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How to become a pirate?


Question how to become a pirate Interested in many. People of all nationalities and the most different social status became pirates. In the golden age of piracy, most of them were Welsh, many Irish and British, slightly fewer Scots. Piracy was widespread among the French and Spaniards. Among them were runaway black slaves, who were called the “Simarons” (the Spanish name for the Maroons, runaway Negro slaves in the West Indies and Guiana, including several very famous ones such as Diego Grillo and Lauren de Graf.

Pirates recruited people both on land and at sea. If the matter took place on land, the captain made it known that his ship was "going on a flight", and those who wanted to join him did it voluntarily. The decision to become a pirate was usually made on the basis of the captain's reputation, if he had the glory of a successful person who always returns with rich booty, then there was no shortage of volunteers. The beginner should have had his own weapon: at least a gun, gunpowder, bullets and, of course, a saber. Also, preference was given to sailors who could play musical instruments or who knew some craft - coopers or carpenters. Such were often taken aboard a ship by force.

At sea, the crew was replenished at the expense of people from captured ships. The sailors from the boarded vessel had the right to choose. Those who agreed immediately became pirates, this was a mark for life, but at least they could change the harsh service on a military or merchant ship to the possibility, albeit a ghostly one, of gaining wealth and freedom. Many sailors tried to present the matter in such a way that they were forced to become pirates by force - in case they were in the hands of the authorities. Then it was possible to ask the court for leniency. Thus, the recruits were invited to sign a “ship charter” - a kind of code of pirate rules and laws. This document could also be presented in court to prove coercion.

Passengers of the captured ships were in the same position, and anyone who had useful skills was usually taken to the team. Often they were tortured to find out which of them possessed such skills.

Often, merchant ships became pirate as a result of the riot of the team. For example, Henry Avery (also known as Evry), who was the first assistant on the merchant ship Charles, rioted while the captain slept after a night of hard drinking.

How to make a pirate costume with your own hands

We will need to prepare a shirt or vest, pants, a bandana, a sash, shoes and a blindfold. Available tools are perfect for this. Before you start making a costume for your little pirate, you can once again watch a cartoon or a movie about pirates, maybe a new idea for creating a costume will come to you, but in any case, after the cartoon you will more accurately show the image of a pirate.

First we will make pants. For them, you can take any old jeans. Better even if they are full of holes, worn and soiled. In length, they should be slightly below the knee, along the lower edge they will need to be tattered so that there is a fringe below. It is better to do this with a needle. The edges of the pants are even better to make slightly uneven, so the suit will be more realistic. You can also sew patches on large basting stitches or cut and tear up a few holes.

Now proceed to the top of the suit. A vest is better suited here, which will not be a pity to stain and tear. Patches can also be sewn onto it, and carelessly stained with black or brown paint. Now we need a belt - a sash, a wide strip of bright fabric is suitable for it. An old vest can be worn on the vest.

Pirate hat

How to make a pirate hat? To do this, we need a triangular bandana from knitwear, preferably the color that is already found in the suit. On the bandana you need to sew a pirate sign - two crossed bones and a skull. If desired, another bandana can be tied to the neck. Footwear. Any shoes or boots are suitable, but not sneakers or sneakers. You can also wear striped or black leggings. Such a costume will look like the clothes of a real pirate. And your child will definitely know how to become a pirate.

Pirate weapon

Do not forget about weapons. After all, in films and cartoons, each pirate had either a saber or a musket, and not rarely both. The muskets will be able to replace the usual toy pistols, which are in the arsenal of almost every boy. If a saber is a toy, it’s good, but if not, then you can cut it out of cardboard and paste it with foil. You can fix it on the sash, and push the muskets across the cross for the sash. The final detail of the costume may be a small container for rum. You can also sew a soft toy parrot on the shoulder of a pirate.

You can complement the robber and pirate costume with bags of coins, chains, fingerless gloves and a black eye patch. It can be made from ordinary black fabric. We cut out two circles of small diameter, between them we insert the same circle of cardboard, and sew. Now we sew the ties to the finished mug and you're done.

This costume is suitable for your robber for the new year, Halloween, or for going on a themed birthday.

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