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How to make money for a student? Work for schoolchildren for the summer


Almost all adolescents want to find work for the summer - especially those who are already 14 years old and who, it would seem, can apply for official employment. Juveniles are still poorly hired, but there are several ways to find work for schoolchildren and students, which often lead to success. Says Irina Zhigina, expert of the Financial Health project, financial consultant.

A sign of adolescence is the desire to become independent. And the main indicator of independence for teenagers is the opportunity to get a job and earn their first money. Advantages of working part-time adolescents in the summer: they begin to respect parental work, become more responsible in matters of finance and spend the money earned more rationally.

I called a number of organizations and talked with those responsible for the employment of minors. Finding a job at age 14 and officially finding a job is, of course, more difficult than at age 16, but there are proposals.

Employment centers

First of all, I advise you to visit Employment Centersthat are in every city. In Moscow, you can contact any employment department of the Employment Centers of the administrative districts of the city. This year, a special city program for temporary employment of minor citizens is also working.

Through the Employment Center, you can get a job from the age of 14. Currently, schoolchildren are available to work as janitors, territory cleaners, cultural organizers, managers and administrators. Other vacancies may appear.

Employers working with Employment Centers strictly comply with labor laws. Article 92 of Chapter 15 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation establishes the following labor standards for adolescents: the duration of the working week during vacation time for adolescents under 16 years old is no more than 24 hours, from 16 to 18 years old no more than 35 hours. The duration of daily work is specified in Article 94 of Chapter 15 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation: from 15 to 16 years - 5 hours, from 16 to 18 years - 7 hours.

On average, students can earn up to 17 thousand rubles per month: part of the money will be paid by the employer, and part (up to 10 thousand rubles) will come from the city budget.

In order to get a job, a teenager needs the following documents:

  1. School certificate
  2. Passport
  3. Workbook (if any)
  4. Consent from parents

Moscow Youth Employment Center (Moscow, 38 Shchepkina St., bldg. 1, tel. +7 (495) 688-46-56) offers a number of vacancies for applicants. Register on the site, fill out a resume and look for work according to the specified parameters.

The Youth Employment Center also provides career guidance for minors. So, in mid-June, a new project "Media School" began its work, in which everyone is invited from the ages of 14 to 16 years. And in July, free English courses will start

Unfortunately, I did not find a single friend of mine whose children would get a temporary job through the Employment Centers: either the proposed profession is not comfortable, or to travel far. But do not disregard the work center from the accounts - they offer just official employment and do a lot of work with various companies.

Employment in large companies

Finding a job from the age of 16 is easier, and more likely to be officially employed.

Many friends of my daughter work in Mcdonalds. There are restaurants in this network in many cities of Russia, and young people are constantly required there: fill out the form on the website and indicate the profession you are interested in.

Mobile Operators teenagers from 16 years old are also sometimes hired: in the "Career" or "Jobs" sections of their sites, you can find interesting offers in each city and send your profile.

Please note: the employment procedure in large companies involves an interview, sometimes even two or three, and this takes some time. After the interview, it is proposed to undergo free training, so it is better to submit application forms for employment in advance.

Without formal employment or through acquaintances

Unfortunately, company executives are not particularly keen on officially hiring teenagers. This is partly due to difficulties in applying for a minor to work: obtaining consent from parents and other paperwork.

But if your child really wants to find something to do for the summer, then you can get a part-time job without concluding an employment contract. In practice, most employers do this: they do not sign any documents with minors. And here we have to rely only on the decency of the head of the company.

I began my career at the age of 16 at a company with my mother’s acquaintance: I sold watermelons and condensed milk. There was no agreement, all on parole. How much did I earn? For that money, the amount received per day was enough for me per kilogram of cherries or a big chocolate bar. Am I sad about low income? Of course not! Because I liked to work, communicate with people and feel like an adult.

Feel free to ask your friends and relatives: perhaps some of them need a summertime employee. Often the best option to find work for a teenager is just that.

