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50 Tips for a Beginning Wedding Photographer


A wedding is a grand and exciting event. Capture vivid episodes, moments of the solemn creation of a new family, sparks of endless love, the dynamics of events - this is an integral part of the holiday. After all, you will watch these frames more than once on cozy family evenings, recall events with parents and friends, and show them to your children. This is part of your family story. Therefore, wedding photography of the newlyweds is one of key points in the general organization of the wedding event, the same importance as painting, banquet and entertainment.

Wedding photography of the newlyweds

It’s better not to save on photoshoot and invite a talented photographer who is guaranteed to create high-quality professional photos, offer scenes and style, take into account your own ideas for wedding photo shoots.

  1. Chat with at least two candidates and choose one that shows genuine interest, asks questions about time weddings, celebration venue, theme, listens carefully to your wishes.
  2. Check out the portfolio beforehand - it will be clear in which art style the photographer works, what is his professional level, how he can model the best poses for a wedding photo shoot.
  3. Pay attention to technical equipment.

Wedding selfie is one of the most popular photosets today. You can beat him creatively and fun. But such photos are likely to be included only in the collection of your smart gallery, since make quality pictures with which you can arrange a wedding photo album is not an easy thing. This requires not only the high technical capabilities of the gadget, but also skills.

If the wedding is played out in a certain style - marine, gangster, fabulous, themed wedding photo sessions are held, including the appropriate episodes, for example, young in a boat, in a mysterious forest against a hut, with colorful smoke bombs.

Be sure to prepare accessories for the wedding photo shoot. Photobuthoria can include both small objects, for example, mustaches, glasses, crowns, hats attached to skewers that guests put on their faces during photoset, as well as wardrobe items: knight's raincoats fairies, boas, helium balloons, inscriptions, etc.

Wedding plaques with inscriptions

Large flat carvings made of PVC, houses with cut-out windows, boats, thrones, items corresponding to the theme of the wedding will surely cause an entourage, allow guests to relax, improvise. A specially organized "free" photo zone or photo booth for the wedding with a set of backgrounds and photo accessories will allow you to make stunning and memorable photos of guests at the wedding, as well as provide guests with an interesting pastime while the newlyweds are engaged in a personal photo shoot with the photographer.

As a place for the photo zone, you can choose a football field, ice rink, forest, shore pond, amusement park. Gorgeous summer wedding photography can be obtained in the botanical garden or during an evening boat trip.

Photos from the summer wedding

Romantic wedding photos

The most beautiful wedding photos are obtained in natural light a couple of hours before sunset. By choosing the right angle, a professional photographer can create stunning and enchanting Effect. One of the touching and exciting photosets that conveys the romantic relationship of lovers is wedding production photos at sunset. For beautiful and spectacular photographs, you will need the help of a professional who will build a picture in the perfect combination of the pose of the young and the play of light and shadow.

A wedding walk can also turn into a series of diverse photo frames, the charm of which is that ideas will come just on the move.

As a rule, these are unusual objects, beautiful places, a relaxing natural environment will be the impetus for creating unique exclusive moments

To give the pictures special tenderness, look in advance at beautiful places for a wedding photo shoot, stock up with equipment, for example, hanging swings, skateboards, fake oars, in winter you can use snowboards, sleighs, bright fur wraps. Even in gray and slushy weather, bright accents will help revitalize shots, for example huge contrast umbrellas, balls, garlands.

Balloons at the wedding

Funny wedding photos

A wedding is fun, so photos taken in spontaneous posing with humor and creativity are the most valuable. Even ordinary home decoration can be used non-standard. For example, effects with mirrors look a lot of fun - taking reflections from different angles, if you have imagination, you can get exclusive photos in funny notes. Cool wedding photos of the bride and groom will turn out on the playground, for example, when the newlyweds peep from different houses, or slide down the hill. Why not? After all, a wedding is an entry into a new adult and responsible life, so why not remember childhood.

Unusually look photos with shadows. These can be scenes where young people are photographed behind curtains or a large umbrella illuminated from the back. They look positive and cool pictures of newlyweds in masks, for example in the style of Shrek, against the backdrop of those who played amazement at the guests. It is interesting and unusual to use wedding frames of different sizes and shapes, large glasses. By the way, reflection in glasses is another of the creative and fun ideas for shots.

