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9 qualities of a person to whom people are drawn


A person is inclined to copy the behavior of someone he likes. What character traits are attractive?

Larisa Kudaeva22 April 2019


Sometimes you look at an outwardly beautiful person, admire a few seconds, admire the marvelous features of your face, luxurious hair, a wonderful figure ... And suddenly you cling to your eyes, and there is cold and hostility. I immediately want to turn away and leave. We are all intuitively drawn to soulfulness, gentleness, humanity, and malice. As they say, beauty attracts attention, and kindness wins the heart. And if your kindness did not attract attention, beauty will not win the heart. A man with a pure soul radiates inexplicable magnetism, others want to be like him and deserve his friendship. A kind person is responsive and attentive, he has a desire to help out in difficult moments and help, without requiring anything in return. As a rule, he receives the same cordial attitude towards himself.


Devotion is gold that does not shine. Fidelity is not immediately recognizable, it has been tested for years. Sometimes, only after confronting infidelity and inconstancy of loved ones do you begin to truly appreciate honesty in a relationship. No wonder we are so attached to faithful and disinterested four-legged friends. Remember the well-known life story, when the dog, eight years in the rain and in the cold, was waiting for its owners on the track, where an accident with a fatal outcome occurred. We are drawn to people who are waiting for us and will not be deceived, with whom there is no fear of betrayal and the expectation of meanness.

Sense of humor

As the German playwright Bertolt Brecht said: "Humor is a sense of distance." Humor is a friendly laugh, but not toothless. A witty person often jokes on his personal space. Through laughter, he seems to distance himself from the issue under discussion, while gaining control over the audience. People who, even in difficult situations, can control emotions, their own and others, are magnetically attractive. The wit in the company manages it, and we are glad to look into the humorist’s mouth, because we have fun.


Agree that people who have a sharp categorical opinion are a little annoying. If you, of course, yourself are not very tolerant. And how pleasant it is to deal with a man who is tolerant, condescending, politically correct. He can make all his claims to this world, to all of humanity, and possibly even touch upon the unjust laws of the universe. A tolerant person will listen with respect and extinguish your emotions with his confident calm. Next to such a person you feel protected, because in such an interlocutor there is no aggression and cruelty. It would be nice for us all to learn patience.


Sometimes it seems that the world has gone crazy: everyone goes to trainings, coaches, master classes and lectures. Everyone learns to communicate. Many learn, but not everyone does it naturally. Closed personalities like to hide behind someone who knows how to make contacts with others, who easily enter a new team and quickly adapt to almost any circle of people. With the help of an outgoing person, you can acquire new contacts and useful contacts, because he himself has a wide circle of acquaintances, friends and partners. He behaves easily and naturally, expertly and skillfully enters into conversation. Do not confuse with a chatty person who does not care with whom and about what to sharpen his hair. Sociability is a quality associated with acquired knowledge in the ability to communicate and win people from the first meeting.


No, we are not mercantile, we just remember the joke: "Honey, I will give you everything: stars, sky, moon and sun." “Native, but money, really, really not?” But seriously, we all subconsciously focus on people who are ready to help and share their moral resources, that is, it’s not about money now. Generosity goes hand in hand with the best qualities: kindness, openness, reliability, honesty. Who is good to us is already generous, because we all love signs of attention, sympathy, favor. A person rich in positive emotions also gives us a piece of happiness and good mood.


Decisive and confident individuals achieve great goals, because they are easier to step over the fear of obstacles. They set clear goals for themselves, know their worth and lead people victoriously. It’s a pleasure to boldly grab the banner and inseminate behind the leader’s wide tread. Even if our squeaky “Hooray!” Gets lost in the loud “Go-eh!”, We will still feel like a part of the colossus that does the right thing.


You look at a well-mannered creature and believe that life is filled with wonderful people and peace and harmony reign all around. There is a desire to take a book on etiquette and even read to the page where instructions are given about five spoons to the right of the plate and five forks to the left. And then sit down at the table with a gallant, courteous, friendly and courteous interlocutor and conduct a kind conversation with him. Then indulge in a slow dance and listen in your ear to sweet speech. Oh! It looks like a sugary dream. And still I want to sincerely smile in a crowded minibus to the person who gave you a place. And to the colleague who made the compliment, he shook his hand wholeheartedly.


Who do you most often want to meet - with a person who endlessly comes up with the reasons for being late, or with someone who respects your time? Punctuality at work, at important family events, official meetings speaks of the accuracy and integrity of the person. Accuracy - the politeness of kings. Fuss, lateness, panic, commotion accompany people who are undisciplined and irresponsible. The one who saves his time at the expense of yours is not suitable for partners, even if he is running.


The real world is complex and contradictory; it is filled with worries and anxieties. Anyone who responds to life's difficult situations with a smile will quickly assemble a new dream, even from fragments. Optimists achieve more in life than gloomy pessimists, because they know that a gentle spring will come for a cold winter. A positive person attracts with his life-affirming energy, it would seem, in the most hopeless situation. As popular wisdom says: “Optimism is a cheerful mood that allows the teapot to whistle, filled to the brim with boiling water.”

8. He emphasizes his strengths

Such a person directly speaks about his feelings, abilities and intentions. He avoids phrases such as “I should ...”, “I'm trying,” “I don't know.” Because of such words, you subconsciously lose faith in yourself. An attractive person knows exactly what he wants and what he can. He focuses on his merits, instead of complaining to everyone about his weaknesses.

9. He is making an effort

An attractive person is attentive to everything he does. He tries to look presentable, learns more about a person before a business meeting and gives gifts when he visits. It does not require much time or effort. However, people will see that he has not forgotten about them, and will appreciate his work.