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How not to let a girl sit on your head


In a love relationship, there are many problems that partners face. considers the most common male site on its pages. It’s not enough just to find a loved one. We still need to build a relationship with him so that it is comfortable to be in them. If a girl crawls on her head, insults, humiliates, or in other ways shows disrespect, is it worth keeping a relationship with her? Experts will tell you how to put a girl in place.

Quite often, ladies forget how they suffered while they were single. When a girl cannot find a guy, she suffers and suffers. But what joy arises when there is an interesting guy with whom you can build a relationship. Everything is going well: the girl meets with a guy, romantic feelings are struck up, the relationship turns into a serious relationship.

But time passes, and the girl relaxes. She forgets how she suffered while she was alone. She has already ceased to value her partner and relations with him. Are you used to it? Disappointed? Only one thing is known: when a girl does not get a fight back, if she starts to humiliate or insult a guy, she definitely starts to climb his neck.

Quite often, such stories happen to guys who just remain in shock. How previously cute and friendly girls turn into a bitch and capricious young ladies? They are not so. They are constantly unhappy with something. It is impossible to agree with them, because they want everything to be in their own way. They do not ask, but command. They do not consider it necessary to ask their cavaliers for opinions, but they do everything as they think they need.

Once a trusting, loving and respectful relationship turns into the slavery of a guy and the primacy of a girl who believes that her gentleman owes something to her. Is there any way to rectify the situation? You can, if you are determined to do what puts the girl in her place.

How to put a girl in place if she begins to become impudent or insult a guy?

Love relationships are not created so that the guy suffers, and the girl allowed herself to humiliate, insult him or become impudent at his expense. If a young lady allows herself to "trample" the honor and dignity of a gentleman, then it is time to put her in her place.

The guy’s mistake was that he allowed the girl everything. She insulted him, but he did not answer. She commanded him, and he obeyed. He had to satisfy any whim of hers. The guy himself did not resist the girl in any way when she was impudent. So she sat on his neck.

The best solution to this problem would be to show and even tell the girl that if she does not change her attitude, then the guy will part with her. And this is not bullying. These are not just words. The guy really intends to part with the girl if she continues to become impudent and climb on his head.

In most cases, after such a statement, the girls really change. They do not break off relations, but rather begin to respect the guys. This is exactly what they need: so that the guys are also arrogant and not afraid to lose them.

If a guy continues to humiliate himself in front of a girl, she becomes bored. She begins to search for herself another gentleman who, by the way, will give her a clear understanding: if she starts to climb his head, then he will part with her without hesitation.

We conclude from this: if a girl insults, humiliates, crawls on her neck, does not value the relationship, then she needs to be told directly that she will lose a guy if she does not change her behavior. And here, the reader, it is necessary to be ready to fulfill his promise: if the girl impudes further, then silently turn around and leave her alone.

Do not call. Do not write. Do not look for meetings with a girl. Let her be a little sober and sober up. If she loves, then she will understand that she was guilty. And if she didn’t love the guy, then she won’t understand anything. In this case, the guy who is more wise and ready for a serious relationship definitely does not need her.

Tolerate insults?

Often people give in to their anger and begin to say unpleasant things to others. It should be understood that if you are attacked with insults more than once, and even after you have asked the girl not to shout or call you names, then this phenomenon will continue. This is a property of the character of the girl to insult. She does not understand what makes you bad and unpleasant. Therefore, it will continue to do so.

To tolerate insults or not? For the first time, you can tolerate, because people do not always ideally converge while they get to know each other. You just warn the girl who insults you that this is unpleasant for you and that you do not want to talk to you like that. Give some time so that she overcomes her habit of at least disrespectfully communicating with you, reminding her that you do not like it. But if she does not want to control herself in your presence and periodically explodes with insults, then you should not tolerate this. This will never stop, and you will gradually become accustomed to the fact that you are always and to blame for everything. You need it? Do you want to be constantly guilty? If so, then continue to put up with insults.

Why is the situation when you are being insulted is the problem of the person who acts so disrespectfully? It’s not your fault that the other person didn’t like something and he decided to express his dissatisfaction. You do not always have to be comfortable and good for others, as they are for you. Therefore, unpleasant situations do not yet give the right to another person to “get out.”

A person who insults considers himself right in what happened. He perceives his opinion as the only correct one, but sees the guilty person in you. Although in fact the following happened: you didn’t do what the girl wanted, and because she did not like your act, she decided to blame you. In this way, the insulting young lady is simply trying to “knock out the soil from under your feet” so that you doubt the correctness of your actions and take its side. This is a kind of manipulation to make you change your mind and do what the manipulator wants.

If a girl falls to the level of insults, this is a clear sign that she is unhappy. The girl is unhappy only because you did not do what she expected from you. Although happiness is the result of the activity of the person himself, and not the result of the actions of other people. The girl who insults you wants you to do everything to make her happy. Here, in fact, what she accuses you of: the fact that you did not make her happy. But how can you deprive someone of happiness if it depends only on the person himself? Nobody can make you happy if you do not want to be like others, no one can make you happy if they themselves do nothing for this.

Do not endure when you are offended. It is not your problem that the girl did not like your decision to act differently from what she expected. If you do not want to be constantly guilty, to lower your self-esteem and to be manipulated, then you should not continue to communicate with the girl insulting you. This should not be your problem. If she does not respect you, allowing herself to be unflattering to respond, then let it be her problem. And you are free to communicate with those girls who accept and respect your opinion, even if they do not like it.

Let him respect or go on all four sides

Notice that people behave with others as they themselves allow them to behave. If you are being insulted, and you are smiling back, then they will continue to treat you insultingly. If you are humiliated, and you continue to communicate with a girl, then they will only humiliate you. Why are you in contact with one that allows itself not to respect you? Staying with those who laugh at you, you secretly tell them that they are doing everything right.

Adhere to two rules that will help you create a relationship with a girl who treats you good-naturedly:

  1. Let him respect or go on all four sides.

It is impossible to protect yourself from dating girls who express their contempt for guys. You can meet such people, but in your will no longer communicate with such people. Make it a rule to tell the girls to treat you with respect and good-naturedness, otherwise you will stop any communication with them. No need to make friends or establish relationships with those who allow themselves to humiliate you. Give them a chance to change their behavior, tell them about their desires. But if nothing changes, then leave and do not regret anything. It is better to be alone than to surround yourself with fools who will soon make of you the same moral monster. Give girls a chance and leave if they don’t understand your requests.

Do not be afraid to lose your beloved, especially if you are rude or not respected. Speak clearly and confidently about your desires and demand that they be taken into account, otherwise you will stop any communication.

2. No matter what others think, the main thing is that you think about yourself.

Girls who behave disrespectfully towards others often resort to manipulation, namely, they cause a feeling of guilt or self-doubt. If you do something different than they would like, leave them, then they try to arrange the situation so that you feel guilty, and at the same time they offend you so much that you can feel insecure about your own abilities.

Do not succumb to such provocations. All this is aimed at ensuring that you do not leave the society of these people, since they will not mock anyone. If you leave, then do it resolutely and know that you are doing everything right. If you commit an act that a girl does not like, then know that you did what you thought was necessary, and her opinion is just her opinion.

You should not be interested in what the girl thinks, most importantly, what you think about yourself. Moreover, you should not be interested in the opinions of those who simply do not respect you. Let them think what they want. And you are building relationships with a girl who still considers it important to respect, value and protect you. After all, as they say, "it is impossible to become happy if you hurt someone who is dear to you."