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Choosing a good gift is not an easy task. Especially if you set a goal to pleasantly surprise a loved one. To present a really useful present, you can give money, but in this case, you can prompt the recipient to think that you simply did not want to burden yourself with the chores associated with shopping. In addition, banknotes, even packed in an original envelope, are somewhat faceless. They do not carry even the slightest hint of a holiday. And what is most unpleasant, the donated amount may disappear in the recipient's wallet and be lost among his regular, mandatory expenses: utility bills, loan installments, grocery purchases.

Solve a number of these problems in one action at once and gift certificates help. Moreover, recently they have been actively increasing popularity in our country. And this is not surprising.

Do you know what your loved one is fond of? Then, thanks to the gift certificate, you can present a truly useful present. Such a gift will not become the next dust collector on the shelf, and you will not have to puzzle over what to buy for your soulmate, work colleague, friend, mother or just a good friend.

For example, if a friend is fond of technology, then he can be given a certificate from Eldorado. Let him get a coveted tablet, a new mobile phone, a vacuum cleaner, or several items at once. You yourself will never guess what he really needs, and asking is pointless, as out of courtesy your friend will point out something completely inexpensive. When deciding in favor of a certificate, do not forget that the recipient does not have to buy anything within the specified amount. He can buy the goods more expensive by simply reporting the missing amount. In this case, your gift will be a real help in acquiring something significant.

A beloved girl or spouse can be presented with a gift certificate “Wild Orchid”, thanks to which she can pick up beautiful lingerie. In this case, the donor will not need to rack his brains over the style or guess with the dimensions, which is often quite difficult to do correctly.

You can also give services as a gift. For example, the “1001 tour” gift card will allow the recipient to choose for themselves the rest that will be most interesting to him.

If it’s difficult for you to decide on a specific certificate, then on the main page of our website you will find sections with the most relevant gift cards for specific holidays: New Year, Birthday, February 23, wedding, etc., as well as sections in which gift cards for men, women, children, newlyweds, new settlers and other recipients are sorted.

Learn to make truly pleasant and useful gifts, because in fact there is nothing complicated!

And so, what to give, when to give and to whom to give?

Let's start with the last - to whom. Of course, you don’t have to give gifts to everyone, you can make a lot of mistakes. No need to give gifts to unfamiliar people - you will only surprise them with your act.

One of the most difficult questions: do I give gifts to my bosses? Any gift that you bring, for example, to the birthday of your boss, can be interpreted by gossip lovers as a pod-lima, as a desire to stand out. And the one to whom the gift is intended can also be put in a very ambiguous position: if you (suppose) an excellent employee, they would like to nominate you for more responsible work soon, then after you brought the gift to your leader, it’s just awkward for him to support your candidacy. Therefore, it is customary in exceptional cases (anniversary, retirement, etc.), of course, if the boss and his employees have really good, friendly relations, give collective gifts: from the department, from management, from the sector, etc. .

Now - when to give. It is customary to make gifts on family dates - on a birthday, wedding, graduation, university, etc. These are easy cases, because it is clear who to give and when to give. A little more complicated is the issue with weddings. The first anniversary is considered a “paper” wedding, the second is a “glass”, the tenth is a “china”, the fifteenth is a “bronze”, the twentieth is a “crystal”, etc.

In one of the editions of Chevalier’s book, The Rules of Conduct for Educated People (1918), the first twenty wedding anniversaries have their own names, and gifts are recommended to be made exactly in accordance with the name of the anniversary. That is, to give glass products on the “glass” anniversary, porcelain on the “porcelain”, crystal on the “crystal” and so on. There are also platinum and diamond weddings. But unanimous opinion, theorists of the rules of good tone still have not reached: some of them consider the sixty-year anniversary as diamond, others as the sixty-year anniversary as platinum, and the seventy-five-year-old as diamond.

Today, a silver wedding is especially common - twenty-five years of marriage between spouses, a golden wedding - fifty years. However, one does not need to fall under the hypnosis of beautiful symbols: in a silver wedding it is not necessary to give only silver products, and in gold - gold.

