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Flowers, sequins, flare: what to wear at a disco party


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The fashion for "disco" has recently been widespread, both among young people and among middle-aged people. So what is this style like? How to organize a "great" party in the style of "Disco"? How to surprise guests?

In this direction of fantasy there must be no limit. The Disco style is brightness and a bit of sloppiness. And the main thing is dances to the insanity and a wonderful mood.

Party Invitations

Where does any party begin? Of course, with invitations. They should be decorated according to the theme of the party. The invitation card should “scream” about what event the person is invited to. There are many options: portray the popular pop stars of the time (Andriano Celentano, Gloria Gaynor, John Travolta, the Combination group, Alla Pugacheva), make invitations on colored paper, decorate them with a large yellow smile - the most popular symbol of the times of “disco”, use clippings from newspapers or magazines of that time, put invitations in envelopes and pour confetti there, do not forget to indicate in invitations that the party has a strict dress code - everyone should be dressed in the style of the party's orientation.

How to arrange a room?

What about the venue of the party? It needs to be issued. A mirror ball under the ceiling ... and, of course, color music - these are essential attributes of such a party. Paste on the walls posters, photographs and images of stars of that time, get vinyl records, an old cassette recorder with tapes that will be played at a party, reproduce on the walls, using a special player, the silent movie of the time - “Agent 007”, “Mimino” ”,“ Juno and Avos ”,“ Afonya ”,“ Star Wars ”,“ Cabaret ”, use any things and accessories reminiscent of disco times. Use bright, eye-catching colors, sparkles, tinsel, beads, confetti, rattling curtains from large beads at the entrance. The light in the room should be dim, half dark (you can use candles), soak the air in the spirit of "disco" - incense sticks and aroma lamps fit perfectly. Records on tapes should be appropriate - Victor Tsoi, Abba, Yuri Shatunov, Andriano Celentano, Alla Pugacheva, Toto Gutungo, Ottawan, Haddaway, Freestyle, Combination, Alena Apina, Andrey Derzhavin, Roman Zhukov and many hits of other artists of the late 70's early 80s-90s. In the case of a disco party, music is the main component of the holiday, its atmosphere, the "chip" of the party.

Particular attention should be paid to the clothes and appearance of the organizers of the disco and invited guests, everyone should look extravagant. So, we get dusty boxes from my mezzanine with mom's and dad's things, shoes and jewelry.

Girls invited to the disco can wear colored leggings, shapeless vest dresses, puffy skirts, wide-shouldered blouses, flared jeans, large mesh tights, sequined tunics, ultra-short jeans shorts, satin trousers, dresses with deep cuts, a bit of a bare body, sequins on the body, translucent T-shirts and tunics, leather trousers, hats, gloves with cut off fingers. You can put on shiny sandals with incredibly high heels, colored ballet shoes, moccasins with multi-colored lacing, ridiculous sneakers and other eye-catching shoes. It will be appropriate to hang out with a huge amount of cheap plastic jewelry: beads, brooches, pendant earrings, clips and bright bracelets - it should sparkle, shimmer and ring, paying attention to the guest. Carefully think over a make-up and a hairdress, they, as well as everything else, should be "flashy". Hair can be curled from the roots to the very ends or combed strongly, be sure to comb the bangs and stab it, and most importantly drench varnish liberally, preferably with colorful sparkles, you can use colored round wigs. Highlight your eyes. Apply more shades of pink, blue, light green, orange or purple, bring your eyes with bright black arrows, apply blush on your cheeks, apply bright pink, purple or red lipstick on your lips, add false eyelashes to all this. A lot of nacre in makeup, and it will look according to your outfit and party theme. And to top it off, perfumes with floral aromas can be used.

Outfits for young people, as well as for girls, can be very diverse. Jeans flared, banana pants, knitted tights with lurex, shiny and bright, acid colors, shirts made of synthetic fabrics, white leather trousers, colored turtlenecks will look most effective on young people, but the most “bomb” among the outfits will be a white suit in combined with a black turtleneck. You can put on varnish shoes, sneakers with colored laces or moccasins. Just like girls, use accessories: cheap watches, star glasses, butterflies, funny ties, belts, bracelets and more. You can make a hairstyle smoothly smoothing your hair and styling it with hair gel, or tousling your hair to make a “hedgehog” and fix it with hairspray. Like girls, it is permissible to use multi-colored wigs.

