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How to hug a girl


3 parts: Hug with one hand Hug with two hands How to avoid mistakes

It is difficult for any tall person to embrace someone who is shorter than his height. High guys are especially embarrassed and complex, who need to hug low girls. Fortunately, there are several ways you can get rid of embarrassment before a hug forever.

Part 1 Hug with one hand

  1. Approach the girl from the side from which you are going to hug her.

Usually hug from the side on which they stand. Most likely, in this sense you have already decided, so the side with which you want to hug the girl is almost a resolved issue. To hug a girl, you first need to get closer to her.

  • As soon as you are near, raise the hand with which you are going to hug the girl (this should be the hand closest to the girl). Raise your hand so that it is almost horizontally (waiting for a hug).
  • Wait while you touch each other with your sides, then lower this hand on the girl’s shoulders. The other hand should remain idle.
  • Perhaps one of the main advantages of such hugs (with one hand) is the ability to avoid the moment when the girl’s head is directed directly to your chest or waist, which, of course, will confuse her and you.
  • Extend your hand over the girl’s shoulder.

    As soon as you come close to each other, place your hand so that it rests on the girl’s shoulder. Do not put your hand on the girl’s neck or around the neck.

    • Put your hand on top of the girl’s hand - if your arms cross while hugging, this can confuse you.
    • If you sit and hug, it will be easier to do the same with your knees. When you bend in the lower back, it will be difficult for a girl to hug you.
    • Regardless of the difference in height, it is best to place a hand on the girl’s waist or shoulder. Never place your hand on her head, chest, or neck. In this position, the girl will be awkward and uncomfortable.
  • Hug the girl for a moment, then let her go.

    The length of hugs depends on how close people are. If you are not in a romantic relationship with this person, it is believed that a hug with him should last about three seconds.

    • If you are taller than a girl, do not rush to stop hugging to avoid uncomfortable incidents. First, relax your hand and calmly lower it, let the girl straighten up, and then you can step back a little.
  • Part 2 Hug with two hands

    1. Go to the girl you want to hug.

    This way of hugging involves approaching the girl face to face - it will be easier to determine how much taller you are. Especially if you come closer, because you need to make sure that her head does not bury you in the waist or lower.

    • This type of hug implies that the guy will lean slightly so that the girl’s head is opposite his shoulder, or at least his chest.
  • Bend a little, arms extended forward.

    As already mentioned, your chest needs to be opposite the girl’s head. Raise your hands in front of you and give the girl a choice. Let her decide where to place her head - on the chest or in the bend of the neck.

    • Fold your hands on her back, as if completing a hug. Do not put your hands on her neck!
    • Keep your head straight, you do not need to turn it to the side so as not to collide with the girl face to face and not to breathe in her face when you hug.
  • During the hug, you also need to stay a little tilted. Some people think that you only need to bend first to hug the girl and put her hands on her waist, and then you can relax and return to the usual position. In fact, you need to stay for a while in a slightly tilted position. Trying to straighten your back will put you in an uncomfortable position because the hug is not finished.

    5. The consent of the girl is a must

    To hug a girl, it will take 60% of the effort on the part of the man, the remaining 40% is in the possession of the girl who makes the receiving gesture.

    Real life is not like a South Korean drama, when the main character does not let go and pulls a woman who is all in tears trying to go away, hugging her tightly.

    Such tactics can lead to a slap in the face or physical resistance to run away from you.

    3. A hug from the back

    Commonly used to create the effect of surprise and spontaneity. You approach the girl from behind and hug her with both hands in the waist, then press her body close to yours.

    A hug is one of the most intimate physical gestures with which you can give a girl a sign of affection. And if you know how to hug a girl taking into account her desires, she becomes able to express her feelings in the most warm and sincere way.

    Hugs are always nice. It is especially nice to hug the girl you like. Hugs do not need any special approach or occasion. You don’t need to say in words this desire to hug . Hug when you really want it. As soon as you feel this desire give her warmth, give her tactile sensations, you hug her . There are no dances with a tambourine or passionate speech for hugging.

