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12 ways to look and feel younger


Does hard work pull all the juices out of you? It seems that there is no energy even for household chores, not only for creativity for the soul? Overpower yourself! For a harmonious life, a woman needs to do something bright, feminine, handmade. Try to draw a little or learn to knit. This will relieve stress, which means that your eyes will shine and wrinkles will be smoothed out!

What if this will be the beginning of a new profession? Are you afraid to change something due to age? Talentsy expert Olga Lavrinenko tells Psychologies about how to change occupation, even if you're 40!

Red products at your plate

Watermelons, berries, tomatoes, are superfoods in the fight against aging, as American superstar nutritionists say. Tomatoes and watermelons contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant with anti-aging properties. Berries are also rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances, that is, sweet fruits can help keep your brain healthy by fighting age-related mental decline.

YouTube break

When you feel tired or annoyed, it's time to take a video break. It doesn’t matter what it will be - funny pandas, young children or the performance of your favorite comedian, most importantly, get a dose of laughter. After all, it has long been proven that laughter, that is, positive emotions, reduces stress, therefore, you look younger. And more recently, researchers have proven that even an artificial, tight smile can make you 3 years younger!

Gentle hands

Age is easily determined by the hands of a woman. Therefore, pay special attention to their care. Make a weekly peeling with a homemade scrub (half a cup of granulated sugar, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and a few drops of essential oil). Rub it into the skin with massage movements, then rinse with cool water. After this, the hands should be moistened with cream. It should also be noted that with age, burgundy and red varnishes are better to replace with lighter shades.

Meet friends

Even if you have been married a long time ago and you have five children, do not forget about friends.
Let it be once a week, but stable. Studies have shown that social connections lower blood pressure, protect against dementia and Alzheimer's - that is, make you feel young much longer.

Take time for tea

A cup of tea can truly save you from trying out stressful emotions. This is probably one of the few moments when the advertisement is not lying. First, you focus, calm down. Secondly, the body receives the necessary fluid. After all, the lack of water in the body primarily affects your appearance - hence wrinkles and peeling of the skin. In addition, green tea will help the skin maintain its elasticity.

Be realistic with your to-do list.

The stress hormone cortisol makes our body age both inside and out. If your to-do list is a kilometer long and you constantly think about it, then you live with stress all the time. Try to write down only what you can do during the day, and do not forget to ask for help with the remaining items of your husband, mom or nanny.

Sleepy pause

It seems that people still do not understand that lack of sleep significantly reduces their life. Chronic exhaustion makes you more vulnerable to various diseases, from depression to obesity. Of course, a sleep lasting 7-9 hours would be an ideal solution, but if you can not afford it, take a nap at least 20 minutes in the afternoon. This will increase efficiency and reduce circles under the eyes.

Fun physical education

Everyone knows about the benefits of physical activity, but not everyone applies knowledge in practice. Very often, people refuse to go to the gym because they are bored. Choose a sport that you like. Don't like treadmills? Sign up for yoga or volleyball. Swimming is also a great option. Feel like a child for whom the movement is truly life!


Happy woman is a beautiful woman! Whatever your facial features, a frown will hide all the beauty and emphasize skin imperfections, and a sincere smile, on the contrary, will show you in a better light.

Is it hard to force yourself to smile when winter longing is in my heart? And you try through power. The fact is that muscle memory acts in the opposite direction: you smile when you are in a good mood, and when you smile - you are in a good mood! There is even such a practice - "smile yoga", whose followers recommend starting the morning with at least a 20-minute smile. Smile while you take a shower, cook breakfast, walk the dog. And get younger before our eyes!

Do exercises

Life is motion. Everyone knows this, but not everyone finds the strength in themselves to practice. Try to integrate movement into your life. For example, every time you go to the toilet, do 10 squats. And before each meal, stand at least half a minute in the bar. If you have a snack on the street and the bar is not possible, take a short run.

But exercise is not only a body-strengthening sport. Face fitness will help cope with age-related changes in the face. Here we talked about how to deal with gravitational ptosis using exercises.

A good song will not only cheer you up, but also improve your body and rejuvenate your face.

The main thing is to put your voice correctly, then singing will be tantamount to training, which strengthens the muscles of the face and abdominal cavity. Do you think that a good voice and sonorous singing is a gift given from birth? Marina Polteva, a stellar vocal teacher, claims in her online course that she can teach anyone “Singing is easy”.


Constant stress deprives us of inner harmony, the so-called "beautiful state". How to return this state? Completely disconnect the brain from the external and turn the consciousness inward. Daily meditation will relax all spasmodic muscles, smooth the face, heal the soul and body. The three most effective methods of meditation for beginners are recommended by Alena Bogatova.

Choose the right makeup

Age is also given out by the smallest imperfections of the skin: enlarged pores, pigmentation, small wrinkles. To disguise them and emphasize the dignity of their own face is a whole science. Which, however, is quite accessible even to someone who has never held a beauty blender in his hands and does not know how the corrector differs from concealer.

World-renowned makeup artist Vladimir Kalinchev will easily teach every makeup art to himself.

Do not deprive yourself of the right products

Extra pounds in the thighs and abdomen haunt? Do not rush to quickly reset them with an effective hungry diet. With age after diets, not only the fat from the breeches zone leaves, but also the elasticity of the skin, the freshness of the face. There are several products that can never be discarded after 30 years. Their list is here.

Have regular sex

Studies show that sex on a regular basis makes couples look and feel as much as seven years younger. All thanks to the "hormones of happiness" endorphins, improved blood circulation and the same physical activity. In addition, having sex is one of the best ways to relieve stress.

Improve Your Skin Care

If you have not switched to natural skin care products, then it's time to do it. Given that your skin is the largest organ in the body, you should take good care of it. Use products without chemicals, allergens, parabens and other controversial additives and you will immediately get a positive result, and this will instantly make you feel younger.

Go on an adventure

Nothing makes people feel full of life like adventures. Leave your incomplete to-do list and go on a trip: whether in another country or just in a new place, which is only a few hours away from you. Positive emotions will surely throw you off an extra couple, three years.

Behave Young

Of course, you have to go to work, pay taxes and make sure that the children have a packed lunch for school - but all this does not mean that you cannot behave young. From time to time, stay up late, arrange movie evenings, go to concerts - do everything that makes you feel that you are living a full life. When you act young, you feel young.