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How to save a picture from the site


Some sites (for example, Odnoklassniki) have pictures that, when trying to download them, do not have the option "Save Picture As." In the context menu. Or it is, but it is proposed to save the entire Web page. And the pictures are interesting and you want to save them on your computer. How to do it?

I never download pictures at all - the traffic is wasted and there is the opportunity to download a thread in addition to the picture, some kind of muck. I save images (and sometimes texts when they are protected from copying) using a screenshot. There are a lot of such programs, I personally use the FsCapture program - it’s easy to use, it is possible to edit it right away - it has been cropped, cropped, selected, etc. You can “capture” the entire screen or some part of it, you can take a picture with scrolling (when the image does not fit into the screen). Conveniently.

You can simply use the standard tools of the system - click PrintScrin and paste and process in Paint. But the first way seemed to me easier.

You can, of course, use the Print Screen button (Scroll Lock has nothing to do with it, absolutely unnecessary action), paste the picture from the clipboard into paint or photoshop and crop it as you like.

You can save the entire web page as a whole - a folder with scripts and images will attach to it. It remains to find that very picture there and shift it anywhere, and delete the remaining folder and html-file.

You can right in the browser open the source text of the web page (Ctrl + U) and find the address of the image file there. Or right-click on the picture and ask the browser to display the element code (Ctrl + Shift + C). Further, of course, the question arises whether the address is direct there or relative. But it is easy to understand and comprehend the desired form of the address, it would be a desire. Then it remains to take this address and paste it into the address bar of the browser. And the picture will open. Itself, without unnecessary entities and, moreover, in full.

A small remark about copying pictures from sites

The Internet consists not only of text, but also of various media materials (photographs and other pictures), video, and so on. Each document has an owner who created these materials, spending on this time, sometimes a lot. So when copying photos and other pictures from various sites, remember that they have an owner who can object to such actions!

Everything written in this article is intended solely to familiarize and expand computer skills and in no way induces the reader to infringe on someone else's copyright.

How to save a picture from a site to a computer - general information

Now I will show you how to download a picture from a site to a computer in the simplest and most common case. The function of saving photos from the Internet to the computer by default is already in all browsers, so you should not look on the Internet for some special extension for the browser, or even a special program for copying photos from sites. All this is already there!

If you opened a page of a site and it successfully loaded, then everything that is shown on it is ALREADY on your computer! All you need is to save what you need FROM THE BROWSER to the place you need on the disk.

And here there are already various options for action depending on what kind of site it is and how exactly on its pages photographs and other pictures are presented. Therefore, there are various ways to copy images from the pages of the site. Let's look at the simplest one.

Example: how to save a photo from a dating site

It consists in the fact that you need to call the context menu (click the RIGHT mouse button) on the picture that you want to save for yourself. I remind you that any picture on any site is an object that has certain properties and with which you can perform some actions. The list of these actions just shows the menu, called by right-clicking on the picture.

Try to copy and save the ad banner shown below to your computer in this way. It is very easy!

In different browsers, the appearance of the menu and the names of its items may differ, but the meaning is always the same. The context menu for the Google Chrome browser is shown below. Also do not confuse the menu item highlighted in the screenshot and "Save As.". The latter is responsible for maintaining the entire page and does not suit you!

Suppose you want to save a photo from a dating site. In this case Look in the menu for the item responsible for saving the image. When choosing it, the browser will prompt you to specify the location on your computer where you want to save a copy of the photo. The photo save window will look something like this.

Then everything is simple - select the folder to save and click "Save." You can also specify the name of the file to be saved, since most often when saving images from sites, the names of the pictures are inconvenient for reading. Changing the name is not necessary, but choose the folder for saving yourself, since Windows often offers to save pictures "it is not clear where", so you will never find them later.

That's all, the job is done! If you did everything right, but it didn’t work out, then the site owners are against copying materials by visitors. In this case, read on.

How to save a picture from the site if it is not saved

This is a fairly common case in the practice of Internet users. You want to save the photo you like on your computer, but the menu does not have the desired item! Let's see what can be done in this case and how to save a photo from the site if there is no “Save As.” In the context menu. Moreover, with a right mouse click the menu may not appear at all.

I will not show various options here in the form of screenshots, because in the end, all methods of protection against copying images come down to either blocking the menu or displaying a different menu instead of the standard one, in which there is no item needed to save the picture. Instead of considering each option individually, I will show you universal way to save photos from a site to a computer. I will show this method on the example of the Google Chrome browser, since it is most convenient for such operations.

To begin with, remember what I wrote above, namely: everything that you see on the page of the site is ALREADY on your computer (either on disk or in the browser’s RAM). All that is needed is to see what is there and choose what you need. How to do this?

Very simple. In Google Chrome, click F12 to display a special panel designed for developers. Do not be scared in advance - there is nothing complicated. This panel is not related to the open site, so it will appear in any case, regardless of whether the site has protection against downloading images or not. It looks something like this.

You do not need to understand the features of this tool. Nevertheless, to describe in the text of the article exactly how using the developer panel you can download a picture from the site, if it does not download, for a long time. So I showed it in the video below.

How to save a photo from the site if it is not saved, look at the video. Please note that the method shown below can be extracted from ANY site not only images, but in general ANY resources. If you didn’t succeed, it means sorry, they looked bad.

