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How to wash slippers


Home shoes are still widely used today. It allows you to ensure the preservation of heat throughout the body. Feet warm - hypothermia is virtually impossible. However, over time, slippers become unpleasant. Quite often they are worn on a bare foot. It is very important to maintain the hygiene of slippers. And the reason lies not only in the unpleasant odor.

But, a good desire to ensure cleanliness can turn into a "tragedy." An incorrect approach can turn slippers into something that only resembles them. We are talking about the fact that for each slipper it is recommended to choose your own approach to ensuring proper care. Warm women’s slippers to keep in the long run will help proper washing.

Washing synthetic slippers

Synthetic threads are real salvation. Indeed, even in the conditions of use of slippers at home, they are regularly removed and put on again. Therefore, there is an abrasion load

Natural fibers quickly become unusable. This thesis can be fully attributed to slippers made of felt and knitted wool (a la Valenki).

It is recommended to wash such slippers exclusively with washing gels, exclusively by hand. No spin is applicable in principle. After washing, slippers are installed on an inclined surface (it is advisable to place them on a balcony out of direct sunlight) and leave to dry completely.

Synthetic threads are much more reliable in this regard. They may let air through worse, but synthetic slippers will last much longer. In addition, no one can forbid you to wash them in an automatic washing machine.

Accessories and decorations for slippers

You are planning to send slippers to the washing machine. Do not hurry! Follow these preliminary procedures:

  • try to sheathe metal protruding parts of the hardware with soft material,
  • pre-wash parts that are most exposed to the contaminant,
  • in case the sole has got out threads, use an awl to refuel them back.

Drying any slippers is strictly forbidden on a heated surface. As the latter are meant radiators, heaters, heated towel rails, etc.

This will spoil the fibers of the material. As a result, slippers will lose their attractive appearance and become stiff to the touch.

A housewife will talk about how to get rid of the smell of sweat in slippers once and for all:

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Is it obligatory to wash slippers, and how best to do it

How best to wash your slippers, whether they can be washed in a washing machine - these questions worry many housewives.

Speaking about washing slippers, one must keep in mind the original Russian tradition of giving slippers to guests at home. Naturally, guest slippers should be washed or disinfected in a different way after each use.

  • slippers should be individual for each family member,
  • slippers should not be too warm so that your feet do not sweat,

  • when buying slippers, it’s better to immediately find out whether they can be washed by hand or in a washing machine,
  • slippers for guests should be suitable for frequent washing or be disposable.

What slippers can be washed

In general, wearing slippers all the time at home is not the most useful habit. In winter, it is better to walk around the house in socks - it’s easier to wash them than slippers.

The easiest way to wash slippers that differ from socks only in shape. These slippers are easy to wash in the washing machine along with other things.

If there are decorative elements on soft home slippers, you should wash the slippers in the laundry bags so as not to damage the washing machine or other things.

When slippers cannot be washed

Unfortunately, not all slippers can be washed. Cheap slippers with cardboard lining, straw slippers will be damaged by washing. These slippers can be cleaned with disinfectants, such as alcohol or vinegar.

Do not wash slippers with glued soles. They will fall apart from washing. They can be wiped with a damp cloth or disinfectant solutions.

Is it possible to wash fur slippers

White fur slippers, so soft, warm and fluffy, from frequent wear, become a real breeding ground for infection. The appearance of white fur slippers after a couple of weeks of constant wear also leaves much to be desired.

How to wash fur slippers in a washing machine:

  • put slippers in the laundry bag,
  • choose laundry detergent for woolen things,
  • set the temperature to 30 degrees and the gentle washing mode.

After washing, slippers need to be straightened and dried quickly. You can stuff them with paper and dry on the balcony.
If you wash slippers from sheep’s fur in a washing machine, they will not become like new. Perhaps their “fluffiness” will suffer a little. However, slippers will again become white and safe for health.

What slippers should be washed by hand

You can try to wash home slippers with a hard sole manually so that the sole does not deform.

How to wash slippers manually:

  • pour warm water with washing powder into the basin,
  • soak slippers for 15 minutes,
  • using a brush we erase slippers, paying attention to both the outer part of the slippers and the inside,
  • rinse slippers in clean water,
  • let the water drain and dry.

To keep the slippers in shape, we straighten them and fill them with paper, which we then change

Before buying slippers, think about how you will wash your slippers. Choose slippers that can often be washed in the washing machine or by hand. And better - temper, and you will not need slippers!

Solovieva Svetlana Ivanovna

Psychologist, Gestalt therapist. Specialist from the site

I wash in the washing machine, as well as sneakers.

I'm barefoot. and slippers need to be thrown away and washed often. and if you offer guests, then only washed rubber or new

When such slippers look worn, they need to be thrown away and that's it. They are not so expensive to replace them with new ones.

you must have several pairs, and machine wash and mustache =))

I wash in the car one or two, slippers do not live longer

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I’m also washing in a typewriter. And when they wear out, throw it away :)


Buy normal shoes for the house, comfortable sandals, for example, leather, and wear them with socks. Came up with a problem.

I have another question - how to clean winter boots on natural fur inside? here I’m wearing them for the third year, changing my shoes at work, there are several more pairs of winter shoes, but still “there is no feeling of freshness”. Here's how to refresh them?
Just do not advise me to throw them out and buy new ones. They are still very decent and strong, and they were not cheap.

You can see homemade stockings made of thin felt, which, thanks to their natural material, almost do not sweat and get dirty. In addition, they have an original design with embroidery. Sample photos can be viewed, for example, on

I throw it in the washer. But sometimes the "insides" in the machine fall out if the slippers are full of holes (so smart, Chinese ugg boots are homemade. xs than the Chinese stuff them). And they get dirty quickly even if you often wash the floors (every day there is no way. a couple once a week). But such slippers still do not live longer than 2 months. A couple of washes and a trash .. I bought from different materials, they still look wretched after a short time. Now I want to buy home uggs. That is, higher ones with high rubberized soles .Not "supposedly", but really rubber high hard soles that would not get dirty. Do not crinkle and do not lose shape.


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