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How to get casting on television


How to get a casting in a movie and how casting in a movie, commercials and TV shows generally take place, it will be interesting to know not only professional actors and models.

After the casting director or agent called you to the casting, you need to arrive at the specified address without delay and in suitable clothing for this. When you arrive at the place, ask the rest of the actors whether to take the line or the casting director himself calls the actors on the list.

If it is a question of casting in a movie for a specific role, the casting director usually sends you a text or a dialogue in advance that you will need to learn and play at the casting. Naturally, you do not need to come to the casting if you are not prepared and have not learned the role.

At auditions, usually the text is already issued on the spot. It is small, so you can quickly learn it.

At the casting, it will be necessary to introduce yourself to the camera at the beginning, namely: give your last name and first name, date of birth, height, clothing size, education and phone number. The casting director may then ask other questions. When shooting your video business card, do not shift from the point at which you were exposed, as you will fall out of the frame.

After shooting a video business card, you will be asked to play a dialogue either with the casting director himself or with another actor who is trying to play a different role on this project. Casting directors do not like to write a few takes, so try not to make mistakes. The casting time is limited and the casting director must have time to film on camera all the actors called to the casting.

Each casting may have specific requirements. For example, you must bring the printed director or digitally on a flash drive to the casting director. You may also be asked to put on clothes of a certain color or style for casting, or to make a certain hairstyle so that in the frame you can see how you will look. They may also be asked to bring their own musical instruments with them, if the role requires it. The list of requirements can be limited only by the imagination of the casting director.

Stages of passing the casting in the cinema and advertising

1. The first step in selecting an actor for a certain role may be photo casting, that is, initial selection by photo, so as not to waste time on actors who are not even suitable for type.

2. The second stage of the casting will be the in-person casting, where you will be recorded on camera to show you to the director or producer, if they were not present at the casting.

3. Further, the selected actors can be called for audition to the director himself, where the actor’s final approval is already underway.

4. Then you can still be called to try on clothes in which you will be removed.

5. And after that shooting days will already be assigned to you.

These were the stages of passing the casting in the cinema.

If we are talking about casting in advertising, then this list can be further expanded by a couple of points. Samples with the director on advertising projects are called callback, which follows after the initial casting. Further, there may still be the so-called action. The following is a fitting and shooting day.

Castings for low-budget advertising can take place according to a simplified model, namely by photo and phone. After which you will be called to the shooting.

Errors during the passage of a casting in a movie or advertisement

Each actor who wants to go through a casting wants to show himself from the best side, so that he is approved for the role. If we are talking about castings for advertising, then here 200 applicants can call for one role. Agree that your chances here are almost zero. The author of the article knows one model that went to various auditions for one year and has not been approved a single time. For her other colleagues, the desire to attend castings in advertising passes within 2-3 months, since actors and models pay nothing for visiting the casting and they receive their fee only after the shooting day. If you have not been approved for the role and you have not acted in film, it is natural that you will not receive any money. But you need to live for something!

At each casting, among actors and models, at least one inadequate appears that comes to the casting drunk or stoned. You probably don’t need to say that in this state it is better not to attend the castings, since you will be blacklisted.

Some actors have the audacity and come to the casting, begin to teach the casting director or director how to conduct castings! Guys! Observe subordination! The casting director in this case is the employer for you, and you are the applicant, and you need to behave accordingly! Take off your crown before you come to the casting.

If you are asked at the casting to pronounce on the camera only certain data, such surname and name, height, education and phone number, then you do not need to take time and tell your whole biography, since no one needs it, and you can be considered inadequate, which is not able to perform the task. If you cannot perform it during a casting with a casting director, then you will behave exactly the same on the set, where the actors refuse to fulfill the director’s requirements and do their own thing. Remember - you don’t need to say or do anything extra during the casting! There is a check on your adequacy and ability to complete the task!

Try to behave at the casting as naturally as possible and do not replay.

Do not name the casting director or agent after casting to find out if you are approved or not. If you are approved for the role, then they will call you on the phone that you indicated at the casting. Do not be annoying!

These were the main recommendations on how to get a casting in a movie and advertising.

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Listening preparation

When preparing for listening to TV or a movie, as well as for any other interview, you need to proceed from the expectations of the employer. The casting director (responsible for casting) is always looking for something specific. Your direct responsibility and first goal is to find out as precisely as possible what exactly he needs. If this is a film - look for and carefully read the script, if it is a TV show - you should clearly present its concept.

If you do not have any professional training, first of all learn to read the role clearly (to respond with a remark to the remark) and try not to faint before the commission.

To get casting in the series, you need to know in advance about the listening conditions. In some cases, you will be asked to prepare an arbitrary passage for reading, in others they will be offered a random passage or asked to read a passage from the role that you are applying for. If you don’t know what you will read, find many unfamiliar versatile texts and train expressive reading without preparation. If you choose the passage yourself, take what is closest to you, but take into account the specifics of the role you are applying for.

Secrets of a successful listening performance

Here are simple tips for successfully casting for a role in a movie, series, or commercial:

  1. To perform successfully, you have to deal with excitement. Excitement creates unnecessary tension and clamps, the voice sounds unnatural, the plastic becomes constrained, thoughts revolve around how you look and where to put your hands, while you must be occupied with the role and everything connected with it. If you can relax, consider that half the work is done.
  2. Remember that you have very little time, and you should spend it wisely. Do not fuss, but do not pull the rubber: questions should be answered succinctly and in essence, the role must be read from the most interesting place, without long introductions.
  3. From the very beginning, cut off all the factors that can leave a negative impression about you. Carefully work out the look. It is best to dress simply and tastefully, the outfit and shoes should be comfortable, the makeup should be minimal. A severe cold, chronic lack of sleep, a hangover - all these are good reasons to skip the casting.
  4. Do not be afraid to surprise or shock the commission, be afraid of the opposite. Among the huge mass of people waiting in the corridor, only those who will remember the chances will be. Do not let excessive shyness cross out your future career, do everything so that your performance settles in the memory of the casting director tightly. If you can’t take an extraordinary appearance and talent, take courage and outrageous. This is better than disappearing completely into the gray crowd of losers.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

In order to successfully pass the casting in advertising for a role in a film or series, it is important to prevent a number of errors in listening. Here's how to do it:

  1. Related articles are very good, but they provide the most general information, omitting many details that are difficult and costly to describe along the length of the text. The only way to reliably protect yourself from mistakes is to get real experience. Start attending all the castings that you can reach, even if the role or project is not of interest to you, or you obviously have no chance. This practice will give you a habit, you will get comfortable in difficult conditions and will be mentally prepared for casting your dreams.
  2. Enroll in acting classes. Even the most mediocre specialized training is better than nothing. Any theater teacher is able to identify your main mistakes and suggest what to do with them. In addition, you train your speech and artistic presentation skills.
  3. Directly at the casting, put personal convenience at the forefront. In clothes do not neglect freedom of movement for the sake of beauty and style, do not wear new things, refuse heels and stilettos. For the commission, the main thing is what and how you will do, and not what you will dress. An inconvenient outfit will distract you from the performance and will not let you really relax. As a result, in the eyes of the commission you will look like a million dollars, but you will not cost anything as an actor.
  4. Never mind, argue or refuse. If you are interested in a casting director, you will probably want to check out some additional test. For example, they will throw up circumstances for a small study and ask them to play or read a passage with their account. It is important to show that you have the courage to jump from one place to the quarry on demand.