Funny photos from the wedding - photo zone

If you have prepared a photo zone for the wedding in advance, you can order and print a huge banner with the image of a raptor chasing on the heels or transforming robots. This requires space so that the bride and groom, and maybe guests, can imitate that they are running away from monsters.

An interesting decision may be where young represented by giants amid witnesses and friends. To do this, you need to build a pyramid on which the newlyweds would climb, and the clothes should reach the floor. Nearby are guests and look up at the bride and groom from the bottom up.

There are interesting episodes when the groom holds the bride in his arms, and next to the same photo, but with the bridegroom in the bride’s arms, especially if the girl is very fragile and the groom is large

To do this, it is not necessary to raise it as a fulcrum; it can be a table or the hands of comrades, which in the photo can be closed with correctly set mirrors. Option when large the bride holds in her arms his more elegant groom - no less funny. The joke is that everything can be natural here, without gimmicks - the lady just for a moment raises her narrowed to get a shot.

And the joint gatherings of the bride and groom for the wedding can also be beaten very expressively by coming up with key points. For example, a frantic search for the socks of the groom (rather than preparation for the realities of living together), the bride in a wedding dress, and the husband is still in a housecoat with a cup of coffee, or vice versa.

As you can see, options create fun moments as much as a flight of fancy allows. Just remember that funny and funny photos are not the same as vulgar ones. Sometimes shots are obtained in which the bride and groom look not just funny, but very unsightly. See, in order not to provoke such photo-episodes with your behavior, otherwise you can fall into not only the top of the most ridiculous and unsuccessful wedding photos, but also become openly the subject of ridicule by ill-wishers.

Styles of Wedding Photography

The art of photography has reached such heights when you can get amazing effects using various lighting techniques and subsequent processing of frames using special programs.

The modern design of wedding photos is a complex of the method of shooting and style, which in combination give exclusive and unique pictures. Our grandmothers didn’t even dream of such diversity, because in the past, only classic pictures were taken in a photo studioє. Now the newlyweds have the opportunity to show all their imagination and make not only beautiful wedding photos in the registry office, but also creative liberated personnel, and not amateur, but professional.

A stylish wedding photo on canvas will look gorgeous - these can be newlyweds in a classic pose, with parents.

Wedding Press Wall

Staged and reportage photosets - The main classification of styles in which photographers work. Often, artists and photographers combine these styles. Along with solemn staged photos after painting, against the background of a press wall for a wedding, nature, or using an equipped photo zone, creative experts offer pictures in a natural setting without posing. Here the artist’s talent is captured, the ability to catch a successful shot in the plot and art plan.

Style Love story offers a photo shoot, played out in certain conditions - newlyweds on the river, for example. They simply look at the waves, communicate, fool around, and the photographer takes successful shots.

Fashion style is popular - a series of stories captured in pictures where the frames look randomly captured, but a prolonged plot is traced.

Wedding by the river

Using tricks

But the original and creative wedding photos are obtained using techniques that suggest not only the shooting method itself, but also subsequent processing in graphic photo programs with special filters. This allows you to achieve catchy effects. For example, take at least just black and white wedding photos. The last century is also boring - you say? Nothing of the kind! This style is in the design trend and is also played out with special effects.

Black and white wedding photos

If you could add before one accent color, which already enhanced the perception of the frame, now it is possible to completely leave key objects in full color, and do the rest in classic shades of white and gray. Retouching, watercolors, mosaics, illuminated and hyper-surreal shots - all in the grip of staging, special effects and skills.

In addition to joint pictures, individual photosets become popular, which convey the mood and charisma of the personality of one of the spouses

These can be episodes from everyday life, relationships with parents, communication with friends, frames that convey thoughts, thoughts, contemplation, secret desires and dreams.

Let's think together how to beautifully and vividly convey the moods of the main characters wedding extravaganzaby stopping and capturing moments from their lives.

