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Tackles, lures and other fishing needs of Rapala


Wobblers from the Finnish company Rapala are considered legendary lures that are known among all spinning fishing enthusiasts. Almost every fisherman catches the bait of the legendary company and never regretted it.

Rapala wobblers, the catalog of which includes many models, have already gained popularity among fishermen. But not all models are suitable for our conditions and fish. First you need to determine the characteristics of each wobbler, and then select the right bait.

Popular lures of the Rapala catalog

Many years of experience of manufacturers in combination with modern technologies have made it possible to create innovative baits that have won many fans in the fishing world. The popularity of lures is due to its high efficiency and reliability.

The Rapala catalog has both balsa and plastic models that catch fish no worse than others, and some even better. Let's take a closer look at the most popular and catchy models of the lures of this company, and then talk about their characteristics.

Rapala X-Rap

250 kg of fish for 1 fishing

The detained poachers told the secret of their success for a good bite. The fish inspectors were so surprised at their lack of poaching equipment.

The legendary wobbler model with a stated immersion depth of up to 2.5 meters, which is equipped with a rattle. Universal wobbler that allows you to catch pike perch, pike, trout, perch and salmon. They also often fish in the open sea and catch tarpon, sea bass and many other marine predators.

The bait is truly universal, as it allows you to fish with little effort using a variety of postings and shows good results. Also with this wobbler you can fish trolling perfectly. Buy Rapala X-Rap at Aliexpress.

Rapala clackin rap

Wobbler Rapala Clackin Rap is slightly different from its counterparts. The main difference is the absence of a blade, which allows for a variable depth of immersion. And the low frequency of the rattle sound will not let pass any predatory fish

The oscillation frequency of the bait during posting also makes itself felt - even a passive predator will not be able to pass by a wobbler. An acoustic camera with one ball and two metal discs allows you to achieve loud sound from a rattle inside the bait.

Clackin Rap is one of the best developments of the Rapala company. The internal holographic coating in combination with a translucent body and a special texture make the wobbler more attractive to the predator. Such characteristics allow you to fish in water of any transparency.

Rapala Skitter Pop

This is a popper that allows you to catch pike and perch in hard to reach places. The material used in the production of bait - balsa, made it possible to achieve the maximum life and positive buoyancy of the bait.

This material has several advantages over plastic, the main of which is durability. The characteristics of the bait are different and depend on the specific modification. Skitter Pop is the legendary poper from Rapala.

Rapala maxrap

A surface bait that is considered universal. The universality of the wobbler is that with its help you can fish in salt and fresh water. It is suitable for catching fish such as pike, asp and perch, or marine life: lard, barracuda, sea bass and palamids.

Own game of the bait is weakly expressed, at least as claimed on the official website of the Rapala company. When twitching, the game of the bait is also moderate, so applying aggressive posting methods will be an irrational decision.

Maxrap wobblers are available in a line that allows you to choose the right bait for your fishing conditions. Depending on the specific model, Rapala Maxrap wobblers plunge to a depth of 0.3 to 0.9 meters.

Rapala Team Esko

The Team Esko lure model has positive buoyancy and plunges from 1.2 meters to 1.8 meters, depending on the weight and model of the blade. Most often, such a bait is caught by pike, perch, trout, trout, trout, chub and asp.

The bait got its name in honor of the son of the founder of Lauri Rapala. Esko to this day continues to develop amazing and unique lures that will not leave you without a catch. Team Esko is a pretty heavy wobbler with positive buoyancy.

When fishing for salmon and trout, you just can not do without Team Esko wobbler. A distinctive feature of the bait is its very sharp tees, which are sharpened by chemical treatment and a broken blade. The bait is great for fishing in ponds with and without current.

Rapala Deep Tail Dancer

In fishing circles, bait is more famous as the Rapala Dancer. When fishing in deep water, you just can not do without this model of a wobbler. The working depth of the Rapala Deep Tail Dancer wobbler is up to 10 meters, which makes it indispensable for fishing in reservoirs.

