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How to play paintball? How to win a beginner?


Posted by Guard on December 15, 2017. Posted by Blog

Paintball came to our country relatively recently, rapidly winning the hearts of new fans. The children's game of the “war game” has turned into a serious hobby of adults, giving way to the accumulated energy and emotions, allowing you to get a good portion of adrenaline, excitement. This game has gained great popularity in corporate events. It involves organized team actions, has its own tactics and strategy.
A good club can offer a set of its various scenarios for the development of militarized events. Two teams usually take part in hostilities, with any number of players - the more, the more interesting. The minimum composition of each begins with six people - this is already considered a full-fledged team.
How does the first day of a person who decides to play paintball begin? Arriving at the paint club, a beginner meets with an instructor, who before the game begins instructing the teams involved in the upcoming battle. If you arrived as a ready-made team, you have to choose a captain who solves all organizational issues and manages the battle. If you are alone, they will help you choose a team. Then you should definitely inspect the playground, evaluate the conditions, the location of the shelters.

An experienced instructor, briefly and most importantly, clearly explains the rules of the upcoming game to beginners and experienced players. This is a prerequisite for the safety of participants.

Basic rules of paintball:

The main thing that every newly arrived fighter must learn is the role of a judge. All commands and decisions of the judge are carried out quickly and implicitly. The judge decides who is struck by what to do with the neutral player, when to stop and resume the interrupted game. Helps to resolve all contentious issues.
The main rule of paint clubs around the world is: do not remove the mask on the field! This can not be done if it is splattered with paint or fogged up and nothing is visible if the game is temporarily stopped. A gelatin ball breaking on the face can be harmful to health.
It is forbidden to shoot out of bounds of the field, in an affected, neutral or blinded player, to make hard contact. For this, penalties and even withdrawal from the game are threatened.

A player is considered struck if the colorful spot on the mask, body parts are larger than a five-ruble coin, if he goes out of the field, he himself has been declared hit, or he is presented with an out.
Paintball not just great weekend entertainment, this is a sporting event in which each participant can test their physical fitness, agility, speed in movement and speed of reaction, accuracy in shooting. At the same time, she develops sociability, logic of thinking, ability to coordinate actions, and the ability to navigate the terrain.
As in any battle, a major role is played by the strategy and tactics of warfare, which should not be neglected and determined in advance. There are two basic tactics for conducting competitions - these are aggressive and defense, rarely used in their pure form, usually they dramatically move from one stage to another. Taking into account that paintball is a team game in which cohesion and coordination of actions are the key to victory, it is important to prioritize the distribution of the roles of the participants on the attackers and the defense. That allows you to occupy comfortable positions, cover and support each other.

Basic mistakes of beginners

Beginners, participating in such military-sports games for the first time, usually cannot join team actions, pinning their hopes on themselves. They do not ask for help themselves and do not support their comrades with fire. Rushing to extremes, some seek reliable shelter, wanting to hide from the enemy’s balls, while others “heroically” go on a frontal attack. At the same time, both of them risk leaving the battle at the very beginning, as they become a good target. Unable to coordinate their actions with the members of their team, on the first day they are often doomed to the role of the victim, because of inexperience they are substituted almost constantly.

Some tips for beginner players:

  • Never take off the mask on the battlefield if you are hot, the glass is foggy or splattered with paint, if the game is paused,
  • Before you start, try to study the scene to determine convenient places for shelters for yourself and your opponent,
  • Be sure to review and study the marker. Take at least a few shots to check your accuracy, trajectory and speed of the ball,
  • Do not sit for long in one place, becoming a target for shooting,
  • Often and randomly move from place to place, accompanied by shooting, so it seems that you are not alone, it is more difficult to aim at a running person,
  • Shoot often and a lot, since this is not a sniper rifle, you need to shoot 3-4 balls - it’s almost impossible to hit one,
  • Do not focus your eyes in one place, even if you see the enemy, look around and behind, use your side vision,
  • Listen to the captain’s commands, report information, ask for help. They’re not silent on the battlefield,
  • If in doubt that you were killed - call the judge,
  • At the end of the game, put the marker on the fuse, as it may not be authorized to fire.

If you take advantage of at least most of these tips, then perhaps on the first day you will even leave the battle “alive” and you will be able to get a good charge of positive energy. In addition, after the fighting, it is good to spend time in the club's recreation area on a picnic or sit with friends in a cafe.
The Guardia paintball club offers players 4 equipped paintball fields and two large bridgeheads for large-scale scenario projects. All associated ammunition. On our site you can find all the playgrounds and a variety of scenarios ready for implementation. You will find the necessary information about the rules of paintball and tips for beginners, the services offered, the possibilities of holding corporate events, parties, all kinds of celebrations.

Preparing for the game of paintball.

The first thing you need to do in advance to the person who decided to play paintball is to carefully study the rules of the game.

The second important point of preliminary preparation is the selection of the right clothes. In your choice, you need to be guided by the fact that on the player’s field all areas of the skin should be covered with clothing so that the paintball ball’s hits are not painful. Optimal if the clothes will be two-layer. It is important to consider that in most competitions only two layers of clothing are allowed, otherwise the ball will bounce off the target without opening.

Another fundamental requirement for clothes and shoes is that they should be comfortable, lightweight, not constraining, and not obstructing movement. Be sure to prepare a hat that can be put on under a mask that will absorb sweat, and the glass worn over the mask will not fog up, in addition, it will soften the force of the ball when hit in the head. It is worth believing how the mask is fixed on the head, will it fall at the wrong time during the game.