Ideas for beautiful bride wedding photos

One of the touching and impressive photo shoots - morning of the bride before the wedding. Naturalness is important here, the ability to create a lively and beautiful image of the bride. Sealed situations, moments, episodes should not give away posing, because they will look insincere. What you can think of:

  1. Images when the bride is in anticipation of a new and happy life, admiring the beauties from the window, reflecting and indulging in dreams. In hands can be a white rose or even a banal cup of coffee. Glance - full of hope, love and anticipation of meeting with a loved one.
  2. The episode of admiring the wedding dress, “preening” at the mirror, viewing the parents' wedding album, their children's photos, or frames with the groom - undoubtedly causes only the most touching and positive notes.
  3. Pictures with children's toys that have witnessed her happiness and the talismans of a new happy stage in life.
  4. Good tone - wedding photos with parents. They are appropriate not only at the time of marriage and celebration, but in a homely atmosphere immediately before painting. The photographer will certainly give the bride the opportunity to chat with mom and dad in private, not betraying his presence and making the most unique shots of live human communication of generations, parting words, blessings and thanks.
  5. Delicate wedding photographs in summer can be made against the backdrop of nature, among thick rose bushes, on a field surrounded by daisies, cornflowers and buttercups. You can shoot a bride running across the field towards the sun and happiness. Spring shots look very romantic among lilac flowers or under flowering fruit trees.
  6. Frames with girlfriendswho actively and efficiently help the bride to get together - some with advice and some with business, for example, lace up a corset, put on a veil, and correct makeup. It is important to capture not only life. For example, “beauty at the parade” - the girlfriends amicably take up the bridal veil, spreading it apart. This frame is very effective when viewed from above.
  7. Bridesmaids who formed a circle with flowers around the main hero of the occasion. You can give each girl a big white petal in her hands, and a yellow circle to the bride, symbolizing a happy “daisy”, a frame with which you can make from the bottom.
  8. Cool wedding photos from the back look very impressive if the girl's dress has a deep cut with almost open back. A photo can be taken in front of the mirror.

In general, non-standard angles that depart from the stereotypes of frames in profile and full face are very quoted in modern photography. Interesting ideas for photos for the bride’s wedding can be played out in the form of a combined shot, which shows a child’s photo of the newlywed with his parents, and next to this time, where the plot and poses are completely repeated. Such photos can be taken in advance and used to design a wedding collage with your own hands.

How to make beautiful wedding photos of the groom?

Men are much less sentimental than girls, so a photo shoot dedicated to the personality of the groom should not be deepened into romance. So, the groom's morning before the wedding can be beaten in a somewhat exciting-scattered style and always with humor. Photography should not be "Ground" for posing - naturalness, first of all. You can get unique and funny wedding photos with friends of the groom who will liberate him at the moments of gathering for the celebration. For example, an excellent shot can happen when the groom shaves, and his comrades at this time try to put cufflinks on his shirt or tie a tie - comically, but honestly and with concentration.

The bridegroom, not yet expecting “his support group”, stands by the mirror, opening the casket with rings and anticipating future happiness, “has gone into dreams” and does not see how his friends who quietly and cautiously creep in - take a picture from behind and mirror reflection. The best wedding photos of the groom may not come out with a full "parade", namely at the time of preparation, when not wearing a coat, instead of shoes - slippers in which he is ready to run to the wedding ceremony. Do not forget about the moments of communication between the groom and parents - frames with father, mother.

Perhaps, of all the others, they are the most touching at the time of preparation for the ceremony

Of the individual training personnel made on the eve of the ceremony, each of the spouses, as well as supplemented by children, youthful photos and captured moments of meetings and courtship, you can get a delightful presentation for the wedding.

Any photograph taken with the soul and perceived holistically is a masterpiece; therefore, it is often charisma and the positive energy that is emitted that they pay attention to. If you look at the photo, you are overwhelmed with emotions and turn on the imagination - the frame is brilliant.

Tip # 1. Shoot with an open aperture

In wedding photography, shooting at the maximum open aperture that your lens allows you to set (to achieve a shallow depth of sharply depicted space) makes the pictures “tasty.” Hover over the sharpness of the characters, then the background will be blurry. Be careful, make sure that (who) is in focus.

