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Hyperactivity Test and ADHD Online


If you find it difficult to relax, easily lose concentration, feel like an individualist, you are not happy with success, because you constantly strive for new achievements, you are nervous and constantly struggle with a feeling of low self-esteem. do attention deficit hyperactivity disorder test.

Impulsiveness, addiction, intellect and individualism are just some of the many qualities that can indicate ADHD. Do not take the results of this test as a final diagnosis.

  1. Are you left-handed or shabby?
  2. Does your family have drug abuse (alcohol, drugs)?
  3. Do you have problems with a suddenly changing mood?
  4. Have you been considered a loser at school? And now?
  5. Is it difficult for you to get a job?
  6. Do you often drum with your fingers, anxiously walk from corner to corner?
  7. Does it happen to you that you have to re-read a paragraph or even the entire page because you think about it?
  8. Is it difficult for you to relax?
  9. Are you too impatient?
  10. Have you noticed that you are trying to solve several problems at the same time?
  11. Are you impulsive?
  12. Are you scattered
  13. Have you noticed periods when your attention is focused like a laser beam?
  14. Do you often start projects that you don’t finish in the future?
  15. It often happens to you that when you move from room to room you can forget along the way, what were you looking for?
  16. Do you smoke?
  17. Do you drink a lot of alcohol?
  18. Have you ever tried cocaine, have you noticed a calming effect?
  19. Do you often change the radio station in the car?
  20. Can you switch TV channels without interruption?
  21. When you were a child, did you say “dreamer”, “lazy”, “loneliness in the clouds”, “fiery” or just “bad”?
  22. Can you talk about difficulties in intimate relationships?
  23. Are you always active and full of energy?
  24. Are you tired of waiting in line?
  25. Do you have difficulty understanding the instructions before acting?
  26. Do you react with anger over trifles?
  27. Do you like gambling?
  28. Have you been considered a hyperactive child?
  29. Are you endowed with exceptional intuition?
  30. How often does it happen that you may find yourself in a situation that you did not plan?
  31. Do you often find that something is scratching in you and you cannot understand what?
  32. You grew up in a chaos family where you did not set limits?
  33. Is it difficult for you to live alone?
  34. Do you have dyslexia?
  35. Have there been any cases of ADHD in your family?
  36. Do you feel anxious if there is no “action" in your life?
  37. Is it difficult for you to read a book?
  38. Are you mistaken when handing money?
  39. Are you overly ambitious and still chasing new achievements?
  40. Do you have poor hand-eye coordination?
  41. As a child, were you a little clumsy?
  42. Have you often changed jobs?
  43. Are you an individualist?
  44. Is it difficult for you to take notes and then read them?
  45. Do you like fictional stories?
  46. Do you think that you were not able to use your opportunities?
  47. Are you extremely nervous?
  48. Do you constantly want something new?
  49. Do you find the solution to problems intuitively?
  50. Do you have any allergies?
  51. In childhood, did you often have middle ear inflammation?
  52. Are you smarter than you can show it?
  53. Is it difficult for you to keep secrets?
  54. Do you really like traveling?
  55. Do you have claustrophobia?
  56. Do you laugh a lot?
  57. Was it difficult for you to keep your attention for so long to read the entire questionnaire?

How to get tested for hyperactivity and ADHD

The test for preschoolers (up to 7 years) of M. Alvard and P. Baker consists of 17 questions and covers the main types of disorders characteristic of children with ADHD: active attention deficit, motor disinhibition (hyperactivity) and impulsivity. Choose one of the answer options for each question (“yes” - if the symptom is constantly observed for a long time or “no” - if the symptom is absent or appears briefly in isolated cases).

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