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How to scan a QR code on Android


In today's world, universal encoding and fast data transfer is key. For these purposes, many different technological solutions have been invented. A QR code is one of them. It can be a carrier of various information: from text files, hyperlinks to photos and electronic tickets for transport. Most tablets and smartphones on Android allow you to scan a QR code using special applications.

Method 1: Barcode Scanner (ZXing Team)

Scanning a QR code with the Barcode Scanner app is pretty simple. When you open the program, a scanner will automatically start using the camera of your smartphone. You need to point it to the code to decrypt the data.

Method 3: Online Services

If for some reason it is not possible to use special software or a camera, then you can refer to special sites that provide the ability to decrypt QR codes. However, you still have to photograph or save the code image to the memory card. For decryption, you must upload the file with the code to the site and start the process.

One such site is IMGonline. The list of its features includes many functions, including recognition of QR codes and barcodes.

After you have placed the image with the code in the memory of your phone, follow this algorithm:

    To get started, upload the image to the site using the button "Select a file".

From the list, select the type of code that you want to decrypt.

Click OK and expect decryption results.

After the process is complete, you will see the data in the following form.

In addition to IMGOnline, there are other online services that allow you to perform this process.


As you can see, there are different ways to scan and decrypt QR codes. For fast processing, special applications that use the camera of the phone are best suited. If there is no access to none, you can use special online services.

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The principle of operation and the purpose of the QR code

Probably, many were faced with the image of a small black square with an incomprehensible pattern inside. This is the QR code. Now it can be found everywhere: in the subway, on advertising boards, business cards, and even under your feet.

This is convenient because the information encrypted in this way can be read from the screen of a phone, tablet or smartphone. Why you just need to install the application program, which scans and encoding.

The main purpose of the QR code is a fast data transfer in a compressed form. Information can be any: contacts, a link to a photo or video, navigation on tourist routes or advertising. It is enough to take a picture of the “square” and the Android-based application itself will recognize and give the necessary data in just two “touches” to the screen of the mobile device.

The process of scanning a QR code on Android: instructions for dummies

Let's see how to scan a QR code and what tools are needed for this together. In solving the issue, a step-by-step instruction will help us:

  1. A device (tablet or smartphone) running Android must have Internet access - one of the conditions for working with programs. You can use Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot to connect. An internet connection is required to install the scanner application.
  2. Then there are two options:
    • download and install the application for scanning on an unverified site, issued upon request in the search engine line. In this case, there is a chance of getting a "non-working" program or infecting the device with a virus,
    • install Play Market on your device (in the latest versions of Andro OS />

Additional Information. You can also scan and recognize a QR code from a code image file that is stored on your mobile device. To do this, select the function in the application menu: "decode from picture". By clicking on the menu item, we get access to the gallery with image files. There we select an image with a picture of a QR code. The program scans and recognizes it from the picture. This function is useful if the image with the code was sent from another device and you need to read the information contained in it.

Tip: in order for the QR code to be recognized, and the information in it decrypted, the image of the "square" should be clear, not blurry and shot close-up.

Step 4: What else is your smartphone capable of

Nowadays, with such a form of interaction with the electronic environment as a QR code, a person is faced at every step. The page of a newspaper or magazine, a poster in a movie theater, a sign on a monument of architecture - on all such media you can find a pattern of black and white squares in which useful information is encrypted.

And if the classic bar code in the form of stripes requires sophisticated equipment, then you can read the QR code using a regular Android smartphone and a special application.

In our article, we will talk about what a QR code is and explain how to use a QR code scanner for Android.

What is a QR code?

The history of the QR code begins in 1994 in Japan. By that time, it became clear that for the needs of the industry, a barcode with standard product information was no longer enough. It was necessary to find a way to encode data in a small graphic code, access to which anyone could get. The solution was found by Denso-Wave developers.

The QR code proposed by the company (from English quick response - quick response) is a two-dimensional barcode consisting of points that are recognized by the sensor, converted to binary numbers and converted according to a certain algorithm.

The QR code is convenient in that it allows you to encrypt several thousand characters in one picture. At the same time, the size of the QR code can vary greatly from a small centimeter square to a large image that can be placed on any flat surface.

