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Samplers of perfumes and perfumes


Want to get cosmetics and perfumes for free, but don’t know how to do it? Nothing is impossible! Many stores are happy to send customers samples of their products. Today, will tell you how to find free probes and testers on the Internet.

1. Online Stores

We know of several online stores that add free samplers to orders. Moreover, some sites put a gift to absolutely every order. Here is the current list of stores where you can get free samplers.

Free probes are sent to every order when they are available.Receive
3 free probes can be chosen for each orderReceive
Samples are provided by promotional code. Get the code here:Receive
Free samplers (3 pcs.) Can be received as a gift when ordering from 4000 rubles.Receive
Sometimes samplers can be obtained literally for a penny from a special page of the action. Select samplers with discounts here:Choose
For each order, you can choose three free samples.Choose
The larger the order, the more gifts. When buying up to 1000 rubles. one gift is given, from 1000 to 3000 rubles. - 2 gifts, and from 3000 rubles. - 3 gifts!Receive
For each order, the online store puts a gift in the form of a test tube or atomizer.Receive
The store sometimes sends probes only to registered users.Receive
Samples and other gifts are issued by the promotional code. Codes can be taken from here:Receive

2. VKontakte communities

In the most popular social network among Russian-speaking users, you can find absolutely everything. It is not surprising that there are pages and groups in which lovers and lovers of cosmetics share information about free probes.

One of these pages is Probnik. Participants receive information about a variety of promotions that take place in online stores, and also share useful information with each other about where to get probes or coupons. Another plus of the page is the opportunity to discuss in detail how to fill out questionnaires in order to receive a sampler or, for example, how to receive samplers from abroad. The group consists of almost 80 thousand people, so your questions will not go unanswered! The page is designed primarily for visitors from Russia.


More followers - 111,000! - the Cosmobrand page linked to the site of the same name.

Unlike “Probnik”, which mainly talks about the actions of Russian stores, Cosmobrand is more universal. It collects information about free probes from around the world. Each offer explains in detail how to fill out the questionnaire in order to receive a long-awaited small gift in the mail. Cosmobrand will also appeal to lovers of contests: you can win a subscription to a box of L’Box cosmetics by subscribing to the public and posting the Cosmobrand welcome post on your VKontakte wall. The Cosmobrand page has discussion forums where users share secret finds, discount coupons and useful information about various online stores with each other.

"Freebie on the Internet"

On the page "Freebie on the Internet»You will also find ads for sample gifts that are sent directly to your home. Here, as in other public places, information is posted not only about perfumes, leaving and decorative cosmetics, but also about other goods: from books and guidebooks to ... cat food. The page, to which more than 63 thousand people have already signed up, is designed primarily for residents of Ukraine, but people from other countries can also order probes.

Concerning Facebook, then there is no such abundance of groups and pages about free probes. Or were we looking badly? If you know interesting Facebook groups that talk about free testers and probes, be sure to write to us!

3. Sites of favorite stores

You do not buy anyhow what kind of cosmetics, but only the one that is offered in your favorite stores? In order not to bore yourself with reading offers that are completely uninteresting to you, it is better to resort to another method: find stocks directly of those stores that interest you. Many popular retail chains, such as the world famous Sephorasend gifts to customers: sometimes it can be testers or probes, and sometimes something more significant, for example, handbags or accessories. Of course, every day checking the sites of several stores at once is tiring, so it is best to subscribe to the pages of interesting companies on VKontakte or on Facebook. Information about discounts and bonuses for customers is most often published there.

If you don’t use Facebook, or you use it, but news about gift promotions is lost in the general stream of discussions of politics, nature and cats, you better learn about the special offers of the best stores on promotional code aggregators. contains information on promotions and bonuses of all the main online stores of cosmetics and perfumes. There are, of course, coupons here, thanks to which you can receive a gift from your favorite company. The site describes in detail exactly how to use the bonus, so you don’t have to rack your brains over deciphering incomprehensible letters and numbers.

