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Ideas for the bachelor party: how to organize and conduct a fun bachelor party?


In matters of preparing for the wedding, future newlyweds need to think through everything, not losing sight of even the smallest and most insignificant moments. Of course, the organization of such an event as a bachelor party before the wedding takes one of the main roles, because you want to get together and have fun in the company of best friends and pals in the last days of a bachelor life as bright and exciting as possible.

Most grooms are in real perplexity about how to spend the bachelor party before the wedding, so that he will be positively remembered for many years and not hit hard on the budget.

When to organize a bachelor party

There are no clear or any standard criteria regarding the timing of a bachelor party. As a rule, young people gather when it is most convenient for everyone. However, in order to determine the date it is more expedient to comply with a number of recommendations:

  • it is advisable to hold the event not on the eve of the wedding, but at least a week before the celebration. In this case, there will be plenty of time to mentally and physically restore strength,
  • discuss the intended date with the future wife. Perhaps it was on this day that the bride planned some important affairs where the presence of future newlyweds is necessary. In this case, it’s worth trying to transfer the bachelor party or somehow adjust to the time in order to have everything,
  • pre-call all the invitees and once again clarify who will be able to come,
  • take into account the weather. If the planned event is planned to be organized in nature, then it is more reasonable to know the weather forecast for these days, so that heavy rain or heavy wind does not spoil everything conceived.

The bachelor party date, chosen taking into account the opinion of all friends on this matter, is undoubtedly the key to a delightfully spent time.

The financial side of the issue

Before the wedding, most newlyweds under strict control every penny, so the question often arises of who pays for the bachelor party. Definitely, a universal answer simply does not exist. Someone pays for himself, someone helps parents, and in some companies of friends all expenses are borne by the friends themselves.

Of course, who pays should be agreed in advance so that later there will be no misunderstandings of various kinds.

In addition, if it is decided that the friends and groom will contribute the money equally, then everyone needs to plan together, taking into account the financial capabilities of each.

General Stag Organization Tips

Organization of a fun bachelor party

What is a bachelor party? This is a truly masculine holiday, the organization of which includes a number of specific points. An ideal party for men should include the following points:

  1. Alcohol. Men's gatherings very rarely do without alcohol, whether it is fishing, a bathhouse or seeing off a bachelor's life.
  2. Striptease. Dances of half-naked beauties are not always relevant. If the bride is jealous and the future spouse respects the opinion of her woman, it is better to refuse the girls. But this question is purely individual.
  3. Entertainment. You can think through contests with alcohol in detail, arrange several parties in poker or go fishing.

The organization of any event consists of several stages:

  1. Seat selection. Having decided on a place, it is much easier to think out an entertainment program. Leading positions are occupied by night clubs, a sauna and the groom's apartment.
  2. Calculation of alcohol and holidaytable. It is better to buy alcohol in advance than to buy them at an inflated price in the club.
  3. Sending invitations. It is necessary to clarify the number of guests and send original invitations to each participant in the future party.

Happy Stag Party Invitation

Usually, the organization of a bachelor party is done by friends of the groom who want to surprise their friend. Thinking through the details of the holiday and deciding on risky entertainment, it is important to take into account the opinion of the hero of the occasion.

Where to have a bachelor party?

The most important stage in organizing a bachelor party before the wedding is to choose a place for gatherings with friends. As the most interesting options you can offer following ideas:

  1. Many arrange a bachelor party in sauna or bath. In ancient times, our ancestors traditionally went to the bathhouse before the most important day in their life.
  2. Strip club. If you want to organize a truly masculine holiday, you should throw a bachelor party in the club. There you can enjoy spectacular but safe dances.
  3. House. It is best to note the bachelor party in the groom’s own apartment, where you can relax and make some noise. The bonus of this party option is that you can spend the night on the spot without worrying about finding a night taxi. However, there is a risk that at the most inopportune moment, the bride or her relatives may come to visit.
  4. Bar. If you want to sit with friends mentally, a bachelor party bar is the best option. In modern institutions there is billiards, bowling, TV with football and other entertainment for the male company.
  5. Bachelor party Outdoors. What could be better than aromatic barbecue and outdoor recreation. In the summer, you can swim in the river, but with the advent of darkness and an increase in the amount of alcohol, you should stay close to the shore.

