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Magic Ritual - Money Soul


The New Moon is approaching, which means we can and should conduct rituals to attract money into our lives.

We offer you a number of money rituals, a number of which have been successfully tested and used by ourselves. Perhaps some will make you smile, but even with all their simplicity or strangeness (there are some) they work. Everything that we believe in, as you know, works, and this is true in 99.9% of cases.

1. We attract the energy of money. We are in the mood for a wave of wealth.

We put the money saver on the desktop of the computer or we hang the money picture in front of our eyes on the wall, look at it, charge it with money, strengthen it and attract it.

For example, such - Money rain:

2. Freed from the superfluous, the old, the unnecessary.

For money, it also works ... If you want to get something new (both in money and in relationships, etc.), you need to free up space for this new place at home. Therefore, disassemble your things and papers periodically, get rid of the old and attract money.

3. Sow, sow, sow ...

Yes, don’t be surprised - that’s it. It is not in vain that they say that you sow, you will reap. Therefore, we will sow money - coins, banknotes of different currencies according to your desire. What you want to have is sow. Walk around your house and sow money.

! Preliminary, it’s good to do a cleaning of yourself and a cleaning-cleaning in the house in order to remove negative and blocking money energy, so as to sow “in fertile soil”. Our cleansing practices will help you with this.

You can also put money in a special flower pot. Put on the window so that moonlight will fall on it, if there is such an opportunity. Carefully take care of it, pouring it with love and joy, preferably daily.

4. We charge.

There is such an effective ritual - insert the charge from your phone into the wallet and put it on charge for the night.

5. Thank you.

Always give thanks when you pick up money, when you receive it from someone or in the form of change in the store. Tell the universe that you are happy, show your interest in money and gratitude.

6. "Dress" in red ...

Here the key red color is the color of passion, energy, abundance and prosperity, which will help attract money into your life.

The Chinese, for example, are aware of this and traditionally they use red paper envelopes for money.

Therefore, "dress" your money in red - a red purse, a red casket, a red envelope, a red rubber band / ribbon for money. This will help you protect and increase your money. And of course, you yourself can use red colors in your clothes, both in outerwear and in underwear, which will increase the effect.

7. Chickens of money do not peck.

Put a plate with a blue border in a prominent place and put real money on it, and also put porcelain or toy chickens so that they "do not peck your money."

8. We chop cabbage.

We make a cabbage salad and eat, and for the money to go around, you need to eat everything that you chopped. J

9. Whistle.

You will say that on the contrary it will scare away money. This is true if you whistle at home. And if you go from the opposite and whistle outside the house, money will be added.

And if you also hum something like "money-money-money ...", then you will further strengthen this ritual.

10. Expanding your scope.

With your girlfriend / friend, taking small money, come to a crowded place - a park, a bus and with the words: “Citizens, we are not local, help us, please, take whoever can” give out this money to people.

The main thing is to do it on a positive basis, to give sincerely and from a pure heart. So it will benefit both you and the people to whom you give it. Look at their reaction, for them it will also turn out to be a pleasant and positive surprise.

This will release your energy, which is stored in blocks, restrictions, frameworks and you will direct it to attract money.

11. Hold in hands.

When receiving money, do not rush to immediately part with them, soak them with energy, stroke them, count them, put them carefully. And the more there will be, the better.

It is cash, bank cards, or bank accounts that work best. When admired, they do not give such an effect. You can absorb living energy into yourself only from real money.

12. We create a money place in the house.

This may be a special place that you allocate in the house to place there symbols that attract money, and the money itself. Here, Feng Shui can also come to your aid to determine the best place for this in your home.

You can also make a special house for money of different currencies, so that they are always comfortable and cozy in your home.

In many countries, a place to raise money is located next to the front door, for which special symbols are hung, or under the entrance mat where coins are placed.

You can get strong rituals and money formulas, and of course powerful meditations on attracting abundance and everything desired in your life, in our New Moon Workshop:

How to perform the Money Shower ritual

Simplicity lies in the fact that for its implementation you only need a bathroom with a shower.

Well and, of course, high spirits and faith in Miracles!

An important point: the performance of the ritual must take place at the full moon - the time of the energy peak and all kinds of miracles.

Turn on the shower, make a fairly strong pressure and stand so that the jets of water hit directly on the crown of the head.

Close your eyes briefly and imagine that right now you are connected to a powerful inexhaustible source of monetary energy.

It flows throughout your body, revealing to you all the abundance of the universe.

Imagine how falling drops turn into voiced coins, and you are standing in the pouring rain of money!

