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Who are socially adapted psychopaths?


A person with psychopathy has a neurologically disturbed (lack) conscience; he also does not feel sympathy for others. It is the antisocial psychopaths who are portrayed so cool in films, and all because of their life in which they exist beyond the permissible limits of their culture. Most people are not familiar with the harmful effects of the so-called “social” psychopath. Social psychopaths are not noticed due to the fact that they have learned to behave in accordance with the expectations of society and lead an ordinary lifestyle. Social psychopaths are charming, but they still lack compassion and regret, and therefore they can cause you emotional and financial harm if you let them too close.

Psycho - who is it, why is it important to talk about it

Psychopaths are pretending people. People who pretend to be normal and good people who believe in goodness, justice and morality. Psychopaths have no conscience, no compassion, and no deep sincere feelings. They have no division into good and evil, whether it is possible or not. They have a great intellect and a good education, and there is absolutely no morality. These are people with a serious personality defect that is not immediately visible even to a professional. These are people who cruelly trample your fate without any sentimentality, because deception, hypocrisy and manipulation for them is the norm. Meeting them at work and in your personal life can thoroughly cripple your psyche, and people around you will think that only you are to blame.

When reading about psychopathy (personality disorder) in a man, you will never think that this may have something to do with you and your personal life. It may seem to you that this is some kind of topic, far from you and your relationship with your beloved man. Nevertheless, we recommend that you read this article carefully, especially if you are not very happy in your personal life, because serious relationships with socially adapted psychopaths (as well as daffodils and sociopaths) are the most common cause of female suffering.

In recent years, many articles have appeared on the dangers of relations with daffodils (narcissistic egoists, imagining themselves great, then insignificant and requiring submission and service from a woman). ABOUT sociopaths (criminal psychopaths) - people who commit violent crimes, make gloomy TV shows and tell in frightening news. In fact, the problem of socially adapted (or “corporate”) psychopathy is no less terrible. Psychopaths who do not commit crimes and live a normal life next to you, according to modern estimates, are about 1% of the population.

One of the earliest researchers of this phenomenon. Harvey Cleckley (he owns a book The Mask of Sanity, The Mask of Normalityfirst published in 1941) called psychopathy a terrible but unnoticed social problem.

If we talk about this problem in relation to women, then according to statistics, among tyrant husbands who are anxious to establish absolute power over a woman, order 25% percent psychopaths.

Psychological and economic, and sometimes physical violence are just a few varieties of how a psychopath can ruin a woman's life. They use women as valuable. resource, control and intimidate them. And when the resource ends, they throw it out and go for the next victim, ready to fall in love with him, get married and, as a result, suffering senselessly for many years, get a broken psyche and lack of faith in good and in people.

One of my clients, who was unlucky to encounter a psychopath in her life, says (quote from her permission):

“It's been 8 years, but I can’t remember this time without a shiver. What is life with a male psychopath? The most correct description is a constant explosion of the brain. He then puts pressure on you, suspects all mortal sins (and you, what is most striking - you believe him), then he becomes affectionate and gentle and you can spend some wonderful days. It is only you who are to blame for all his suffering. Or his terrible parents. In general - anyone, but not himself. And the worst thing is that you live in constant emotional stress, stress. You just don’t have time to come to your senses and think - what is he doing with my life? ”

Confusion in terminology. Psychopaths are not "psychos" at all

Most of us are already confused by the word psychopathy alone. After all, its literal translation from Greek means “disease of the soul”. The confusion is greatly enhanced due to the fact that in mass media the word “psychopath” is often used as a synonym for the words “mentally ill” and “insane”, committing dangerous crimes in a state of experiencing hallucinations: “The police are in doubt or "The guy who killed her must be crazy." Therefore, when pronouncing the word “psychopath”, people usually have a picture of a person with inappropriate emotions, plotting impulsive violent crimes due to the fact that his perception of reality is altered by a psychiatric illness:

