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Care for extended nails


Modern technologies currently used in the beauty industry open up unlimited opportunities for improvement for the fair sex. So, for example, those ladies who could not even dream of long and beautiful nails before, today can easily afford it. Gel or acrylic nail extension technologies will be able to fix or hide any problems of natural nails, artificial nails are also more durable and have long wear. However, all this is achievable only with proper care for extended nails. Otherwise, nails can lose their luster and attractiveness, change color and begin to exfoliate.

Caring for acrylic nails, although it does not include any complicated procedures or the use of expensive products, has its own characteristics. All recommendations for care can be divided into two categories, one of which is responsible for preserving the beauty of nails, the other for their health.

Speaking about maintaining the beauty of acrylic nails, it should be remembered that they can change color, often in the direction of yellowish shades, as well as lose their shine. To avoid this, before each application of varnish should cover the nails with a fixative. It is strictly forbidden to remove varnish with acetone-containing products: it is precisely because of this that acrylic nails lose their shine and change color, this can also affect the degree of their bonding with a natural nail. It is also necessary to ensure that the nails do not come into contact with household products that contain acetone.

Do not neglect the corrections in the salon: the master will perform high-quality work to eliminate all the shortcomings associated with the growth of a natural nail and artificial wear. Only here, depending on individual characteristics, for some women, acrylic nails require correction within a week or two, and for others, only after a month.

When treating nails at home yourself, you need to know that scissors or nippers are not suitable for adjusting the length and shaping. You need to use only nail files, and specially designed for artificial nails. Cuticle removal should also be treated with care and caution. It is better to use special softening oil for these purposes.

If we talk directly about the health of fused together natural and artificial nails, then the first thing you need to pay attention to is the degree of mechanical impact. Yes, acrylic nails are characterized by increased strength compared to natural ones, but, carried away by tests of "endurance", one day you can just simply tear off an artificial nail with your own. To avoid such injuries, do not strongly affect the nails, hit them on hard surfaces, etc. When performing various chores, it is even better to wear rubber gloves.

Hygiene is essential for maintaining healthy nails. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you wash your hands with antibacterial soap and dry them thoroughly. Soap protects against germs, and dryness prevents the fungus from spreading, which loves a humid environment.

So, to summarize, we can say that acrylic nails, although they require care, but it differs from caring for natural nails, since it takes much less time, costs for various means, patience and own strength. However, beautiful and effective nails can only be when they are looked after regularly and in accordance with all the rules.

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The first and most important rule is to forget about products that contain acetone.

This substance is detrimental to both acrylic and gel. All nail care products and household chemicals should be safe for the nail

  1. To adjust the shape and length of artificial nails, scissors or nippers cannot be used. Now you only need nail files and polishers, and not simple ones, but special ones for extended nails with 100/100 abrasiveness. And it is contraindicated to use iron files. Only they can fix the defect, and at the same time not harm the nail. The master in the salon should show you how to use it and choose this tool.
  2. Remember that extended nails are more durable than native ones. In a situation where the native nail would have cracked, the artificial one feels quite confident. But do not get carried away with this and give your nails constant tests, do not constantly hit them on hard surfaces, or drop heavy objects on them, in general, be careful. It is worth remembering that the extended nails are not glued to the family, but are literally soldered into them.
  3. Do not forget about the care of the cuticle, which should be regular. To soften and moisturize the cuticle, to prevent burrs, you need to rub cosmetic oils that contain the necessary vitamins into them. . They can be purchased at any cosmetic store. Also, do not soak your nails in front of a manicure, this can do them a lot of harm.
  4. It is necessary to use only high-quality varnishes [do not chase the brand] for gel or acrylic. Do not immediately buy expensive varnishes from leading manufacturers, it is enough that their composition is safe and useful, also monitor the expiration date.
  5. Every three weeks you need to visit beauty salons to correct artificial nails. The fact is that after this time, relatives grow under the extended nails, and this makes them weaker and unstable to various external factors. And so that this does not happen, you need to cover them with the necessary portion of material.
  6. You need to forget about hardware manicure, at least while you are wearing extended nails. The fact is that hardware manicure makes artificial nails weak and brittle.
  7. If you damaged a nail, then you should not reanimate it yourself at home, it is better to consult a specialist. Artificial nails are removed with a special solution within an hour. If you do this without professional skills, you can damage your native nails, they will become brittle, dry, thin and will often break and peel. Therefore, we recommend reading useful material on how to remove the extended nails yourself.
  8. Remember that on extended nails, the varnish lasts much longer than natural ones, so you need to paint them in one or two layers, so that the nails could breathe.
  9. With acrylic nails, it is advisable to use a base for varnish, and with gel nails it is simply necessary so that the gel does not stain.
  10. Care for extended nails should not be too frequent. Many daily remove a layer of varnish, and apply a new one, but this is contraindicated, since your nail can become like a bird's claw.
  11. If you need to increase the length of the nail, then in no case should you do this during correction, it is better to just make a full extension.
    No matter how beautiful your extended claws would be, differently or later they still have to be removed. They need to be removed at least once every two years with a two or three-month break, so that the native nail plate has time to update and recover.
  12. After removing the artificial nail, you need to regularly use restoring and healing oils, creams and cosmetic olii.

After you have decided to remove the artificial nails, your family should be exposed to special home care.

Here is a great recipe that will help strengthen and improve your nails:

Take a little olive or sunflower oil and heat it, grease the nail with warm oil, while doing a light massage. Next, you need to polish the nail plate, in the salons this is done with a special suede nail file, at home you can use the usual piece of suede leather. It is worth noting that this procedure is done not only to give the nail a shine, but also to prevent their delamination.

In general, caring for extended nails is not at all complicated as it seems. It is enough to use useful cosmetics and be careful. Then your nails will last you a very long time, and your native nails will not suffer at all.