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Flying paper bird


There are many instructions on how to make a traditional Japanese paper crane - a symbol of peace. We suggest you make a paper bird flapping its wings.

  1. make origami "Flying Bird" 1 Take a square piece of paper. To make a square, bend the corner of a rectangular sheet diagonally to make a triangle, and then cut off the excess paper. You can use paper of any size, but a special origami paper or A4 sheet is best.
  2. make origami "Flying Bird" 2 Fold a leaf to form the letter X. If you have not already done so, fold the paper in half diagonally. Repeat in the other direction. Expand the sheet and you will see that the folds form an X.
  3. make origami "Flying Bird" 3 Turn the paper over. Make sure that the center of X protrudes slightly upward (like the top of an almost flat pyramid).
  4. make origami "Flying Bird" 4 Now fold the paper in the form of a + sign. First, fold the sheet vertically and horizontally to form a +, whose center coincides with the center of X. When you do this, the folds forming + should protrude in the opposite direction to the folds of X.
  5. make origami "Flying Bird" 5 Connect the diagonal fold lines in the center. It will turn out a figure similar to a paper "fortuneteller", which children do.
  6. make origami "Flying Bird" 6 Smooth the paper into a square shape. Lay the paper so that you have a rhombus in front of you, with the open side facing you.
  7. make origami "Flying Bird" 7 Bend the upper edges of the rhombus to the center line. First make sure that the open corner of the rhombus is turned towards you. Take the right corner of the top layer and bend it down and to the center, then repeat the same thing on the left side. Turn the paper over and repeat these steps with the bottom layer.
    • Take the right corner of the top layer and bend it down and to the center, then repeat the same thing on the left side.

  • Turn the paper over and repeat these steps with the bottom layer.
  • make the Flying Bird origami 8 Gently straighten all the folds you made in step 7.
  • make origami "Flying Bird" 9 Pull the bottom corner of the rhombus up, revealing it. Smooth it. Turn the paper over and repeat. You will get a figure in the form of a kite.
  • make origami "Flying Bird" 10 Turn the resulting rhombus with the disconnected ends up and bend each of them inward so that the ends are turned to the sides and down.
  • make the Flying Bird origami 11 Fold the remaining paper kite layers down (front and back).
  • make the Flying Bird origami 12 Take one of the ends formed in step 10 and fold it in the shape of a head. Pull it down slightly, twist the fold and bend it down.
  • make origami Flying Bird 13 Round your wings. Pull them away from the body and give your hands a rounded shape.
  • make origami Flying Bird 14 Make the bird flap its wings. Pull to the sides and squeeze inward, holding the neck and tail.
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    Like an Origami Waving Bird + video

    How to make a flapping bird?

    This origami is often called a flying crane, but a bird flapping its wings is not a crane, it is very similar to it except for one detail: it can flap its wings!

    It is important to use thin paper here so that flapping works well!

    1. Take a square sheet of paper with the color side up, fold the diagonals of the sheet.

    2. Turn the paper over and roll it in half on both sides.

    3. Using the folds that you made, bring the three designated upper points to the bottom to make a square as in the figure

    4. Fold the corners to the center and unfold.

    5. Bend the top corner as in the image so that the outline of a triangle appears in the center

    6. Grasp the top layer from the bottom and lift it up while nesting the sides inward, according to the previously made folds.

    7. Turn the model over and do the same.

    8. Fold the bottom of the model along the lines indicated, then expand

    9. Now, according to the folds made in step 8, fold the lower parts of the model inward, as indicated in the figure

    10. Fold the wings along the indicated lines and make a voice and the bird is ready!

    To make the bird flap its wings, just pull its tail!

    Humming bird (hummingbird) flying origami scheme

    We continue the theme of animals, straight from the snowy Antarctica with the paper penguins living there, we are transported to the warm lands where origami birds are waiting for us. We are going to collect them today. A detailed step-by-step origami video tutorial will help us with this.

    For assembly, it is better to use a piece of colored paper. At the end, such a bird can be hung on a string and used as a toy for a cat (a cruel example). This bird Humming (or better known as Hummingbird) in the real world does not look more than this paper model.

    Flying Bird from Paper - Video Tutorials

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