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Contact Lens Frequently Asked Questions


If a person does not have the best vision, then he probably thought about using contact lenses.When using glasses, everything is quite simple and clear.

However, stopping the choice of means of contact correction of vision, beginners face a number of issues and difficulties. Do not be scared, because all the difficulties are temporary and surmountable.

The most common mistake when using contact lenses is with certainty confusion between the sides of the product. At the slightest impact, the lens can turn inside out, due to the fact that it has a rather delicate structure and can be easily transformed.

What is the correct way to put on contact lenses?

So, acquiring this miracle of science, the first question arises, how to do everything right and establish CR. To do this, use a certain sequence of actions:

  1. Carefully wash hands with soap under running water.
  2. Wipe hands a lint-free towelso that not the slightest mote is left.
  3. Open the container with the lenses and make sure they are washed and moistened.
  4. Get KL (you can use a special silicone tweezers) and put it on the tip of your index finger.
  5. Bring CL to the eye, and with the index finger of the other hand pull the lower eyelid, while the gaze should be directed straight up.
  6. Now you need to put the lens in the eye and blinkso that it fits into place.

Exactly the same manipulations to carry out with the second CR.

Important! Before donning CLs, you must ensure that they are intact and that they are not turned inside out.

How to know whether they are inverted or not: to distinguish the inside from the outside

For the successful use of CR, the main thing is to learn to accurately determine their sides, for this there several reliable ways:

    Party definition in the form of the product: Put the CR on the tip of the finger and carefully examine its shape. She should remind pialu and be clear U shape, its edges do not deviate in any direction and do not bend, directed straight up. If the edges of the lens bend outits shape resembles a plate and she looks more like letter V, then this means that KL turned inside out.

Photo 1. On the left is a lens turned inside out, its shape resembles the letter V, on the right is a correctly deployed lens resembling the letter U.

  • The next method involves identifying the parties. by inscriptionsthose present on the CR, which are visible if you look closely at the lens, putting it on your fingertip. If letters or numbers are displayed normally, and it is clear what is written, then everything is in order. But if the characters are upside down and presented in Mirror view then KL twisted.
  • The taco method. As well as in the previous versions, the CR at the tip of the index finger rotates in such a way that it is possible to squeeze the edges together, bringing the index finger with the thumb, i.e. try to fold the lens in half. But you need to do this carefully enough. It is necessary to understand how the edges behave when trying to bend it in half. If they are easily reduced to each other and can touch, then everything is in order. But if the edges are bent and do not want to come together, then the lens twisted on the wrong side.
  • What happens if you put it inside out

    When installing, sometimes there are discomfort in the eyes, discomfort or distortion view. It can be assumed that the product is worn inside out.

    It is enough just to get the CL, rinse and once again check whether its side is correctly determined. Do not worry if the lens was not installed correctly, this does not entail any danger, because the situation easily fixable.

    How to determine the right and left KL

    Sometimes it turns out that the right and left KL are messed up. And here the difficult question arises of how to distinguish them from each other. The problem is a little more complicated than determining the side of the lens. But there is always the opportunity to take any action and find a way out. The main thing is to try not allow such a nuisance.

    Reference! For storage of CL special containers with screw caps. Most of them have letter designations: either English R and L, or Russian P and L. This, respectively, indicates the right and left CR.

    For visually impaired people provided covers with special notches, or fixtures of bright colors.

    But if the container with the notation did not help, and they were still confused, then you have to go in a practical way and figure them out at random:

    • If diopters differ by several unitslenses can be identified to the touch. A product with a stronger diopter will be less flexible and thicker than the other.
    • If the difference in diopters is small, you need to put CR on the eyes and look at the surrounding objects. Check the quality of vision in this lens arrangement, and then swap them and do an eye test again. Compare impressions and draw conclusions in which case the vision was better.

    Important! Ophthalmologists do not recommend swapping lenses. This is due to the fact that each eye has its own microflora, and may occur inflammatory process.

    Conclusion: how not to mix lenses

    To avoid troubles, you need to develop into the habit of putting on, always starting on the same side. It is not necessary to unscrew both container lids at once, it is better to first open one, put on the cable, close, and then do this procedure with the second. Compliance with basic rules, and daily training will help to cope with any situation!