It is great for catching a variety of fish. The bait is able to provoke a pike, perch and pike perch for bite, and most often it is used to catch catfish. The price of such a bait is relatively small, and the range of application is quite wide.

Rapala countdown

A sinking bait, which perfectly catches a chub, perch and pike, less often comes across an asp. Variable working depth is the trump card of the bait. The fisherman can simply take a short pause during the posting, and the bait will sink to the required depth. This wobbler is sinking at a speed of about 30 centimeters per second.

Pronounced own game allows you to fish on a uniform wiring. The model line consists of lures with a different set of characteristics and the smallest Countdown weighs only 2 grams with a length of 2 centimeters.

Rapala DT Flat

The bait is characterized by a game with a relatively wide amplitude. It has manual adjustment and differs from other models by an integrated noise chamber, which is able to attract predatory fish from large distances.

The large amplitude of the wiring is an important advantage of the bait. Fluctuations will be maintained at any wiring speed, due to the wobbler's profile being flat. The blade also has a protective function. The eyes of the bait 3D.

Overview of the most popular models

The entire catalog of Rapal lures can be divided into three categories. These categories are determined by a given working depth. Among fishermen it is customary to divide wobblers into the following types:

  • surface lures
  • finely submersible wobblers,
  • deep diving wobblers.

Surface wobblers Rapala

  1. Long cast minnow 7 layers of paint and varnish were applied to the bait. The naturalness of the wiring and casting distance is provided by a set of weights inside the bait. Best suited for fishing in places with a depth not exceeding 1 meter. The cost of such a wobbler is $ 14.
  2. Tail dancer deep special aerodynamic characteristics allow the bait to plunge to great depths without any problems. The bait is great for trolling and casting fishing. You can carry out the bait in a variety of ways. The price of the Dancer is about $ 10.
  3. Dives-to fat vertical vibrations in combination with a high-frequency game make the bait very effective. The oscillation frequency directly depends on the wiring speed. The bait is equipped with one hook with two tips. The cost of the bait stops at around $ 12.
  4. BX Waking Minnow The large amplitude makes this bait very natural. Quite a lot of weight with small sizes and 5 colors will help you choose the most catchy combination for different fishing conditions. The price of BX Waking Minnow is $ 13.
  5. Skitter prop An ideal fishing lure for perch, pike and trout. The main difference of the bait is the screw in the back, which foams water during the posting. Equipped with two triple hooks. For the propeller to work properly, you will have to make strong jerks, so uniform wiring will not work. The price is about $ 6.
  6. X-Rap Pop The gurgle published by this wobbler is able to attract fish from all over the pond. The feather on the tail only adds to its appeal. This is an indispensable bait for pike fishing, which costs only about $ 6.
  7. DT Fat SureSet a bait that can be easily cast up to a distance of 50 meters. The wobbler is equipped with two tees. The line is presented in the form of three color schemes, although the price of the bait is quite large and is about $ 11.

Finely submerged wobblers

  1. X-Rap Saltwater made for fishing by trolling in salt water. The metal used as the base material is very carefully coated with an anti-corrosion compound. A high-frequency game with a small amplitude provokes a predator to bite. The cost of such a bait is from 10 to 14 dollars.
  2. Jointed Shallow Shad Rap a bait, consisting of several parts, which has a wide amplitude of the game at any speed. Equipped with two triple black hooks and a rattle. The price of the wobbler is relatively small and is only $ 8.
  3. Husky jerk An ideal bait for catching pike, perch and all salmon fish. A distinctive feature is the neutral centering of the wobbler. The cost of the bait starts at $ 8.
  4. Maxrap bait, allowing long casts. The main advantage of the bait is that it allows you to catch almost all freshwater predators. This model costs only 13 dollars.
  5. X-Rap Jointed Shad The bait consists of two parts, so it has a very active game of its own. Bright game is able to attract fish from great distances. They can catch many predatory fish, it is especially well-proven when fishing for salmon. The bait is equipped with two tees and costs about $ 18.
  6. Shallow magnum The main element of this bait is trolling fishing at low speed. Great for fishing on a large predator who loves to hunt in the upper layers of water. The bait is equipped with two tees and costs only $ 10.
  7. X-Rap Shad Shallow the bait is the undisputed leader in its segment, due to plumage and equipping with two tees. Best for fishing during the cold season. The cost of the bait is only 10 dollars.