Job Search Sites

You can try looking for work with specialized sites:

or bulletin boards in social networks:

You can also contact the recently opened food or print delivery companies, cafes, cinemas and other organizations with a proposal of their candidacy.

Which vacancies are the most popular?

  1. A promoter is a person who distributes flyers and invites people: this work is perfect for outgoing teenagers. There are usually a lot of such vacancies, but do not expect official employment, so there is a chance that the teenager will be promised to pay one amount of money, and they will be paid much less.
  2. Poster of announcements.
  3. Courier. You cannot call this work easy - up to 20 addresses can be published per day and there is not a minute of rest. However, teenagers willingly go to work as couriers.
  4. Shop assistant.
  5. Assistant in the kitchen.
  6. Cleaner.
  7. Car washer.
  8. Shooting on the set.
  9. Waiter.

In the summer, my friends' children hand out flyers in shopping centers and on the street, work as couriers, help in the kitchen. Some of them settled on their own - they came to organizations and offered their candidacy. And not one of them works under an employment contract. Money is usually paid either for each day of work, or weekly. Often fined, underpaid, but teens still continue to work: better than never, they say.

Internet work

There are a number of online exchanges and sites where you can register and perform various freelance jobs:

  • Write text (rewriting or copywriting)
  • Place ads on sites
  • Create Landing
  • Fill the site
  • Make a translation of the article
  • Call customers
  • Test computer games
  • Create banners or promotional images
  • Make a repost or join a group
  • Write comments or reviews

Usually, for such tasks, the fee is quite low, and a lot of time is spent on completion, but this type of part-time job is in demand among adolescents. The downside is that compulsory registration is necessary and not always simple - perhaps at the initial stage you will have to help your child with the opening of electronic wallets and authorization on the site.

Popular Resources for Freelancers

  • - there are various offers on this exchange
  • - one of the most famous freelance exchanges
  • - job exchange of various kinds

Special sites for copywriters

In my opinion, such a side job is not good at earning, it is rather insignificant, but at the fact that adolescents practice and hone their writing skills (hello, Russian!), Create landing pages, work with websites, and also train to interact with potential employers.

Our children seek to plunge into adulthood as soon as possible. Maybe this is not always justified and necessary, but they do not want to walk from night to dawn, but work. Let's support them in this!

The legal side of the issue of earnings

In Russia, only 16 years of age are allowed to work without hindrance. Until this age, any employment is executed only with the permission of the parents.

This is right, because young people are not yet ready for an independent life, they are poorly versed in legal nuances. Employment must be properly executed. Otherwise, fraudsters can take advantage of work and not pay the teenager the work done.

Of course, that only those who have no health problems can earn, they have free personal time. That is, as a rule, we are talking about part-time schoolchildren for the summer. Types of earnings may be different, consider some possibilities.

Labor Exchanges - Official Employment

In every region and major cities there are youth labor exchanges. Their main activity is the employment of young people from 14 years old. As a rule, once a quarter job fairs are held here, which offer various types of work that do not require specialization and qualifications. Such work is poorly paid for schoolchildren, but payments, compensation for disability and social benefits are guaranteed. The services offered are especially popular with young people during the summer holidays, when there is a lot of free time. The only limitation is age.

Work for students under the age of 14 is prohibited by law!

For those who are 14 years old, you can come to the exchange with their parents, bring documents: a passport, a certificate of education (if you already have one) and, possibly, the next day to begin their work duties.

A school student can find a job either by signing an employment contract for a certain period of time, or by opening his first work book, which is very important today. Thus, the teenager will accumulate seniority, which will serve as an additional bonus for a future career.

Particularly popular work in the summer for students in the following capacity:

  • couriers
  • garden assistants
  • janitors
  • peddlers and other types of simple work.

Such work will always be found, the main thing is to check that the registration for the work was done in accordance with the law on the labor code.

