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Armpit depilation


It is necessary to remove hair in the armpits not only for aesthetic reasons: the more hair, the more sweat glands become irritated, and more bacteria accumulate.

And an unpleasant smell appears many times more often. Shaving in this case is not a panacea: irritated skin reacts with more profuse sweating, and the problem does not disappear.

Therefore many women prefer to remove hair in this area with wax. Waxing armpits with wax provides perfect smoothness for 1-2 weeks. Over time, the hairs weaken, and the skin remains smooth for three weeks and even a month.

5 reasons to choose wax for depilation of armpits:

  1. Waxing cheaper than laser,
  2. Unlike a razor and an epilator, does not injure the skin and does not cause irritation,
  3. Together with the hairs keratinized skin particles are removed, i.e., depilation is combined with peeling,
  4. Regrowth hairs thinner, do not form spiky stubble,
  5. Provides long lasting effect.

This method can be used at home. But it is not easy to depilate the armpits on your own: it is very difficult to apply wax in the right direction, and then remove it in one motion.

Therefore, it is better to use the services of a master in the cabin. It will ensure sterility, properly prepare the skin for the procedure and try to minimize discomfort.


An ideal depilation method does not exist today. Armpit waxing also has its drawbacks:

  1. Pain during the procedure. For some women, they are quite tolerant. Those with a low pain threshold complain of severe pain.
  2. Ingrown hair. They appear quite often, as the hair is removed against the direction of growth. Ingrown hairs sometimes become inflamed and cause discomfort.
  3. To carry out the procedure need to grow hairs to a length of at least half a centimeter - not every girl wants to "grow" to such a level.

Armpit depilation - features of the procedure

The reasons why removing armpit hair requires a special approach are obvious.

First of all, armpits are one of the areas of increased sweating. The most intense sweating in any healthy person occurs in the armpits. Therefore, when performing, for example, shugaring armpits, there are difficulties with applying sugar paste to wet skin. The master has to process talcum powder more often than usual.

If a person suffers from hyperhidrosis (increased sweating), we generally do not recommend doing armpit waxing with sugar or wax. To “catch” with a paste on constantly moisturized hair of such a client is extremely problematic.

Secondly, armpit depilation requires particularly careful adherence to technology. Armpit hair grows in three directions: on the upper half, the hair grows up the arm, in the center of the armpit, the hair grows inward, and in the lower half of the armpit, the hair grows down toward the body. As you know, during depilation with sugar, the paste must be applied strictly against hair growth, and removed strictly by growth. So, depilating such a small area as armpits, the master is forced several times during the procedure. change the direction of application and removal of the paste. Failure to comply with this rule threatens to grow a huge amount of hair, and, as a result, inflammation.

Direction of hair growth in muscle cavities

Thirdly, deodorant is applied to the armpits. And if you remove it before the procedure for an experienced master is not a problem, then not using the deodorant a day after the procedure can be quite difficult. It is the day after the depilation of the armpits that you can not use any deodorant. The application of deodorant immediately after depilation threatens with inflammation, because after hair removal, it’s time for some time to remain open, and the deodorant clogs it, starting the inflammatory process.

There are different ways to remove body hair, both long-term and short-term effect.

Most women struggle with unwanted body hairs. Many salons offer hair removal procedures, but they can be carried out at home. There are different methods for hair removal on the body, both long-term and short-term effect. Each of these methods has disadvantages.

Methods of hair removal at home

It is necessary to distinguish between hair removal and hair removal. In the first procedure, only the upper part of the hair is removed, which very soon grows back. Epilation helps to get rid of hair along with the follicle. The effect of hair removal lasts longer, although it also does not last forever. Shaving and hair removal with cream refers to hair removal. Of the methods of hair removal at home, you can:

  • waxing hair,
  • Shugaring
  • hair removal with an epilator.

Waxing (Waxing)

Special wax for hair removal is sold in stores. It is more convenient to use wax in special cartridges that are inserted into the wax alloy.

The procedure for waxing is rather painful, but still remains the most popular method of hair removal at home. The procedure is as follows.

