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What did the gulf dream about?


A break in a dream is a sign that predicts the emergence of a certain ambiguous situation, the outcome of which will determine the entire future fate of the dreamer. If the cliff is complemented by a breathtaking panoramic view, the interpretation of sleep can be carried out taking into account signs, symbols and additions to the cliff. The sensations and feelings of the sleeper both during sleep and after waking up are an important clue that helps to interpret the dream as accurately as possible and to understand what the precipice is about.

Miller's opinion

Miller's dream interpretation interprets the fall into the abyss as a chance to change his own life.
If you fall and get out of the abyss, you must change your life, and then overcome the trouble. If you just hang on a ledge of a cliff, not having the opportunity to climb up, and barely hold on so as not to fall off, and there is no insurance around, then you urgently need the help of friends. You can’t cope on your own, says the dream book.

Other interpretations

Interpretation by astrologers, the predictors of D. and N. The winter of the cliff is unequivocal: this is a collapse or unexpected inhibition. The cliff appears in a dream as a warning that the enterprise, business or undertaking started earlier is doomed to failure, and the faster the sleeper understands this and manages to take some buffer actions, the less losses he will be able to leave the game. If it is difficult for you to determine what the cliff is dreaming about, try to restore the details of the dream as accurately as possible and remember the places, images that were in that dream. It is in the images that the hints are encrypted, which will help to avoid failure and hopelessness.

Cliff location

Trying to restore the details of a dream in which a cliff appears and to interpret what it dreams of, it is first of all important to determine where the cliff was located and what was around.

If in a dream the precipice towered over a stream or river with a calm course, clear water, without bubbling streams, then this can be considered a good sign. In such a cliff, even if you have to break, it is much more pleasant to fall into the water than, for example, on bare rocks. There is a chance to survive, and this means that certain circumstances may emerge that will smooth out the stalemate and mitigate the clash with reality.

If you walk along the edge of a cliff or simply have to walk along it along a single path, but at the same time notice a surprisingly beautiful panorama and enjoy what you see, in reality you will have huge plans, the implementation of which will require you to take very risky decisions and actions. If then you break off a cliff into the sea or the river and remain alive at the same time, the dream book tells you that your risk in real life will be justified.

Cliff and road

If you notice a road off a cliff in a dream and don’t know what it is for, you can be congratulated. This is a very favorable sign that predicts your luck and at the same time portends that you will achieve the implementation of your plans through very hard work. The dream book assures that the main thing in this dream is that you will succeed.

If in a dream you find yourself on the edge of a cliff and decide to jump onto the road, not desperate, but full of determination and fearlessness, this means that in a real situation you are also full of determination and confidence in the correctness of the position and your own strengths.

According to the dream book, a precipice at the end of the road that you notice in a dream carries a warning. It can denote both a certain critical situation, the task of which is to change the life of a sleepyman abruptly and irrevocably, as well as a warning about serious problems with well-being or health in the near future.

Cliff flight

Oddly enough, in such a terrible dream, in fact, there is nothing terrible at all. So, in any case, says Freud's dream book. Freud's reservation regarding falling from a cliff in a dream refers to a delightful, dizzying sexual intercourse. Knowing this the day before, you would not have jumped up in the middle of the night, seized with horror and obscure anxiety. But now for sure you will want your dream to be repeated more than once. Especially if he comes true soon.

If in a dream you break into a dark abyss, the dream book says that this indicates possible problems with finances. In order not to actually fall into the abyss of straitened circumstances, you have to act quickly, demonstrating willpower and endurance.

If you don’t fall into the abyss yourself, but some big and unknown force decided to throw you off the cliff into the dark, remember the saying “don’t have a hundred rubles” and stock up on the addresses and phone numbers of a hundred friends. Because your dream clearly indicates that you alone will not be able to solve the situation, and without support and friendly help all your attempts to cope with the machinations of enemies that are clearly stronger than you are doomed to complete failure.

In a dream, you fall off a cliff and soar upward, as if unknown wings carry you away from a terrible place? For you there is an excellent interpretation of what dreams of falling from a cliff. It consists in the fact that in reality you will find a powerful spiritual uplift that will help you unexpectedly easily cope with obstacles and successfully complete a previously begun business.

On the edge of a cliff

Freud's dream book interprets a dream in which, you are standing at the edge of a cliff. As a manifestation of fears, phobias, fears pursuing you in real life, the roots of which should be sought in the past, even in childhood.

If you are sitting in a dream on the edge of a cliff, the modern dream book sees this as the need to carry out some risky business in reality. Such behavior is not typical for a sleeping person in real reality, therefore, in a dream, he also understands that the risk exists, but does not leave him, but continues to sit and wait.


All dreams are best interpreted in a complex, collecting scraps of images in one full picture. Back in the Slavic tradition, unraveling dreams where one had to see oneself standing on the edge of a precipice or falling off a cliff, this was interpreted as a sure sign of alarm for one's future grandiose plans.

Our ancestors, explaining why the cliff is dreaming, said that it was time to part with something very important in your life and curb your fears of a new business that scares you.

  1. Why is there a cliff? The end of the last stage. You will reach the edge in some business. Most likely, this will happen very unexpectedly for you.
  2. You are afraid to fall into the abyss - this is a natural fear of starting new and unknown. Subconsciously, the desire to maintain balance.
  3. An abyss in which there is no bottom is self-doubt. You have not yet understood your goals mentally. You are in search. You need support. Think carefully about your plans.
  4. If you had a cliff on the edge of a bubbling river - you have to plunge into a sphere where there will be many people. It will be in a new, large team. Or what you conceived is connected with some kind of public affair.
  5. Standing on the edge of the abyss, to see a sunrise in a dream is a wonderful sign. Dawn is a symbol of good luck and success in all endeavors.
  6. Fall into the abyss - you will find an unexpected romantic situation. Most likely, you will meet a person who will give you new, strong feelings. You will be very passionate.
  7. To see a straight river with clear water from a cliff means your confidence in your plans.
  8. If the river is meandering, then perhaps you have decided to cheat somewhere, and now you are afraid that they will open you up.
  9. Take off from the cliff - success in any endeavor. You have a chance to successfully start any, even the most risky business.

Famous dream books

An interesting interpretation of what the cliff is dreaming of is put forward by Freud. Your phobias and fears prevail over the mind in a dream and make you worry, coming in dizzying stories. According to him, standing at a cliff means uncertainty, nervousness and the need for outside support.

Definitely, you need help, the opportunity to share your concerns, gaining confidence. You are afraid to take some decisive steps without understanding clear prospects.

Miller says in his dream book that coming dreams in which you come to the edge of a cliff or even fall into an abyss, mean a successful and unexpected chance. The chance you are sure to use. At the risk of everyone, rush into the abyss of new events.

If falling from a cliff, you were able to grab onto the stone edge, then you will definitely get the maximum benefit from the events that lie ahead.

Unanimously, all interpreters of dreams say that for women, falling into the abyss is an opportunity for unexpected and very strong love. The upcoming meeting will surely change your whole life, a complete change of scenery and a new stage, probably marriage.

For married women, this means a new stage in their relationship with their spouse, the return of romance and passion. Maybe it's time to arrange a second honeymoon? Author: Yuri Kovalenko