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Bluetooth wireless connection - Motorola RAZR V3 User Manual


Wireless headsets are more often used for conversations over a cellular network. The hand remains free, which provides comfortable conditions for a long conversation. And with bluetooth headphones, there is no inconvenience with wires. Before using wireless headphones, you need to pair with another device.

Ways to connect bluetooth headphones to your phone

There are two ways to connect wireless headsets: standard and advanced.

In the standard method, the connection is made through the settings menu of the mobile device. The user does not need to download third-party applications, just activate the bluetooth headphones and confirm the pairing. However, there is no access to some parameters provided by the headset manufacturer.

For an extended connection, the proprietary utility of manufacturers of headphones or smartphones is used: Sony | Headphones Connect, Samsung Level, and Motorola Connect. Such programs allow you to make advanced settings and know the remaining battery power. If the application is not preinstalled initially, you need to download from the official website or the Google Play store.

Instructions on how to connect bluetooth headphones to the phone in a standard way

  1. Open your phone’s settings and select bluetooth.
  2. In the new window, switch the switch to the active state. After turning on the wireless module, the smartphone will begin to scan active devices nearby. Search time is limited, more often does not exceed 90-105 seconds. If the headset is not detected, the module will go into standby mode, and you will have to reconnect.
  3. When the phone searches for new devices, the bluetooth headset should activate the detection mode. The manufacturer is responsible for the implementation of the mode, more often it is a long hold on the power button for 3-5 seconds. There are headphone models where a short hold is used - 2-3 seconds.
  4. Pay attention to the power indicator. If the headphones are turned on in the detection mode, the LED blinks frequently, and sometimes changes to two colors. When turned on normally, the diode flashes 3-4 times less often.
  5. If the headphones fall into the “detection window” of the smartphone, the name of the headset will appear on the screen. You need to select an accessory, and enter the password in the window that appears - 0000. This is the standard combination for most bluetooth headsets.
  6. Further connection, does not require re-detection of headphones. It is enough to turn on the power of the headset and bluetooth in the device settings. The exception is if the headphones are connected to a new phone.

Instructions on how to connect bluetooth headphones to the phone in an advanced way

As an example, consider a connection using the Motorola Connect app and Motorola Surround headphones. Pairing other accessories with similar applications is performed according to the instructions below.

  1. Download and run the Motorola Connect app on your mobile device if the program is not installed.
  2. Turn on the headphones, and in the program click on the “+” button to add a device.
  3. The application will ask you to turn on bluetooth, for which the corresponding settings item will open. It is enough for the user to turn the switch and go back to the program.

Headphones are ready to use. To reconnect, just turn on the headset and activate bluetooth. The application will report the status of the connection, as well as let you know the remaining battery capacity and location of the accessory.

Important! The Motorola Connect application or analogues of other manufacturers contain restrictions. Requires a device with Android 4.3 or higher. It is also allowed to connect only the accessories indicated in the list.

Video connecting bluetooth headphone to phone

Connecting bluetooth headsets through a proprietary application is easier. Additional features are also available, in the form of a headphone search, viewing the remaining charge and some other settings. However, such programs are supported by a limited number of phone models, and even fewer accessories. In this case, the connection should be made in the standard way through the phone settings menu.

If you still have questions, then in the block below “User Comments” you can ask the author a question, leave a comment or share your experience. We will try to answer.

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32 - Distinctive features

Bluetooth wireless®

Your phone supports Bluetooth wireless technology. Can

set up a wireless connection with a headset or kit

bluetooth speakerphone or connect to computer or

PDA for data transfer or synchronization.
In France, for indoor use only

Note. If on your phone type MQ3-4411H11

a warning icon is applied, which means that

Phone Bluetooth Features and Levels

Bluetooth Class 1 power consumption is not

allow you to use your phone in France outside

premises. To avoid interference with radio signals

use of bluetooth in France is permitted only in

Turn on or off Bluetooth

To connect your phone to a headset or kit

Bluetooth speakerphone recommended first

turn on the phone’s Bluetooth, and then connect the phone to

mentioned devices.
To enable Bluetooth:

As a result of this procedure, Bluetooth is activated and remains in this

mode until turned off. If the power of the Bluetooth unit

the phone is turned on, then when you turn on the headset or hit it in

the coverage area of ​​the phone is automatically set to

Connecting a Bluetooth Headset: Highlights

STEP 1: charge the headset

I still will consider that you have a new headset - and it is, as a rule, discharged. In addition, if the battery is not used for a long time, it loses its charge (this is to the fact that the headphones could be discharged to zero!).

Connect the headset to charge

STEP 2: turn on the headset and put it into pairing mode

After charging, turn on the headset and put it into mode pairing . As a rule, for this you need to hold the power button for a few seconds (or the answer button for a call - it depends on the headset model) .

If the headset has switched to pairing mode, you will see how the LED (indicator) on its body began to blink: blue-red - blue-red. (colors may vary in some cases)

STEP 3: turn on the Bluetooth module in the phone and start searching for devices

To enable Bluetooth, go to the phone settings in the section "Device Connection / Bluetooth" (for Android 8.0).

Settings - device connection - Bluetooth

After move the slider to mode On - The device should begin to search for nearby devices (place the headphones next to the phone).

Ideally, in just a few seconds, among the found Bluetooth devices, you will see a model of your headset. It remains to click on it and start the pairing process.

We choose wireless headphones and connect them

(not necessary) STEP 4: enter the PIN code if necessary to connect the headset

In many cases, the headset is paired with the phone automatically and you do not need to enter anything.

