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How to remove a cat from a tree


1. The first thing to do is to eliminate potential scary factors. Perhaps the cat was frightened by the dog, which continues to walk nearby, crowds or firecrackers. It is very likely that the cat will descend from the tree itself when it realizes that it has nothing to fear.

2. Clean the area around the tree. Of course, it is not necessary to pick up candy wrappers, but it is better to remove fragments of glass, sharp sticks, stones and other dangerous objects. It is impossible to predict where the jumping cat will land. Try to protect her from injuries.

3. Soberly evaluate your strength. Even if in childhood you climbed the trees better than anyone, now a lot could change. You may still be in excellent physical shape, but can you guarantee that the tree can support your weight? Be careful and do not take rash actions, otherwise you will have to save not only the cat, but also you!

4. Bait food. If the cat’s first shock has already passed, try to lure her into a treat. Show your favorite bag of food or goodies. For greater effect, open the package so that the smell spreads. This method will work if the cat was able to pull itself "in its paws." Unfortunately, a truly scared pet has no time for food.

5. Offer the cat a way. If the cat does not climb very high, the “gangway” will help to correct the situation, i.e. safe path from a height to the ground. As a ladder, you can use a strong wide board or stepladder. Just lean it against a tree and give the cat some time.

6. Use a ladder or stepladder. If climbing trees is a bad decision, then a ladder or stepladder is a great option. Just do not forget to get support for your safety: a ladder or ladder must be held. If safety is ensured, gently get up and save your furry mantle. And do not forget about the next paragraph (clause 7).

7. Wear a long-sleeved sweater or long tight gauntlets. Even if your cat is the most affectionate creature in the world, you cannot predict how it will behave in a stressful situation.

8. In case of failure, contact professionals. If your attempts fail, and the frightened cat has been sitting on the tree for several hours, it's time to call the Ministry of Emergencies. Rescuers will return your fugitive home!

These actions will help remove the cat from the tree. But what you definitely can’t do is shake the tree, throw snowballs, sticks and other objects at the cat, try to scare it away, etc. All this can lead to unexpected and very unpleasant consequences. Be careful and careful!

How to remove a cat from a tree?

Climbing a tree for a cat is easy. Fascinated by hunting or in an attempt to escape from the dog, she easily finds herself at the very top. That's just the way back sometimes is much more difficult. And then the animal begins to ask for help. How to remove a cat from a tree?

If you notice a cat sitting on a tree, do not panic. First, make sure that the animal still needs help. For example, if a cat sits quietly on a branch, watching what is happening around, most likely, she feels fine, and she has no problems with the descent. Another thing is if the animal rushes from side to side and meows heart-rendingly.

What to do first?

Inspect the area around the tree. It is likely that the dog drove the cat upstairs, and it cannot get down, because it is afraid.

The crowd of onlookers below is also a frightening factor. Ask people to disperse, perhaps they are the reason that the cat does not descend from a height.

Clean the area around the tree, spread old blankets, cardboard. If the animal breaks or accidentally falls during the descent, they will soften the blow.

Wear long-sleeved clothing in case you have to climb over the animal. A scared cat may scratch and bite.

After the animal calmed down a bit, it is time to begin rescue operations.

There are several ways to help the animal:

Food is the best lure

You can attract the attention of a predator with the help of food. Take dry or wet food. If the food is warmed up a bit, the smell will intensify and quickly reach the animal in trouble.

Call the cat, shake a bowl of dry food in front of it and place it on the ground. Move away from the tree, but make sure that the food does not attract dogs and other cats. Also, be sure to put a bowl of water nearby. An animal that has sat for a long time on a tree is most likely thirsty.

follow me

You can also interest a cat with a laser pointer. But this method only works if it is clearly visible. Do not rush to play with the animal, drive the pointer slowly and carefully. Use this toy very carefully and only if you are sure that the cat will be able to go down the trunk on its own.

Odor strength

In the pet store, you can take catnip drops and rub them on the tree trunk below. The cat attracted by this smell will certainly not take long to wait.

The disadvantage of this method is that not all animals respond to mint. In addition, it can attract the attention of other cats.

Be careful: experts do not recommend using valerian!

It affects cats differently, and some individuals can become agitated, become aggressive, which will only interfere with the process of salvation.

Suggest a way

You can substitute a ladder to the tree so that the cat can go down it. Lean against the stepladder and step back so as not to embarrass the animal. You can also use a wide board or branch.

Use the stairs

If the height is small, you can try to get the cat yourself, climbing on the stepladder. Ask someone to hold the stairs and be sure to use long gauze gloves. This is especially true if you are not saving your pet, but a strange or yard cat that does not know you.

Call MES

If you can’t remove the cat from the tree, do not persist, entrust this matter to professionals - contact the Ministry of Emergencies. But remember that this option is in extreme cases, for example, when an animal has been sitting on a tree for more than 20 hours.

When thinking about how to remove a cat from a tree, do not forget about safety measures. You should not shake the tree, because the animal can fall and get injured, you can not throw snowballs, sticks or any other objects into the cat - this can also lead to sad consequences.

Mouth-watering treat

A fairly simple method, we attract the attention of an animal with pieces of fresh cat food.

Going to the pet store and buying drops of catnip and using as bait or in a pharmacy we buy several 25 ml vials of Valerian. The price is not more than 30 rubles at the time of writing.

We return and pour the lower part of the tree to the level of the outstretched arm.

Just waiting.

The effect is not long in coming. The unfortunate animal sniffs and forgets about all the problems that surrounded him before that, it will quickly go down the tree trunk, to the smell of the purchased Valerian.

You, in turn, feel like a little hero and be sure of a good night's sleep. This method works almost for free.

Materials at hand

Lean the board against the tree in the place where it will be convenient for the animal to enter it. Use in conjunction with method 2.

If the animal is not quite far from you, try to drive it away from the tree with a broom (tied with a soft cloth) so as not to cause damage.

To the question: What service will remove a cat from a tree?

Answer: Specialized animal rescue service, so if all else fails, and this is the remaining 10%, resort to a call to this organization.

Cat sitting on a tree

Attention: it’s not worth it to remove the animal from the tree yourself, as this may result in various injuries, and then you will have to hear not the meow of a cat, but a neighbor's snoring in traumatology.

Remember: Cats really don't die on trees. They will come down sooner or later. If, according to your carelessness, your animal has run away and climbed a tree, it is best to put a treat or food under the tree and move away. It's true. If this does not help and the animal does not crawl for more than 20 hours or days, then find on the Internet a veterinary control service or a private service for the "rescue" of animals in your area.

Remember: Emergency services are designed to help people when there is a threat. Services 01, 02 and 03 will be obliged to come to your aid in such a situation, but their preparation, equipment and responsibilities are not profiled for such tasks to save animals. And the resources are not unlimited. Upon leaving your application, they may lose time responding to helping children or adults who have no less right to real salvation. Cats really do not get injured when jumping from a height, especially tree branches.

How to save a cat from a tree

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