4. Gift Sites

In the era of social networks, we begin to forget about the existence of good old sites. Of course, most Internet portals now have a Facebook page, VKontakte or Instagram, but there are sites that prefer to communicate with users without the help of social networks. And there are a lot of them!

For example, among users from the CIS countries, the forum is quite popular Hanyndra.

Look for samples and testers in the section "Distribution of free gifts", now, however, the forum is a bit empty, but we hope that this is not for long. Please note: to see all the offers, you need to register on the forum. Guests do not see the most interesting.

Oh, this is the sweet word "freebie" ... Many do not like it, but do you know at least one person who does not like this phenomenon? The creators of the site "Freebie by mail" probably unraveled the secret desires of many ordinary people and opened a forum where everyone can exchange information about free probes, test products and much more.

There are several main sections on the forum: “Clothing”, “Oh, I will give” (the forums are organized by the forum users themselves), “Samples and probes”, and “Disks”. Like on many other sites, you need to create an account on "Freebie": otherwise you risk missing the hottest offers.

Moreover, the blog does not need to be maintained on a separate site: it’s enough to be an active user and have more than 300 followers on Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram or another social network. Those who meet this requirement, are ready to write reviews of received goods and can place a portal banner on the main page of their blog, will be able to receive new samples as a gift!

Finally, you can find out about free samples and probes on a simple and stylish site. IloveFreebies.

Like other portals, advertisements about testers and probes are published here, which can be obtained by mail. The main plus of the site is its convenient design and catalog, with which it becomes much easier to find the right gift. For example, if you want to order perfumes or cosmetics, just click on the section “Beauty and Health” - now you can enjoy the abundance of offers! By the way, the aggregator collects shares not only from Runet, but also from foreign sites, so the choice of freebies is truly great.

We tried very hard to make our review as useful and comprehensive as possible. Did it work out? It's not for us to judge. There is such a gigantic number of sites on the Internet that it is completely impossible to grasp everything. Therefore, dear readers, we ask you: if you suddenly know other ways to get perfume samples or samples of good cosmetics for free, share your secret knowledge in the comments! And in order not to miss the news about promotions and sales in the best online stores, subscribe to our page on Facebook or VKontakte.

Free Concrete perfume from the manufacturer with mail delivery

Free Concrete perfume sampler from the manufacturer. To receive a free sampler, you must fill out the order form, indicate the country, your address [...]


A real find for beauty freeloaders. This convenient service collects sites with free samples of goods of various categories. Here you will find not only samplers, but also whole sets of cosmetics. Register on the site and receive cosmetics and perfumes by mail. Now, for example, you can get deodorant from La Roche-Posay and a set of samples of tonal products and other best-selling Lancôme.


Cosmobrand is a universal site, they collect information about free probes from around the world. Each offer explains in detail how to fill out the questionnaire in order to receive a long-awaited small gift in the mail. You can win a subscription to a L’Box cosmetics box by checking in in public and posting a Cosmobrand welcome post on your VKontakte wall.


This site will definitely please with its offers. Of the latter - Vichy shampoos, Paco Rabanne fragrance, Kiehl’s brand samples, Comme des Garcons sampler. Agree, cool! In order not to miss the most interesting offers, subscribe to the VKontakte group, where you can track current offers with discounts and promotions in the stores Yves Rosher, Letual, Rive Gaucher, and IL DE BOTE.


Proberry has a points system - the more there are, the more samples of full-size cosmetics you can get! Guerlan, Clarins, Biotherm, Clinique, Embryolisse, Payot - the list goes on and on. By the way, earning points is not so difficult. Only by registering and filling out the questionnaire you already get 20 points (and Clarins body oil with the effect of radiance, for example, will cost you only 2 points).


If you like Korean cosmetics and gifts, then be sure to check out Here, when making purchases from 1000 rubles, you will already receive the first bonuses. The larger the order amount, the more gifts (however, there is a limit - a maximum of six). By the way, free samples are automatically added to the basket, and you just have to choose the one that you like.