So we come to one of the main questions what to give?

A gift is selected depending on who needs to be given - a friend, relative, acquaintance. It is easiest to give gifts to a loved one than to a stranger or someone you haven’t had to see for a long time. In such a situation, one can easily say what a person would like, what he most needs. Here you can allow yourself to easily present just a bouquet of flowers, a small soft toy or something from household utensils.

There is one comment regarding utensils. A birthday surprise like this would be a little out of place. After many hours of preparing the festive table, hardly anyone will want to return to this topic again. Such a gift will be appropriate only for housewarming.

Close relatives can be gifted as something from clothes, and various household items. In these cases, a very wide choice is allowed - that is, anything that does not violate the above general rules about gifts is suitable. The husband can even choose a gift for his wife along with her, the mother with her daughter.
The further the relationship, the less close you are to a person, the more difficult the choice of a gift. If you can bring tights, gloves, a hat or a frivolous handbag to a relative, then you cannot give this to a girl with whom you are just familiar.

A woman can give a close relative to a man a variety of smoking accessories, tobacco, wine, a tie, a scarf, a sweater, a ru-head. But distant relatives can not give toilet items.

All other gifts are divided into two categories: souvenir (books, wallet, wallet, a set of pens, key chain and other small items) and valuable ones - a vase, a service, a tablecloth with napkins, art and handicrafts, a coffee device.

For a gift, if it is preparing for the New Year, by the eighth of March, it is recommended to attach either an appropriate postcard, or a small figure of Santa Claus, a sprig of mimosa, etc.

Recently, it has become generally accepted to donate books. The book must be selected very carefully, knowing at least approximately what it is from the books that can please the person to whom you want to make a gift. And one more indispensable rule: never label books! Only the author has the right to write the book. Any other inscription spoils it. You can embed a colorful postcard in the book with the words of congratulations or a business card with several greeting phrases.

At the birth of a child, a young mother expects a bouquet of flowers and a letter from a newly-made father. Relatives and friends in these cases give a stroller, diapers and vests, dishes.

Jewelry you should buy with a wide choice: firstly, you can give them to your close and especially close friends, and secondly, you need to take into account the main thing: will they suit their future host (of course, we are talking about brooches, pendants, rings, watches, bracelets, not tabletop jewelry, dishes, silverware, bowls, etc.).

One important detail. There is a fairly common custom to tear off a label on a gift with a price: supposedly not in the price of de lo. It seems that in this custom there is a fair share of hypocrisy, characteristic of the etiquette of past times. Let us reasonably: after all, the hero of the occasion does not live on an uninhabited island and nevertheless roughly imagines the cost of this or that thing. And if desired, he can easily find out the exact price. So no need to play hide and seek - it really is not the price!
Ferguson's “Textbook for Gentlemen” in the chapter on gifts gives one practical advice: a person who wants to be polite must have a notebook in which all birthdays and other significant dates of not only close relatives, but also friends and acquaintances are marked . Thus, not one of the holidays and anniversaries will take this person by surprise.

Each gift is a mirror of the nature of the giver, even if when buying, they try not to show their character. And to present a gift is not a duty to the hero of the occasion, but above all a sign of attention and respect for him. Having no free time or having completely forgotten about the gift, in no case should you entrust the purchase of a gift to another person. Even a beautifully wrapped such a gift after leaving the giver loses all its attractiveness, being in the far corner.

It often happens that someone invited for some reason cannot attend the celebration: feeling unwell, business trip, etc. In this case, they ask close friends to convey an apology, congratulations and a gift. A gift card should be sent along with the gift to the culprit. In the event that a close person cannot attend the celebration and gives the gift through a third party, they are obliged to thank him by sending him a postcard or letter, and the person who gives the gift. The same person is addressed to all the words spoken about the presentation itself.