    When you feel like a hug - hug or at least try it. Do not want - not worth it.

    More you do touches of the upper and lower back the more comfort a woman gets.

    I’ll tell you more about how to hug a girl : one handle goes a little below the neck and the other just above the tailbone . Touching these areas gives signals to the girl’s brain: reliability, safety and comfort . Even if she doesn’t want this, she will still be calm on autopilot. The picture shows how the guy should hug the girl.

    Try it in practice . When a girl is upset with something, hug her as in the description and see what happens.

    Video with a warm hug from a guy

    Although the guy’s hugs in the video are not as correct as in the picture, but it feels warmth and good intentions .

    1. Hug her for yourself. Because you want it and like it. Do not hug in order to please her. Otherwise, your hugs lose all strength.
    2. Hug without sharp abrupt movements, smoothly . Do not try to do it hard, do not choke or clamp in a vise.
    3. You can hold a close position of the girl’s body after hugs , do not let go of her, and continue to communicate face to face, cheek to cheek. IMPORTANT: you do so, if only on her part there is no resistance, if there is - let her go.
    4. All hugs are primarily an emotional expression of oneself , their feelings for the girl.

    The meaning of how a guy hugs a girl

    I love girls and, in general, I like to cuddle with them. Hugging the girl, I feel her slim body, figure. After hugs with a slender girl I may even be attracted to her , even if before that she was not so attractive to me. Exactly a sense of her femininity, good looks, slim figure appears at the moment of embrace. I have warm inside .

    I don’t hug the girl just because “it’s necessary” or “so accepted”. It loses its very meaning and pleasure from hugs. Hug exactly when you want and appears desire . Hugs with a girl should not be empty.

    A mutual hug is the most pleasant. This is when both the guy and the girl want to cuddle. Sometimes hugs are better than kisses, especially when a girl does not know how to kiss.

    I know one lovely girl . While embracing with me, she likes to warm her upturned cold nose against my neck. I like it

    As soon as I feel the slightest resistance on her part because of a hug, I immediately stop hugging her. It is very important! The resistance of the girl suggests that for the first time I put a lot of pressureon her. I remove my hands and continue to communicate as if nothing had happened, as if nothing had happened. Thus I remove the pressure with a girl.

    We continue to communicate. I feel that I like communication in a hug position more. So I hug her a second time. This time i I do not pay attention to her initial resistance . I look into her eyes and broadcast her gaze: "It’s normal for me, and I always do this with girls ". The most important thing is to continue to communicate! In this way I strengthen my hugs. Resistance from her side is no more, therefore, and no pressure either. I just give her my warmth and passion for it. I just express myself.

    I quickly get close and hug with beauties, and for me it is already normal to hug them quickly. I do not see anything in this supernatural and difficult. I don’t attach much importance to this, it happens automatically for me, by itself.

    Moments necessary to cuddle easily with strangers: needlessness and willingness to lose her.

    Everything! This is how fast hugs with unfamiliar beauties take place. Remember these secrets on how to hug girls.

    Do you want to hug a girl for the first time, but don’t know how? Or maybe you’ve been together for a long time, but you still don’t understand how to determine the moment when you should use a sweet hug? Let's try to figure out how to hug the girl with whom you start a relationship, continue, or for the time being, only friendship.

    Pick the right moment

    The first and most important rule of a good hug is choosing the right moment. It is very difficult for many young people to determine when a girl is ready for this. And often such a problem arises: the guy hugged the girl by the waist, and she called him and ran away.

    What moment can be called correct:

    How to understand that a girl wants to be hugged?

    If we want to understand how to hug a girl properly, then it is worth realizing the most important thing - her body language. It is very important to catch non-verbal (that is, not those that speak in words) signs that the girl is already dreaming that you hug her to her. The list of signs is attached below, but remember that these are only stereotyped, and each girl is an individual:

    1. The girl looks at you, smiles and looks into her eyes.
    2. He winds his locks on his finger, touches his hair, as if drawing your attention to them.
    3. When you sit together, she tries to reduce the distance, and her feet and hips are directed in your direction.
    4. Concerns you during the conversation. Can lightly touch your shoulder or pat him when you joke.
    5. Shortens the distance by asking to rate her perfume or beads.