Deep diving lures

  1. Rattlin Minnow Spoon it is a non-engaging lure that is equipped with a single hook. It is somewhat similar to a wobbler, so we decided to include it in the catalog. The wide amplitude of the game at any speed of posting, which does not stray when in contact with water obstacles makes the bait really effective. The cost of the Rattlin Minnow Spoon is only $ 9.
  2. Shad rap magnum equipped with a metal blade, which significantly reduced the resistance of the bait during wiring. The bait is adapted for fishing for large fish and its reinforced design allows you to catch the largest pike without any particular fear. The price of the bait is only 11 dollars.
  3. Countdown town one of the most popular wobblers for fishing at great depths. He plays very attractively, with uniform wiring describing a zigzag. The bait is equipped with two tees and its body is covered with durable material. The cost of this model reaches $ 18.
  4. Ultra Light Rippin ’Rap - universal bait, which allows you to catch in the cast or plumb from the boat. The bait is equipped with a rattle and 3D eyes. Two tees will not allow the predator to leave it, and the price of $ 9 makes the bait accessible to all fishermen.
  5. Clackin ’rap the bait, which is devoid of a blade and has a noise chamber that provides sound vibrations. The body of the bait is translucent and equipped with a holographic coating. The bait costs about $ 12 and perfectly catches different types of predators.
  6. Rippin ’rap a bait known among fishermen for its rattle. The bait is effective at any depths. Thanks to the high-frequency game, it allows you to catch the vast majority of fish species. For such a wobbler you have to pay about $ 9.

250 kg of fish for 1 fishing

The detained poachers told the secret of their success for a good bite. The fish inspectors were so surprised at their lack of poaching equipment.

History of Rapala

The founder of the famous Finnish company was a simple village guy Lauri Rapala. It all started in 1930, when he, while still young, worked as a lumberjack. In his free time, Lauri was fond of fishing, which also brought him income. To increase the productivity of the catch, the savvy Finn invented his first lure from wood bark and candy foil. An old film was applied to the sides of the homemade, replacing the varnish.

In the post-war period, Lauri Rapala began not only to improve invented wobblers, but also gradually began to attach his sons and his wife to this business. This was the beginning of a family business, and already in the 50s their products could be seen in stores in America. The famous Normark company, which was known as a seller of spinners and wobblers of BluFox, as well as knives, scissors, cross-country skis, undertook to promote Rapala lures in the USA.

The consumer market already has 140 countries, and the main factories for the production of fishing products Rapala located in France, Finland, Russia, Estonia and China.

Today the company produces:

  • fishing lures
  • clothes and shoes for fishing,
  • bags, backpacks, belts,
  • instruments,
  • tents.

Balancers Rapala

Rapala products, including balancers, are distinguished by their reliability and quality, which is very important in fishing.

Balancers Rapala Jigging Rap are designed for winter fishing of perch, pike and large pike perch. The bait has the form of a small fish with a tail stabilizer, which makes it possible to catch a sufficiently large area of ​​the reservoir. Creating loop-like movements, the balancer lures a predator. Subsequently, this leads to an active attack on the bait. The range of this series is very diverse both in color and in the number of sizes.

Rapala Jigging Rap is characterized not only by its balanced, but also cyclical game. This type of lure is great for beginner anglers, as stable and understandable animations brighten up inexperience and some mistakes. Equipped with high-quality hooks helps to withdraw even a large trophy without much difficulty. A balancer of this type is in great demand both among professional anglers and amateurs.

