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How to make your voice beautiful and enjoyable for others?


Surprisingly, many use the potential of their voice by only 10%.

In search of techniques for improving and voice production, you can find many exercises for developing voice. They will tell you: how to speak, train your voice, open your mouth, breathe, in general - how to meet certain standards. But today you will learn how to unleash the natural potential of the voice itself.

Your voice is unique! Each person has his own unique voice! And you can reveal all its potential.

I don’t know why you decided to improve your voice, to discover all its beauty and strength. Apparently the time has come when it became clear - your voice needs full use. But the voice is not necessary improve, you just need to open it and release it!

Why did you decide to open your voice: for communication, business success, for singing or self-development?
It's no secret that words are only 7% of all the information that is transmitted through speech, everything else is the vibration of the voice. Remember the songs that struck you in the head, despite the lack of meaning in them.
You will be surprised, but in order to enjoy your perfect voice, you do not need to graduate from oratory and vocal schools, although it will not be superfluous if there is money and time for that. A lot of money and a lot of time.

You can spend years, money and make a bunch of mistakes on the way to your ideal voice. But, fortunately, this is not necessary!
Being interested in the possibilities of the human voice at one time, in order to unleash the full potential of the vocal cords for beatbox (video of my speech), I came across an unusual and effective approach to the development of voice! Although the "development" is not entirely suitable here. Why?
Have you ever heard the concept of "natural voice"? I did not hear then, and was amazed at the abundance of misconceptions that were in my head about working on the voice, and with which we generally deal.
Acquaintance with the school of natural voice is like a breath of fresh air. Its creator and author of the techniques, Kirill Pleshakov-Kachalin, knows everything about your voice, and most importantly, knows where you hid this treasure and how to open it.

What is a natural voice?

This is your perfectly tuned voice, sounding naturally and fully, in other words, what nature gave you from birth. The holders of the natural voice are great singers, speakers and babies. And also those who attended the courses of the School of Natural Voice.
Unleash the beauty and power of your voice by practicing 15 minutes a day.

Kirill Pleshakov-Kachalin found his calling, he revives the voices!
While other teachers are engaged in the development of voice, Cyril understands that your voice is perfect initially and all that is needed is to revive it! Remove everything that prevents 100% from opening this amazing natural instrument. And it is no coincidence that Cyril has more than 10,000 grateful students.

A warning: Results can exceed your expectations. Nice discoveries await you.

  • I remember how surprised I felt the vibrations of my voice in my feet and all over my body.
  • I remember the first time I heard new pleasant shades of my voice.
  • It was funny to watch how people began to listen carefully to me.
  • The range has grown, I was able to take lower and higher notes.
  • The voice is no longer tired!
  • Instead of the excitement before the performance, enthusiasm appeared! I really wanted to apply my “new” voice in business!

What are you and your voice capable of?
Take time to learn for free how to make your voice strong and beautiful.

The first step in teaching the natural voice school is to remove the clamps, then adjust the natural sound production. Every day you will celebrate positive changes in voice and in life. The technique for opening a natural voice helps to remove many clips in the body and emotional blocks.
You can start getting to know your voice right now! Revival of Natural Voice 2.0 Online Course

The current state of your voice is not important, because you have the source data - your natural voice! It’s important to reveal it!

All successful people worked on their voice!
The story of the great Athenian orator Demosthenes is well known. After a series of failed performances, when the crowd ridiculed him, he decided at all costs to achieve perfection in his speech. Having retired so that no one interfered, he shaved the floor of his head and did not go out until his hair grew back. All this time he worked on himself. Got pebbles in his mouth and tried to speak loud and clear! He took a puppy and tried to pronounce “Rrr” louder and sharper than he growled, read poetry loudly as he climbed the mountain or walked by the sea, trying to drown out his noise with his voice. Demosthenes achieved his goal and became an amazing speaker, the skill of which was recognized even by his enemies.