And the last tip:Never put off a gift for the last day. Do not bring a birthday bouquet, which is torn off on a flower bed near the house, or give perfect nonsense from the nearest store. You need to think about the gift in advance. Then its originality and relevance will be guaranteed.

Ahhh, I already have a lot of things to do, even these gifts! Maybe get rid of souvenirs?

Better not. Firstly, it is commonplace: before the last New Year, most Russians were going to 2017 Results: events, people, assessments, expectations from 2018 to give friends and relatives souvenirs and toys.

Secondly, souvenirs are probably the most useless gift you can think of. Their fate is sad: such things are usually redistributed or hidden away, so as not to catch the eye again.

Finally, let's be honest: the joys of magnets and figurines in the form of a symbol of the coming year are about zero. If you give, then a good and useful thing that will cause real emotions and will not gather dust on a shelf.

And how do you know who is dreaming about? If I ask, there will be no surprise.

That's right, you have to act subtler. Your friend probably has a VKontakte page - this is enough to pick up a cool gift.

And no, we don’t offer to follow the friend’s likes and reposts, trying to understand what he’s hinting at — all this will be done by Goody Bag. The service is based on a neural network that analyzes a profile and selects gift ideas for a person’s interests.

All you need to do is go to the Goody Bag website and enter the address of the person’s profile on the VKontakte social network. The neural network will examine its page and issue a list of ideas. The catalog of 100,000 gifts contains only original and useful gizmos, no ceramic pigs and mugs with snowflakes.

There are no complex filters and categories in the service interface like “gift to mom / grandfather / boss”. The creators of Goody Bag are convinced that the gift should be individual: each mother has her own hobbies, under which you can pick up something more interesting than a frying pan or a set of knives.

Among the ideas you come across really unexpected things: a flower-column pot, a digital pen that stores everything you write in your memory, or a hat with a built-in Bluetooth headset to answer calls without removing the phone from your pocket. You see them and understand: I would never have thought of such a thing in my life.

And if I already know what my friend is fond of?

Then it’s still easier. Under the avatar of the person to whom you are looking for a gift, there is a list of his interests according to the version of artificial intelligence. In the search settings, select the one that, in your opinion, occupies a friend the most, and see what Goody Bag offers.

For example, if a person is fond of creating videos, a quadrocopter and an action camera will come in handy, music lovers will enjoy headphones with bone-conduction sound, and a movie fan can not do without a projector for a smartphone with which you can watch movies anywhere, there would be a flat wall.

Artificial intelligence can identify up to 90 interests and select a gift list for everyone. You can choose one hobby or several at once to get a chic gift set.

Goody Bag works even with closed profiles. In this case, the service selects 10 popular gifts for every interest.

Ok, the gifts I have chosen. And then where to buy them?

Click on any gift - a card will open with its description and a link to the store. You can immediately go through it and place your order.

If you find something interesting and want to save the idea, click on the gift icon. The selected item will go to bag - a store of your favorite things.

So you can first find gifts for all friends, and then proceed to checkout. So that you do not confuse who you are going to give to, each product is equipped with a person’s avatar.

I don’t have money for expensive gifts. Is there anything suitable?

No problem. Set the price range - for example, no more than 500 rubles - and go. So you can choose good and inexpensive gifts for friends, if you will celebrate the New Year in a large company, or to colleagues, if you decide to play at work in Secret Santa.

Within 300 rubles, we found a USB-lamp with a flexible leg, a silicone tea strainer and a folding bottle - especially for those who remember that you need to drink water regularly. Little things, but much more pleasant and useful than a Christmas tree toy of dubious beauty or a dull desk calendar.

Gift to a friend: how to choose?

When choosing a gift for a friend, you should not try to buy all the most expensive. Remember that the value of a gift is a secondary moment. It all depends entirely on your capabilities and desires.

