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Vocal folds as a cause of stuttering


How to stop stuttering is a question that plagues every stutter. I remember myself, every day I dreamed of getting rid of this ailment. The first thought that occurred in my head when I woke up was - I stutter, dozens of times a day I thought about stuttering and every day I wanted to get rid of it.

The problem of stuttering, unfortunately, is not very relevant in the modern world. Yes, stuttering, or according to scientific logoneurosis, is recognized as a disease, but with the development of modern medicine, with the most difficult technical component, physicians cannot guarantee a cure for stuttering in humans. Medicine cannot even give an adequate answer to the question - why do people stutter, what factors can trigger the appearance of logoneurosis.

I managed to defeat this really, terrible ailment that has poisoned my life for so long, interfered with communication, acquaintances, leisure, study, career - stuttering interferes with absolutely everything! Read more about how I defeated stuttering in my book, anyone can defeat stuttering!

Traditional methods for treating stuttering

Medication. When a child begins to stutter, most parents immediately lead him to a doctor, a speech therapist, or a neurologist. Most doctors have no idea what stuttering is, how to treat it, medicine does not know a guaranteed way to get rid of stuttering. Doctors usually prescribe vitamins and tranquilizers, to suppress the psyche, for example Phenibut, which I took as prescribed by the doctors, the drug did not give any result.

I am sure most stutters have tried to get rid of this ailment with the help of certain drugs.

Surgical intervention. How not to stutter during a conversation, people have been asking a question since ancient times, earlier attempts were made to cure stuttering by surgical removal of parts of the tongue or vocal cords, and most surprisingly, stuttering did disappear for some time after the operation, but soon reappeared. Medieval doctors did not abandon attempts to cure stuttering by removing certain parts of the tongue, throat, and sometimes the brain, but some stable results were not achieved.

To date, no attempt has been made to surgically solve the stuttering problem.

Folk remedies and methods for treating stuttering

I don’t know how in other countries, but various healers, psychics and magicians are quite common in Russia. It is up to you to believe them or not; they did not help me from stuttering, but really strange things happened to me when I visited healers. I wrote about them in detail here.

Many stories go about the various abilities of healers and they are not without foundation. I consider myself a pragmatic person and always try to really look at things and that’s why I can’t close my eyes, at the many facts that take place.

But, unfortunately, the healers whom I went to could not help me with stuttering, and how nice it would be to come to the healer, psychic, magician (and at least to whom) and leave him with a completely normal speech, this would be incredibly wonderful. It would be the best day of my life.

How not to stutter? If you have already tried all the "standard" ways to get rid of stuttering - doctors, healers, hypnotists, and others, and nothing has helped you, it's time to get down to business on your own!

Many do not know that getting rid of stuttering is real and many did it. Many do not even believe that deliverance is possible at all, because they have never seen people who could cope with this disgusting ailment. But in reality there are such people, and these are not some unknown Vasya and Petit, but truly famous people whom almost every inhabitant of not only Russia but the world knows!

Did you know that Bruce Willis has been stuttering since childhood? Everyone watched Die Hard or The Fifth Element, and no one could even suggest that the protagonist of the film was a former stutter. Bruce Willis speaks at the American Stuttering Fund and it’s a fact that anyone who knows English can listen to his 2016 speech there.

Here is a real example of how a person can cope with stuttering, I am sure that Bruce is not lying, that he stuttered and coped with stuttering. To the fact that he stuttered there are numerous confirmations of his friends and relatives, you can easily find them in the American media and online magazines. On Wikipedia, in the biography of Bruce, it is indicated that he suffered from stuttering.

And there are many such examples of real people, you can see this here.

Here Samuel Jackson is a famous actor, who is also known by many to speak at the same Institute with Bruce Willis three years earlier in 2016.

Here is the link to this institute

If you have a stutter when excited or in a stupor, any situation arises, know that there is a solution!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t turn out to go with the wizard and leave him with a normal speech or drink a pill and miraculously stop stuttering. For more than 20 years I have been waiting for a miracle that, of course, did not happen.

To learn how to get rid of stuttering, read my book, if you haven’t already read it, my method, which is built on the experience of people who have managed to stutter, has very good results.