Every day we utter hundreds of words that make sense. Nobody knows how our word will be answered in the hearts of others. But I know for sure that your life will change for the better along with your revived natural voice!

How to make a voice beautiful?

Healthy vocal chords are the first step towards a beautiful and pleasant voice. Therefore, it is important not to trigger viral diseases. A harmless disease if untreated causes complications in the form of laryngitis and pharyngitis. In this case, the ligaments suffer, and the voice becomes hoarse and hoarse.

How to make a voice beautiful?

Strengthen the immune system. Healthy lifestyle, walking in the fresh air, eating vegetables and fruits. Follow these rules to strengthen your immune system and protect yourself from colds.
Use fluid. If the body does not get moisture, the ligaments remain dry. From here comes hoarseness and hoarseness.
Do not be nervous. Reduce stress, don't get annoyed. Nerve tensions leave their shade on the timbre of the voice, make speech fuzzy.

Minimize the consumption of junk food (spicy, bitter foods). Think about bad habits. After smoking, the voice becomes hoarse. That does not add to the girl attractiveness and charisma.

Exercises for a beautiful voice

Get ready to work on your speech. To perform gymnastics you will need a tape recorder and a mirror. The recorder helps to understand how the voice sounds, what changes have occurred. The mirror is used to memorize facial expressions when pronouncing sounds correctly. Exercises for a beautiful voice:

Pull the vowels. Take a position near the mirror and start pulling vowels. Follow a certain sequence. Start with and-and-and-and, then stretch: e, a, o, y. Haste is not welcome, repeat the sounds in a circle several times. If you’re thinking how to deepen your voice, then focus on the letter “y”. Further complicate the exercise. When pronouncing sounds, pound your chest with your fists. An example to follow will be Tarzan. If you do not remember, then review the film. Sounds speak lingeringly and loudly.
Moo. Many people purr and purr under their breath, doing business, doing homework. Such an exercise perfectly trains the vocal cords. For proper performance, do not open your mouth. Make a sound mmm quietly, then louder and louder. Thus, the vocal cords are strained gradually and do not break.
Growl. Similar sounds are made by a tractor or a tiger. After a growl for 3-5 minutes, pronounce the words. First starting with the letter "p", then with this sound in the middle and end of the word. Write the words in advance so as not to pause. When pronouncing, deliberately growl, focusing on the sound "p". Repeat the words 3-4 times.
Laugh out It is known that yogis have a pleasant and melodious voice. Achieve such a speech with constant training. To complete the exercise, draw in air and hold it in your stomach. Then exhale sharply and utter the sound “ha”. Shout more correctly, the louder the better. If you don’t understand how, then find a martial arts video. Watch the karate followers shouting sounds as they move.

Before each exercise, it is recommended to exhale, and then inhale. Then proceed to the described complex. Refuse to exercise if you feel pain or other discomfort.

How to make a voice enjoyable?

Beautiful speech depends on strong ligaments and resistance to colds. To reduce the number of infectious diseases of the respiratory tract, do simple exercises. It is important to observe the regularity of execution. Scroll in the morning for 10 minutes.

How to make a voice enjoyable? Do strengthening exercises:

Silent question. Without opening your lips, pronounce the letter "m". Moo 1-2 minutes, and at the end, how would you ask the question: mmmmmm? If you feel vibration in the nose and lips when doing gymnastics, then you did everything right.
Breath! Do not breath. Take full lungs of air and exhale sharply. Imagine that you extinguish a candle or blow off dust particles. To get the exercise done, lay sheets of paper on the table. Now try to move the paper from its place with your breath.
Broach consonants. Write down sounds on a piece of paper and pronounce in turn. Extend each sound, then move on to the combinations so that there is a consonant at the end (bomm, bimm, bumm).
Mo-, mi-, mo-, me-. Repeat these combinations in a circle. Speak as you exhale. First, briefly, and then lingeringly, focusing on the vowel.
Show the language. You probably did this exercise in childhood, competing with friends. To begin, stretch your tongue as far as possible and try to reach them to the chin. Remaining in the same position, tilt your head up. Then shade the tongue to the nose. Help by raising your head up.