  1. Cleanse and dry your skin. It will be useful to clean the skin from dead particles with a scrub before waxing.
  2. Apply heated wax to the skin. Wax should not be too hot, it can cause burns.
  3. Place a special strip on top of the wax and rip it off with a sharp movement against hair growth.
  4. Once the unwanted hairs are removed, remove the wax residue and wipe the skin with a soothing lotion.

The first time such a procedure can take a lot of time, but over time, the process will accelerate significantly. Repeat waxing after about 3 weeks, when the hairs grow back. At the same time, the wax will work only with the length of the removed hair from 5 mm.

Benefits of Waxing:

  • long-term effect
  • regrowing hairs become thinner and weaker

Disadvantages of waxing:

  • may take a long time
  • pain during the procedure
  • you need to wait until the hairs grow to 5mm.

Shugaring (epilation with sugar paste)

A method that has been gaining popularity recently, although it has been known since ancient Egypt. A common salon procedure, which, with certain skills, is easy to shug at home.

Shugaring consists in removing unwanted hair with a special sugar paste. You can buy it, as well as related products in the store, or you can make it at home from sugar, lemon juice and water.

The paste has a pleasant caramel color, its texture must be ductile to be applied to the skin. The temperature of the paste for shugaring should not be too hot, the room temperature is suitable. Therefore, with shugaring there is no risk of getting a burn.

The procedure for shugaring this.

  1. Cleanse the skin and rub it with lotion.
  2. Sprinkle dry skin with talcum powder to degrease it.
  3. Roll the paste into a ball and apply on the skin against hair growth.
  4. Tear off the paste with a sharp movement along the hairline.
  5. After the procedure, remove the remaining paste with water and wipe the skin with a soothing lotion.

Shugaring brings less pain than waxing, and the effect of it is just as lasting.

  • profitability (sugar paste can be prepared independently from cheap ingredients),
  • long-term effect
  • there is no danger of ingrown hair,
  • less painful procedure than other methods of hair removal.

  • with a lack of experience will require a lot of time and effort,
  • sugar paste, if cooked on its own, may not turn out as it should (too thin or too thick).

Epilator Hair Removal

Epilators are special devices for removing hairs on the body. He pulls out the hairs with the root. The effect of this procedure lasts 2-3 weeks, after which it will have to be repeated.

Removing hair with an epilator is a very painful procedure, and few decide to use it on sensitive areas. If you decide to use an epilator, remember the following nuances.

  1. The epilator will cope only with hairs from a length of 0.5 mm. The device cannot capture short hairs.
  2. For the first time, it is best to use the epilator at minimum speed.
  3. To reduce pain, use massage nozzles on the epilator.
  4. It is better to use an epilator after a hot bath. The device is easier to remove hair from the enlarged pores.
  5. It is necessary to carry out an epilator against hair growth.
  6. Before using the epilator, prepare the skin - clean it with a scrub and wipe with lotion.

Benefits of removing excess hair with an epilator:

  • long lasting effect
  • relative profitability: after purchasing an epilator, additional expenses will not be required.

  • very strong pain,
  • There is a risk of ingrown hair.

Bikini Hair Removal

The skin in the bikini area is very sensitive, and therefore the pain from any hair removal methods will be stronger. The least painful of the above procedures is shugaring, and it is recommended to use it at home when removing hair in the bikini area.

With waxing, the risk of hair ingrowth is higher than with shugaring, in addition, this procedure is more painful, however, this is the method most women choose.

Before removing hair in the bikini area, it will be helpful to steam the skin to expand the pores. After the procedure, apply the skin with a soothing cream, lotion or oil.

Armpit hair removal at home

The skin in the armpit area is also sensitive, but despite this, many girls decide on hair removal in this area using painful procedures such as hair removal with an epilator and hot wax. The best choice, after all, will be the same shugaring, the least painful procedure, after which there is no risk of ingrown hair.

Before hair removal, you need to thoroughly clean the skin and wipe it dry. It is also better to use a scrub that will help remove dead particles. After hair removal, you can lubricate the skin with a special cream that slows hair growth.

What is the complexity of the armpit area?

It’s not easy even for the master to process this site: it is uneven, and stick the bandage as smoothly as possible almost impossible.