Rapala Snap Rap is a new all-purpose bait designed to capture predators. Its application has a wide range: fishing from ice, from a boat and from the shore. This bait has a tail tail and upgraded hooks. When posting, there are jerks to the side, fairly quick and gradual exits from maneuvers. It is used at great depths and in the middle layer of water. Due to the correct design and reliable hooks, the balancer can withstand the rocky bottom and strong teeth of the predator. The model is made of stainless steel, which makes it possible to successfully use it in sea water. Typically, wiring consists of alternating jerks and pauses. This allows the balancer to move smoothly in the water column.

Rapala lures have unique hydrodynamic qualities that allow you to maneuver yourself. It is enough just to swing the spinning rod up, and the balancer will go in a given direction, describing a drop-shaped arc and returning to its former place.

Lures Rapala

The first Rapala wobblers were made of very light wood - balsa, they are available today. Of course, the quality of the material is excellent, but there is a drawback - instability to the teeth of a predator, which reduces the operational life of the bait. Today, Rapala pays more attention to the production of plastic wobblers.

Before the Rapala lures go on sale, they undergo rigorous testing of their performance. That is why the products of this brand are distinguished by their reliability and high quality.

An interesting feature of the Rapala X-Rap wobblers is the shape of the case, similar to Minnow (minnow) and Shad (shad). They can be used both on the surface and at a depth of up to 9 meters. In addition, these wobblers are equipped with a long casting system. The behavior of the lures of this series is always the same working regardless of the wiring used.

Wobblers Rapala X-Rap are developed on the basis of modern technologies and equipped with 3D holographic eyes. As for colors, here the choice is quite extensive and adapted to different fishing conditions, for any color and taste. Some of the models have a feather edge fixed on the rear tee, which further attracts the predator. This series includes developments for both marine and freshwater fishing. The lures are suitable for spinning and trolling. Especially wobblers of Rapala X-Rap are popular with followers of twitching.

The Shad Rap Deep Runner of this series has gained particular trust among fishing enthusiasts. The size of the bait is 5–9 cm, and the weight is 7–15 g. Due to its powerful blade, which makes it possible to move along the bottom, raising a cloudy trail, the wobbler has an increased chance of attracting predatory fish. Shad Rap Deep Runner is ideal for trolling.

Wobbler Xtreme Minnow (Extreme Minnow) from Rapala in 2012 at the Efttex exhibition was the winner in the nomination "The best solid volume bait." Он снабжен уникальной системой Balsa Xtreme Concept, защищающей приманку из бальзы за счет пластмассового корпуса. Другое не менее интересное исполнение серии BX (Balsa Xtreme) – двусоставник BX Swimmer – отличается от чемпиона своим крупным размером (12 см) и весом (22 г), а так в целом они наделены схожими рабочими характеристиками. Глядя на их внешний вид, с полной уверенностью можно сказать, что приманки очень похожи на рыбку. Также они оснащены 3D голографическими глазками, а количество расцветок имеет 9 вариантов. Обе модели изготовлены из бальзы и покрыты твердым полимерным составом.This technique helps to combine the animation abilities of wood and the hardness of plastic. Hooks for this series use the highest quality - Black Nickel VMC Hooks. Testing the entire Rapala series is entirely manual.

Other accessories

In addition to fishing lures that have proven themselves in the global market, the company also produces no less high-quality equipment for fishing enthusiasts.
Rapala fishing suits always exactly meet the basic wishes of their owner. A waterproof fabric that breathes creates comfortable conditions in any weather. The design of the suits provides a large number of adjustments for a perfect fit for yourself. Well and, of course, waterproof internal and external pockets.

The company also produces high-quality fishing shoes: from waterproof boots designed specifically for moving around various coastal areas, to lightweight boots, the design features of which allow them to be used even at very low temperatures.

The fishing products of the Finnish company Rapala (balancers, wobblers, tools, bags, belts, backpacks, clothes, shoes, etc.) are distinguished by their quality and practicality, and the introduction of innovative technologies in production only further increases the demand and popularity of this brand.