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How to draw a guitar


Whatever modern style of music we take, whether it be country, rock, jazz, blues, chanson and even classical, the guitar sounds in all of them in a melodic note. She publishes and unrealistic bass, and groovy busts and sad ballads. As you may have guessed, our lesson will be about.

You probably know for yourself that the guitar, as a woman, has an ideal shape, is gentle and affectionate with careful handling, and is not submissive and mysterious to those who are unfamiliar with it. Like women, guitars are very different. Acoustic and electric guitars, solos, rhythm and bass guitars, classical, flamenco, folk and jazz guitars, ordinary, fretless and slide, five, six, seven and even twelve-stringed.

In the modern world, they have become a symbol of rock culture, a symbol of music. All the boys once wanted to play like Kurt Cobain or Bono from U2, they spent many hours at the prefix Guitar Hero, which would then sparkle with talent and win the favor of girls.

The world considers Jimi Hendrix to be the virtuoso of playing this instrument. He did with her what the musicians of that time could not even imagine. I strongly recommend not only listening to him, but also watching how he did it. But in our lesson we will consider not ordinary, acoustic.

To begin, consider the structure of this string instrument, which is the most famous and widespread in the world. The case consists of a deck, the stand to which strings are attached and a resonant hole, which helps to extract sound. A fretboard consists of frets, frets, a nut, a ring mechanism with which you can tune the guitar and the strings themselves (metal or nylon). You can play it with both fingers and a special pick.

Before that, it is very important not only to understand their structure, but also to try to play them. I think you will find a friend who is fond of playing it, or even a member of a rock, jazz, country or flamenco band.

Also, I would advise you to include acoustic guitar music while drawing. For example, I listen to Alexander Vasiliev’s album “Drafts”. He is very melodic and helps to concentrate. It is also desirable that before you were guitar. Pencil drawing it turns out much better if we see what we draw.

So, let's begin! Everything is very simple! We draw a vertically elongated rectangle, which will serve as a vulture. Next, draw two circles one on top of the other, a larger bottom, a smaller one on top. With them we will draw a deck. A little higher from their cross section we draw a resonator hole, which for most guitars is round and a stand. At the top of the rectangle, draw six points, and separate them with a horizontal line.
Now we connect two circles with a smooth, like a female waist, line. We erase the lines we do not need with an eraser, so that they would not spoil the picture for us. Let's go back to the ring mechanism. From the points that we recently struck, we have to make small string tension adjusters. The deck can be embellished with some kind of pattern, for example, the so-called drop. Well and, of course, strings. They should be drawn under the ruler, or, if it is not, any object with at least one flat side. Well, the final touch will be the contouring of the contours with a thicker line. Now you can proudly show this guitar to your friends! If you want to know how to draw musical instruments write to us and we will do the lesson especially for you. I hope it was not difficult, it is for love! Do you know how to draw a phone? Especially for Katerina Mikhailovna, we prepared a lesson about drawing a violin.

Draw the contours

So, we understand how to draw a guitar with a pencil in stages. This musical instrument consists of three parts: body, fingerboard and head. Let's start by drawing the basic forms of our sketch. To do this, place a sheet of paper vertically in front of you. Draw two circles: one large - at the base, on it - the second, smaller. The circles should be slightly flattened. This is the future corps. Now up from the bottom of the bottom shape draw a straight vertical line. This is a future vulture. Draw a small rectangle above - the head of the guitar will be located here. Also, outline dashes in the middle of the circles, we will need them later.

Draw the neck and head

We continue to figure out how to draw a guitar. Draw the main details of the neck. Here are 19 frets - lines that change the sound, as well as 6 strings with which this sound is made. In the center of intersection of the horizontal and vertical bars in the upper circle, draw a small characteristic circle. Then we draw up two parallel lines (bar). Now you can depict frets - 19 horizontal lines, descending to the center of the instrument. Along the neck depict thin parallel lines - strings. At the same stage, you can depict the head of a guitar. To do this, on the prepared rectangle, above the neck, place the pegs - special parts used to adjust the sound.