1. Quick Speech (Tachyllium)

“Speaking faster, so fast speaking” - you say. So what. It does not cause any surprise and does not even attract attention. We all can very well remember the moments when we speak quickly, almost "burst out." Anyway, what's so strange about that?

Even from school, we are taught to speak and read quickly. Remember elementary school when you were forced to read at speed. No one sees this as a problem, neither teachers nor parents. And the result may not be very pleasant.

Have you ever tried to increase the playback speed of any sound recording? If not, then you should try and listen to what happens to the sound. Along with the speed, the tonality of playing the melody or the pitch of the voice of the speaker on the recording also increases. Remember the string example. The stronger the string is stretched, the higher its sound, the weaker, the lower the sound.

With our quick speech, the pitch of the voice also rises, and this leads to tension of the vocal folds (ligaments). What this could threaten, I wrote above, so I won’t repeat myself.

How to avoid this?

  • Check how fast you read and speak.

I want to warn you right away. Do not try to read as quickly as possible or, conversely, try to read more slowly than you are used to.

So. They laid down the text in front of them, picked up a stopwatch. We read exactly one minute. We started.

What happened? Count the number of words you read.

If your speech speed is in the range of 60-100 words per minute, then you have nothing to worry about. It is in this interval that the speed of speech for the Russian language varies.

If more - start to sound the alarm. Just kidding.

A good tool to take control of your speech speed. Read aloud for at least half an hour every night. Do not forget about the stopwatch. It will not be bad if you record your speech on the recorder, and then listen.
Everything you read needs to be retold. Of course, do not forget to record and press the stopwatch button.

This way you will learn to listen and control your speech.

  • Cancel school reading tests for speed.

If you notice any problems in your child’s speech, be sure to talk with the teachers at school so that your child is exempted from checking reading for speed. In life, such a skill is still nowhere and never useful.

2. High voice

I will not be repeated. In the previous paragraph, I have already said what a high voice leads to. You can read more about the physiological and psychological features of the wrong voice in the article:

What is needed to make a voice lower?

The first thing to know is whether your voice matches your anatomical parameters. And if it does not match, then by how much.

The best way is to use a program that uses the biological feedback method (BFB), in particular the software package

Stand up straight. Lower your shoulders. Imagine that you are starting to yawn with your mouth closed. Your larynx at this moment goes down. Be sure to fix with your inner gaze where the larynx is located during the peak of the yawn. And at this point, try to take any sound: aaaa, uaaaa, ooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Remember the sensations and position of the sound in the larynx. Start reading something while holding the pitch of your voice at the pitch at which you took sounds. Watch your breath and don't let your shoulders go up.

3. Improper posture

We will talk with you more than once about posture. The impact of posture on the tension of the vocal folds, and indeed on the quality of speech and voice, is difficult to overestimate.

A little experiment. Sit in a chair the way you usually sit while talking or reading. Remember the position.

And now I will tell you about your position. In the best case, you leaned on the back of the chair and straightened your shoulders along the back. But most likely your body is bent in the area of ​​the solar plexus, your legs are either under a chair or stretched forward.

Well, at least I didn’t make a mistake. What is happening at this moment?

The muscles of the abdomen hold the spine, because in this position the entire load on holding the body falls on them. The diaphragm lies on the stomach. Neck tilted forward. And this leads to the fact that the internal muscles of the larynx (voice and cricothyroid) stretch the vocal folds and make them narrow. And this - well, you yourself will guess.

  • Start work on posture.

Stand with your back to the wall, press the heels firmly against it. Between the heels, the distance is 20-25 cm, the feet look a little inward, as if toe-toed. Also press the buttocks, shoulder blades (only without tension), the head against the wall. The stomach is slightly retracted, the shoulders are freely lowered down. If there is a mirror opposite, draw a line at the shoulder level. Your task is to stand still, breathe and watch for at least five minutes so that your shoulders do not cross the line on the mirror. And so you need to do it every day, and preferably several times a day.

We proceed to the next reason, which leads to tension of the vocal folds.