Tip # 2. Try using slow sync mode

Using the flash, set the shutter speed as short as possible - from 1/15 to 1/25 of a second. This will allow the use of ambient light as a fill. Try to “guide” the heroes of photography moving in any direction. The light from the flash will fix them, and the background will be blurred.

Tip # 3. Pick a pose for the bride

Want to please the bride? Make sure that she, while holding the bouquet, does not bend her elbows at a right angle. Easy bending is more interesting. Ask the bride to stand in a slightly curved pose, resembling the letter “S”, as models in fashion photography usually do. Browse through fashion magazines like Vogue or Cosmopolitan for ideas; pay attention to how professional models pose.

Tip # 4. Look for lines

As a background for wedding photos, choose monumental architectural lines, for example, columns. Remember, if you have successfully chosen the background, then the foreground “will take its place”, forming together with the background the perfect composition. Заблаговременно исследуйте место съёмки, посмотрите, какие архитектурные элементы сработают наилучшим образом.

Совет #5. Подходите к выбору освещения творчески

Для фотографий за пределами дворца бракосочетания или церкви, существует множество моментов, когда освещение становится интересным: «таким, каким нужно». If you caught them, use them, give your pictures expressiveness and drama. However, remember that such moments are fleeting: the light changes constantly throughout the day. Therefore, act quickly.

Tip # 7. Experiment with a shooting angle

A small roll of the camera will give the pictures dynamism. You are not required to photograph strictly horizontally or vertically. Experiment, turn horizontal and vertical lines into diagonal ones, thereby adding expressiveness to your pictures. Follow the measure - one or two shots in this technique are enough.

Tip # 8. Look for the shadow

If a bright sun shines on the day of the celebration, try to find a shadow and ask the heroes to move into it. The exposure will be more uniform throughout the image, the images will not contain sharp changes in light and shadow. Or use the flash in fill light mode to highlight shadows. Fill-flash mode is activated in the camera menu, in the section on flash modes.

Tip # 9. Add some blur

When shooting a dancing couple, experiment with shooting at a slow shutter speed - betray the speakers. Use mixed lighting: a flash to “freeze” the movement, constant external lighting to highlight the background and emphasize the movement of the characters. You may need to increase the sensitivity of the sensor (ISO). As a result, noise may appear in the pictures, especially if you are shooting in a fairly dark room.

Tip # 10. Use the optional bracket for attaching an external flash

Attach the flash to the bracket to move it away from the optical axis of the lens and show shadows on the subject. The best option for the bracket is with a loop mechanism. With it, you can quickly move the flash to shoot both a horizontal frame and a vertical one.

Tip # 11. Look for unobvious plots

Everything that happens at the wedding is not always concentrated before your eyes. Take a look around. Suddenly, turning around, you will find interesting stories. Among other things, look at the celebration with the eyes of the newlyweds. If you set yourself the task of capturing the events that the heroes of your photos see, look at what they are looking at.

Tip # 12. Pay attention to details

Pay attention to accessories to the same extent as the picture as a whole. Participants in the celebration often do not notice all the details. But ... they look at the picture, for example, at the cufflinks of the groom with the name of their beloved engraved on them or the tear that rolled down the cheek of the bride’s father, and the memories cover them again. Therefore, be aware of what is happening around you, and do not be afraid to take pictures of what is happening.

Tip # 13. "Land"

Try taking pictures from a low point. At the same time, try not to sit down while holding the body with your thigh muscles. Because this is not the most stable position of the body, and there is a high probability of getting photos with a "blur" - directional blurring of the image due to camera shake. If the floor is clean, sit on it, or even lie down. In comparison with the "semi-squat", such body positions are more stable.

Tip # 14. Pause

Let the guests take pictures of the newlyweds: they will relax, then it's time to take your pictures. Formal poses are appropriate for the story. If you set a goal to convey emotions, the atmosphere of the event, take a note: people get better in the pictures when they are happy, relaxed and calm about taking pictures of them.

