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9 differences between true friends and friends who only spoil life


You mistakenly consider some people to be friends, but who are not. False friends make your life worse and can betray you at any time. This is not friendship at all, and it is better to stay away from such dangerous and negative people.

Friends are our close circle with whom you can have fun and who you can rely on. But sometimes not all those people whom you consider friends are such. These are fake, fake, and false friends.

It is important to surround yourself with people who make your life better, and not destroy you mentally and physically. There are those in your company of friends with whom you have long been out of the way. Those whom you have long outgrown, and your goals and dreams are diametrically opposite. Friends who are hiding under the guise of hypocrisy. These are not true friends, but false ones. They not only make your life worse, but they will betray you at the most inopportune moment.

How to recognize false and fake friends?

1. A friend you cannot rely on

A true friend is someone to lean against in case of trouble. You can come to him or call at any time of the day. He will always listen and help than he can. Sometimes such a friend helps even without asking, seeing your difficulties. But there is a friend who is busy when you need help. He always has 1000 reasons and excuses. A lying friend does not help, and if he does, it is only demonstrative and to the public.

2. A friend who is enraged by your success

You have found a new job, bought a car or bought an apartment. Such a deceitful friend will find a bunch of negative points in what makes you happy. Work is poorly paid, the car is a real trough, and the apartment is in a bad area. A friend who is not happy about success and achievements, is he a friend? Obviously not, but a fake. A friend is known not only in grief, but also in joy.

3. A friend who constantly fails

There is a friend who always leads and frustrates all plans. He is always late, calls in five minutes and cancels everything. Many of the things you have planned are still in limbo due to the friend’s optionality. Such a friend is used to failing and throwing at the most inopportune moment. To hell with such lying friends!

4. A friend who is not happy about your personal life

You found yourself a good girl, dissatisfied with a friend and takes a new passion with hostility for no reason? Perhaps the reason is envy, self-doubt, lack of personal life or unwillingness to rejoice for a friend. This is not a true friend, but a deceitful and false one.

5. A friend who betrays

Such a friend may not intercede in a conflict and a fight, but retreats at the first danger. A true friend will be with you even if you are wrong. A false friend will only be when it is safe and is in his interests.

6. A friend who is a liar

Sometimes a friend is not at all a friend. He is always friendly with you personally, but behind his back he speaks nasty things and slanders you. A true friend behind you only praises you, and troubles speaks only in private, so that you understand your mistakes. A hypocritical, deceitful and fake friend is not worthy to be with you.

7. A friend who has drifted away

Everything goes, and sometimes a friend moves away. You have less and less common interests, joint plans and goals. You have completely become different and you have almost no common ground. This is the most bitter kind of parting with a friend. When you understand that everything will never be the same as before. This is not a lying friend, but he is already a former and fake friend, albeit once the best.

8. A friend who is negative

There are people who are all bad. Whatever you do and wherever you go, everything is terrible. A negative friend draws depression and bad thoughts into its abyss. An energy vampire will make your life much worse and darker. A negative friend will ruin your life and make you depressed. Let the fake comrade go to hell!

9. A friend who asserts himself

Just as there is an ugly and beautiful girlfriend among girls, so there is rivalry in the men's team. Sometimes a person is a friend only in order to assert himself at your expense. He tries to play in the contrast between you and constantly competes, trying to put himself in the best light, and to crap you from head to toe. This is a fake and deceitful friend.

10. Friend of Interest

Such a friend does not answer messages and calls, and then suddenly appears after six months and wants something. He is friends with you only in order to get nishtyak at a certain moment when it is profitable and necessary for him. Let it go to hell!

Take away these 10 types of friends and you will see who is a true friend and who is a lying one. Friend is too expensive a word to give to the wrong people. Do you have false friends and real ones?

1. How friends support you

Good friend: he gives you exactly the same amount of himself as he receives support from you. This ratio should be 50/50, well, or at least 60/40, otherwise friendship simply does not make any sense.

Bad friend: he always pulls the blanket over himself, wanting all his attention to be given to him even when you really need support.

2. How do they rush to the rescue

Good friend: he is always ready to lend a helping hand in your most difficult life situations. True friends can even forget about themselves and their troubles, devoting you all their free time.

Bad friend: "friend "appears in your life only when he needs something from you. At other times, he does not even remember about you.

3. How do they respond to disappointment or failure

Good friend: he himself is responsible for his life, not trying to awaken in you a sense of guilt for his own failures.

Bad friend: he always tries to accuse you of his failures in his personal life, getting a new position or just spent at home alone in the evening. Like, you didn’t give valuable advice and support in time.

4. How do they respond to good news?

Good friend: he will be happy for your successes even more than for his own, because jealousy and competitive spirit are alien to him.

Bad friend: friendship for him is not mutual assistance and support, but a simple competition. If you have some kind of good event, he is unlikely to be happy, because in this game you won 1-0.

6. How do you feel after spending time together

Good friend: it always radiates positive energy, which charges you so that it is enough even if you meet quite rarely. True friends will not burden you with their problems and consider you a psychologist and a handkerchief all rolled into one.

Bad friend: he loads you with too many of his problems, and after meeting with him you feel depressed.

7. How do they define boundaries

Good friend: he respects your boundaries (both physical and moral). He will never show up at your home at 12 at night without an invitation and will not go into your soul if you are not in the mood for a frank conversation.

Bad friend: he does not feel at all that you do not want to talk on the phone EXACTLY now, and also that you have a personal life, and not just friendship with him.

9. How do you trust each other

Good friend: you can always trust him and be sure that in any situation a friend will stand up for you.

Bad friend: it’s better for you not to tell him about your problems, because such a person does not need to tell everything about you to your general environment (and not only).