    How to understand that the girl does not want to be hugged?

    For a successful understanding of how to hug a girl, you must also understand when a girl is not ready to hug. And if in cases with a long relationship you can already roughly understand the mood of the girl, then there may be difficulties with new acquaintances.

    Does the girl turn away and not look you in the eye? Step back when you shorten the distance? Her lips are compressed and she is not laughing at your jokes? Disturbing signs, but do not mean yet that you are disgusting to a girl. It is possible that she believes that a guy and a girl are embracing only after a long meeting, and simply not yet time.

    You can’t hug a girl by force, it’s not only wrong, but it can completely destroy the relationship between you.

    We supplement the article with some tips on how to hug a girl:

    • Remember hygiene products. After sports, you need to take a shower, otherwise you can scare away the lady with "aromas".
    • Do not rush at the girl suddenly. Hugs are a smooth process.
    • Make contact, listen to the girl and what she says.
    • Do not cuddle for too long unless you
    • Do not jerk your hands sharply.

    Many girls do not really like to cuddle. It is worth finding out if the girl is tender with you, but does not respond to hugs.

    For couples who are already in a long relationship, it is usually not difficult to understand when one of the parties needs support. However, if you have problems with this, then try the trial and error method. If a girl says she doesn’t want to hug, this does not mean that she has stopped loving you or is cheating on you. It is likely that she was used to experiencing some emotions inside herself, and you disturb her cocoon. But she will gladly share the joyful moments with you. Hug more often - it brings together!

    If a young man does not know how to hug and kiss a girl, then he is unlikely to be of great interest to the beautiful half of humanity. But there is good news - with a great desire, this “knowledge gap” can be eliminated and learned. How? We will talk about this in our article.

    How to hug and kiss a girl

    The first thing a man needs to know is that girls of nature are very vulnerable and romantic, and a kiss for them means much more than for a guy.

    You can even confidently say that a kiss for girls is the most important part of a love relationship. There is also an opinion that after kissing, any woman will immediately determine whether she will build a serious relationship with this person or not.

    How to learn to kiss a girl

    The most difficult, especially for the first kiss, is the timing. Correctly choose the moment when the partner will be ready, according to young people - this is not so simple.

    However, this is an erroneous opinion, just by nature a girl can portray impregnability, but inside - just burn out from impatience. If the lady of your choice smiles and shows interest in you, then go ahead! In the end, the best answer to the question of how to learn to kiss a girl is practice.

    Well, now we will give you some simple, but important tips:

    With all due respect to the male half, but we just can not help but give this recommendation. Of course, this seems too simple, but it is necessary to eliminate any bad breath - a bottle of beer or borsch with garlic before a date will kill all the romance. And do not even think that peppermint chewing gum can fix something - it’s not.

    Smile and show confidence. Show sympathy with your whole body, that is, do not cross legs and arms, gesticulate smoothly, do not make sudden movements. This will set your chosen one in a positive way.

    Immediately before kissing a girl, it is necessary to enter into bodily contact, that is, as if by chance, touch her hand, and then acquire it. This must be done so that your touch becomes familiar to her and does not cause any embarrassment.

    Remember that the first kiss should take place in a cozy, romantic atmosphere, without a crowd of people around.

    So! With the kiss itself, you should be in close bodily contact - hug her and, looking into her eyes, slowly begin to approach her lips. She can go to meet you, stay in place, as if hypnotized, or even lean back a little - this is all normal course of events, because girls are very emotional creatures, and it’s quite difficult to predict their behavior. When you finally come close to her with your lips, close your eyes and slowly, gently kiss the girl’s lower and then upper lip.

    If you want something more, you can go to the French kiss, but before you kiss the girl in this way, be sure to make sure that your girlfriend is not against such a continuation. You can find out only for a moment by looking at it - the absence of anxiety can be a kind of call to action.