When choosing a venue for a party, a significant role is played by cost savings, which is especially important for those who organize and pay for the holiday. If you choose outdoor recreation or in your own bath, you will have to pay much less. Do not forget to make invitations and specify the list of guests.

Things to do at the bachelor party: fun contests and jokes

After choosing a place for the holiday, you need to consider event program, in which the main place will be occupied by funny contests, jokes and rallies for the bachelor party. Most of the competitions for adults are somehow related to alcohol, which makes them much more fun. Interesting games for a bachelor party for friends of the groom can be found on the Internet, and competitions for the groom should be directly related to the upcoming wedding.

Stag contests

To create the necessary atmosphere, it is worth using all kinds of accessories. You can order cool t-shirts for the bachelor party, which will be decorated with funny phrases. It is better to order them in bulk, choosing an interesting option for each party participant.

Photo t-shirts for a bachelor party

Currently, in every city there are organizations that conduct Themed Quests. If you have not found a suitable place or are constrained in funds, you can conduct an unusual quest on your own.

In addition to unusual contests, there are more familiar entertainments:

  • billiards, bowling, table tennis,
  • gambling
  • karaoke and others

The unusual end of the holiday will be groom's oath. An oath for a stag party may be invented by the celebrant on their own, but if the party is an absolute surprise for a man, friends can write a speech themselves. The oath implies a humorous subtext.

Cake for a bachelor party as a gift to the groom

The decoration of any festive table is a huge delicious cake, and the bachelor party is no exception.

As for taste criteria, it is not necessary to come up with something special

If you probably know that for now bachelor loves chocolate, you can order a dessert with cocoa flavor. The highlight of the sweet dish for men will be cognac added to the dough.

A real surprise for the groom will be a dancer sitting in the cake. Despite the fact that most people associate a stripper with a men's party, in fact, friends decide on such a present for a bachelor party quite rarely.

But the design of the cake is worth considering. Thinking through the design of the dessert, they usually take into account the interests of the groom or come up with something original. If the culprit has a favorite hobby, use the following ideas:

  • cake in the form of a boat for an avid fisherman,
  • basketball (soccer) ball for the athlete,
  • the Marvel logo will appeal to lovers of films about superheroes, etc.

Experienced confectioners offer interesting cake ideas that symbolize parting with a bachelor life. Most often, men order such desserts:

  • cake in the form of a female breast in a sexy bra,
  • beer mug dessert
  • a bed of young mastics,
  • a sweet copy of the bride and much more.

Unusual gift: a photo of a cake at a bachelor party

If you want the event to be remembered for a long time, order an original cake with a humorous plot. Recently, miniature cupcakes for bachelor parties have also been used as symbolic pastries. The advantage of cakes is that they do not need to be cut, unlike a bulky cake. In addition, you can order a multi-tiered cupcake dish that will look very much like a cake.

Original ideas for a bachelor party

For a bachelor party to be remembered for a lifetime, it is not enough to manage with modest gatherings at the home table. Cities with developed infrastructure offer hundreds of men's activities that can be safely taken as an idea for a bachelor party. Outdoor enthusiasts will like it outdoor gamesduring which you have to compete:

If your company often gathers at a card table, you can go to the casino. However, in order to save money, it is better to arrange a game of poker at home. In addition, in addition to card games, there are interesting board games. You can search the game for adults in souvenir shops in advance, where many activities are related to alcohol. Neutral, but no less interesting, are Game of Thrones, Crocodile, Truth or Action.

For many people, karaoke parties are strongly associated with women, but this is a stereotype. Men also like to yell into the microphone if they have the courage. For example, Japanese bachelor party traditionally ends with sushi and karaoke.

A party with category 18+ should be organized with great care.

When making a surprise for the groom, gently specify how he relates to striptease at men's parties.

Otherwise, the protagonist of the party will refuse an unusual gift, and friends will waste a lot of money. A neutral option is topless service ordering. If you are having a banquet, you can hire waitresses who will set the table in sexy outfits that do not violate the bounds of decency.