Armpit hair grows in different directions - this must be taken into account during waxing. If you hold it in the opposite order (apply according to hair growth, and remove it against), the proper effect will not be.

Another difficulty is aboutvery thin and delicate skinwhich is easy to damage by making a careless move. In case of severe damage, if microcracks occur during the procedures, or if the wax clogs the sweat glands, axillary lymph node inflammation may develop. It is not dangerous, but painful.

When you can not do waxing?

Epilation of armpits with wax has a minimum of contraindications. It can be done during menstruation - but be prepared that it will be a little more painful.

Categorical contraindications are:

  • The presence of damage and inflammation on the skin,
  • Diabetes mellitus (the skin heals more slowly, there is a greater risk of infection and damage during the procedure),
  • The presence of ulcers (sometimes they are formed when the hair grows in, inflammation of the sweat glands - you need to wait until the inflammation disappears),
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Poor blood coagulation
  • The presence of neoplasms, hardenings in the axillary region,
  • Allergy to wax components.

Types of Wax

Three types of wax are used to remove unwanted hair.

  • Cold, or waxing armpits with wax stripes. It is not heated, the maximum - you need to hold it in your hands a little to soften. Wax to a minimum covers the hair; on sensitive armpit skin, this leads to painful sensations. It is not always possible to remove all hair at a time. But there is a plus: burns and irritations after the cold method do not occur.
  • Warm wax applied with a spatula. It covers hairs more strongly, therefore it is more effective. The procedure is slightly less painful, more hairs are removed at a time. A lot of wax remains on the skin, you will have to make an effort to remove it.
  • Hot (heated to 40-42 degrees) steams the skin well, so during its removal you feel a minimum of pain. Hot armpit waxing involves removing all hairs the first time. Hot wax can be used on short (2-3 mm) hairs. The main disadvantage is thin skin in the armpit can be burned. Redness after the procedure may persist for several hours. It’s better not to experiment at home, depilation of armpits with hot wax should only be carried out by experienced professionals. The pores are greatly expanded, so the risk of infection increases, especially if you wear tight clothes or go out immediately after the procedure.

Is it possible to do at home?

Underarm waxing at home is possible, but this is not a simple procedure, unlike shugaring. It is advisable to take not just wax in the finished wax strips (paper, with a layer of wax). They can be bought at the store; they are sold complete with an oiled wax remover.

Before use the strips need to be heated slightly so that the wax softens. You can hold them in your hands or put them in a warm place for a couple of minutes, then stick them in the direction of hair growth, smoothing them well. After a few seconds, with a sharp movement, remove the strip in the direction against hair growth. If not all hairs are removed, repeat.

Remains of wax should be removed with an oiled napkin or cotton pad soaked in cosmetic or any vegetable oil. Do not use alcohol so as not to burn sensitive skin. Then you need to take care of the skin, as well as after the salon procedure.

What is the best way to do armpit depilation?

You can remove hair from the armpits with wax, sugar. Moreover, sugar removal of hair itself also has several types - manually (by hand), the spatula method (the paste is applied and removed with a natural wooden spatula) and the bandage method - sugar paste is removed using a special bandage made of a safe non-woven material. We can make depilation using any of these methods, but in our opinion, the depilation of armpits with sugar is a preferable method, using a spatula method.

It is the underarm shugaring using the Depilux-Bio method that allows you to achieve unsurpassed safety and comfort for the armpit skin, to reduce the speed and intensity of hair growth in the future.

How to prepare for the procedure?

Underarm waxing at home is done on clean skin. A few hours before the procedure, you need to take a shower, preferably use a scrub or a hard peeling washcloth.

Do not use antiperspirants - Reacting with the components of the wax, they can cause allergies. If you carry out the procedure at home - do not wet the skin before depilation.

Armpit depilation in the Depilux salon

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Proper Waxing

It is difficult and unhygienic to apply wax with bare hands. To do this, use a spatula. It can be applied by hand with a glove. When applying hot you need to conduct a temperature test by dropping a little wax on your wrist.

Wax is applied to the hair growth, distributing in a uniform layer. You need to wait a few seconds (from 30 to 60) until it penetrates the pores and begins to solidify around the hairs.