    In no case do not try to be tough or assertive, not all girls like it, and during the first kiss they will scare them away in any case.

    How to kiss a girl on the cheek: types of kisses

    Scientists who are used to exploring everything and everyone have found that a strong hug can burn up to 12 kcal. Kisses cause an even greater surge of emotions, therefore, before you kiss a girl on the cheek, you can, without harming the figure, allow yourself a cake or a hearty dinner. But seriously, a kiss is a delicate matter and you need to clearly understand where it can be allowed and where not.

    If it’s enlarged to divide the existing kisses into classes, you get three categories:

    A kiss of the hand, in fact, is not a kiss, as such, and does not carry any intimate load. It serves more as a sign of respect and attention. You can kiss the hand, both a close woman and a stranger. Moreover, this gesture will be appropriate in relation to a lady of any age.

    A kiss on the lips is the result of a closer and more trusting relationship. It is worth saying that it is not necessary to get ahead of events. Young people, as a rule, adapt faster in relationships and earlier than girls, they are ready for a kiss.

    A young lady needs time to get to know her partner and understand that, she was not mistaken in the choice. A guy should not be demanding, as this can make the girl want to break off relations with him.

    It is best to carefully monitor the reaction of the girl, gradually establishing tactile contact with her. Hugging a partner at the waist, taking her hand and pulling her to her, it is worthwhile to carefully monitor her reaction. If the girl does not move away, then you can go to the girl's kisses.

    The most neutral is a kiss on the cheek, especially since this action can always be interpreted as a friendly gesture. The most appropriate moment is parting after a joint evening.

    Перед тем, как поцеловать девушку в щечку, стоит подойти к ней поближе, положить руку на плечо, поблагодарить за прекрасно проведенное время и поцеловать. Стоит обратить внимание молодых людей, что поцелуй не должен быть коротким «чмок».

    Лучше, два или три раза подряд коснуться губами нежной девичьей кожи, действуя мягко, но настойчиво. Gradually, you can move closer to the cheekbones - this area is the most sensitive on the face. Then you should suddenly stop the kiss, look the girl in the eye and say goodbye to her.

    Already at home, having analyzed the girl’s reaction to a kiss on the cheek, one can understand whether it is worthwhile to afford something more at the next meeting or to leave the relationship at the same level for now.

    How to hug your girlfriend?

    A hug is considered one of the best forms of expression of sympathy and feelings for a girl. In addition, a study by experts confirmed that cuddling is also good for health - it lowers blood pressure and increases the level of oxytocin, the so-called hormone of calm in the body of a girl. You probably thought: “Why this article, because everyone knows how to hug a girl.” But not everyone knows that there are some nuances that every young person should know about.

    It is necessary to prepare in advance for embracing the girl in your arms. Since at this moment you will be incredibly close to her, try to smell pleasant from you - unobtrusive toilet water and a mouth freshener will be the best solution.

    If the girl is much shorter than you, try to smooth out the difference - hug the girl, bend your knees a little, so that the companion does not rest against your chest, but looks directly into your eyes. This technique will not only show respect and show courtesy, but also save the lady from some feeling of embarrassment or awkwardness.

    An ideal hug goes deep from the heart, because by putting a person in your arms, you show care. Think only about the best, about how you appreciate and love the girl standing in front of you, because in this case everything will happen by itself, to put it simply - as sincerely as possible.

    It is best to embrace a girl if you put one hand on your shoulder and the other in the middle of your back. So your chosen one will feel completely safe and relax.

    Let the girl control the hug herself, and when she wants to free herself from your hands, slowly let her go, thereby demonstrating that you really enjoyed being with her in such close proximity, but you respect her wishes.

    After the hug has taken place, establish eye contact, in other words, gently look into her eyes, expressing some gratitude. Everyone knows that the eyes are a mirror of the soul, and putting such a final note, you will undoubtedly conquer any representative of the beautiful half of humanity.

    Remember, hands are given to us to hug. And it is not at all necessary to know everything about how to hug a girl, the main thing is to do it as sincerely as possible, more gentle and more often. After all, it helps to raise your self-esteem, rise to the next level of consciousness and find harmony and happiness.