You can also invite guests to change into popular pop stars of the time and, thereby, arrange a double competition, which is inherently very exciting.

Disco Party Scenario

A party. At the entrance to the room where the party will be held, it is appropriate to arrange lotteries for guests in which they can earn coupons for alcoholic drinks, disco dollars, win prizes and souvenirs by completing fascinating and uncomplicated tasks. In places for smoking, put paper bags with seeds, dominoes, playing cards, cheap cigarettes, which were common during the time of “disco”. Choose a DJ who will play disco hits and fulfill the musical wishes of the guests.

And, of course, can not do without an entertainment program and snacks. A variety of contests are best suited for entertaining guests, for example, a contest for the best disco hit artist, a contest for the best solo or pair dancers in the disco style, the main thing is to accompany all contests with the right music (singles from old films are suitable), knowledge quizzes of the disco era, the Guess the Melody contest, the Cheerful Cord contest (2 chairs are set opposite each other at a distance of 4 steps with their backs to each other, a rope is placed under the chairs, 2 players stand near the chairs and change places and try to pull the rope out from under the chairs first), “The most sensitive” (any objects are put on the chair, the participant sits down and tries to guess what objects they are and in what quantity), knockout contest, “Fanta”, “Ring”, competition for best outfit and other contests. For participating in contests, winners can receive souvenirs: a small calendar, a notebook, a pen, jewelry, etc.

How to organize a disco-style party table? It is worth remembering that a disco is not a feast, but an event that is moving and active, so do not overload the table with superfluous, it should be a buffet table. Arrange stacks of plates on the table, and place cutlery near them. So what should be from the edible on the table? The answer is simple: on the table there should be cold cuts, canapes, chips, sandwiches, croutons, possibly light salads, but be sure to put squash caviar on the table, because at that time it was the most popular snack and not a single event was complete without it. The main course of the party should be cheese fondue (slices of bread dipped in soft melted cheese). From drinks during the “disco” period, preference was given to Coca-Cola and cocktails, which included (for example, 100 grams of port + 100 grams of Coca-Cola + 1 teaspoon of instant coffee, insert into a tube and mix everything immediately before most use).

Here, in fact, the main secrets of disco-style parties. Show maximum imagination, do not be too lazy to get things of the “disco” era and your party will succeed. Good luck in organizing and have fun from the heart!

Disco This was true half a century ago!

That's right, the heyday of the disco era fell on the 70–80s. But, firstly, the dance variety of funk and soul (this is how the musical direction can be characterized in general terms) has not lost popularity over time, and many of its elements flowed smoothly into modern pop music.

Secondly, the musical fashion in the broad sense of the word is as cyclical as the podium trends are looped. Interest in one genre or another is revived every few years - this has already happened with trap, happy hardcore, ska and others. Autumn collections of many brands - an outright tribute to the late 70s with sparkling materials, sequins, an abundance of animal print, power-dressing elements like sharp shoulders and narrow-toed shoes.

Thirdly, nostalgia multiplied by contagious rhythms (not without reason is one of the versions of the name “disco” from the French discoteque) that makes this direction the most suitable for merry dances surrounded by disco pains.

Who to look at?

It's time to revise Saturday Night Fever, recall the scenic outfits of Gloria Gaynor and Donna Summer, or look at the latest collections of fashion houses. Gypsy Sport tells you how to mix rave and 70s. Baja East is taught to mix loose silhouettes with animal print. Libertine has a floral total bow ready, and Zimmermann knows everything about shine and draping.

To believe that all this can exist quite comfortably in 2018 will help the British artist and photographer Nadia Lee Cohen, on whose Instagram the 70s exist today.

Persuaded! What to wear?

All the best at once. In a disco it is not forbidden to combine an animalistic pattern with velvet flares and sequins. Massive earrings, large bracelets and sharp nails are full style-forming elements of your image. Along with narrow fringed dresses, colorful jackets and floral prints.

Adherents of minimalism will find an outlet in snow-white suits with palazzo trousers, denim of all conceivable shades and, again, a floral pattern.