Psychopath through the eyes of the media

In fact, psychopaths look completely different. Psychopaths are not in a state of acute psychosis, they have no delirium or hallucinations, they don’t hear voices and they don’t see non-existent cranks or aliens, they don’t think anything. They are not in a closed unit of a psychiatric hospital because they do not have a perceptual disorder that the psychiatrist treats with injections and pills. Psychopaths are not disoriented in place, time and space, are not deprived of a sense of reality and do not suffer from delusional ideas, auditory hallucinations and pronounced distress. Psychopaths outwardly do not differ from normal people, they are adapted to society, often even socially successful and are close to you in Everyday life. In fact, socially adapted psychopaths (here we are not talking about representatives of the criminal world - sociopaths) may look something like this:

Typical socially adapted psychopath

They are well-groomed, even groomed. They love to dress well and live beautifully. And they can imitate any feelings and moral qualities, depending on the requirements of the situation and personal gain.

You will never think that a psychopath can work with you nearby, for example, in the office. You can know him as a charming and attractive employee, an exemplary family man, stylish looking, driving around in an expensive car and chatting heart to heart with you during the lunch break. He may well prove to be your smiling and sexually attractive stairwell neighbor. You will never think that something is wrong with him, but this “not” can directly affect you in the most painful way.

The main difference between a psychopath and an ordinary person - if very simple - he does not have morality, compassion and conscience.

Are there women psychopaths?

Yes, psychopaths come from any gender. The popularized image of a woman psychopath is a vamp woman or “predator” who calmly uses a man, primarily financially. She purposefully gets acquainted with the good, decent, helping men and manipulates them.

Is it fixable? Not. According to recent studies, this is an incurable and congenital personality disorder.

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12 thoughts on “Who are socially adapted psychopaths? ”

Even for me - a medical psychologist, psycho-diagnosis - when I was engaged in professional selection, it was hard to prove to the organization’s leadership why such “charming”, “successful”, “decisive” people should not be hired. It is absolutely impossible to build a working relationship with them. And we need a very healthy psyche and self-confidence so that communication with such people is not destructive. I'd like to support people who became victims of social psychopaths! Thank you for the article.

Thank you for your warm feedback! The problem of socially adapted psychopaths is large-scale and underestimated by society. You can use the checklist of signs of psychopathy (in the "Tests" section / subsection "Assess the risk of entering into a victim relationship") for a screening assessment of 1 factor of psychopathy. If the behavior of a person shows signs of questions 1-8 and 18.19, 21, you need to be very wary. Normal people (in the sense of morality, and not in the sense of insane) can have no more than two signs from the checklist of signs of psychopathy (PCL-r of the Haer test). Three signs or more - this is serious.

Typo on this page. One of the books recommended here (where the doctor examined psychopaths in prison and in the wild) indicated that psychopaths make up 15% of society and this figure continues to grow.

Thank you very much for the article, very interesting. I was interested in one moment. It has been written that psychopathy is a congenital disorder. The fact is that my son suffers from this disorder. Rather, I suffer from his behavior. I blame myself for his personality disorder (I thought it was upbringing), but he feels and uses it (manipulates). If I knew for sure that this is a congenital condition, I think it would be easier to live. I go to the psychologist, but guilt does not let go. It’s sad somehow.

  • Olesya Frantsyna Posted on 04/24/2016 at 11:14

It is advisable for you and your son to see a psychiatrist. They are engaged in the diagnosis and drug treatment of personality disorders (obsolete. Psychopathy).

Hello, Olesya! Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have a son with a doctor (he is 18 years old). Twice he was with my psychologist, who underwent specialization on the basis of a psycho. hospitals. My psychologist said that this was not his client (somehow) and hinted me carefully at the psychopathy. After, I read a lot of literature on this subject and came to the conclusion that he is right. This really upset me, or rather killed me. But I really want to help my son. I can’t put up with this. But I don’t know how to help, therefore I suffer. I went to a psychiatrist-psychotherapist myself, according to my stories, he confirmed the diagnosis. It seems to us that they don’t really want to deal with such people. After persuasion, he agreed. But I could not persuade my son. It’s very scary what awaits me if I don’t do anything? I'm at a loss.