But, as a rule, work is needed for students aged 15 and over, since many teenagers at this age leave school after receiving a certificate of completion of 9th grade.

Self-seeking job for the student for the summer

With an independent job search, the student should adequately assess their capabilities, the amount of free time that he can spend on earnings, interests, hobbies and preferences. Not many people can evaluate themselves adequately, so the task of parents is to explain to the child all the advantages and disadvantages of the first employment that they will encounter.

It will be useful for a teenager to learn how to write a resume, which will allow you to briefly talk about yourself, your strengths and skills.

  • The first way: search for vacancies through electronic labor exchanges. It is enough to regularly get acquainted with new announcements by selecting certain exchanges. It is also necessary to place a resume with a photo on these exchanges, which will increase the possibilities in finding vacancies and attract the attention of employers.
  • The second way: recruitment agencies. Many recruitment agencies offer employment services for high school students in low-paid, not requiring qualifications, working specialties.
  • The third way: listen to the advice of "experienced". Some interesting thoughts are outlined in the next video.

What can be offered part-time in the summer for students?

  • The most common vacancy is poster ads. It may seem that this is a great job for schoolchildren in the summer - easy and affordable. But the employer may require you to stick up to a thousand ads a day. Therefore, excellent physical abilities are needed here. Salary per day can be up to 400 rubles and this is the maximum value.
  • Vacancy "peddler of newspapers, advertising." Such work also requires physical endurance, but it will be paid a little more expensive than working as an advertiser.
  • Vacancy "promoter". The task of this work is to advertise a product or service. Any large company uses the services of promoters. Distribute flyers, advertise goods in shopping centers, invite to presentations - this work is suitable for those who like to communicate and learn something new. Employers give preference to those who know how to bear responsibility for themselves and for the final result.
  • Jobs couriers, au pair sorted out quickly. This requires a high level of mobility and the ability to make decisions.

What other work can you find yourself?

Fast food chains offer simple work. Given the study schedule, you can choose the most convenient hours of work and earn money, including during the study period. The only negative is that you have to start from the post of cleaner and gradually, depending on the efforts, climb the career ladder.

Basically, get a waiter in a small cafe you can and from 14 years. But we must remember that for such employment will need a health book.

In summer you can try yourself as an assistant counselor in summer camps. It is clear that students are more likely to take, but if a high school student and he likes to communicate with children, then such a position may well be offered to him.

If a teenager has a desire for creativity, he knows how to make hand-made things, for example, weaves bracelets beautifully, does some other interesting things, then you can try yourself as a master. You can sell your work at specialized fairs, it is also worth participating in the work of online platforms where you can find new customers, and at the same time, improve your creative abilities.

Internet earning opportunities

Those students who are interested in the Internet and new technical devices may be interested in earning methods related to web technologies. Work on the Internet for students is becoming more popular every year.

For example, web surfing, content surfing. This type of work involves visiting advertised pages. Content surfing is associated with viewing letters from sponsors with visits to recommended pages. True, such work is underpaid, but there is a guarantee that this kind of activity will always be.

One type of side job is participate in online surveys. It is enough to register on the site, and then receive invitations to participate in the survey, which is filled online. You can earn from one to 15 rubles from 50 rubles. More on this in the next video.

How to make money for a student on the Internet?

Search for content for a site - Another way to make money. Important skill in finding information, the ability to process it in various editors. This type of activity is suitable if the student has a sufficient level of Internet literacy.

The most profitable business is considered website design, their administration, participation in interest forums. In this case, programming skills are needed.

If a teenager is able to express his thoughts in writing, has the skills of literate writing, then you can try to participate in projects related to copywriting and rewriting. This is an excellent work at home for schoolchildren if there is a technical possibility of constant access to the Internet, it also provides the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills in working with information.

Of course, not all options are listed here, where to earn money for a student, since there are a lot of such options. The main thing is the desire and availability of free time for the teenager. Parents should not resist the desire of their growing child to earn money, they should only monitor this activity and the actions of the employer.