for cleaning from salts, then the parts will be protected from lime, so you can forget about leaks and repairs for a long time,
  • the most high-quality and durable faucets are brass, and low-quality made of silumin. Often, cheap cranes are produced by Chinese and Turkish manufacturers,

  • single-lever structures are more modern and more convenient, they are easier to repair.
  • To clean the cabinet and other parts, it is better to use creams or gels that are suitable for the mixer metal. Do not use brushes or alkaline products to clean,
  • to preserve chromium, all traces of detergents must be removed immediately with ordinary water,
  • gaskets and other parts need to be changed once every 2-3 years, possibly more often. This preventative measure is much cheaper than replacing the entire mixer,
  • it is necessary to open and close the valves to the end, but without effort.

Knowing what to do when a faucet flows in the kitchen, you can replace parts or the entire mixer yourself. Often, the circuits described are suitable for all appliances, including in the bathroom. Before doing the work, it is important to determine the cause of the leak, and when choosing new mixers, you should buy only high-quality products, do not give preference to cheap products.