How to save a moving picture from the site

It depends on what you mean by "moving pictures." If we are talking about copying videos from YouTube, then read about it here. But usually animated images in GIF format are meant. You can save GIFs from the site in exactly the same ways that were already shown above. If nothing happens, then this is not a GIF picture, but something else.

Other ways to copy a picture from the site

In the worst case scenario, you can use the PrintScreen key, and then paste the screenshot into Paint or another graphics editor. Of course, this method is very primitive and it is better not to use it. In addition, along with the image you need, a lot more will be copied and the picture will have to be cropped.

How to download many pictures at once

All the methods described above are suitable only when it comes to saving one or more pictures, since in this case it will not take you much time and effort. If you need to save a large number of images, for example, you want to keep hundreds of photos from your idol’s account on Instagram, or many thematic images from a search in Google Pictures, etc., then manually saving them one by one will be very tedious and long.

To make a massive jump in pictures quickly and easily, you can use the special online service:

You will only need to specify the URL of the site from which you want to download the pictures, and after a few minutes to get the finished archive with them! This service downloads photos or any other type of image from almost any website, including the most popular ones, such as Instagram, Vkontakte, and others.

To summarize

If you carefully read this article, then you should have no questions about saving photos from absolutely any sites. I must say right away that there are additional features of copying pictures that are not shown here, but you can do without it.

If you have encountered a particularly difficult case and you can’t do what you need on your own, you can contact me for clarification. I can teach you all the features in one to two hours. The service is paid, but worth it.

Plain copying a picture from a site

For example, we have a site on the page of which we want to copy a picture to our computer:

In order to save it to your computer, right-click on the picture. After that a popup will appear. After that, left-click on the item "Save picture as. »:

After clicking on the “Save picture as. »A dialog box opens in which you need to select the path (folder) where we want to save our picture or photo from the site. After you have chosen a place to save, in the same window, left-click on the "Save" button.

Now the picture or photo is saved on your computer. On this way "Plain copying a picture from a site"Completed, then we will consider more complex situations.

Saving a picture on which there is no “Save picture as. "

This option also works for pictures or photographs on the site that cannot be saved in the standard way "Save picture as. ". The reason for this may be: a ban using a script to save or copy material, on the site page, our picture is laid out as a layer (

Suppose we want to save a picture from the site, but when you right-click in the pop-up menu, there is no way to save this picture:

In this example, the picture is placed as the background image of the layer. To save this picture, right-click on the desired picture and select the item “View item code” in the pop-up menu:

After clicking on this item, an additional window will appear in which the program immediately selects the element we need:

On the right, in this window, there is an additional section with the tabs “Style, Computed. ", In it we can see a link to a picture or photograph:

Next, click on this link with the right mouse button and select "Open link in new tab":

After that, the program will open a new tab (window) with the desired picture:

Now all that remains for us is to save this picture or photo to our computer. To do this, repeat the steps described in the "Plain copying a picture from a site».

At this stage, the section "Saving a picture on which there is no “Save picture as. ""Completed, now we can save pictures or photos on sites where there is no button to save. Next, we will consider a more complex and rare option: saving a picture or photo from a page on which the right mouse button is disabled.

Saving photos while protecting the page from copying

Suppose we have a picture or photograph that we want to save on our computer:

According to the already established procedure, we click on it with the right mouse button to save it, but as a result, we do not have a pop-up menu with the basic operations of copying, printing and other useful actions. There is a way to 100% copy pictures or photos from such pages of the site.

As described above, the Google Chrome browser is used for this lesson and all examples will be given based on the features of this particular browser. Other modern browsers have roughly the same features. In this lesson, you will understand the logic for solving this problem, even if you have a different browser.

To start copying a picture from a protected page, press the key on the keyboard "F12". After clicking on this key, an additional window will open, referred to as "Developer Tools»:

Next in this tool we find the tab “Network»And click on it with the left mouse button, the contents of the tab will change:

After that, to make it easier to find the picture we need, click on the icon with the image of the funnel ("Filter"), After that we will have access to the line for sorting the elements on the page:

Now we need to click the button “nine”Images»So that only pictures and photos are displayed in the box below:

Our filter is ready to find and save the picture we need on the computer. After that, you need to refresh the site page ("F5" on keyboard). After the page has been refreshed, in the “Network»Data about uploaded images will appear:

In this list, scrolling it up and down with the mouse wheel, we will find our picture in a smaller version:

Now all that remains for us is to open this picture in a new window in order to save it to our computer. To do this, press the right mouse button on the name of this image (the name of the image is shown to the right of the thumbnail) and select "Open link in new tab»:

After clicking on this button, a new window opens with a picture that we wanted to save:

Further, it remains only to carry out the usual actions to save this image, which we described above in the section "Plain copying a picture from a site».

Now saving a picture or photo from the site will not be difficult for you. From now on, you know at least three ways to solve this problem, which is found in everyday use of a computer.

Also do not forget that you should not abuse copying pictures or photos from sites, as each picture or photo may have an author and they are copyrighted.

On this lesson "How to save a picture or photo"Is completed, we recommend for further study other interesting lessons from the sections" JPG files "," Google Chrome "

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