Enjoy this sensation, and when you reach a peak, say out loud three times: “I am the center of attraction for money!”

You can take a magic shower twice a day - in the morning and in the evening - and rest assured, your financial situation will change quickly and money will now find you yourself!

How to enhance the effect of the ritual

To speed up the process of attracting money and increase their number once a week or a month, it is recommended to strengthen the action of the “Money Shower” ritual.

Use appropriate scents that enhance fertility.

It can be gels and shampoos with essential oils or just aromatic additives of orange, cinnamon, rosemary or basil.

The aroma of these plants is a magnet for attracting money that will remain in your hair and skin for a long time.

Money odors will also attract unexpected revenue to your budget.

Use while showering and real coins.

They can shower yourself while standing in the shower or turning off the water.

Magic ringing will enhance the energy of attraction of money and give the ritual a bewitching musical accompaniment.

Another option to complement the ritual is to unwind the head of the soul and fill it with coins.

Water will pass through them and be nourished by the energy of money.

Now it will be a real “money shower”!

Where is the evidence that helps?

About the plot to attract good luck and money, and they are often interconnected, no one will tell you. The one who succeeded will not part with his luck. They will not discuss financial well-being with you either; they are afraid to frighten off luck. Conspiracies require concentration and understanding of the situation. Often family members, where prosperity and financial well-being are obvious, do not know to whom they owe their success.

Money magic belongs to the white, harmless, not harmful to another person. A plot to attract money and good luck can be read at home, it is very popular and in demand. There are several types of this conspiracy. Which to choose? The heart will tell.

Money goes to money, a coin conspiracy

Take any coin from the wallet, which "itself will go into the hand." If the calendar has an even number (2, 4, 6, and so on), and the moon arrives, you can start. Stay alone, imagine yourself with the amount you are counting on, focus on and confidently and warmly appeal to higher forces through a coin:

“As the sky gives birth to thousands of stars, the earth produces grass, so much good is mine. Grow, come a month, but give me, a servant of God (your name), give wealth. Amen".

After the rite, the coin must be hidden in the corner of the room so that it does not raise questions among households. Try to forget about it for seven days. Then put the money in your wallet and calmly put it into circulation. We also talk about another coin to attract money and good luck, when the moon is growing, and there is an even number on the calendar. After seven days, we also spend it. Usually after the second time you will notice signs, the first results. If desired, the procedure can be repeated up to four attempts.

What do the signs, signals mean? Nobody promises rain from banknotes, and nobody will leave a tight wallet on the road for you. In life, everything is much simpler.

Maria, 49 years old, a seamstress, after the reduction was left without work. Numerous appeals to factories did not give a result. Sending another resume, accidentally went to the page of the site and tried a conspiracy with a coin to attract good luck and money. For several weeks, fate constantly pushed Maria with a new neighbor on the porch, but the woman, fixated on her problem, did not want to communicate. It turned out that the neighbor Anastasia was the owner of a private sewing studio, where Maria now works, having a salary three times the previous one.

Items for conspiracy on financial well-being, strong conspiracy on bill

Conspiracies can try to do absolutely everything, subject to a strong belief in the result and a desire to receive financial wealth. But units have a powerful energy field. The rest needs helper items, collecting energy, they translate your desires into reality.

Items that become magical when plotted on them:

  • money, coins or bills, the most common and popular items to attract wealth, are suitable for everyone,
  • the fire, those. candles, set fire to threads, paper with written words. Suitable for signs of Fire: Sagittarius, Aries and Lviv.
  • land, the simplest, from the garden or from a flower pot, you can sand. Sometimes they take what the earth “gives”: grain, parts of plants. More often these objects choose signs of the Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
  • liquid, plain water, from a tap or open source, sometimes milk or decoctions of herbs. Most often, consecrated water is required, which can be taken in the church. Manipulations with water are loved by representatives of the signs of Water: Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces.
  • airalthough it is difficult to call a subject. More often used moonlight or sunlight, the month itself or the sun. Suitable for signs of Air: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini.

Does this mean that conspiracy with the help of a certain subject is not suitable for everyone? Of course not. You can and should take what attracts you, what conspiracy to attract good luck you believe. For example, there is a universal object - bread. He “went through” all four elements: he grew up with the help of earth, air and water, prepared with the help of fire.

Also conspiracies with the help of money, for example, paper, are universal.