Tip # 15. Add Grain Images

The graininess in the photographs can give them a mood. In addition, turning off the flash, you will not draw the attention of others. It is of little use to distract guests with frequent flashes and draw attention to themselves. Increasing the sensitivity of the sensor (ISO), which is typical for shooting at low light intensity, may slightly show digital noise in the pictures. On the other hand, it will add imagery to photographs.

Tip # 16. Try taking pictures with a telephoto lens

With a telephoto lens, you can comfortably sit as an inconspicuous observer. In addition, the telephoto lens interestingly depicts space, which can give photographs a dramatic effect. Avoid camera shake - a common occurrence when using similar lenses. Keep a heavy tripod handy.

Tip # 17. Make friends with the organizers of the celebration

They are aware of what is actually happening, and not what was planned. The organizers can warn you about whose line of guests is to congratulate the newlyweds and what events will happen the next moment. It is wise to keep in touch with them in order to be at the right time in the right place.

Tip # 18. Do not impose

If someone does not want to be photographed - this is his right. Leave him alone. There is a subtle point regarding people avoiding camera lenses. In the pictures they will look tense, and, ultimately, your actions can offend them. With experience, you will learn to recognize signals from people who do not want to be photographed.

Tip # 20. Use the wind

If the weather is windy, turn the heroes facing the wind and get great shots. In particular, gusts of wind can give the bride's dress wonderful dynamics. In a breeze, the lines of the dress flow. However, when changing lenses, take cover from the wind so that no dirt gets inside the camera.

Tip # 21. Preliminary meeting

Always pre-meet a couple whose wedding you plan to photograph. At the meeting you will get to know each other, get to know each other better and you will have the opportunity to find out what customers want. Take advantage of it. This is their day, not yours, so it would be wise of you to understand how they represent the upcoming event.

Tip # 23. Pause

At the end of the official part, provide guests with time and space so that they can congratulate the newlyweds. This approach will help you organize group shots: guests will not follow your request to get together for a common photo until they satisfy their need to wish the bride and groom all the best.

Tip # 24. Take photos of feelings

While guests wholeheartedly wish the newlyweds a happy family life, take a moment to take some sensual photos of what is happening. Guests and newlyweds will forget that they are being photographed and will look more relaxed in the pictures. Unobtrusive, inconspicuous, the photographer can get some of the best shots of a wedding celebration.

Tip # 25. Come thinner

Place sharpness on the characters and pre-frame the viewfinder, then draw their attention to yourself by talking to them or smiling. They will not know that they were photographed. When they realize that you have already done everything, they will laugh, and you will have the opportunity to take more natural emotional photographs. The more relaxed people are, the better they look, and the better the pictures are taken.

Tip # 26. Adapt to your surroundings

Stop fighting with wind, rain, people and time. This is a way to make trouble. Think about getting around an obstacle. By gaining confidence and experience, you will develop the ability to find many ways to cope with unforeseen circumstances. Among other skills, develop the ability to solve problems.

Tip # 27. Get ready for the rainy weather

Rain. Use umbrellas. It is convenient to keep one black and one white umbrella in the car in reserve. Give them to the newlyweds so that they hold him together, walk under him, kiss, etc. Besides the fact that such umbrellas are excellent props, they will protect your expensive digital camera from getting wet, which is unlikely to be useful to it.

Tip # 29. Manage your time

You should always have a reserve of time. If you are late, then at the preliminary meeting you did not ask a couple of necessary questions. Find out the schedule of the wedding, at what time and where the banquet will begin, think over your route and method of movement. An unorganized photographer misses important points, do not become one.

Tip # 30. Enjoy the process

Engaging in wedding photography can be fun. True, not if you constantly care about camera settings and lighting. Relax and allow yourself to have a good time, as if you were a party to the celebration. As a result, you yourself won’t notice how the level of your photo grows.

Tip # 32. Do not take pictures of people while eating

Do not take off people eating. Usually no one looks good for such an activity and does not thank you for the photos. Set aside the camera and take a break, you can eat. Wait until the guests begin to congratulate the newlyweds - a better time to create good staff.