Step-by-step procedure

The procedure itself consists of several stages:

  1. Depilatory area before waxing treated with an antiseptic and sprinkled with talcum powderso that the surface is dry.
  2. After applying wax, apply a bandage - a strip of paper or fabric. It is not necessary to use them, but the bandage will help to remove the wax more carefully. You need to remove it with one sharp movement - otherwise the hairs will remain in place. The skin around can be slightly held.
  3. Remains of wax must not be washed off - it is removed with oil. After that, the skin is again treated with an antiseptic (not alcohol).

Armpit skin care after waxing

Within 6 hours, the skin cannot be wetted, oily cream or antiperspirant applied - the pores are enlarged, and an infection can be introduced.

After a day, you can start using lotion to slow hair growth. This will give you an extra couple of days of smoothness.

After 5 days, you can start using peeling products. This will help to timely remove the layer of keratinized cells and prevent the growth of new hairs.

The second procedure should be carried out after 4-5 weeks - as the hairs grow to about 5 mm.

If you have underarm wax depilation for the first time, then the first hairs can “hatch” in a couple of days. These are those whose phase of active growth has just begun at the time of the procedure. Все выровняется после второго-третьего раза.

Вот наглядный пример процедуры с помощью горячего воска. Из видео вы узнаете основные ошибки, которые допускают новички.

Еще одно видео проведения эпиляции подмышечных впадин от и до.

Tips & Tricks

  • After the procedure, it is desirable put on a cotton t-shirt - Synthetics can cause irritation and excessive sweating.
  • During the day after the procedure - it doesn’t matter if you performed it at home or in the salon, better not to swim in ponds and pools.
  • If you have a low pain threshold, do not wax during menstruation (use of hot wax during this period is generally contraindicated). The best time is the middle of the monthly cycle.
  • Do not take alcohol "for courage" and smoking before the procedure: this will cause vasodilation, increase the risk of inflammation.

Already from the second procedure, pain decreases, and the interval between procedures increases. Try waxing at least once — you might want to forever give up shaving.

What you need to know before deciding to wax armpits

If you have never tried waxing before, then for the first time it is better to go to a professional master. The skin in the axillary areas is quite thin and sensitive, so if you work with wax incorrectly, you can easily damage it. Considering that sweat glands and capillaries are located in close proximity to the surface layer, any traumatic effect in this zone is extremely undesirable. Abrasions and scratches that appear will cause itching and irritation, worse with sweat.

Another reason why it is important to master the technique of waxing before an independent session is a feature of the growth of hairs in the axillary zones. It is in these areas that they grow not in one direction, but in different directions. This explains the complexity of processing armpits: for the first time it is not always possible to independently determine the correct direction of removal of the wax strip. The increased stiffness of the hairs only complicates the task, because they need to be removed without damaging the delicate surface.

If you do not want to spend money on regular visits to professional salons for depilation of armpits, then just observe during the session how the master does it. After several procedures, you can try to perform the procedure yourself, observing the safety rules.

With proper implementation, waxing will be an effective way to solve the problem of thick hairs in the armpits, as it has the following advantages:

  • allows you to get rid of even the toughest hairs without injuring the skin,
  • after the first session, the skin becomes smooth without redness or irritation,
  • the need for the next depilation occurs after about 3 weeks,
  • during the session provides a peeling effect, especially when using heated wax,
  • each time, the hairs are extracted completely with the capture of the roots, so new vegetation appears less frequently and gradually becomes thinner.

An important feature of waxing and at the same time its disadvantage is the requirement for the length of hairs before the procedure. They need to be grown to approximately 5 mm for a tight grip with wax. This is not always convenient, especially in the summer, but after the session you don’t have to use a razor every day.

Many are repelled by the painful sensations that are characteristic of waxing hair removal. However, their intensity is determined by individual characteristics and, as a rule, decreases as the skin gets used to it. At the first sessions, you can use painkillers.

What kind of wax is used for depilation of armpits?

Waxing performed in a salon differs from home waxing by the type of material used. The technique of the procedure is the same: the prepared wax is applied to the area along the growth of the hairs, and is removed in the opposite direction. However, craftsmen, as a rule, heat the wax to a high temperature (about 55-60 ° C), which requires skillful handling of the material. When performing waxing on your own, warm compositions are used that require heating to a temperature of about 37–40 ° C, or ready-made cold wax in the form of strips. This avoids damage and burns on a delicate surface.

