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Learn PHP from scratch: training mode


There are such disciplines in web programming, the basics of which any person connected with the World Wide Web must know. Therefore, one way or another, you will have to learn PHP and MySQL. And if you do not want, then greed will still force:

Why learn php and MySQL?

Such a question can be asked only by those who are completely unfamiliar with the specifics of building a web space and its modern basis. Anyone who is more or less knowledgeable in programming will say that these two disciplines are today dominant in the world wide web. And this means that almost the entire Internet is built on the basis of PHP and MySQL:

Each CMS is a software framework equipped with a user interface. Its tools greatly facilitate the site administration process. But then why bother learning PHP from scratch? After all, you can simply go into the administrative part of the resource and perform all the manipulations using the built-in tools.

To begin with, not many have the patience, time or energy to study PHP and MySQL. To this man must come himself. But those who decide to comprehend these disciplines will receive:

  • A profession in demand - sensible programmers have always been in demand in the labor market. But even inexperienced beginners with good theoretical knowledge of PHP and little experience in web programming can find a job with decent pay,
  • Remote work - in order to do programming it is not necessary to get up early, get to work and observe dress code. All this can be left behind the threshold, and create program code, sitting at home in room slippers,
  • Saving money - if you are the owner of the site, then of course you know that the services of professional web programmers are expensive. And for a beginner, every penny is dear to the Internet. Self-study of MySQL and PHP will save money and put them in the right direction.

As already noted, most modern engines are based on PHP. Although their fault tolerance is at a high level, no one canceled the influence of the human factor. Therefore, CMS code sometimes behaves differently than the web programmer intended.

And to fix this mistake, you need to look for a specialist, pay him a lot of money. And then it turns out that the whole snag was in only one line of code, which could be easily fixed even with knowledge of only the basic foundations of PHP.

  • An interesting hobby - web programming is not only a means of making money or saving it. This is also a fascinating lesson, which combines both the technical beginning and the creative component.

What is PHP

PHP is a scripting programming language. Most often it is used to create web applications and web services. This language is supported by most web hosting sites. Based on it, the bulk of dynamic sites is written.

  • Support for most popular DBMS (Database Management Systems),
  • Automatically send HTTP headers,
  • Built-in support for working with sessions and cookies,
  • Remote File Tools,
  • XForms support (XML-based forms),
  • The closeness of PHP syntax to the C language,
  • Lack of strict typing - typing of variables is carried out dynamically.

  • Support for OOP (Object Oriented Programming),
  • A large set of superglobal (predefined) arrays designed to work with web space.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is an open source database management system from Oracle. Along with the free version, development of commercial releases on order is underway. Due to this, all new developments of the corporation are necessarily implemented in free issues of the DBMS:

  • Support for data replication since the first releases of MySQL.

  • It works with both local sources and remote sources.
  • Native support for a large number of table types. And thanks to the open code, the list of supported table types is increasing,
  • A wide range of cross-platform
  • The size of MySQL database tables is limited only by the capabilities of the operating system on which the DBMS is deployed,
  • Support for most popular programming languages ​​using the API (application interface).

Where to begin?

Based on the bitter experience of many beginners, we can conclude that the main problem of self-study of PHP and MySQL is the choice of the right software. And all because PHP is a server-side programming language. Therefore, to test the code, you need not only a special editor, but also a local server:

  • Apache HTTP Server - can be downloaded on the official website of the developer,
  • Denver is the best option for installation and further use. The installation package includes the Apache server, PHP and MySQL. In the first version, you would have to download and install all this separately.

  • XAMPP is a suite that includes PHP and MySQL. And also the built-in PHP tutorial:

  • PHPEdit,
  • Microsoft WebMatrix
  • Kantharos PHP IDE,
  • Adobe Dreamweaver

Why do I prefer to use PHP?

HTML is 100% static. Using PHP in the code, we can create dynamic sites that change depending on the given conditions. Building on a first-class community, this open source language has proven over the years to be one of the best options for dynamic web applications.

What do you need to get started?

You need to have the following software installed on your computer if you want to start working.

Web Browser

Text Editor

Yes, I must admit that it is necessary to know some acronyms (sound abbreviations). "WAMP" stands for "Windows-Apache-MySQL-PHP." This is an open source project that will allow us to download everything we need to get started in one distribution. If you are a Windows user, visit On the other hand, if you use a Mac (MAMP), you need to pay a visit to

In order to inform the server that we are working with PHP, you need to use the following syntax when adding PHP to your HTML documents:

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Thank you Michael! It is very useful to determine the order of study and not to miss anything.

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