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How to return money via PayPal for low-quality goods or services?


The main advantage of the payment system is the return of funds for defective goods or not delivered at all. Today, many users have experienced the budget savings by making purchases on eBay and AliExpress, where consumer protection is guaranteed. The service really works thanks to cooperation with PayPal. Therefore, before returning money through PayPal, you need to find out what the basis should be for the decision to return the funds to be in favor of the buyer.

Opening a dispute: what is the reason for starting the procedure?

After the payment is completed on eBay or Amazon, where any product was purchased, the buyer may experience such problems:

  • the goods do not arrive for a long time (more than 20 days),
  • goods received, but not as described
  • goods arrived, but not fully loaded or damaged.

A similar situation is provided when purchasing the services of information businessmen: video courses, trainings, online coaching, webinars, marathons and other things.

Now these types of services are popular and in demand in RuNet more than ever. But not all information products are useful to consumers.

Let's consider an elementary example.

Cancel payment when shopping online

Situations are different, sometimes you have to abandon the goods. In this case, the user expects to cancel the transaction. To find mutual understanding between the buyer and the seller, such trading platforms as Ebey and AliExpress provide the option “Open a dispute”. Most often the second goes towards the first and both sides remain satisfied. The order of treatment is as follows:

  1. We authorize the account on the website of the online store.
  2. We contact the seller, describing the essence of the problem.
  3. If he does not want to compromise, the buyer disputes his actions in the Center for resolving problems by clicking on the link In this case, the payment system is connected.

Ebey has a similar procedure. You can initiate a dispute by filling out an appeal at the Center for Problem Resolution no later than 6 months from the date of payment of the order. The application processing period is 20 days, after which it is automatically closed by the service. Therefore, it is better to rename the dispute into a claim, then the chance of a refund for the purchase will increase.

Who is right and who is wrong?

Most often, the consumer is right. Compensation can be expected if:

  • the goods came of inadequate quality,
  • the product photo on the site page does not match the actual image,
  • the product was damaged during delivery.

The transferred dispute to the claim gives more advantages and then PayPal will cancel the financial transaction if:

  • the buyer had to wait a long time for the track number,
  • seller ignores messages
  • the goods do not go along the route,
  • the consumer was able to provide evidence of non-conformity of the goods.

In this case, the payment system from the reserve fund will return the money, and after that it will be deducted from the seller’s accounts.

Sometimes there are unscrupulous buyers who are looking for moves to stay in the black. If the seller has undeniable arguments confirming the fact of an unreasonable claim on the part of the consumer, then the latter has no chance of returning money.

How to translate a dispute into a claim

Initially, you should familiarize yourself with the opponent’s answer, of course, for this you will need to log in to the site initially. Then open an existing dispute in the Problem Solving Center. In the event that the interlocutor has eliminated the comments pointed out by the buyer, the dispute closes, and the help from PayPal is not required. To do this, the active field “My concerns” have been resolved, I want to close this dispute ”is selected and the action is confirmed by clicking the“ Continue ”button.

How to cancel an erroneous payment

Choosing and buying a product is simple, but it is difficult to part with money. Practice shows that some people first pay for orders, and then realize the fallacy of the decision. No problem canceling a transaction until it is executed. If the operation is completed, then it would be logical to contact the recipient of funds.

PayPal refunds when:

  • payment was made to an address unrelated to the account,
  • transfer made to an unconfirmed address.

You can cancel a payment order using the following algorithm of actions:

  1. Log in to the system.
  2. Go to the "History" section.
  3. Find the necessary operation in the “Incomplete payments”.
  4. Click the “Cancel” icon.

Here a little trouble can await the user. If the item “Order / Action Status” does not imply such a function, then in order to resolve a financial issue, you will have to contact the recipient directly.

First situation

In the description for the Dummy Money Crane course, the author promises his clients to provide an auto program and 15 free cash “taps” (or something else) for earning from 15,000 rubles a week.

An example of a dummy course. Divorce from the seller

After payment, it turns out that the software needs to be downloaded from a third-party resource and only after registration. Here is the first inaccuracy.

The second point - “cranes” must be bought.

Finally, elementary arithmetic calculations show that it is impossible to earn 15 thousand rubles in 7 days.

Bottom line: the product does not meet expectations. Therefore, this is an elementary "divorce" for money.

What actions to return funds through Pay Pal should be taken?

Consider the procedure after buying a low-quality product, a "fake" training or course through Pay Pal.

  1. First of all, try to appeal to the seller’s conscience. Find on the site through which you purchased the service, its contact details and write that you found that the information on the sales page did not match what you received.
  2. List exactly what differences you found, and ask for a refund. Also indicate the date and payment code, your last name, first name and patronymic.
  3. Wait for an answer. If within 24 hours the supplier of the product did not respond or “went into denial”, if the seller puts forward counterarguments and requires incomprehensible evidence, then proceed to the next step - write a letter to PayPal technical support.

This department is also called the Problem Solving Center.

On the service’s web resource, in your account, go to the Problem Resolution Center section and click on the “Dispute Operation” link

Indicate the same arguments as in the message to the negligent seller. Attach a screenshot of the payment and the address of the dishonest Internet resource to the message.

Another option for opening a dispute. In the Pay Pal account, click on the line with the controversial operation and in the drop-down window click on the "Report a problem" link

Each appeal is recorded and does not remain unanswered.

Managers review the facts and give you 21 days to independently resolve the dispute.

They also notify the seller of the start of a dispute.

If the seller does not want to return the money through PayPal or does not answer at all, and within 3 weeks you do not reach a mutual agreement, then you will have the opportunity to transfer the dispute to status Claim.

In Claim Status.

From the moment of filing a claim, the system employees will begin to independently deal with your question.

When the truth is on your side, then in 99% of cases the funds will be returned.

How to return money via PayPal to a card?

Payment is carried out by electronic money or through a bank account.

Finance can be returned only to the credit card through which the payment was made.

It is urgent to contact the bank with a request to cancel the transfer at the details of the fraudster. This can usually be done within 24 hours.

In the event that it is no longer possible to reverse the transaction, you will have to write to PayPal support.

Please note that the operator is entitled to demand proof of refusal of compensation by your bank.

The seller asks for a PayPal account to return the money: what does it mean?

If the seller turned out to be accommodating and offers to return money to PayPal - this is a good sign!

To return, send him your account - login (email address), which is the user ID in the system. Knowing him, the service provider will be able to transfer the necessary amount in your favor.

There is no need to be afraid, one login in the system peypal without a password is useless, as this is just your e-mail.

In Yandex Money and WebMoney, the wallet number is used for these purposes.

Attention! Do not refuse the claim until you have received your “hard-earned money" back. If the author of the course claims that he has already completed the transfer, wait until the money arrives in the account.

Do not fall for the bait of scammers again! Now you know how to return money through PayPal.

Protect and assert your rights.

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