Wax that requires heating is available in cans, cartridges, or granules. What is the difference? After heating, the can material is applied using a spatula, the cartridge material is applied with a roller nozzle, and the granular material turns into an elastic composition after melting and forms a thin film on the skin. After solidification, the wax layer applied to the prepared skin of the armpit is torn off, removing the hairs.

To facilitate the removal of heated wax from the treated area, in addition to granular, bandage strips are used, which can be purchased separately or in a depilation kit. They are made of paper or fabric material and stick to the wax layer after application.

For processing armpits, any of the following types of material is used. At home, it is most convenient to use cartridge wax or a composition in granules: they are easily applied to an uneven surface, quickly solidify and effectively remove stiff hairs.

During the first sessions, many apply wax strips that are immediately ready for use: the layer of material applied to them does not need to be heated. However, they remove dense and thick hairs worse than warm wax, because they are less densely captured. In addition, with cold wax, the procedure is more painful.

Carrying out a procedure using heated wax

To warm the wax, a professional wax is often used, with which you can quickly melt the material to the required temperature, focusing on special indicators. The device can be used not only in the cabin, but also at home. For cartridge means, there are separate elongated apparatuses, and for granular and can compositions wax alloys having a wide bowl are used.

With an independent session, many heat the wax with a water bath or in the microwave. In this case, it is very important not to overheat the material and comply with safety rules.

How to use wax in a jar

To apply wax produced in a jar, a spatula (preferably wooden) is additionally required. It is necessary for uniform application of preheated material. The procedure for applying this type of material is as follows:

  1. Place the wax jar in a special wax cup and bring the contents to about 40 ° C. The composition should not be scorching: before applying the mass to the axillary region, test the comfort of its temperature on the wrist. If you do not have a wax, then a water bath or microwave is also suitable.
  2. Take a clean spatula and grab some molten wax from the can, then apply it in the form of a small strip on the skin in the armpit area, focusing on the hairline. So that you can better control the process, stand in front of the mirror and raise your hand up. With the same hand, pull out the skin area with your fingers next to the armpit, and freely manipulate the wax.
  3. As soon as you apply a layer of wax, cover it with a bandage strip, without waiting for the material to solidify. The strip must not only be attached, but carefully pressed and smoothed so that it adheres tightly to the sticky mass.
  4. Now you need to wait a bit (no more than 40-60 seconds) until the composition becomes solid. If you hold the material on the skin for too long, it will be more difficult to remove.
  5. Pressing the skin with your fingers near one end of the strip, sharply pull this edge along the line opposite to the growth of the hairs. Ideally, the bandage should be removed along with the wax and hairs the first time. Immediately after this, place your hand on the treated area to soothe the skin.

Try not to make the applied wax layer too thick or wide - this will make it difficult to remove.

Features of applying film wax

Another version of wax that requires heating before use is a granular composition. Under the influence of temperature, the material acquires elasticity and hardens on the skin in the form of a film after application. This is the case when the mixture is easily removed without any additional strips. The correct procedure for using this type of wax is as follows:

    To obtain a homogeneous mass, place the granules in a can of wax can and heat the material to 40 ° C. Remember that a microwave or water bath does not provide accurate tracking of the heating temperature of the composition.

Granular wax is one of the most economical materials: only a few granules will be required to process axillary cavities.

Cartridge Application Technique

When choosing wax in a cartridge, the procedure for depilation of the armpit is simplified: the material is distributed by the nozzle without the need for a spatula. It remains only to warm the composition to a comfortable temperature and carry out the procedure, following the following steps:

  1. Insert the cartridge into the wax intended for this type of wax, after removing the protective film from the roller nozzle. It can also be placed in a pan (when heated in a water bath) or in the microwave, but you must monitor the temperature of the composition - not more than 40 ° C.
  2. Take a heated cartridge and slide the nozzle over the skin in the armpit, sitting comfortably next to the mirror. The direction of movement is standard - according to the growth of hairs.