Where to start the game?

To start the game of pinball, click the Start button. The ball will appear in a special track on the right side of the playing field. After that, pull and release the plunger - trigger with spring located on the housing on the right. The plunger will push the ball onto the playing field - while the more you pull it, the faster and further the ball will fly.

What are flippers for?

To control the ball, flippers are provided, which are located in the lower part of the playing field, directly above the drain (the area of ​​loss of the ball). Usually there are two flippers, but there may be more - additional flippers are usually located at the top of the playing field.

  • The first task of flippers is to prevent the ball from rolling into the drain,
  • The second task is to hit the ball towards the playing field to the targets for which points are awarded.

Flippers are controlled by two buttons, which are located on the side panels of the case, about 3 cm from the glass - one button on each side. The left button controls all flippers of the left half of the playing field, and the right button controls all flippers of the right half of the field.

In order to change the trajectory of the ball, you can also slightly push or tilt the pinball body. However, if this is abused, the tilt (defense mechanism) is activated, and the game will be stopped.

Additional free game

After losing all the balls, you can get an additional free game: replay or match. Replay is given if the player scored a certain (sufficiently large) number of points, and a match - if the last two digits of the score coincide with a randomly selected number. Usually this number is from 00 to 90, a multiple of 10. The probability of getting a match is approximately 7%.

Extra ball, auto save and multiball

If the player managed to hit a specific target, then after losing the third ball, the pinball machine will give him an extra ball, or extra ball. Information about this is displayed on the back box screen and is sometimes voiced.

Some pinballs return the ball if it gets into the drain too quickly after being thrown onto the playing field. This is called auto save. The loss of the ball is not counted, and the ball saved message appears on the screen at that moment.

In standard mode, there is one ball on the playing field. But if a player hits a specific target or performs the desired combination of punches, a multi-ball is activated - the game mode, during which several balls are simultaneously on the playing field.

General principle, different rules

All pinball machines have a common principle of operation: there is a ball on the playing field that needs to hit the target, using flippers to control it. Accordingly, to play any pinball, the player requires the same skills.

However, each pinball machine has its own rules that determine which combination of strokes activates the multiball, what tasks need to be performed during the game, and so on. If you know these rules, you can score much more points. Sometimes the basic rules are listed on a leaflet attached in the lower left corner of the case. And of course, they can always be found on the Internet.

Top 10 mistakes when playing amateur paintball

  1. "The game of Rambo". Nothing succeeds alone. Paintball is a team sport.
  2. "Game crowd." Are you staging a zombie apocalypse or mass suicide? Create subgroups ("deuces", "triples") and act!
  3. Lack of strategy and tactics. We need an action plan in accordance with which the team works. At the same time, uniform tactics must be avoided.
  4. Empty gatherings "in ambush." A classic mistake for beginners when the first group goes on the attack, and the second, without protruding, waits for the enemy in cover. The first group without support quickly "dies", and the second group loses the initiative. Do you need this?
  5. Fear of sticking your head out to look around. According to statistics, the one who saw the enemy first wins. Look not only forward, but also around.
  6. Lack of communication. Be the eyes and ears of your team. Learn to use gestures and make short, clear messages. It is advisable to use walkie-talkies.
  7. Weak movement. Without movement, initiative is lost. Sitting on a position for a long time is permissible only when guarding a strategic object or fraudulent move. Running slowly - you die quickly.
  8. First rustle shooting. In amateur paintball, a lot of “deaths” occur from friendly fire (often the judges get under the hand). In this regard, it is also not worth going to the line of fire of the comrades, preventing them from shooting.
  9. Ignoring weapons checks. Forgetting to remove the plug from the barrel or to fill up the balls, you will become an easy victim.
  10. Sticking out the head twice in a row in the same position. Perhaps the first time this place was taken to the front sight. Also, falling to the ground in one place, it is worth crawling (rolling) and stand in another. Do not be lazy!

Some of the subtleties of playing the game below paintball for beginners seem obvious, but for some reason they are constantly forgotten about them.

  • Balls do not fly straight, because their flight is affected by gravity, air resistance and wind. Before the game, shoot to understand the capabilities of your weapon (marker).
  • In battle, shoot before aiming, adjusting subsequent fire on the first ball. In paintball, this is a common practice.
  • A ball is not a bullet; it flies slower and not far. Shoot the running enemy with a lead, a series of 3-4 balls.
  • Remember that most opponents are right-handed, so they need to be forced to occupy uncomfortable shelters (so that they are on their right). It is better to bypass the enemy on your left.
  • If you feel hit while running, do not stop. Perhaps the ball did not burst. When you run to the shelter, then check whether they are "killed" or not.
  • When you notice your opponent first, do not make sudden movements to the side. Peripheral vision perfectly captures the movement and you will be issued. Better calmly take a position and open fire.
  • When playing with an inexperienced opponent, use tricks: blank shots, screaming about the end of balls or air, etc.
  • When defending in a building, do not occupy positions near unprotected windows. It is much more efficient and safer to shoot from the depths of the building, hiding behind a wall or barricade and standing on a dais (a stool, a couple of blocks, etc.).

Paintball for beginners is fraught with many more discoveries. To succeed, you need to practice regularly. Be with us!