How to dress for a disco party

Disco fashion had its own style. Everyday clothing of the 70s was absolutely not suitable for visiting festive evenings at discotheques. Instead, both men and women combined tasteless fabrics with a rather bold style. If you are going to a disco party, then you should pay attention to outfits that reflect light well.

Method 1 For Women

Disco-style fashion for women included both open clothes and long dresses that covered almost the entire body. Choose the style that is most comfortable for you.

  1. 1 Choose a good fabric. Disco-style clothing was usually sewn from elastic, shiny material that easily reflected the bright lights in the club. Look for materials like spandex, lycra, velor and synthetic polyester. Also, do not forget about items of clothing that are richly decorated with shiny sequins or gold fringe.
  2. 2 Try on short skirts or dresses. Skirts that extend to the middle of the lower leg were also popular in the 70s. Look for a slightly high waist skirt. The skirt may have pleats, but this is not necessary. If you decide to go in a short dress, then choose a flared.
  3. 3 Pay attention to overalls that were worn in the 70s. It was usually a one-piece jumpsuit made from spandex. As a rule, the jumpsuit was tight from the hip to the knee and flared from the knee. He could have flared sleeves starting from the elbow, and his jumpsuit might have no sleeves at all. Many overalls had a short top or V-neck.
  4. 4 Put on your shorts. Shorts in the 70s were very short. They covered the back, but barely covered their legs. Shorts fit tightly on women's legs and were not flared.
  5. 5 Find flared pants. Not every woman emphasized her legs in this way when she went to a disco, but many liked these trousers very much. You should look for flared pants made of shiny, tenacious material. However, avoid flared jeans, as such clothes were considered too casual for going to the club.
  6. 6 Put on a shiny, tight-fitting top. Bandages and bandanas were popular attributes. In order to make the outfit less open, put on top of the top jacket with flared sleeves from the elbow. Find a top decorated with sequins, leopard prints or any other vibrant print.
  7. 7 Wear shoes on the platform. The platform should be high. However, too high a platform can be dangerous for women who are not used to wearing such shoes. Bright or silver colors will do. Also choose models with a closed toe, as it was such shoes that were worn at that time.
  8. 8 Hair should be long and straight. Use a hair straightener, and also temporarily grow your hair if it is short.
  9. 9 Give your hair volume. While straight hair was in fashion, large curls were popular. If your hair holds curls well, then do yourself a hairstyle in the style of Farah Fawcett.
  10. 10 Make up to accentuate your eyes.
    • Use a dark eyeliner to brush your eyelids. Use colors such as black, brown, purple, gray or blue. Do not use light colors.
    • Apply liquid eyeshadow. Choose dark colors that accentuate your eyes.
  11. 11 Complete the look with colorful decorations. Bracelets made from beads, necklaces or pendants on chains that will shine are perfect.

Method 2 For Men

There are far less options for disco-style outfits for men than for women. However, you still have the opportunity to collect the necessary attributes for the costume.

  1. 1 Pay attention to the materials. Shiny and tight-fitting materials were worn not only by women. Men also wore clothes made of spandex, lycra and synthetic polyester to emphasize their body. Satin, sparkles and other reflective materials were especially important for light reflection.
  2. 2 Wear button-down shirts with an open neckline and long sleeves. Choose one shirt in bright color and the other made of shiny material. Leave the top few buttons open to expose your chest a little. You can also raise the collar, but this is optional.
  3. 3 Find flared pants. Suitable pants, flared from the knee. Instead of denim, choose satin or polyester.
  4. 4 Throw on a jacket. If possible, take a jacket from a three-piece suit, which also includes a vest and trousers. You can choose a jacket with reflective elements, the fabric and color of which should match your trousers. Sleeves should be straight, with buttons fastened.
  5. 5 Pick up a pair of shoes on the platform. Try to keep it relatively low. Although the men of the 70s wore a fairly high platform, modern guys will have a hard time getting used to this height. Choose low-soled shoes to avoid accidents and leg pain.
  6. 6 Give your hair a little volume. Use hair gel or any other tool that helps you make your hair more fluffy. If you have thick hair that has the right texture, then you can make an Afro style hairstyle.
  7. 7 Put on the shiny medallion on the chain. Men didn't have to wear a lot of jewelry, but sometimes they did. Put on the medallion on a long chain. Choose a shiny pendant that will lie on your bare chest.