However, there are some models of headphones, when connected, you need to enter a PIN code (a special window with a line for input will appear on the phone):

  1. The PIN code is usually always indicated on the packaging (in the brief instructions) of the headphones (headset),
  2. If the PIN code is not specified in the headset instructions, try the most popular options: 0000, 1234, 9999, 0001, 1111.

I note that in some cases nothing can be entered into the window with the PIN code and the connection can continue (and, of course, the phone is paired with a headset).

STEP 5: you can start working with the headset.

Ideally, that's all - after pairing the headset, you can start using it.

If you suddenly could not connect (for example, an error occurred during pairing), repeat steps 2 ÷ 4 again. I note that it is recommended to put the headphones closer to the phone during their search (not further than a meter, but rather close!).

Why a smartphone may not see or connect to a Bluetooth headset

1) Headset is discharged (or not included)

This is one of the most popular reasons (especially, many get into trouble with new devices that go empty to zero - and the user believes that this is not the case (or that the device is generally broken)).

Pay attention to the indicator: when the headset is on, it should be on (red / blue). See screen below. Almost all headsets are equipped with similar indicators.

Is the headset turned on - pay attention to the indicator

2) The headset was paired with another phone

If you took a headset that worked with another phone (and to which it was connected in automatic mode), it may happen that the pairing function will turn off immediately after turning on the device.

Try to start pairing manually: hold the power button until the indicator starts blinking blue-red.

3) Bluetooth is disabled on the phone

Be sure to double-check your phone’s settings: is Bluetooth turned on (otherwise it’s turned off like mine)? In some cases (for example, after updating the system) - the module could be disconnected even without your command.

Settings - device connection - Bluetooth

4) Headset malfunction

Check the headset on another device to make sure everything is OK with it.

How to connect wireless bluetooth headphones to your phone

To connect wireless bluetooth headphones to the phone, you need to pair the devices:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth in the phone and turn on the headphones,
  2. Make bluetooth headphones visible to your phone - hold the power button or a separate Bluetooth pairing button for 5-10 seconds (it may be different, see the instructions for the headphones),
  3. Go into the Bluetooth settings on your phone. Search for devices. The phone should find the headphones,
  4. Select the model of your headphones in the list of found bluetooth devices and connect the headphones,

  • In rare cases, the headphones, for proper connection, request a pin code (by standard it is 1111, or is indicated on the box / in the instructions for the headphones).
  • To connect the Bluetooth headphone to another phone, you need to disconnect and pair it again, with another device (in headsets with multipoint, you can not disconnect the connection).

If you can’t connect, ask a question in the comments, in details and with screenshots.

2.1 Connecting popular models - Jbl, Xiaomi, Honor, Sony, Jabra,

All popular wireless bluetooth headphones are connected to a smartphone according to the scheme described above. But there are interesting nuances that can simplify life. Some TOP’s models, such as the Sony WH-1000XM3, have an NFC chip. With this function, you can pair devices by simply leaning your phone against the headphones. But in the headphones and on the phone, there must be NFC support. The instruction is:

  1. Turn on NFC in the phone’s settings,
  2. We turn on the headphones and lean the headphones against the phone (on the headphones there is an NFC icon on one of the bowls, it is necessary to lean on this side). After detecting the headphones, the phone will either automatically turn on the bluetooth, or it will display a message about the need to connect,
  3. Headphones are connected.

If you have problems with NFC, ask a question in the comments. The first time I had to tinker =)

3. How to connect Airpods and any wireless headphones to iPhone

Connecting any wireless headphones to your iPhone phone is carried out according to the standard instructions above. But connecting the original Apple Airpods to iPhone and Apple devices is even easier:

  1. On the phone, go to the "Home" screen.
  2. Open the case with the AirPods, and hold it 5-10 cm to the iPhone.
  3. The setup screen saver appears on the iPhone screen.
  4. Click Connect and select Done.

AirPods - Auto Pairing

AirPods wireless headphones can be connected not only to the iPhone, but also to the iPad and Mac. Moreover, you can connect AirPods simultaneously to all devices that are logged in to iCloud, from one Apple ID.

4. Chinese I7 Tws earphones - how to connect 2 Bluetooth earphones to phone

Connecting Chinese I7 Tws wireless headphones is a bit trickier than a regular model. In conventional True Wireless (2 separate headphones, completely wireless) headphones, there is an automatic synchronization between the two headphones and the usual connection scheme is relevant for a day. But in inexpensive, fully wireless Chinese models (like I7 Tws), this synchronization is often not there and you have to turn on each earphone separately. An example of connecting two I7s Tws headphones to a phone. This is also a universal instruction for connecting most True Wireless, Chinese wireless Bluetooth headphones, to your phone:

  1. Turn on the 1st and 2nd earphones (the first included earphone will be the master, 2nd slave).
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
  3. Hold down the power button, on each earphone (on I7 Tws the blue and red diodes blink). Then the headphones should be synchronized with each other. And the indicator will only flash blue.
  4. Search for devices in the Bluetooth settings, find the headphones and connect. Both headphones will be connected to the phone.

4.1 Other Chinese models Awei, Harper, Qcy, Meizu:

There are a huge number of popular Chinese models on the market, wireless Bluetooth headphones. So far, there are 2 types of connecting such headphones to the phone.

  1. If you connect a model from well-known manufacturerssuch as: Awei, Harper, Qcy, Meizu, Xiaomi and others. These models are connected to the standard principle described at the very beginning.
  2. If you connect an inexpensive, true wireless (2 earphones, wireless) Chinese noname model, such as I7 Tws, then the instruction from the 4th paragraph is at your service. In all other cases, the instruction from the first paragraph.