Bachelor party traditions in different countries

The idea for a bachelor party is quite difficult to determine. If you still haven’t figured out how to have a fun party for a friend, you can learn the traditions of celebrating a cool bachelor party. in different countries:

  1. The ancient Romans enjoyed diluted wine and arranged a battle on wooden swords, and at any outcome the groom became the winner. Getters were invited to accompany the holiday.
  2. In Turkey, participants are still competing in military skill. Most often, men arrange races and throw wooden darts.
  3. But in Ancient Russia, the bachelor party had a completely different meaning. The members of the squads usually lived in the same house with their comrades, but after marriage, each went to his home. The evening before the wedding was considered goodbye to friends. Later, men began to visit the bath, but they did it all alone. Fortunately, friends of the suitors in time appreciated the injustice of what was happening and began to go to the sauna with the future newlyweds.
  4. In China, stag parties are treated with great seriousness. On this day, the groom very painfully pluck all the hair on her face and make a special haircut. At the end of the holiday, a man receives a hat as a gift and treats guests with millet porridge and meat.
  5. In Germany there is no clear division into a bachelor party and a bachelorette party, all participants in the upcoming ceremony celebrate farewell to a bachelor's life. A feature of the party is the breaking of dishes “for good luck”.

Some traditions are scary, but even from ancient peoples can be borrowed interesting bachelor party options. The organizers of the holiday just need to include fantasy, stock up on fun contests and order an unusual cake.

In the video you can borrow interesting stag organization ideas and role distribution at the party:

How to choose a place?

Having previously decided who is satisfied with the bachelor party, you should take care of where to go. What should I start with when choosing a location for a bachelor party?

  1. The number of friends of the groom. A large company needs completely different solutions than a company of 4-8 people,
  2. Budget. Perhaps the key factor affecting choice,
  3. Season. From the list that we have compiled for you below, some options automatically disappear if you decide to celebrate a bachelor party in the winter. As a rule, in summer, at the end of spring and at the beginning of autumn, there are less restrictions. Even if the wedding is due in late August, no one forbids you to hold your event in early June. And accordingly, if the event is planned outdoors in the winter, you simply have to warn everyone about the need to put on warm clothes,
  4. How many people drink alcohol. This knowledge will allow you to calculate the budget for alcoholic beverages,
  5. How the groom sees the event. If you are friends in the role of organizers, it’s worth to carefully ask where and how the groom would like to spend the evening,
  6. How friends see the holiday. If the groom chooses the location, then it’s worth asking friends about their preferences,
  7. The remoteness of the institution. You should choose a place from the calculation that all participants will just get there,
  8. Reviews about the institution
  9. Discounts and coupons,
  10. Table reservation and need to deposit in advance,
  11. Temperament of the upcoming meeting: A big noisy holiday or quiet get-togethers with friends.

Sauna (bath)

Most saunas work around the clock, so the best solution is to rent it from evening to morning.

When choosing a bath, pay attention to the reviews of past visitors. Do not give preference to dubious institutions. The sauna should be clean, the staff polite, and the calculations for the time spent there transparent and clear.


  • large room
  • the possibility of renting until the morning,
  • You can take your snacks and alcohol.


  • you need to take towels and other accessories with you,
  • when intoxicated, falling on slippery tiles is possible,
  • not all saunas have their own bar and kitchen.

The first thing that usually comes to mind when you think about where to spend the bachelor party on the eve of the wedding. A traditional place for this kind of event. Great for a company of 6-8 people.


  • a variety of drinks
  • affordable prices (an average of 1,500 TR / person per evening).


  • lack of an interesting entertainment program,
  • in some institutions there is a deposit and tables should be booked in advance.

Billiards club is a good choice for a bachelor party in a small group of friends who prefer a relaxing holiday for an exciting game and conversations. In most cases, such clubs have both a kitchen and a bar., so you can not worry about drinks and snacks.


  • calm and interesting vacation,
  • you can complement your vacation with short contests, holiday toasts, stories,
  • inexpensive vacation (hour of the game from 400 p.).


  • if the company often attends a billiard club, the evening will turn out to be quite ordinary.

Conducting a bachelor party at a concert is a rather unusual choice, which suggests many interesting options: a trip to a rock or rap concert, a concert by a popular artist, a trip to a music festival in another city (country), etc.

