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Buti Dance - How to Learn


Many saw clips and videos with dances, where girls actively shake booty. This passionate and erotic dance is called buti dance, its essence lies in the rhythmic movements of the booty and hips. And more and more girls dream of learning to dance the booty, for this there are special exercises.


Before you start shaking your buttocks, you need to put them in order. Pump up the ass, tone the muscles with exercises that must be performed systematically and regularly.

  1. Squats Purpose: to make the ass more embossed and resilient. The gluteal muscles will become stronger.
    • The legs are shoulder-width apart, the back is straight, arms are lowered on the sides.
    • Squat low, gently bending your knees, ass slightly set back.
    • Perform 10 times in 2 sets, best in the morning and evening.
  2. Crocodile. Purpose: learn how to move the buttocks in turn. Booty will become more mobile.
    • Sit on the floor, legs straight in front of you.
    • Go moving the buttocks.
    • 30 steps forward and as many back.
    • Perform daily at any time.
  3. Mahi's foot. Goal: Tightened and firm buttocks.
    • Standing on all fours, arms straight.
    • Do swing legs with the top, knees bent.
    • Right 8 times,
    • Left 8 times.
    • Make 3 approaches.
    • Perform daily.

Movements in booty dance

After the priest is brought into the desired shape, you can start dancing. It is desirable to perform movements in front of a mirror and to rhythmic music. First you need to master the simplest movement.

  1. Stand facing the mirror.
  2. The legs are slightly bent at the knees.
  3. Hands rest on your knees.
  4. Start moving the buttocks, as if an unnecessary item is in the panties, try to remove it with your hips. For realism, you can even put a coin in your underpants.
  5. Arms and legs do not move, the back is straight.

The first time it may not work, no need to be upset. If the training went right, then over time you will achieve the desired result. Once mastered a simple movement, you can move on to more complex.

Shaking buttocks

  1. Starting position as in a booty shake movement.
  2. Tighten the buttock muscles.
  3. Make booty moves upside down.
  4. You can try to make movements of each buttock in turn.

After you get the “shaking buttocks", you can try another movement for this:

  1. To accept a pose of "cat", for this kneel, legs in different directions, hands a little forward.
  2. We reduce the muscles of the buttocks up and down and alternately, as in the previous movement.

To find out what other dances shake the booty, read the article What is the name of the dance booty.

What is bootydance?

The main base of buti dance, or as it is also called, “swag dance” (shaking booty) consists in rhythmic movements of the fifth point, namely:

  • rotation, hips,
  • shaking buttocks, based on the complete isolation of the remaining muscle groups,
  • work with abdominal muscles
  • characteristic knee movements.

Buti dance movements help to enhance women's health, as well as wild popularity among the opposite sex.

Buti dance: how to learn to dance correctly?

Like any novelty in the dance industry, buti dance enters the Russian dance culture in small steps, gradually. Because, unfortunately, there are few fitness clubs that teach this hot dance. If there is no buta dance teacher in your city, you will lose almost nothing if you study at home on your own. After all, there is nothing complicated in this dance, despite the entertainment. So how to learn this nontrivial dance:

  • 1. Choose a suitable dance school. If this is not the case, we make a selection of video lessons, which, fortunately, the Internet is full of.
  • 2. We select 2-3 days in our schedule according to which we will be engaged. Keep in mind that you will show the best result if each training session lasts 45 minutes - an hour.
  • 3. Before each lesson (it doesn’t matter, at home or in the studio) it is necessary to conduct a warm-up - let the apparent ease and ease of movement not deceive you. You can be injured very seriously - do not neglect safety measures.
  • 4. The following is a small stretch. How to perform it correctly can also be viewed on the Internet.
  • 5. After the body is prepared, we begin to learn the basic movements. Do not try to comprehend everything at once - move along one or two movements at a time.
  • 6. In the middle of the lesson, there should again be time for stretching. If you do everything right, very soon you will sit on the longitudinal and transverse twine (or at least half-twine).
  • 7. At the end of the lesson, combine the learned movements into a bundle. So you and your body, remember the necessary positions.

What will give you booty dance? - Lots of

Dancing buti dance, you will liberate yourself, reveal your sexuality, stop complexes. From a health point of view, this dance is also very useful:

  • 1. muscle tone,
  • 2. prevention of congestive female diseases,
  • 3. the solution of problems with the pelvic-femoral, lumbar joints,
  • 4. improving blood circulation.

As you can see, buti dance hides a lot of positive. Do not be shy, try buti dance - very soon you will not recognize yourself, and there will be no end to the fans. Join the fashion stream - move your body!

Bit of theory

Movements in the dance of booty are divided into several types:

  • Hiprolling - These movements of the hips and abdomen resembling a belly dance are indispensable elements of this dance.
  • Bootyshake - as the name implies, this is a rhythmic contraction of the muscles of the buttocks and pelvic movements that mimic the ligament. This is the main movement of the dance of booty and now we will tell you how to learn it.

Learning to dance Booty dance at home

As advertisements say, you can master the dance of booty in just two or three classes at a dance school. Of course, choreographic schools have a lot of advantages, ranging from an individual program to the supervision of teachers, but the biggest disadvantage of the school is its price. And in some cities there is also the lack of the school itself. Therefore, we will tell you what you need to do to learn the dance of booty, without leaving home.

  1. The most important thing is self-motivation. Watch the clips of Shakira or Bionse, look at their smooth, mesmerizing movements and create a suitable atmosphere using hip-hop music, Brazilian funk or other styles.
  2. So that clothes do not hinder movement, it is better to wear shorts.
  3. It is best to start learning, armed with a video lesson on the dance of booty. Of course, you can learn this dance just by imitating your favorite singers, but only professionals can give valuable advice. You can watch several such video tutorials at the end of this article.
  4. It is necessary that the room resembled a home ballroom, was free and well-lit. And you also need a large mirror so you can see yourself from the side.
  5. Never forget about warming up before dancing and stretching in breaks. This will help warm up the muscles and prepare them for the dance.

If classes are less than three times a week, they will not bring the desired result. Each lesson should be no shorter than forty minutes. At first glance, this may seem like an excessive requirement, but the result is worth it.

Remember, a booty dance will make you sexy and relaxed.