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How to make a castle and a palace - master class and photo


Building a castle out of a cardboard box with your own hands is a super task for resourceful parents with a sense of humor. It does not matter whether you have a princess or a brave knight, a castle in the nursery - this will make the child’s summer unforgettable, full of adventure in a world that can be constructed from improvised means.

In our article we will consider the best locks made of cardboard boxes and methods for their manufacture and decoration.

Royal castle for every day

There are at least two ways to make a lock out of a large cardboard box. The first way is to cut openings for windows and a drawbridge in a box, stick turrets with a serrated edge, and paint it under a stone using paint.

The second method is more complicated and requires a creative approach. So, you will need large boxes that need to be cut on one side and deployed in length - you get a larger canvas, from which you can cut the outlines of the castle walls, towers, windows and doors.

You can use several such blanks and glue a huge lock - in the growth of a child. In order to keep it upright, you need to come up with supports - these can be wooden bases, the same cardboard, only reinforced in several layers, etc.

Children love to build all sorts of cozy hide-and-seeks from improvised means - tents from chairs and blankets, wigwams, tents, pillow locks. They live plush toys and dolls, fabulous fantasies and games. In the end, for children it is an element of diversity in routine, so necessary and so useful for the development of imagination, creativity, creative freedom.

In order to save space in the nursery, you can highlight one corner in the room for the construction of the castle - in this case, a two-dimensional castle made of cut boxes is useful - in fact it will be just a facade, and the main playing space will be located in the corner of the room.

In addition to the castle, you can make knightly outfit for kids and outfits of princesses from improvised means - cardboard, foil, pieces of fabric, etc.

Festive castle

A castle made of cardboard boxes may well become an unusual decor for a children's holiday - it can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

The festive version of the castle can be decorated in many ways - to paste over with colored paper or cloth, paint, glitter, tie balls to the turrets, hang curtains from inexpensive tulle on the windows, etc.

Inside the castle you can hide gifts for children and come up with some kind of quest, so that it would be more interesting for them to look for them. As an option for such a quest - a knightly tournament, rescuing a princess, a battle with a plush dragon - in a word, everything that is enough for your imagination!

And what is inside it?

The interior of a cardboard castle is the most interesting and the most difficult to implement. The easiest way is to lay a soft blanket inside and put pillows so that the child can play while sitting. If the castle is a passage and the play area is located behind it - you can equip it as you like - you can settle there fabulous residents, equip a place for quiet games in the designer, reading, drawing and other creative activities.

Is it worth decorating the inner walls of the castle in any special way? “Probably not worth it.” You can equip the baby with felt-tip pens, paints, markers and pencils and entrust this “difficult and responsible” task to him. Perhaps the kid wants to decorate his castle with some pictures, applique.

To make a castle out of a cardboard box with your own hands, you don’t need to have any special resources and expensive tools - this is quite a budget and fun creative entertainment that a child will surely like.

How to make a cardboard lock?

  • corrugated cardboard or a large box, for example, from under the refrigerator,
  • scissors,
  • stationery knife,
  • Scotch,
  • glue,
  • paints.

You can make a castle out of cardboard, so that there are only walls. Take two sheets of this material and use a stencil or by hand to apply here elements such as a Christmas tree, clouds, snowflakes. It will be seen that this is the outer wall, and it is snowing.

Then you will need to make slots for windows and doors. To do this, use a clerical knife. Decorate the top of the wall with scissors. There can be various towers and brickwork. Now make a cut in the middle from the bottom to the center on one cardboard rectangle, and from the top to the middle on another. Connect these two elements crosswise. You will get four open walls. If there are several children, then they can even play hide and seek here. The presented templates will help you craft this product.

Here's how to make a cardboard castle using just two large sheets. And if you need to make such a structure for dolls, a small box will do. Draw square windows on it, and cut it on top so that it turns out a loophole. Cut a ladder from the roof of the cardboard box. To let the toy characters go inside, make a drop-down door. To do this, cut it only from above and from the sides, and then you will lift it with the help of two threads glued here.

If you wish, then you can paint these walls with the children outside to make them look like masonry. Knight emblems can be cut to also attach them. It will be interesting for the child to play with such a castle.

If you wish, you can stick an adhesive tape with a pattern of bricks here.

If you connect the coats of arms on a thread, then you can hang them on the top of the structure. Print the presented heraldry elements, then cut them out and use them.

You can make a castle consisting of 2 boxes. At the square, cut the top, place the cut, make windows. Take the second box, which is narrower, put it in the first, also pre-designed.