If hairs remain on the treated area, then the procedure can be repeated. To do this, apply the heated wax cartridge again, trying to press it as tightly as possible against the uneven surface of the armpit.

Ready strips are the easiest way to wax.

Warm formulations require increased attention when working with them because of the risk of getting burns on delicate skin in the axillary areas. The situation with the use of ready-made strips is much simpler: a special layer of wax is applied to them, which is glued to the hairs without preliminary heating. Their efficiency is lower compared to warm types of material, however, strips can be re-applied to the same area if dense hairs cannot be completely removed the first time.

The procedure is carried out in the following order:

  1. Lightly rub the finished strip with your palms so that the material becomes elastic (usually 5-8 seconds are enough).
  2. Separate one half of the strip from the other and stick them on the axillary zone, placing them next to each other. Firmly press and smooth the material according to the corresponding growth of the hairs of the line.

For the treatment of axillary areas, many strips are not required: usually two halves are enough for depilation of one zone.

Often, after applying cold wax, pieces of wax remain on the skin. This situation is less likely to occur when using warm compositions, which, when solidified, are completely removed from the surface. Residual material is poorly washed off with plain water. To do this, it is better to use napkins included in the set with ready-made strips, or cotton pads that need to be treated with vegetable or cosmetic oil.

Rules for the preparation and subsequent skin care

In order for the hair removal procedure to be quick and effective, it is important to properly prepare the skin. Regardless of what type of wax is used, the surface must be pre-cleaned and disinfected. To do this, use the following recommendations:

  1. First of all, check whether the hairs in the axillary areas have grown to 5 mm. If they are too long, cut them with small scissors.
  2. Begin preparing for the session in about 1 hour by taking a shower with peeling in the armpit. Additional surface cleansing will help remove hairs more easily.
  3. Blot the skin with a soft towel without stretching or rubbing the skin in different directions.
  4. To reduce sensitivity, you can take Emla cream, which is applied to the treated area 1 hour before the session. A cling film can be applied on top of the layer for a better effect.

To reduce the risk of surface infection after depilation, it is better to carry out the procedure in the evening. In addition, within a day after the session, it is not recommended to use a deodorant.

Once you have finished your waxing session, treat your axillae again with an antiseptic - Chlorhexidine or Miramistin will do. After this, apply talcum powder and a soothing cream of non-greasy consistency. Follow the general rules below:

  • avoid applying alcohol-containing products to the treated skin for the next day,
  • for 3-4 days after waxing, wear clothing made from natural materials only,
  • after 3 days, perform a peeling to reduce the likelihood of ingrown hair formation,
  • for the next 2-3 days, do not visit the sauna, swimming pool, solarium, as well as prohibiting active sunbathing and physical activity that causes active sweating.

If after the procedure you notice signs of irritation or redness of the areas, then the axillary region can be lubricated with Bepanten cream or Levomekol ointment. They have an antibacterial effect and quickly repair damaged skin. From folk remedies, decoctions of chamomile or a well-known indoor plant - aloe, cope with this task. As a rule, with proper care, irritation disappears within a day.


You should not carry out waxing in the cabin or on your own if there are such contraindications:

  • if there are any skin lesions in the armpits (abrasions, wounds, scratches, ulcers, acne), as well as papillomas and protruding moles,
  • exacerbated chronic diseases,
  • serious inflammatory processes in the body,
  • poor blood clotting,
  • diabetes mellitus
  • an allergic reaction to the ingredients used in the wax for depilation.

If you are not sure whether waxing is right for you, consult a professional. It will help determine whether this procedure is possible in your case, or whether it needs to be replaced with another type of depilation. It is imperative to obtain the permission of the doctor before waxing during pregnancy: intense pain can have an unpredictable effect on the body.

Armpit waxing reviews

Girls, waxing is the best thing that happened to me in this life. I am happy that my girlfriend is doing this and persuaded me to do it. I already forgot how to shave armpits every day. Did the depilation, and enjoy, about 2 weeks nothing is growing at all. This is wonderful! Well, the minus is that then you have to endure and wait a moment so that they are branches of sufficient length. Hair becomes thin, light, when it grows back, you don’t even feel it. The first time, of course, it hurts, because the hair is tough, but each time the pain is felt less and less. I can say that I am doing depilation not only in the armpit area and am very pleased. Girls, gather all your will into a fist and decide on it. It's worth it.