  • Olesya Frantsyna Posted on 04/25/2016 at 19:14

Have you tried to go to the place where you treat personality disorders? At the NCHP RAMS or psychiatric hospital, psychiatric clinic at the place of registration?

Thank you very much for trying to help me. Because you are not indifferent to my problem. It is very important for me. I live in Kiev and where the institutions that deal with this problem are located, I did not recognize, because I was told that the treatment is voluntary. My son believes that everything is in order with him and refuses any help. Forced treatment only if he does something bad. We have already passed through the police and through the social services. services and everywhere they told me that we can’t help in particular (will outgrow). But I understand that this is not about age. It remains to wait, but still I want to know - is this the only way out? Thanks again!

Personality disorders are handled by a psychiatrist, only medical treatment.

I want to ask the authors of the article. I am interested in the question, is it possible to treat a psychopath? How can a lack of conscience, shame, remorse, compassion, sympathy, and deep feelings be treated?
Do not you think that first of all it is necessary to increase the literacy of people in such matters?
And one more question. How does psychopathy arise, is it a social disease, or is it congenital, like the color of glazes. for example?

  • Olesya Frantsyna Posted on 04/24/2016 at 12:07

Psychiatrists are involved in the treatment of psychopathies (according to the modern classification - personality disorders) with the help of medications. Good specialists work at the NCHP RAMS (Scientific Center for Mental Health of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences) at 34 Kashirskoye Shosse. If you follow the link to their website in the list of the diseases they are treating, the eleventh in the list is exactly the disorders personality.

In psychiatry, there are diseases that are accompanied by psychopathic personality. This means that psychopathic syndromes can mask another, more serious disease, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder (manic-depressive psychosis according to the previous classification). More information about the principle of a psychiatric funnel, when symptoms and syndromes of a more superficial level are a mask for symptoms and syndromes of a deeper level, can be found in our article "System of psychopathological symptoms and syndromes." When a psychiatrist analyzes the syndromes of a given individual, he searches for syndromes of the deepest level. The main diagnosis is made according to them, and according to the dynamics of their development in time, a disease forecast is made, i.e. the form of the course of a psychiatric disease is determined.

Personality disorders (psychopathies) also occur as an isolated, independent disorder related to the range of diseases of minor psychiatry. The treatment of the disease is exclusively medication, the treatment regimen and duration of the course are determined by the psychiatrist. Improving literacy in emotional matters does not help psychopaths feel better. Due to the specificity of their disease, they use psychological knowledge for manipulative purposes to the detriment of others and exclusively for their own self-interest.

Improving literacy in emotional matters can help neurotic individuals who have the ability to experience moral feelings, but they, due to conformity, began to copy the psychopath's lifestyle (psychopathization of neurotic). If a psychiatrist defines a person’s condition as a neurosis, then psychotherapy, literacy, explanation of moral principles and so on can help him.

Важно понимать, что дифференциальную диагностику между расстройствами личности, неврозом, и психопатоподобными синдромами, маскирующими болезни из круга большой психиатрии, компетентно может выполнить только врач-психиатр. If a doctor makes a diagnosis of neurosis, then psychotherapists and clinical psychologists can conduct standard courses of psychotherapy, being confident in the effectiveness of the efforts. In the case of any type of personality disorder, as an independent disease, medicines are needed. The same is true for situations when psychopathic syndromes appear due to serious psychiatric illnesses, dangerous growth of personality shift and personality defects. If you do not start drug treatment on time, with unfavorable forms of the course of the disease, you can wait for disability for mental illness.

That is why it is very important to send people who have three or more symptoms from the checklist of signs of psychopathy to a differential diagnostic consultation with a highly qualified psychiatrist. His diagnosis and decision is crucial for specialists in related psychological disciplines, psychologists and psychotherapists. The psychiatrist will be able to determine the influence of endogenous and social factors in the event of a psychiatric disease in a particular person. Accordingly, the tactics of treatment: drugs, drugs in combination with psychotherapy or only psychotherapy, is determined by the psychiatrist after diff. diagnosis between diseases.

Thank you very much! Interesting information.
I wish you success in your work.