The ticket can be selected in various concert areas:

  • fan zone (pluses - good sound, close to the stage, minus - crush, because a lot of people around),
  • dance floor (advantage - inexpensive tickets, minus - a large distance to the stage),
  • vip box (plus - an excellent review, certain privileges, minus - the ticket price will be much higher).


  • tickets for the concert of your favorite artist (music group) will be suitable as a gift from friends of the groom (average ticket price is from 1200 rubles / person).


  • tickets for some artists are difficult to get, so you need to take care of their availability in advance, and also choose the right place (dance floor / bed).

One of the most common options for a comfortable stay: you can spend time chatting with friends in a chic setting. Great for a small bachelor party for 4-6 people.


  • delicious dishes of various cuisines,
  • quality alcohol
  • live music,
  • beautiful setting
  • great service.


  • it is necessary to book a table (room) in advance,
  • dress code,
  • cost (average price tag - 2500-5000 TR / person), renting the entire hall will cost much more.

A good solution for a large company (from 6-10 people). When choosing an institution, pay attention to visitor reviews, the price of a hookah, and an assortment of tobacco.

Some establishments lack their own bar with alcoholic drinks and a kitchen. It is worth to know in advance whether it is permissible to bring your own alcohol and / or order food with delivery.


  • comfortable atmosphere
  • the opportunity to retire with friends in a separate room,
  • a good selection of drinks (you can also take your drinks, food),
  • не самый дорогой вид отдыха (примерно до 2500 р./чел).


  • некурящим друзьям не подойдет этот вариант,
  • individual smoke intolerance possible.

A place very atypical for a bachelor party is a karaoke bar. The bachelor party can be held in the common room or rent a separate room for singing.


  • automatically the issue of entertainment is being addressed,
  • professional musical equipment and good sound,


  • reservation required and prepayment
  • cost: renting a hall in a karaoke club can cost 5-15 tr.

A trip abroad or to another city

Travel options are selected taking into account the total budget and free time of the participants of the event: weekend trip to a neighboring city or a few days tour to another country. This option is suitable for a company of 4-5 people.

An interesting option can be a train ride through our vast country or a trip to Europe (for example, to some festival or concert).


  • a lot of emotions and impressions,
  • memorable photos and videos.


  • organization complexity - all participants must agree on free time for the selected dates if the trip is planned for more than one or two days,
  • preparing the necessary documents will also take extra time (visa, tickets, hotel reservation), so when traveling it is better to choose a visa-free country.

Country Hotel / Sanatorium

The hotel complex in the country - the choice of lovers of relaxation in solitude. These hotels offer guests a full range of services, which may include a sauna, active sports - kayaking, catamarans.


  • outdoor activities (depending on the location of the hotel - kayaks, catamarans, in winter - skiing),
  • fishing,
  • barbecue.


  • not all hotels have enough interesting entertainments, animated shows, etc.,
  • a room needs to be booked in advance (especially during the “high” tourist season and holidays),
  • cost: the average price of a room per night in a good hotel is from 2000-3000 rubles / person, but the final amount should include the costs of additional procedures and entertainment, meals (if not “all inclusive”), drinks from the bar, and round trip transport.

The bachelor party in a strip club is not such a popular pastime before the wedding, as the beautiful half of humanity thinks. However, it is interesting. option for a company of 5-6 people.

When choosing a club should pay attention to two nuances:

  1. Does the institution have a fixed “entrance fee”,
  2. what is the cost of drinks at the bar.

As a rule, there are no problems with booking tables in such establishments, but the cost of a drink may differ from typical bars (this is the main income for such clubs).

Of the pros It should be noted that this is a very bright and incendiary show. But if about consthen jealousy on the part of the bride, disapproval by relatives of such a choice is possible.

The night club is great for pre-wedding vacations. Almost all similar establishments offer interactive entertainment programsthat are suitable for a bachelor party celebration (host from the club, contests, the possibility of renting a separate vip room, a hookah, a good kitchen), so the party will turn out to be fun and boring.


  • suitable for a large active company,
  • great music
  • dance floor
  • various shows, contests.


  • a table or hall for the celebration must be booked in advance,
  • most likely you will need to make a deposit at the table.