    Hugs are an important part at the stages of rapprochement with a girl and during a relationship. A guy who knows how to hug a girl naturally and unobtrusively, without creating discomfort at the same time, will put her to him much faster than the one who underestimates the importance of hugs. As a rule, a hug often carries some message, and in a certain way helps to achieve one or another result. However, of course, a hug does not always pursue global goals. In what cases is this appropriate and occurs most often?You are hinting at intimacy. You are with a girl in a secluded atmosphere, disposing to intimate proximity. The girl is positively disposed to communication, and you have no doubt that you are interesting to her. In this case, the hug often becomes the stage of rapprochement leading to sex.You are just inspired. A wonderful event has just happened to you, and you are in a good mood. For example, you and a girl found out that there were still tickets on sale for the event that you wanted to attend, the two of you took a ride on an exciting attraction, you met after a long separation, and the like.Support. There may be two options - you want to support your interlocutor, or you yourself need this support. If the girl is crying, then, most likely, hugs are simply obligatory. Often, a single embrace can calm you down much faster than many supportive words. If you yourself are in frustrated feelings and the girl sees this, there is nothing to be ashamed of if you say: “Can I hug you?” If you have a close relationship with a girl, or at least she likes you, then this request will not confuse her at all.Protection. This kind of hugs demonstrates protection - you are closing the girl from the whole world. This is appropriate when a girl complains about some circumstances or is afraid of something. In this case, she most likely needs your hug.This is just nice. Not all people need some reason to hug a loved one or a person they like. Some girls just love hugs. After some time after meeting you, you probably will notice this feature of it, if it has a place to be. In this case, do not look for an extra reason for hugs - most likely, the interlocutor will be pleased with him in any case.Emotions Sometimes a situation may be such that it is difficult to find suitable words for confession and explanation. In this case, a hug can completely replace the conversation and show more of your emotions than any statements.Proximity Thus, you show each other that you feel good together. Hugs often emphasize that people are very close. Strong hugs Usually they are difficult to confuse with a love hug. So, what is characteristic of them. First of all, it is important to note that, as a rule, they do not last long. The man quickly embraces the woman and immediately releases her. Usually this happens at the beginning of the meeting or already at parting. This embrace is not preceded by prolonged eye contact, conversations on intimate topics and the like. Often a hug is accompanied by a pat on the shoulder or back. It is quite appropriate in the men's company.

    Intimate or love hugs:

      If you want to demonstrate to a girl that you are ready to become her defense and support, then in this case a hug from the back is quite appropriate. Hugging her by the waist, you give her a feeling of reliability and comfort. Also, for many representatives of the fair sex, this type of hug means trust in each other. There is a type of hug, which is called the "castle". During it, a "death grip" is characteristic - people seemed to "cling" to each other, strongly pressed against their bodies. Typically, such a hug is appropriate after reconciliation or in a fit of gripping feelings - often it signals a fear of loss. People who often practice such hugs, consider them very symbolic, and are usually very attached to each other, do not want to be apart. This hug is called “flying”. Often it speaks of a passionate attitude towards the object of sympathy. During this embrace, the guy tears his companion from the ground, holding it on himself or by landing it on the surface in front of him (for example, a table). Of course, this alludes to physical attraction. Visual contact. With this type of hug, whatever the position of the bodies, the main thing is to look into each other's eyes. Usually in the look you can read all the emotions that a person experiences at this moment, and, of course, this brings together even more. Most often, such manifestations of feelings are characteristic of people who are really in love with each other, and whose relationship is very strong. Sometimes such an embrace is called a “pickpocket”, and, of course, there is a logical explanation for this - when contacting, one or both partners hold their palms in the back another jeans pockets. Most often, this suggests that you want to be even closer to each other, you are comfortable together and well. Also, such a hug can occur when the guy is on the side of the girl, and presses her hand through the side pocket of her robes.
    Comforting hug Perhaps the most comforting hugs that a man can give a woman look like this: he carefully presses her to him, holding both hands on her back. Such a hug will show the interlocutor that she is not indifferent to you, you empathize with her. In addition, do not forget that at the moment when a person needs comfort, he is most vulnerable, and a reciprocal hug undoubtedly indicates confidence in you. As you know, the back is one of the most vulnerable places, because you do not see what is happening behind you. That is why stroking her back and “sheltering” her gives a sense of security.