We draw the case

Next, to clarify how to draw a guitar, let's move on to the image of the case. This is the most powerful part of a musical instrument, in shape it looks like an hourglass. Circle both circles at once, drawing a smooth line in the middle between them. Draw a stand (in place of a pre-prepared dash in the middle of the lower circle). Draw the strings from the neck to the stand. Now you have mastered almost everything to understand how to draw a guitar. Erase all auxiliary lines and paint on the missing parts. To do this, once again compare your sketch with the proposed sample.

Colorize the picture.

The resulting picture is itself a real masterpiece. However, there is no limit to perfection. You can decorate the work using colored markers or watercolor paints. The color scheme of this tool is unlimited. You can choose any color. As a rule, sand and brown shades are used. But there are red, yellow and blue guitars. Having mastered the basic technique of drawing, you can easily figure out how to draw a rock guitar, jazz or acoustic model of this beautiful musical instrument. Thus, you can create a whole collection of melodic beauties.

This is an average lesson in complexity. Repeating this lesson can be difficult for adults, so I do not recommend drawing a guitar for this lesson to young children, but if you have a great desire, you can try it. I also want to note the lesson “” - be sure to try it again if you have time and desire to draw today.

What is needed

In order to draw a guitar we may need:

  • Paper. It is better to take medium-grained special paper: for beginning artists it will be much more pleasant to draw on this one.
  • Sharpened pencils. I advise you to take several degrees of hardness, each must be used for different purposes.
  • Eraser.
  • Hatching stick. You can use plain paper curled into a cone. Her lego will grind the hatch, turning it into a monotonous color.
  • A little patience.
  • Good mood.

Phased lesson

It’s easiest to draw ordinary household things, because you can always look at the guitar, always at hand and you can consider every detail. You have to draw not from the head, but from nature, and this is much more pleasant and easier. If you don’t have the opportunity to look at what you are drawing, it’s best to turn to the search engine and see the pictures before taking on the lesson.

By the way, in addition to this lesson, I advise you to pay attention to the lesson "". It will help to enhance your mastery or just bring a little pleasure.

Please note that each object, each living creature, each phenomenon on paper can be represented using simple geometric objects: circles, squares and triangles. It is they who create the form, it is precisely them that the artist needs to see in the surrounding objects. Not at home, there are several large rectangles and a triangle. So building complex objects is much easier.

Tip: Sketch as thick strokes as possible. The thicker the strokes will be, the more difficult it will be to erase them later.

The first step, or rather zero, you always need to lay out a sheet of paper. This will let you know exactly where the drawing will be. If you place the picture on half of the sheet, you can use the second half for another picture. Here is an example of the layout of the sheet in the center:

Right now we must outline the outline of the future guitar. Because we draw a 24-well guitar, the neck is very long. The fewer frets, the shorter the neck. After we plotted the bar, draw the guitar body before proceeding to step 2.

I advise you not to spare time drawing all 6 lines, starting from the guitar bridge and ending with the top of the neck. But before we start drawing strings, which we will naturally do soon, carefully portray all the frets. I think it’s clear why they can’t be drawn over the strings. On the neck you need to apply a number of bases for fastening the pegs.

Now let's focus on the string holder, which ideally is a couple of simple rectangles. It’s best to enlarge the picture and redraw it as accurately as possible before we begin step 4. There is no need to rush if we want our work to be done accurately. Do not forget to draw the controls (levers, buttons, etc.) that are on the right side of the case. Well, finally, we detail the tops of the neck.

I must admit that the shards with bones (marks on the neck) are too light to draw them now, but we will deal with their image right now. Caution. Do not forget. that the strings are already drawn. By the way, I want to say that they can also be drawn in step 1. Here it all depends on how convenient a particular person is. There are not many main contour lines on this sketch, so you can especially not be afraid to erase them, but if we are concerned about the purity and accuracy of the picture, the lines should be improved.

This is what the sketch will look like when we finally finish it. Well, he looks a little frightening ... Now all that remains is to color the drawing.

So you learned how to draw a guitar. If you make an effort, I believe that you will achieve everything you wanted. Now you can pay attention to the lesson "" - it is just as interesting and fascinating. Share this lesson with your friends in social. networks.

The guitar is a very famous string musical instrument. Its base is usually a wooden case, in which there is a hole and 6 or 7 strings are stretched over it. A bit of history. The ancestors of modern guitars appeared as early as 2 millennia BC in ancient Greece, Rome, India, Egypt, and Central Asia. They had fewer strings: two or three. Then the cases of these musical instruments were made from dried large pumpkins, tortoise-shells or a piece of wood.