A trip to a nightclub is considered the most optimal option for holding a bachelor party (perhaps after a sauna and a bar), as this is a great place in terms of the ratio “price - quality - interesting program”.


This is where your big company really will not bother anyone with its noisy toasts and dances. And there is where to turn around, especially in the summer.

Rest on the lake (with a catamaran or kayaks) or a camping trip for two days is a fascinating event for a fun company of 10 people or more.

Outdoor recreation options:


  • outdoor activities,
  • change of scenery: the opportunity to get out for a few days in the countryside before the wedding.


  • the need to take into account weather conditions,
  • additional training required
  • transport accessibility issue: if the chosen natural location is far from the place of residence, there is a risk of returning late and not getting enough sleep before an important ceremony.

Sports option (paintball / bowling / go-kart)

Going to a sports complex, bowling, participating in any sports game is the choice of a company that prefers active outdoor activities. The optimal number of people is 6, 8, 10 (in this case, it is possible to break into teams with an equal number of participants).


  • the perfect combination of outdoor activities and socializing with friends,
  • not the most expensive option (an average of 600 rubles / person),


  • the need to pre-order the site for a group of friends.

Home gatherings are an ideal outlet for home-staying friends who prefer a relaxing holiday to active events.

Time can be spent depending on preferences:

  • for a computer game or board games (“mafia”, “monopoly”, “cards”, etc.)
  • watching an interesting match
  • throw an alcohol party (pre-buy alcohol, juices, favorite snacks - chips, pizza, etc.).


  • cozy home environment
  • budget savings (on average, you can keep within 1000 rubles / person).


  • lack of holiday atmosphere
  • noise may interfere with neighbors (in many cities there is a “silence law”, violation of which could be fined).

Country house (cottage)

Renting a country house combines several options at once - outdoor recreation and a home party. At the same time, there is no need for troublesome preliminary preparation, and there is no risk of disturbing neighbors with loud music.

The cottage accommodates a large enough number of guests., so you can invite everyone you want to see at a noisy feast.


  • comfortable rest in the country in a furnished house with entertainment (often rent a cottage with a sauna, bar, pool, billiards, fireplace).


  • rent a cottage must be long before the selected date,
  • the cost can greatly increase depending on the location, as well as the season and proximity to popular holidays (New Year, May holidays, graduations, etc.): from a couple of thousand to 10-30 tr. per day (it is better to rent for a very large company).

Football match (hockey, basketball, etc.)

The perfect solution if if the groom and friends support one sports team. This leisure option can be combined with a trip to the bar immediately after the game.

Tickets to the VIP box will be a good gift for the groom, where the team’s game can be watched from comfortable seats and in close proximity to the field (but it’s extremely difficult to get them).


  • a ticket for a match of your favorite team or a major sporting event is an excellent gift to the groom from his friends,
  • An active and interesting vacation, during which it will definitely not be boring.


  • the ticket price can be very expensive (from 1000-4000 rubles per ticket),
  • not all of your friends can be passionate about sports just like you and they will simply not be interested.

Cinema as a venue for a men's pre-wedding party is not the most frequent choice, but at the same time has certain advantages.


  • time saving (going to the cinema can be a good solution for a company of friends engaged in work affairs - not everyone can afford a rest for the whole day),
  • the budget version of the holiday (going to the cinema for a person will cost from 200-500 p.).


  • A visit to the cinema in itself is quite an everyday occurrence, therefore, to create a festive atmosphere, prepare small bright accessories (for example, ties) and, of course, choose an interesting film with an exciting plot.

Given the review of the main options for locations for a bachelor party, we can distinguish some of the best places in our opinion for a bachelor party.

The best of them can be called a party in the sauna, night club or outdoors.

In addition to choosing the venue in advance come up with the theme of the holiday, prepare snacks for the party, and also order the services of a photographer, host (or make an entertainment program yourself) so that the holiday is fun and unforgettable.

Key traditions and gift choices

There are various traditions before the wedding, someone observes them and assigns them a key role, and many, on the contrary, ignore them. Most of them relate specifically to the day of marriage, however, there are many traditions and stag parties.

the main ones are:

  • Do not bring your wives, relatives or other close women. It is believed that on this day there is a farewell to a bachelor's life, which means that besides men there is no place for anyone,

  • remember the old days. Especially if the most devoted and long-standing comrades are gathering, then there are more than enough memories. It’s worth heartily to laugh at school or student years, and also once again plunge into various ridiculous situations that occurred during the bachelor era with everyone.