You can take a white packing box. Inside it is brown. When you will form the elements of this structure, you will get a beautiful two-tone color.

The castle with towers will look beautiful. To do this, take cardboard sheets, cut them into rectangles from above. Roll from other sheets of tube to make the base of the tower. From other residues of this material, you need to make cones. Turn them over and fasten on rolled-up items.

Draw brickwork on the yellow paper, cut and glue it in some places. Here's how to make a cardboard lock.

You can craft small using junk material.

How to make a lock from bushes for toilet paper?

  • toilet paper sleeves,
  • red paper
  • scissors,
  • pencil,
  • sleeve for wide tape,
  • white paper
  • silver cardboard
  • white cardboard
  • felt-tip pens
  • little toys kinder surprises,
  • glue stick,
  • scissors.

To make a cardboard lock, first prepare the necessary ones. It is necessary to cut out three circles from red paper, cut a napkin into squares with sides of 2 cm. Make the same blanks from white paper.

To make the roofs for the tower, fold the red circles in half and again in half, cut on one side. Now bring this edge to the adjacent one and glue it.

Here's how to make a paper lock next.

Take the sleeve, put next to it a toy from Kinder surprise and see how high the entrance should be. Also determine its width. Draw this door with a pencil and cut it out.

Take sheets of cardboard, bend their tops a quarter and draw stripes here to put a toy here and determine the dimensions of the entrance.

Draw them and cut them out. With a black felt-tip pen, draw wavy lines on the red roofs to make it look like tiles.

Now glue two squares onto the opposite upper parts of the sleeve. Use them to stick the tower here. Also do the rest of the workpieces.

Take the squares cut from the sponge cloth and glue them so that they turn into the windows of the towers.

Draw crosses here with a felt-tip pen, which will help to understand that these are windows. Also use this tool to apply a characteristic pattern to the door.

On each bushing with a clerical knife, make cuts from bottom to middle. Now insert the prepared walls into them.

Now the child will play with pleasure, will come up with entertainment for himself, combining the past and the present. If he wants to make a gate for the car, then let him take two bushings and cut them from one side downwards. You also need to use a silver cardboard rectangle. It must be folded in half and cut out the top so that it becomes rounded.

And here's how to make the castle out of cardboard. Insert this silver gate into the slots of the bushings. They will be lifting, because the child will be able to lift this silver element, so that the car drove inside.

Entertainment for little children is done in just an hour. You will be convinced of it now.

How to make a palace with your own hands - master class and photo

Since childhood, girls have been dreaming of being princesses, and they will certainly like such a beautiful house.

To make it, you will need:

  • large cardboard box
  • scissors,
  • stationery knife,
  • adhesive tape.

You can use just such a box by making a side slot for entry, and on the other - a window. To make the window open, cut it on only three sides.

Now you need to glue the self-adhesive film. If you do not have a self-adhesive film, then use washable or ordinary wallpaper with a brick pattern, decorated with flowers.

Glue a film or wallpaper, place stripes of paper on the window and entrance.

Here's how to make the palace so that it is even more chic, you can cut out a crown from cardboard, glue it and attach it to the top as a roof and decoration.

The palace is also useful when you want to arrange a birthday for your daughter. Invited girlfriends will be delighted. To do this, you need to take a cardboard box, disassemble it and cut it so that the walls of this structure turn out. Glue flags, masonry on top. Glue pink paper over the palace, attach here various other elements that emphasize the beauty of this building.

And you can decorate windows in such a way as to draw the characters of your favorite books and cartoons of children in them.

How to make a plasticine lock with your own hands?

  • two plastic bottles and the top of thirds,
  • plasticine,
  • a knife
  • a cover from a plastic jar,
  • auxiliary tools.

First you need to fashion a lot of bricks from plasticine. For this, it is most convenient to take the bars already in the set and cut them with a plastic knife. Now put the bottle on the base and start pasting it with the created elements.

You also need to cut the top of this container, decorate it with circles of plasticine, so that they turn into tiles. Make the second tower in the same way, but without a roof. Make a small balcony out of plasticine and place a princess figure from the same material on top. Remember to make windows. Put the roof on top of the first bottle. Connect these two buildings with a plasticine fence.

Snegurochka Palace - master class and photo

You can make a lace pattern with your child for the New Year.

  • red cardboard sheet,
  • lace of various widths,
  • scissors,
  • sequins
  • glue.