The instrument leads its name from the ancient Egyptian and Greek names. Playing the guitar became very popular in the Middle Ages in Spain and Italy. Both nobles and poor people owned this tool. Since the 19th century, the guitar has become very popular in our country - Russia. Particular love was won by a seven-string guitar.

And with the development of electronic technology in the 20th century, an electric guitar appeared. Her case was already made of plastic and she was connected to the electric network. The guitar consists of a body with a bar (long part), strings are stretched along it. They are fixed on the one hand on the stand of the body, and on the other hand, on the so-called ring box, the mechanism of which regulates the tension force. We are drawing now in stages this popular musical instrument.

Stage 1. We will carry out the preparatory stage of our drawing. We draw a line under the ruler from one corner of the sheet diagonally to another corner of the sheet. In the lower part of this line we draw a rather large oval, part of the line intersects it as an axis of symmetry.

Stage 2. Without going mainly beyond the oval, we draw the body of the guitar. It is somewhat reminiscent of the figure eight. We draw smooth bends of the body. The upper part is slightly narrower than the lower. Between them there is a constriction, as it were. In a straight line, we begin to draw parts of the guitar neck. It is like a rectangle with several recesses.

Stage 3. Along the auxiliary line, draw a long part of the guitar body - the neck - under the ruler. It stretches from the body up and ends with the extended part.

Step 5. Then we draw two rectangles with cogs (fastening to the body) on the middle part of the neck and show the stretched strings. How to do it right - see enlarged view in the window. Add four ovals to the case.

Stage 6. We make out the top of the guitar. This is the place where the ring mechanism and special screws for adjusting the string tension are located. We draw circles with columns and from them running strings. Make an inscription at the top. All this is shown in enlarged form.

Stage 7. We draw at the top of the lamb - cogs on the sides. And on the case we will issue additional details.

Having examined the guitar, you will see that it consists of a body, usually resembling a stylized number 8, and a long straight neck. On the body of the guitar there is a round socket. The strings are attached to the stand (on the plane it looks like a strip). The neck has a head. If you imagine the projection of the guitar on a plane, the head of the neck will seem like a parallelogram or a strip extending from the neck at an obtuse angle. Having analyzed “nature” in this way, you can safely begin to draw.

Pencil drawing example

To get started, we suggest looking at how to draw a guitar with a pencil.

It is necessary to sketch. With a light pencil, draw a large circle, then another smaller one next to it. Seamlessly connect them, as if depicting a female waist. Then, stepping back a bit, repeat a similar contour, so you will form a shell in the future. Without pressing on the pencil, draw a straight line in the center. Between two circles, outline another very small one. Next, outline the outline of the neck and its head.

Take a darker pencil. Draw a stand, strings, pegs and other details. Darken the resonator hole. Well, if you have a nature with which you can sketch. In extreme cases, you can use the photo.

Erase the unnecessary pencil. Add a couple more strokes and shadows, giving volume to the picture. That’s all done.

Let's figure out how to draw a guitar in stages.

Stage 1
Draw two circles, one on top of the other. Draw a line and divide it into even segments. Draw a string stand.

Stage 2
Shape your musical instrument and draw a voice over. Then go in for the vulture, its head and pegs. Draw a protective pad.

Stage 3
Erase all excess sketch lines. With a dark pencil, circle all the contours and details. Show all the subtleties of the neck: frets, sills. A couple of little things can also be added to the resonant hole. Carefully depict the strings.

Stage 4
Color the resulting picture.

For beginners

For beginners in the field of art, we offer the following instructions. Guided by it, you will learn how to draw a guitar in stages for beginners.

Modern guitars have many amazing shapes, literally for every taste. For beginners, we suggest depicting it in the form of a star.

Draw a four-pointed uneven star. This will be the body of your electric guitar.

Draw the neck, neck and neck, there are pickups on the body. Beginners do not need to bother with the details, so draw the pickups in the form of rectangles, and the picks in the form of small circles.

Draw the strings and two more circles on the body.