    3. A hug with a pat on the back

    This hug is more likely associated with friendships than with love. If you are just friends, then a romantic continuation is unlikely to happen: he will support, listen, but do not expect mutual feelings. If this is the only hug that your young man prefers, then it is worth considering: it seems that he is not meeting with you out of great love and is not going to reciprocate.

    4. Hug and eye-to-eye look

    If he hugs you incredibly gently and delicately, and then looks straight into your eyes, then be sure: this is a symbol of a real, deep connection between people. He cherishes you very much, and everything that happens with the relationship at the moment is really important and valuable to him. Such a relationship has a future, and perhaps a very happy one.

    5. Hug London Bridge

    There is a “pioneer distance” between you, and the hug itself turns out to be somewhat crumpled and as if only out of politeness? You do not seem to digest each other, but try to save face. Why masks? If a person is unpleasant to you, a dry nod will be enough. Although, there are exceptions: if you came to a family dinner and met a harmful uncle, this type of hug can be very useful to you.

    7. Hug with one hand

    If your young man loves to hug you on the shoulder, then in this way he takes you under his wing and seeks to protect you from any adversity. If you are only friends, then in this way a man offers his help and support. But if a girl hugs a guy like that (and especially goodbye), then you know - most likely, she perceives you only as a good friend and the relationship here will not work out.

    Hugs are used to express your feelings for the person you are hugging. Hugs - they not only indicate your feelings for the girl, but also allow you to give both her and you the pleasure of drawing together and touching the two bodies. Therefore, the more literate your hugs, the more pleasant your girlfriend will be, which means that the more chances there are to fall in love with her even more.

    In fact, there are a lot of poses for girls’s hugs and it’s simply not necessary to describe them all, in the process you turn on your imagination and you will succeed, but we will describe the most common and pleasant hugs of girls below.


    If you want to kiss a girl in a romantic style, then hug her with your hands not behind her back, but behind her head, as if holding her head with both hands, running her fingers under her hair, and slightly moving her lips to her lips.

    Another way to hug a girl is to stand while the girl is standing with her back to you and you are hugging her belly with her hands. This is a rather exciting position, especially if the girl and the guy are firmly pressed against each other by their bodies.

    SID: From the sitting postures that you can hug the girl, there will be a pose when you are facing each other, while the girl is more likely sitting on your legs and hugging them behind your back, and her arms are hugging your neck, while your arms are hug her behind her back or head. This is a fairly candid pose, which not only gives pleasure, but also causes excitement, both from the guy and the girl.

    You can embrace a girl while sitting from behind, when she sits with her back to you, and you hug her with legs and arms. Although this pose is more suitable for a woman, that is, when she hugs a man from behind, but men can sometimes hug their beloved girl like that.


    If you want all your embrace girls to enjoy, remember a few rules.

    The girl you hug must have sympathy for you.
    Any hug is a touch of bodies, and the denser the touch, the more pleasant the hug for a girl. Don't overdo it; hugging too tight is unpleasant.
    Take a hug slowly and, if possible, complete them with kisses.

    It doesn’t matter how you hug the girl, the main thing is that the hug gives pleasure not only to you, but also to the girl. Since each person has different tastes and preferences, certain postures for hugs will be pleasant and unpleasant for each person, and therefore, while hugging, observe her preferences and you will know how to hug your girlfriend correctly and pleasantly.

    Do you want to hug a girl for the first time, but don’t know how? Or maybe you’ve been together for a long time, but you still don’t understand how to determine the moment when you should use a sweet hug? Let's try to figure out how to hug the girl with whom you start a relationship, continue, or for the time being, only friendship.