You need to remember that for a birthday, and even more so an anniversary celebration, you need to purchase more expensive gifts. For the New Year and February 23, as a rule, gifts are chosen purely symbolic and less expensive. Let's just say this is just a kind of tradition that we are trying to honor. Repeater toys can be bought for a friend of any age, this is a unique, cool and modern gift. But you should remember: if your friend occupies a high position in society and is a leader, then in this case, even on small holidays, gifts should not look cheap.

What to gift? An expensive or cheap gift ...

You should not choose the most expensive gifts just because you strive to “surpass” everyone else. As a rule, if you are not sincere, then the insincerity of your gift can be felt, and the person you give can be put in a very awkward position. The most winning gift option will be original gift to a friend,. A gift that is not made on the conveyor, but is an exclusive, author's product, a piece of art.

However, it should be noted that gifts should be approached rationally. As one character in a Hollywood movie said:

“The price of the“ question ”also lies in your relationship. To unfamiliar friends from the same company, you are unlikely to try to give something expensive and unique. But to the best friends who are with us in grief and joy, you will try to find a unique gift that will delight and amuse him from the heart. ”

What to give to a friend: gift options

Unusual gift to a friend will only be a joy. Of course, our studio, first of all, will offer you its work. But you have the right to choose, and using the request: an unusual gift for a friend, you will find many interesting recommendations that will help you choose something non-standard and truly chic. For example, unusual, author's circles, exclusive LED lamps, original lamps for reading books and much, much more. So, in the end, you will find a worthy gift and everyone will be happy and happy.

Например, необычный подарок для друга в виде бинарных часов – это лучшее решение, которое только может быть на текущий момент времени. Такие часы способствуют формированию уникального, современного имиджа. Кроме всего прочего, они весьма загадочны и интересны. Но в случае с часами нужно соблюсти одну русскую традицию. Часы дарить не принято и вам нужно будет получить от вашего друга небольшую плату за них. Как бы продать ему эти часы.

However, if you do not want to rack your brains for too long to get a gift, just buy fine wine or even whiskey. Such a gift will always be, by the way, and will always be useful to a man in the future. If your friend is a wealthy person, and you too, we would advise you to give him a collection of wine.

One of the many types of collecting antiques, rightfully classified as art illuminated for centuries, along with collecting antique vases and stamps, is the collection of rare antique wine brands. Therefore, your rich friend such a gift will come in handy.

Such a hobby is very aristocratic, it inspires the mood of the era when noble families had their own varietal brands of wines. As a rule, these were ancient wines, some of which were passed down from generation to generation and were delivered only to the most honored guests.

In the modern world, wine collection is not limited by status and social status. Every year the number of collectors increases, as more and more people join this occupation, collecting rare stamps in their cellars. Home-made wine cellars are arranged from several rows of racks converted into improvised bars, or large stepped racks are installed in the foundation.

The most important advantage of such a gift will be the amazing taste and quality of the wine, because they depend on the shelf life. The reason for this choice is simple - after several years, the market value of such wine will rise significantly. And your friend will value your gift even more.

Remember that going to a holiday with your friend, you should not try to do everything possible to attract the attention of everyone to your gift. Modesty, even stinginess in your words about the gift - its value is even more emphasized. No need to speak too long speeches - as they say: brevity is the sister of talent.

If you are in a very good, friendly relationship, then, in principle, you can give certain means of individual value - expensive perfumes or shaving accessories. Unless of course, you know what means your friend uses all the time. It will be nice and helpful.

You can also purchase a gift certificate, which will also be a great gift. It seems to be not money, but a unique opportunity to buy what a person has always dreamed about. A simple, applied, and in some cases a wonderful gift.

However, such a gift as “Table Chess” will bring a lot of joyful and positive minutes, and maybe even hours. The gift is very useful and interesting. No less fun gift option can be considered the game "Table Hockey", if you are short of money.

You can also give your friend a real pool table with balls and cue. Now, at certain moments in life, your friend will hone his clear blow. So, time will be spent well, and your friend will learn to play billiards. The angry birds board game is another unique gift idea for a friend. Such a game on the same day will be the highlight of the program.