Many guests have a difficult question: what is the best way to present a gift to a bachelor party.

I want it to be something fun and at the same time worthwhile.

Here it is necessary to take into account primarily the preferences of the future groom, but if nothing comes to mind at all, then you can give him a small present in the classic version:

  • a mug, T-shirt, etc. with a cool image, for example, his caricature or a picture, the meaning of which is clear only to the groom,
  • funny underwear, but here the main thing is to once again think about whether the hero of the occasion will appreciate such humor, as well as how the bride will react to it,
  • photo album, which includes all kinds of photographs starting from the childhood and youth of the groom,
  • a bottle of fine liquor and stuff.

Many friends make unusual gifts, try to make something with their own hands or buy a thing that is associated with some kind of memories. In any case, if the gift is presented with all my heart, it will be rated by the highest score.

Stag organization in the sauna

One of the most popular options is the bachelor party in the sauna.. Of course, there are many pluses to stay at this place:

the opportunity not only to meet and have fun, but also to take a steam bath,

  • more relaxed atmosphere
  • you can bring all the food and drinks yourself
  • there is no fear that conversations will be heard by third parties or that you might accidentally meet someone.

The main thing, if the fun happens in the sauna, then remember some recommendations:

  • alcohol should be in moderation, since the high temperature in the steam room in conjunction with alcohol can seriously affect health and well-being,

Many companies, on the contrary, are convinced that a bachelor party can do without invited dancers or other random acquaintances. However, as practice shows, the consequences of this can be very negative for the groom. Often, when a future wife found out about this, a scandal erupted in a couple, sometimes even to a complete breakdown in relations.

♦ to take a photo, it will be not only a snapshot of the memory of bachelor days, but also a kind of proof for the jealous bride that there were no one except the boys.

Going to the sauna by the company, you don’t have to worry so much about what to give to a friend as a bachelor party, since almost any present will be appropriate and well received there.

Organization of the bachelor party and its various options

Perhaps, who organizes this event is no less important. It is believed that this mission should be redirected to a future witness at a wedding, but in life it often happens when such a person simply does not exist or he cannot arrange everything properly.

In this case, any of those invited to the bachelor party, the groom himself, or all together can engage in organization. In recent years, it has been widely used when a third-party organization takes on all the troubles, it is necessary here to conclude an agreement with it in advance.

There are a lot of ideas where to arrange a bachelor party, it all depends on financial capabilities, number, and also the wishes of the groom and friends. Most often, such fun is held in baths, bars or restaurants.

However, there are unusual options for holding a bachelor party, this will not only celebrate in full, but also remember for a long time. This includes:

- a trip to another city. You can go, for example, to a neighboring city to see local attractions. It will be not only informative, but in the circle of noisy friends it is very interesting. If opportunities allow, then wave to another country for the weekend, this will truly be a delightful pastime,

- a trip to an amusement park. It’s unusual to note a bachelor party riding rides or eating cotton candy in a recreation park,

- extreme entertainment. A lot of fun and at the same time extreme sports will provide at the bachelor party, for example, a parachute jump. Only here it is important that everyone approves of such entertainment, as well as approaching the safety precautions very carefully. Do not engage in extreme entertainment in unverified places or overestimating your capabilities.

If you approach the organization of the bachelor party responsibly, try to think through everything, and also choose a good day and time for this, then for many years such an event will remain in the memory of everyone.

Stag party

█ In France, stag parties are not deviating
Prone to gloomy lyricism, the French call this cool party “the funeral of youth.” (However, you hardly need to be serious about a nation that even calls the orgasm “a little death.”) But if you are a French bridegroom, you will not be envied. Your friends on the night of the celebration receive the right to turn you around as they please, inventing the most ridiculous tasks for you and dressing you in stupid costumes. Apparently, it is believed that crowing naked on a flagpole, you are slowly getting used to the basic principles of family life.