The first lace tape should be cut so that it is glued to the bottom of the cardboard sheet, horizontally positioned. Then you need to get two pieces that are attached here vertically. At the top, with a small gap, glue two rectangles, but smaller.

Then you need to connect the two pillars with a lace ribbon, the edges of which are bent and ironed at an angle. You will glue a smaller strip of sewing on top of two small rectangles.

Cut a strip of 12 cm long from the lace ribbon, glue it on top of this palace. It remains to attach sequins in the form of snowflakes to decorate the work.

Snow Maiden can live in another castle. Or the child will settle the princess here. Such a structure is also created using lace. Here is what you need to make the palace:

  • whatman, one or two,
  • scissors,
  • glue,
  • lace
  • cotton wool
  • the cloth,
  • pen or felt-tip pen.

Master class on manufacturing:

  1. Put the paper in front of you, make slots on top to make it visible, this is masonry. Now draw with a pencil semicircular at the top of the window. Glue the fabric here. But you can make stained glass windows, for this child paint them. Now from the strips of white paper you need to roll up several rolls and frame them with windows at the bottom and side.
  2. Show your daughter or son how to twist pieces of cotton wool between your palms so that they turn into uneven snowballs. They need to be glued on top of the windows, you can decorate and below.
  3. From the second Whatman paper cut out two rectangles, roll each one up and glue the sidewalls. Also from this material cut a circle, cut its sector, Get the opposite edges one on top of another and glue it. Get the roof of the tower. Decorate this roof with lace. Also, with the help of round lace or sewing, make a watch, put numbers on them and draw arrows.

Here's how to make a paper castle in which the Snow Maiden, the Princess can live, or it will become the habitat of Cinderella.

And if you want to make an edible gift, then lay it out in the form of a princess castle. This can be presented to a girl or woman for any holiday.

How to make a castle out of sweets?

To construct one, take:

  • 5 packs of Disney Prinses sweets,
  • 17 Nut candies,
  • 3 chocolate coins,
  • 2 Dolci chocolates,
  • 3 sheets of cardboard in A4 format,
  • a strip of insulation with a thickness of 2 cm, size 60 by 30 cm,
  • green sisal
  • copper thread
  • green film
  • purple foil
  • fine pink mesh
  • green grid
  • green film
  • skewers
  • Toothpicks
  • beads.

From the Disney sweets, make the following items. Some sweets need to be tied with ponytails of 4, and others of 5 pieces, so that as a result they form a ring. Use a copper thread.

Then glue the tips with a glue gun, turn them out.

Now take the cardboard and cut out 2 blanks for a small tower of 13.5 by 14 cm in size, and for a large 17.5 by 20 cm, one piece. Twist them into tubes, fix by taking a stapler.

Now on these blanks you need to put on the created candy circles - 6 pieces with a diameter of 4 cm and 3 pieces with a diameter of 5 cm.

From the insulation, you need to cut circles and paste them into cardboard towers on one and the other side.

Take a grid, cardboard, foil and cut a quarter circle with a radius of 10 cm, two parts. You will also need one part a quarter circle with a radius of 12 cm. Twist the cones from the cardboard, fix them with a stapler. Attach the foil and mesh on top. Trim a bit of the top of these shapes.

Cut squares with 12 cm side of foil. It will take 13 pieces. They will need to wrap the Nut candies, and then fix them on the skewers.

Decorate the roofs of the turrets with these sweets. Cut a 35 x 23 cm rectangle from the insulation to make the base on which you will put the castle buildings. On one side, cover it with a green film, on the other, attach a sisal of the same color.

Cut the squares of the green film with sides of 7.5 cm. It will take 16 pieces. Make 11 pounds on the halves of the toothpicks. And 5 pounds must be done on pre-decorated sweets. From the green grid, cut squares with sides of 7.5 cm. You will also need 12 pieces. Of them also make lumps.

From the packages of Disney Prinses sweets, cut the portraits of the princesses so that the shape resembles windows. Attach these blanks to the foil and cardboard and cut the same parts, but a little larger. Glue the windows, glue them on the tower. Decorate the surrounding area with sweets in sparkling pieces of paper decorated with green wrappers.

To also decorate the space with a tree, cut a square with a side of 18 cm from the film and wrap it with a kinder surprise. Attach the blank to a large skewer, decorate with beads. Take the three “Nut” sweets and tie their ponytails. Lock on toothpicks. On one side of the castle, fix it with a tree, near which attach the nut “Nut”. We decorate here with light green and green pounds, between which you glue the chocolate coins. And before the lock, attach the beads.