Tip # 35. Tell a story

Take the photojournalist’s approach - let your pictures talk about what happened on the day of the celebration. Classic Reception: Take three photos for each plot. There is no need to take all three pictures at the same time. For example. 1) A macro shot of a wedding cake, 2) a half-length portrait of the newlyweds cutting the cake, 3) a close-up of the guests' reaction to what is happening.

Tip # 36. Stock up on your own confetti

Make sure you photograph a plot with colorful confetti showering the newlyweds. Create "rain" yourself. Build a frame and shoot over a pair, not at them. Try shooting with the shutter aperture (f 11) and slow shutter speed (1/15 second), use the flash in fill source mode. First, make sure that the wind is blowing in the opposite direction from you. Otherwise, you will just have fun with your guests!

Tip # 37. Hold your finger over the Delete key.

When sorting material, make multiple selections. Delete all images in which the bride and groom are "so-so." Retouch cosmetic defects on their faces. Then make a selection again. Make sure you give customers the best photos, not hundreds of mediocre photos.

Tip # 39. Turn off the sharpening function in the camera

Control the sharpness of photos during processing on the computer, and after you bring them to the desired size and resolution. If possible, always shoot in RAW format. In this case, the information from the photosensitive sensor goes directly to the memory card, bypassing the camera processor and not being compressed. True, the size of the "raw" images is large in comparison with photographs in JPEG format. You will need to acquire large-capacity memory cards or a portable device for storing information in order to copy pictures to it during the next break.

Tip # 40. In bright light, reduce exposure

When photographing a bride in a white dress in direct sunlight, try underexposing the image at 1 EV. Underexposure in shades and midtones you can adjust on your computer. The dynamic range of modern digital cameras is very wide. You will be able to restore dark areas in images, in contrast to overexposed areas, in which loss of detail occurs more often. And again. Shoot in RAW format, not JPEG. It helps a lot here.

Tip # 42. Plan Key Stories

Think in advance where you should be located and how to take pictures to make funny and emotional photos. For example, what angles you choose during the wedding, registration or the appearance of the groom on the threshold of the bride's house. Usually, such moments are the first of the day when the bride and groom communicate with each other. Their reactions will be the basis of amazing images!

Tip # 43. Soften the light from the flash

Do not use direct flash light. Move the flash away from the optical axis of the lens - use a special bracket. A large-area diffuser attached to the flash head will work well. All kinds of diffusers (for example, the manufacturer "Stofen") are available in specialized stores and are great for creating pictures using an external flash. Diffusers soften the light, which makes shadows from objects less dense and with more blurry edges, and photos less like amateur ones.

Tip # 44. Turn off effects

Avoid all kinds of effects functions that camera manufacturers equip their products with. If you want to give the final photo a sepia tone or apply the effect of solarization, take a picture as usual, in color. In the post-processing process, apply the desired effects. If you apply effects during shooting, if necessary, you will not be able to return to the standard, color, picture (approx. Translator - if you shoot in RAW format, this will not happen).

Tip # 46. Shoot with mixed light indoors

Practice shooting with the flash in slow sync mode. Your indoor shots will be transformed! The flash will illuminate objects in the foreground, and the shutter, remaining open for some time, will “let in” ambient light to the sensor. By adjusting the exposure time, you can achieve the desired background exposure. Mount the camera on a tripod, otherwise you run the risk of getting photographs with a “blur”.

Tip # 47. Shoot from the top

Where possible, try to rise above the scene you are shooting (or go down, shooting from the bottom up). Then you will have the opportunity to create photographs that are different from those made by guests. Most people take photos from head level without bothering themselves. Therefore, use a stand, stool or window sill to take eye-catching shots.

Tip # 49. Use exposure lock

Learn to use the exposure lock function, which is activated by pressing the AE-L button on the camera or half-pressing the shutter button. Take measurements on the faces of the characters, because the audience first of all pay attention to the faces of the people in the photograph. Overexposure or underexposure of persons is undesirable.

Tip # 50. Use reflector

They are cheap, you immediately see their action, and it is preferable to the action of light from a flash. The reflector helps reduce the rigidity of the shadows caused by the fall of parallel light rays on the subject - directional light. In addition, he is simply necessary to photograph "delicious" portraits.