Where does the QR code apply

The possibilities of using two-dimensional code are practically limitless. QR codes are widely used in printed matter, on product packaging, in the Internet environment, in advertising, on utility bills, and so on.

QR codes were very popular among smartphone users. Having installed the scanner program, you can follow the link to the site, receive and save text information on the phone, send SMS, add certain contacts to the phone book.

Museums place QR codes at various cultural sites. Thanks to them, tourists and residents of the city can learn interesting facts about a particular architectural monument or monument.

Progressive Japanese equipped with QR codes even gravestones in the cemetery. In this case, the code encrypts the date of birth and death of the deceased and his short biography. And in the Chinese city of Hefei, elderly people are provided with QR code badges. If an elderly person gets lost on the streets, passers-by will find out his address through a QR code and help him return home.

And in 2012 in Omsk a whole poem “Eugene Onegin” was translated into a QR code and published in the form of a miniature book, thus combining literary classics and modern electronic technologies.

Applications for recognizing QR codes on Andro> As noted above, reading a QR code requires a minimum of funds: a mobile phone with a rear or front camera and an application that will turn the camera into a scanner.

The most popular QR code scanning applications are:

    QR Dro> OS Version: Android 2.0 or later

A simple and convenient scanner with a quick response that allows you to read both QR codes and standard barcodes. The application recognizes codes using both the camera and manual entry of characters. In addition, the program decrypts the code from the image from the phone’s gallery.

When reading the code, the application saves it in History. Here you can open an existing code, edit it or share it with friends.

OS Version: Android 4.0 or later

Completely free application, without any annoying ads. In low light, the program automatically turns on a flashlight, which is highlighted by a QR code. After scanning, either text is displayed on the smartphone, or a button appears to go to the site.

QR Barcode Scanner

OS Version: Android 3.0 or later

One of the most popular QR code recognition applications. It works quickly, does not load the battery and processor, and at the same time downloads completely free.

If you want to try out several applications for reading QR codes, we recommend that you do not clog the device’s memory with them, but install programs on an external SD memory card. Read about how to do this in the article “How to install applications on a memory card”.

How to create a QR code

The convenience of QR codes lies in the fact that any user of a PC or smartphone can encrypt information with their help. You can generate a QR code on a computer on the QR website.

Here you can encode:

  • Text
  • Link to the site
  • Business card
  • SMS message

You can create your own QR code using one of the applications we mentioned. For example, consider the process of generating code through the QR Droid Code Scanner:

  • Open the application desktop
  • Click on Share
  • Select the contents of your QR code. It can be a business card, link, contact or text.
  • Select, for example, a URL, type in the address and click on the button in the upper right corner
  • After creating a QR code, you can edit it: put a frame, change color or size

The next lesson will be devoted to how to transfer contacts from a smartphone to a PC. Do not miss!

QR barcode scanner

Available in Play Market is a free application with a basic set of features. Qualitatively scans barcodes, qr-coding and quickly recognizes them.

In addition to scanning and recognizing codes, the application is able to share them in SMS and social networks. It is possible to create your own unique QR code.

Advantages: fast “scanner” and encoding recognition, the ability to create your own codes.

Disadvantages: built-in advertising, there is no function for manually entering a bar code, it may “freeze” when updating a program.

Lightning QR Scanner

Another free application from the Play Marketa for reading and recognizing QR codes. Basic functionality: scans and quickly recognizes.

Advantages: fast recognition, the ability to add data from recognized code to the "contacts".

Disadvantages: a lot of built-in advertising.

Reader QR Code

Fast "scanner". In addition to the basic set of functions, additional applications are available in the application: highlighting the photographed QR code with a flashlight (useful when you need to scan the encoding in the dark).

Advantages: convenient menu, the ability to simultaneously flashlight when scanning a code.

Disadvantages: built-in advertising, localization of the application into Russian is illiterate.

QR Code Reader / QR Scanner, QR Code Generator

The program scans, recognizes and can create QR codes.

Advantages: speed of scanning, the ability to generate.

Disadvantages: built-in advertising.

As you can see, in the Play Market you can find a QR code scanner application for every taste.