Here's how to make a castle out of cardboard, paper, make a palace out of plasticine, lace, or make edible. Observe how others make the castle out of cardboard. Perhaps you also want to create such a medieval building.

And how to make a castle out of paper will clarify the second plot.

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Do-it-yourself cardboard lock: tips from the masters

Beautiful castles with carved turrets are made according to patterns that can be found on the Internet or made independently by drawing drawings first. For work you will need large cardboard boxes or sheet cardboard.

Work sequence:

  1. With a simple pencil, draw the contours of the future castle on cardboard.
  2. With the help of a sharp clerical knife, silhouettes of walls, towers, arched openings are cut out.
  3. The structural elements are glued with tape or glue.
  4. Walls are painted or pasted over with colored paper.

Это простейшая схема изготовления картонного замка, которую можно использоваться как алгоритм и для других строений.

Круглые башенки замка проще всего сделать из втулок от бумажных полотенец, пищевой фольги, клеенки.

Как сделать замок из картона своими руками: пошаговый мастер-класс

If you thoroughly begin to make the castle out of cardboard, you should first present it in detail and draw a picture. And then based on it to create a detailed drawing. After this, a long and painstaking work on the construction and decoration of the castle remains.

Tools and materials:

  • Stationery knife,
  • Scissors,
  • Thick cardboard or boxes,
  • Compass,
  • Paints,
  • Glue,
  • Scotch,
  • Ruler and pencil,
  • Colored paper.

You can also prepare various auxiliary materials for decorating the castle: sequins, feathers, beads, flags, chains, artificial flowers and others. If among the elements of the castle there are complex carvings, then a stencil is made for them.

Instructions step by step:

  1. First, a drawing on graph paper is built.
  2. Templates are made separately for all large and small parts of the castle. If the details are repeated, then only one is produced. It must be remembered that in the details it is necessary to leave room for a seam on which glue will be applied.
  3. Templates are applied to cardboard and circled, and then cut out. It is advisable to number all parts of the castle so as not to confuse them when gluing.
  4. The base of the castle is glued from large parts.
  5. Small details are glued (balconies, stairs, terraces, turrets).
  6. Then you can fix the lock on a dense base (cardboard, polystyrene).
  7. The castle is painted and decorated with decorative elements.

To make a picture on the walls in the form of bricks, you need to paint the entire castle with gray or light brown paint. Then a rectangular template is cut from a piece of foam sponge. It is dipped in dark brown paint and an imitation of brickwork is left on the walls.

Do-it-yourself beautiful paper castle: patterns and instructions

Out of ordinary paper, you can build unusually beautiful castles that will serve not as a toy, but rather as a decoration. And if you make inside them backlighting from LEDs of different colors, then they can become excellent nightlights. But adults are engaged in such serious crafts, and children can be offered ready-made templates that can be downloaded from the Internet and printed on a color printer. They are also sold in bookstores or art stores.

What will be needed to make crafts:

  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or PVA glue with a brush.

It is necessary to carefully cut the contours of the castle and all its individual parts. Then bend them along the fold lines and glue them. The last step will be the gluing of individual parts, for example, turrets to the walls of the castle.

To make the construction more durable, it is necessary to stick paper parts on cardboard.

Schemes for beginners: how to make a cardboard lock with your own hands

The first crafts are best made according to simple schemes, carefully studying the master classes or watching video tutorials. Having gained a lot of knowledge from there, you can begin to work. Masters advise first to try to make not a three-dimensional structure, but a cardboard lock of two walls, perpendicularly fastened together. The child will also enjoy making this simple model.

To work you need:

  • Two sheets of cardboard (white or color),
  • Colored pencils or paints,
  • Scissors,
  • A simple pencil.

On the sheets of cardboard are drawn arbitrary walls of the castle and are cut along the contour. In the middle of each sheet there should be a groove into which another sheet will be inserted. Further, the walls are painted on both sides and fastened together. They can also be pasted over with colored paper, making interesting applications.

Doors and windows should be large enough so that the child during the game could stick toys or hands in them, otherwise he would simply tear openings.

After the simplest model of the castle has been successfully made, it will be possible to proceed to more complex structures. A child must also be involved in the manufacture of crafts. He will also gradually improve his skills, and develop creative abilities.

Master class: cardboard lock (video)

Making a castle with your own hands is not always easy. For example, the dimensions of the parts do not match or the cardboard is deformed during the drying of the glue. Therefore, you must carefully read the instructions and take into account past mistakes. And then the magnificent royal castle will take pride of place in the collection of your crafts.