How to change the voice?

We judge a stranger by manners, clothing, speech. It’s unpleasant when a sweet girl pronounces phrases in a hoarse, hoarse and illegible voice. Sometimes such a speech is a refusal to get a job, the interview fails. Imagine the secretary of a large company or translator with an unpleasant voice. Immediately add a negative impression of the organization.

How to change the voice?

Ask for help from a girlfriend or boyfriend. Put your partner nearby and stretch the sound “a”. At the same time, move your head. Turn it slightly, tilt back or forward. It should not be abrupt or unnatural movements. Record your feelings in which position the letter sounded more melodic and pleasant. Ask for a friend's opinion. Remember the sensations, sound and position of the head. Try to repeat and get a beautiful sound.
My phone rang. Play a useful and fun game. Girlfriend highlight the role of the caller. Let her figure out which organization she is going to call (travel agency, pharmacy, club, serious organization, plumbing). Your task is to answer the call. In this case, your vote must be consistent with the institution. Play with your voice, change the pronunciation, add new notes. Lock when the voice sounded beautiful and attractive.
Check the reaction. Put your friend with your back to you. Before this, prepare two events: pleasant and causing negative emotions. Retell the news. At first pleasant, then after a pause negative. Ask your interlocutor how your voice has changed. Surely you will hear that the intonation has changed. The voice sounded beautiful and pleasant when you were telling the good news. Take note of this science.

When doing exercises, pay attention to the pace and volume of the voice. It is pleasant to listen to the interlocutor, who narrates calmly and quietly. In this case, the person does not mutter, pauses, relevant accents. An ideal indicator is 120–150 words per minute.

How to improve the voice for singing?

Probably, many asked this question. Sometimes novice singers, after listening to their voice in the recording, are simply scared, because it does not sound like in ordinary life. And often this sound does not cause delight neither you nor your listeners. So what's the deal?

On the one hand, working with a microphone leaves its mark, on the other hand, voice control may also not be up to par, and, in general, singing, as they say, don’t speak. There will be differences. How to make a voice more attractive, saturated and get rid of clips? Well, there are several ways:

    • Find a private vocal teacher and improve your voice by working with him individually.
    • Go to group classes at a singing school in Moscow, Minsk, St. Petersburg or any other city.
    • Try to improve your voice for singing on your own on the Internet from free access.
    • Put a voice online with a teacher or take a voice-rate course online, for example, our “Wake up your voice” course.

How to improve voice at home?

We have already partially revealed the essence of this issue in the previous section of the article, but there is something to add.

Simple helpful hints:

        • Listen to songs that you like once - 2 times and then try to sing along with the performer, trying to catch the intonation and manner of performance.
        • Record how you sing on the recorder and listen. Catch some of the nuances yourself and you can fix it.
        • Watch your breathing while singing, you should not be too hard. If it’s hard and there is not enough air, most likely you are doing something wrong, and you should deal with the vocalist’s breathing with the teacher or taking an online course.
        • Before you start singing, you can read aloud loudly and loudly or play some imagined scene. Listen to how you sound and try to catch the strengths and weaknesses of the conversation.
        • Take an online voice training course, finding it free or paid with a guaranteed result.
        • You can also find a vocal / oratory teacher online and, practicing with him on skypeput a voice at home.

How to quickly improve your voice?

If you need to very quickly improve the sound of your voice, then you can take advantage of our small but effective exercises on video.

These simple exercises will help to rock your voice and feel the first positive result. But if you really intend to put your vote so that the result is long-term, then this requires 3 weeks, because it has long been known that new habits are formed in a period of 21 days. Therefore, for those who want a quick, but at the same time permanent effect, we offer to take a 3-week course “Wake up your voice”.