4. Upper clavicular breathing.

By the way. If you remember, then in almost all exercises I say lower your shoulders down. When the shoulders are raised, the muscles of the neck instantly tighten, the larynx rises, the vocal folds are pulled. You can not continue further.

In addition, clavicular breathing is called the breath of fear, and not in vain.
When we are afraid of something, our breathing becomes intermittent, shallow, our shoulders rise up, almost to our ears. Remember the expression: "Head to shoulders." Between this expression and the word "fear" you can put an equal sign. Starting to breathe in the upper breath, we unconsciously begin to invoke in ourselves feelings of insecurity, anxiety, excitement, fear. As well as all the consequences of these conditions.

Raise your shoulders, and just sit in this position for a while (about 5 minutes), and then describe the condition that you experienced.

This reason smoothly flows into the next.

5. Stress or strong emotions.

The first to respond to stress, excitement, emotions (positive or negative does not matter) are the vocal folds. They are stretched. This is a common physiological reaction. And the stronger the impact, the stronger the tension of the folds.

Since the fight against the consequences of stress is a rather extensive topic, I will not dwell on it in detail now. In the meantime, a few tips.

The most basic way to relieve stress is to sleep. If you sleep well and rest, then during the day you can easily remain calm and calm.

A healthy and regular sleep is very useful for strengthening the immune system. If you stayed awake all night or started your day without getting enough sleep, then any, even a minor problem will seem like a big and unbearable load.

Assignment: write down everything related to sleep in your diary

During the week, observe and write down (be sure!) How much time you actually sleep. Every day, note the time and your condition: do you have a good night's sleep, what is your mood, etc.

If you can’t fall asleep right away, then essential oils can become a good remedy, in particular Ylang Yilang or Lavender oil. 1 drop of oil per pillow at bedtime every other day

By the way, the TV is absolutely unsuitable for a quiet sleep, so it’s best to turn off the TV before bedtime (for those who like to fall asleep under a “mumbler”).

The term “autogenic training” or auto-training implies that some kind of external trigger (trigger) starts the internal process, which then proceeds by itself. This method arose in the 1930s. based on hypnosis, it was further developed by the Berlin scientist I. Kh. Schultz.

Autotraining is not only for the general relaxation of the body, it increases our mental abilities and the ability to concentrate.

Exercise: Try to ensure that within a few minutes no one bothers you and lie comfortably. Focus on the following formulas and mentally pronounce them.

I'm calm. I am completely calm.
The right hand is filled with a pleasant weight (repeat three to four times).
The left hand is filled with pleasant weight (repeat three to four times).
I'm calm. I am completely calm.
Both hands are filled with pleasant weight (repeat three to four times). I'm calm. I am completely calm.
Both legs pour a pleasant weight (repeat three to four times).
I'm calm. I am completely calm.
My whole body is filled with a pleasant weight (repeat three to four times).

For another two minutes, stay in this state of pleasant relaxation, then to return to reality, stretch very much, take two or three deep breaths and open your eyes.

You may not feel intense heat in your arms and legs the first time, but with regular exercise, this effect will quickly manifest.

. For auto-training, it is important that classes are regular. The body responds very quickly and reliably to this, but only if exercise becomes an integral part of the daily routine. This, of course, is difficult, but you should strive for it!

6. Waiting for a stutter.

Anyone who stutters is well aware of what I'm talking about. We begin to imagine that, now, we’ll definitely be forgotten. There is no real reason, but through our thoughts we have already evoked feelings of fear and insecurity.
The consequences of this I described above.

Emergency help. Take a deep breath and slowly begin to exhale, trying to stretch the exhale for as long as possible. Lower your shoulders at the same time and straighten your back. As soon as the exhalation ends, without changing your posture, take a short breath in your stomach and continue talking.

7. Adverse factors.

In addition to all of the above reasons affecting the vocal folds, there are some more. They can be combined into one group and called adverse factors. You can influence almost all of them yourself and consciously eliminate them.

Here are a few key factors:

  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Harmonious disturbances
  • Fatigue
  • Metabolic disorder (overweight)

On this I want to complete this note.

See you in the next issues on the pages of my blog.

P.S. As promised, I post the link to the intellect card.

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