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An example of a home quest based on - Harry Potter - (a gift from a site visitor)


I made my wife a bowl of Harry Potter, which is full of our happiest memories

When the date of our wedding was approaching, I racked my brains in thoughts of what I could give her. Since we are both fans of Harry Potter, I turned to the magical world for inspiration and decided to make bowl from the movie. For those who did not watch Harry Potter - the bowl was used Dumbledore, he pulled out memories with a magic wand and kept them in bottles.

Weasley family flying car

Friends, my dad made me this tiny flying car scene from Harry potter with toy version Ford anglia and these magnificent bismuth stones in the lantern. It is excellent.

Harry Potter room under the stairs

When the librarian Courtney Bonnet moved to her new home last June, she knew exactly what to do with the closet under the stairs. Inspired by books about Harry pottershe turned a tiny room into "Wizards Only" space for your children.

“I was a huge fan of Harry Potter for a long time, and I knew that in the near future, as soon as I saw this place, I would turn it into a Harry Potter room,” Bonnet said. "It took me about 8 days and cost $ 250-300. "I had a bunch of Harry Potter things that found their place in the new room."

More details: Facebook

How it was

Our family has such a New Year tradition: every year on December 31 we arrange a home quest on the theme of my sons' favorite films or books, most often this is the Harry Potter movie. This year he was like this:

The letter indicates that you must follow the inscriptions on the tickets and write down the codes (certain letters of the Latin alphabet) in a notebook.

FIRST ticket - it says "Visit the screeching hut"

We have the role of a Shrieking hut played a combined bathroom. They immediately found the Harry Potter book on the washing machine, in which lay a sheet of a half-blood prince textbook (attached). Further it was difficult for them, because first two lettersse"I wrote with a black gel pen, and it almost did not differ from the printing ink, I had to look at it for a long time, but found it! Recorded.

Preparation: we pre-hang a printed plate on the bathroom, put a sheet of code in the book.

FIFTH ticket - “The owl brought the mail. Check your inbox »

They figured out that I needed to run to the mailbox (for this, of course, I had to warm up a bit, because it was cold in the stairwell). And in the mailbox is the Daily Prophet! And here I want to express my deep gratitude to the blogger Segey Subbotin, who shared this newspaper on the Internet in his article “Report + offline quest“ Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ””. Thank! My children later read the Daily Prophet with pleasure. And in the newspaper the following letters were written in black gel pen:io»

Preparation: pre-print the newspaper on a sheet of A-2 format - first 2-3 sheets, then 4-1, on the day of the quest we drop it in the mailbox.

SIXTH ticket - “Under the beds in the room for boys you can find many interesting things”

Under the bed, I put a box of Bertie-Botts candy canes (any one). It contains a leaflet from the book “Fantastic Beasts and Their Habitats” (attached) and a simple pencil.

We thought for a long time, I had to hint: on the reverse side, “in” is written with a white pencil, and you just need to shade (paint over) these letters with a gray pencil so that the code can be clearly seen.

Preparation: we write in advance a white pencil code on a printed sheet, we hide a simple pencil and this sheet in a box under the bed in the nursery.

EIGHTH ticket - “Check out the Three Brooms” tavern

Immediately found the sign "Tavern" Three Brooms ". This, of course, is the kitchen. There, on the walls, I posted a lot of leaflets from the Ministry of Magic about Harry Potter's Unwanted Face # 1. On one leaflet on the back, with a pencil, wrote the letter “i».

Preparation: print out leaflets in advance, write a letter on one of them and hang out leaflets in the kitchen.

ELEVENTH ticket - “Did you also take off your robe at the entrance?”

Guessed what to look for on a hanger in the hallway. And in advance I hung there a bag of organza with a leaf folded into a tube and tied with twine. I wrote the letter “pencil” on itt". Disguised as outerwear.

Preparation: hang a bag with a note on a hanger, cover with outer clothing.

Father decorates a room for his 7 month old son

Parents Kaycee and Casey created a magical Hogwarts for her little 7 month old son. Decorating the room took about 3 months. “Our project is finally nearing its end after months of work!” Wrote Kaycee. “I really like how everything turned out! Because my little son will sleep in real Hogwarts! ”

More details: Facebook

TWELVE ticket - “I open at the end”

You can print this ticket, but you can not. I printed and wrote so that they could understand what to do next.