Before, I always shaved: legs, armpits, bikinis ... After buying wax and wax in cartridges, I began to epilate my legs and bikini. I increasingly wondered if I could try wax on my armpits ... But I was terribly afraid. In the end, I decided and went to the beautician - I decided that the beautician with clear and ruthless movements would make the procedure less painful and I didn’t lose it ... I really liked the result, such smoothness and silky skin ... Irritation passed literally in a day and for 2 weeks I forgot about armpits completely. The next time I did everything myself at home, of course longer than a beautician and a little hurt, but it's worth it. The first time before the procedure I took a pill of a good pain medication, turned on some kind of film (to distract the brain, I watched the program that if you take your brain at some painful moment, you can almost double the pain threshold, since the brain is busy it’s another thing and doesn’t react so much to pain) I have been doing hair removal in the armpit area for more than six months and what can I summarize: I am very pleased with the result, my hair has become thin, light and less, the procedure is easy to transfer, I don’t have any tear Appreciation, I can immediately put on a T-shirt and go somewhere. When I am too lazy to mess with wax, I go through the epilator and in 5 minutes I already have nothing (before I couldn’t even touch the armpit with the epilator, my tears would well come right away) For this result, you must endure the first 3-4 procedures when it really hurts. Have patience, courage and Forward!)


Previously, before the holidays, I always did the procedure of waxing the whole body. Removed hair on legs, arms, bikini completely and armpits. Of all these sites, the simplest and fastest is the armpits. Firstly, the zone is small, and secondly, it is not as painful as a bikini or lower leg, because of painfulness it is second from the end, after the hands (hands are easiest for me, since there is not so much hair and they are soft). Of course, using a razor for this area is the most painless and quick. Если нет раздражения на бритье, думаю, лучший вариант. Поэтому я и пользовалась именно бритвой и только перед отпуском на море ходила на воск. Для того, чтобы в отпуске с бритьем вообще не заморачиваться. Как раз на полторы — две недели хватало. Можно постоянно применять воск, но прийдется в таком случае отращивать волосы между процедурами, чтобы было воску за что схватиться.This is not convenient, especially in the summer season, when you wear open clothes and if excessive sweating. Waxing is as follows. The master degreases the area that will be epilated. Then it applies warm wax, waits a few seconds and strips off the hair with special strips. Repeats this on one armpit several times, 3-4 times, as far as I can remember, that is, the entire area of ​​the hair is not removed at a time. This is even better, probably, since it is not so painful as if the site was vast. I didn’t get irritated after the wax, the armpit hairs did not grow. Although in some, the hairs begin to grow and inflammation appears later. Hence the conclusion that I recommend underarm waxing before leaving for warmer climates in order to feel comfortable there and forget about shaving for a couple of weeks.


I have been doing waxing everywhere for about 3 years now. Armpits are waxing — holy work. the first) it’s sickly, but bearable, but my hair doesn’t grow bristle afterwards, like after a razor, it’s easy for me for 2-3 weeks, I shave for another 2 weeks and I don’t have this black stubble.

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I do to myself. really like. more than a year ago, she switched to wax only. Underarm depilate only in strips, they are somehow more subtle. From a cassette, it’s better (according to the area of ​​depilation), but it’s very painful, there were some bloody smudges, there was some kind of wax there. Therefore, the legs are cassette, and the armpits are striped. Single hairs that remain at the edges - do not bother or pinch with tweezers. the first time the girlfriend pulled) on her own advice), then she started to do it herself. The main thing to consider is the direction of hair growth, they often grow in different directions in the armpits.


Waxing is an excellent alternative to daily shaving of hairs in the axillary areas, if carried out correctly. When performed in a salon, the security of the session is ensured by the master, and before performing waxing at home, it is important to study the technique of the procedure and safety measures. If you still decide to independently remove the hairs using wax, then use only a warm mixture or ready-made strips. To avoid injuring delicate areas in the axillary areas, first try a test procedure on smoother skin, such as your arms or legs.