If your child is interested in music or he likes guitars, then invite him to draw it. And we will show you how to draw a guitar for a child.

Draw the outline of a pear-shaped musical instrument. It turns out something like an open eight.

Around the middle of the upper edge, draw a line similar to the contour, but draw it slightly under the lower edge, as shown in the figure.

Then have the child shade the shell. The child is fun and interesting, and at the same time, his writing skills are formed. In the narrowest part of the body (waist) draw a circle. A little lower is a thin rectangle that will serve as a stand for strings.

Do not torment a child with various trifles and details. Therefore, a little higher depict a small trapezoid, draw lines from it with bold dots at the ends. From the head of the neck, draw a few strings, it is not necessary that there are six of them.

So simply and quickly you can portray a child’s guitar.

Man with a guitar

More experienced artists can portray a musical instrument in action. The following instructions will show how to draw a girl with a guitar.

Armed with a pencil and a ruler, draw the baseline of your image.

Shape the tool and draw the main details. Mark where the girl’s hands will be. Then sketch the sketch of the girl herself.

DO NOT be too lazy to depict an electric guitar in detail and draw each finger of a guitarist.

Draw an anime style girl. Pay attention to huge eyes, a tiny nose and a small mouth. Try to convey as many subtleties as possible.

Thoroughly do shading, dimming, and shading. Это займет не мало времени, но результат стоит того!

Рок гитара

И напоследок, давайте подробно рассмотрим, как нарисовать бас гитару.

Для эскиза воспользуйтесь линейкой и циркулем. Изобразите очертания корпуса.

Мы уже говорили, что важно знать устройство гитары. Постарайтесь показать, как можно большей нюансов, передайте все делали.

Erase the auxiliary lines, circle the drawing with a dark pencil.

Color the image as you like.

So the last chords of our lesson sounded. Thanks to our instructions, you get excellent guitars. Good luck!

Final drawing

To draw a guitar, you need to take paper, an eraser, colored pencils or gouache and a simple pencil.

A guitar is a musical string instrument, the body must be symmetrical, the proportions according to the neck - the stick where the strings should be maintained. The color may be different and with different patterns.

Draw a guitar in stages using a pencil can.

To date, there are a lot of such examples on the Internet.

Everyone is trying to show how to draw a guitar better and faster with a pencil.

I liked this way of drawing, where you need to have only a blank white sheet of paper and a simple pencil:

Draw a guitar it’s not difficult, the main thing is to draw the case, the only catch is the strings and small parts, maybe problems can arise with them, it will be difficult to accurately depict them.

In order to draw regular guitar we use the following steps:

Now let's try draw an electric guitar :

In the end, everything turned out very beautifully - just like real guitars!

To draw a guitar with a pencil in stages is easy enough if you resort to the help of one of the step-by-step instructions, for example, this one:

If you want to draw a guitar with a child, you can try to draw e using this scheme:

Guitar draw pretty simple. It is important to draw an even stylus - this is where the strings are located. And the guitar itself with the hole. Of course, it’s better to draw from nature, but if you don’t have a guitar, you can simply draw on our BV, there are plenty of drawings here.

You can study such phased drawing guitars. We start drawing with a horizontal line, then, for drawing a guitar, it is very convenient to use compasses. All the more detailed steps of drawing an acoustic guitar can be seen in the video tutorial.

Before you draw a guitar, first consider what it consists of, if you don’t have your own guitar, you can find a photo on the Internet.

First, draw the neck of the guitar, it is a vertically elongated rectangle and two circles, from the bottom larger, from above smaller. We make the drawing thin lines so that after it is easy to remove the excess lines, correct errors. We draw a deck, and a resonator hole just above. On the neck, draw six points, which are separated by a horizontal line.

You can draw any guitar with a pencil in stages. First decide which guitar you want to portray: a classical acoustic six-string, a bass guitar, an electric guitar or an original rock star girlfriend? :)

And so any guitar consists of two main parts: the neck and the body or body. We draw an oval - this is our body, draw a vertical (or horizontal) stick or an elongated oval to it.

And then we draw the case, you can draw a classic that resembles a woman’s figure :), but you can come up with your own, as in the picture above. With the vulture, things are easier to draw the head of the neck and, depending on our imagination, we draw splits on one side or on two sides of the head.