█ In Armenia, too, they scoff at the unfortunate groom
He is dressed up in strange outfits, but in the end he must give something. Most often, money. Most often - a lot. So the groom, gritting his teeth, suffers all the abuses in anticipation of the treasured envelope.

█ In China - Real Chinese Ceremonies
Instead of hilarious pops from traffic jams flying up, the sound of scissors gives the groom's hairstyle maximum solidity. After that, the father gives the spouse a special hat, which means that the son is already an adult. Then a gala dinner, the main dishes of which are porridge from millet and meat. A stripper from a dish with rice does not come up, although the groom actively drills it with his eyes. Guests yawning and talking in Mandarin.

█ Canadians spend stag parties near water
More precisely, Niagara Falls. And this is not due at all to their moisture-loving temperament, but to the fact that in the vicinity of this miracle of the world there are many smaller miracles: there are a lot of strip clubs where, as the advertisement promises, you can find naked women.

█ The British do not sit still
Living in an old England woman is not cheap, so for the thrill, the subjects of the British crown stretch to the countries of Eastern Europe, where beer is cheaper, and prostitutes are more fun and do not humiliate you with their perfect pronunciation.

█ A hundred years ago, stag parties in Puritan America resembled Chinese
These were tavern (and rather gloomy) dinners with cigars and a sip of other good whiskey, arranged under the supervision of a bridegroom dad. The first blow to morals was inflicted in 1896 by the grandson of the famous circus entrepreneur Phineas Barnum, who became interested in the police, who heard that a belly dancer is expected at his bachelor party - naked! What is happening in the States now, you can find out by watching the new "Bachelor Party 3" or the old "Bachelor Party" with Tom Hanks. Yes, everyone goes to Las Vegas and there they are already doing what Hollywood proudly told us about.

The groom at the bachelor party is a much more important figure than even the Snow Maiden at the New Year's party. He is an object of boundless admiration and a subject of endless humiliation. If the guests of the bachelor party were so noble that they paid for and organized the holiday themselves (as is generally the case according to tradition), then friendly jokes on the groom will help them more easily survive the loss of funds. No grace and subtlety of humor can be demonstrated here in any case. The jokes should be chthonic, primitive and, in the words of the theater expert Bakhtin, “appeal to the bottom of the body, areal laughter, a truly popular understanding of the comedic.” Here, as an option, there are three beautiful, impeccably chthonic jokes that will incredibly amuse any groom. When he will sober up.

1 All guests will be cheered up by the fact that the groom’s phone from the very beginning of the holiday was quietly forwarded to another number. The number on which a cheerful, sexually hoarse female voice answers all callers: “You got through to our fun brothel Pussy in Thong.” The called subscriber cannot answer, because all the necessary parts of the body are occupied with him. ”

2 After the groom falls into alcoholic oblivion, the most artistically gifted young lady among those present can densely paint his penis with green paint. When the groom wakes up and goes to the toilet, it will be terribly funny.

3 Gypsum neatly applied to the arm or leg will also be a pleasant surprise for the groom the next morning after the bachelor party. Особенно если друзья-подонки выдадут ему хором хорошо отрепетированную и правдивую версию того, как это случилось.If you lie convincingly enough, the gullible victim will walk honestly with plaster for the coming weeks and even go to the registry office as such.

7 commandments of the bachelor party

This is the text of the tablets recently found in the place where once there was Mesopotamia or something like that. Shaking off the bark beetles from the jagged tablets, archaeologists discovered the following eternal truths.

I The bachelor party, without drunkenness and ugliness passing, we should call a bachelorette party
Think for yourself: to drink beer with friends, it is not necessary to marry - it is enough for football to be shown on TV. Tasting wine and even more so champagne on this significant day is also somehow silly. Forty degrees and stronger - this is the only possible option, and the more you drink it, the more interesting it will be for you to find out the next morning how the party went. The bachelor party is just that case when to get drunk to a state of instability - almost a sacred duty of all participants, it so happened historically. Forgive us narcologists and fighters against alcoholism, but the bachelor party at all times was seen as a day of complete and total emancipation, the rejection of any rules and atrocious disregard for one's own and others' health. We didn’t come up with this! (If we had come up with this, at bachelor parties, of course, everyone would eat blueberry marshmallows and cross-stitch tea roses on napkins).