Preparation: Put a printed letter from Professor Dumbledore in an envelope.

After all the tickets were over, the celebratio incipit spell was compiled in a notebook, translated from Latin means “the holiday begins”.

It's time to open the envelope with the inscription "I open at the end", where the letter indicates that you can use the resulting spell if you find it on a personal computer. To do this, it is better to place a file called "celebratio incipit" directly on the computer desktop.

This ended our quest, although I wanted more.

And one more thing: of course, the preparation for this quest is time-consuming (print everything out, prepare ingredients for the potion in advance, hang everything up, put it out ...), but it is very interesting. And not very expensive (in our time)! A quest for children can be carried out on January 1, and even later, if December 31 is not possible.

Family photo shoot that has become viral

Jessie and Catherine Oldfield from Eugene, Oregon is huge Harry Potter fans. Some time ago, when their eldest son Sebastian was only about 8 months, they created a thematic photo shoot. Now that they have a new boy named Theodore, they decided that he needed his own Harry Potter-style photo shoot. And this photo shoot became viral.

I could not find Harry Potter's wand, so I made it myself for my sister

My sister, like many people of her generation, is a big fan of Harry Potter. She was one of those children who fled to the bookstore after the release of the new book.

I decided that she needed her own magic wand. Unfortunately, I came across several problems: First of allI wanted her wand to be unique. SecondlyMost of the sticks that I found were not even made of wood and do not have a core.

Since the Internet did not help me, I decided that I needed to make a stick that would not only be made of natural wood, but would have a core and be unique and significant to it. As you can see below, I got a little carried away.

More details: Facebook

The artist pays tribute to Scotland and Harry Potter with a sculpture from a book

Glenfinnan Viaduct was built in Scotland and opened in 1901, but became world famous thanks to the appearance in the film about Harry Potter. Thomas Whiteman picked up an old book and a carved bridge from its pages, complete with a tiny, tangled train. The mountain landscape erupts from a layered background, with thin trees surrounded by scattered letters of the alphabet, like fallen leaves that formed the basis of the country's unique cultural passage from the past to the future.

Nimbus 2000

Our little brother has a birthday soon. His 8 years and he is a huge fan of Harry Potter. We decided to make him Nimbus 2000 and fill in the box with everything you need for a semester in Hogwarts.

"I only plan to prank." Marauders' Map

Like this map of looters from the Harry Potter movie you can do it yourself. You will find all source codes and a master class here.

“Don’t worry, I fixed it”

Children are pretty durable. If I jumped off a pile of laundry and landed on my head, most likely I would end up in a hospital. But when the 4 year old Aiden Benes from Vallejo, California did this; he was left only with a cut on his head. But the little daredevil the next day was in a terrible mood and did not want to leave the house. His mother Britney I was not taken aback and came up with an amazing idea. She decided to turn him into Harry Potter.

She turned the cut into a zipper, and glasses complemented the image. Britney had not seen such a happy son for a long time.

Did you like it?

That was such a quest. Class! THANK!

I ask for your impressions in the comments. If Valentina inspired you to some new ideas, write. Let all the families of our country have such interesting home holidays!

How interestingly invented. Bravo! I am delighted! I want to do such a quest for my husband on his birthday, he is my big fan of Harry Potter! Of course I’ll change something a little, but overall a very good idea.

Thanks so much for the idea. Used it to find a birthday present for her son. I added the message “PES GUN” encrypted in the Greek alphabet and placed a leaflet about Harry at the place where our dog was sleeping .. Thanks again

Many thanks to the author))
It didn’t quite fit my conditions, I had to rework a little
I enclose a link to the version I changed for the children's camp (it can be considered just a little censored, relieved of the binding to the holiday and a little edited by a sincere fan of the GP). Maybe someone will come in handy))

Thank you very much, very interesting and original!

Thank you for your ideas. Great holiday!

Great quest. Smart Mom!
Thanks for sharing. I took the idea of ​​soda and grape juice.