Here's how to increase your savings: carefully fold a bill of 100 rubles so that you get a triangle, large or small - it does not matter. Iron all corners. Feel the sharp edges in your hand and, bringing the triangle closer to your lips, whisper: "A magnet pulled iron, love connected a man and a woman, and you pull your own kind." Hide the “money magnet” in an envelope, bag or old wallet and put it in a closet. Think about it after three months, when you see that you suddenly get a lot of notes in denominations of 100 rubles. After believing, try to do the same with a thousandth bill on a growing moon.

The forces of nature help; the plot is simple, but powerful in its result

Look at the calendar and mark when the new moon begins. Patiently wait four days. Выберите ясный день, лунную ночь, достаньте из кошелька шуршащую купюру. Поиграйте ей, сомните, разгладьте, и, обращаясь к небу, скажите:

«Век тебе, месяц-молодец, молодиться, а в моем кошельке большим деньгам не переводиться»

Если вы не любите магию луны, ощущаете беспокойство, необъяснимую тревогу, этот заговор не поможет. You will not be able to convey your request, the distraction of consciousness will not take shape in a strong energy message.

For the "children of the sun," the next plot for financial luck works well.

Whether the sun is in the sky or cloudy does not matter. At noon, you need to leave the house or stand at the open window. Separate so that no one asks unnecessary questions, stretch your palms towards the sun, feel warm, say with feeling: “The sun, our father’s light, warm and affectionate. Give me, sweetheart, warm warmth, bright light, and good good. And so be it! ”

Take away the warmth of the sun in your palms, touch them to your chest, "soak up the good."

Do this pleasant ritual all week without missing a day. But the moon still helps, especially in its growing period. Combine the power of two stars.

The bread-priest helps, a plot for the continuous growth of luck

Bread has always been considered a sign of prosperity. It is no coincidence that he often appears in old notebooks with conspiracies. But in love plots, the second most popular, it is difficult to find.

At whom did grandmother carefully collect crumbs from the table after dinner? Throwing bread on the floor was considered greatby sin. “Throw it yourself", They said before.

Take a small piece of bread, such that you yourself eat after the plot with pleasure.

“A grain hid in the ground, grew with a sprout, washed with water, rose with an ear, rose, turned into bread. Suppose that in the fields of bread is loose, so I have plenty of money. As bread grows to heaven, spike-and-gold, so my money grows and multiplies. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!"

Say clearly and with feeling this text 3 times. Slowly, while enjoying the taste, chew and swallow the bread without adding any other foods.

Good words: let the money go to heaven, let the money grow. But you should not literally understand this text. You should always ask for adequate real help, clearly understand what you want to do with this amount.

Granddaughter Olga, 19 years old, student. I found my great-grandmother's shabby notebook with ink written conspiracies to "good luck and avoid poverty." I asked my great-grandmother: “Really, helps?” Praskovya Ilyinichna gave an example of her family’s life, told how they survived in the most difficult time. Olga asked her great-grandmother to speak bread for "a lot, a lot" of money.

- Why do you need so much?

- You have no rights, you will break the car, you yourself will cripple others too.

Parents come from work, joyful father reports that he was appointed deputy director for a new successful project, his salary increased significantly.

- Well, Olga, I take a new car on credit, I'll give you the old one in a year. But, persuasion: you earn money for driving training yourself.

Olga enthusiastically looked at an old grandmother, Praskovya Ilyinichna raised a finger to her lips: "Hmmm, it works ...". This is not a movie, this is a real case from life.

Conspiracies for good luck. Simple but proven

Modern life has weaned us from measuredness and power. Reading the ancient rites, conspiracies to attract money, one is surprised at the many attributes, conventions, patient waiting for the right time. Of course, this is correct. Although short, simple rituals have a right to exist. These include these proven and effective conspiracies of money magic.

  1. Rain. Do not worry if caught in the rain. Use it to your advantage. Turning your face under the drops, say several times: “Like raindrops in summer and snowflakes in winter falling to the ground, let money rain pour over me!”
  2. A trifle. In each house there is always a handful of little things (One or five kopecks, sometimes ten), which is lying around idle, or languishing in a piggy bank for years. Let it work for you. Pour it boldly into a bowl. Put a little honey on your hands, rub between your palms. Sinking your hands into a trifle, with feeling, say: “Just like working bees fly to honey, just like idler flies stick to honey, so do money to my hands to stick. Amen". Then you can return everything to its original place, spend a trifle. As an option - leave for repeated rituals.
  3. Candle. While visiting the temple, go to the church shop and get a cheap wax candle. Carefully pull out the wick, put it on a metal tray or just on a plate. Quickly light the wax-soaked rope on both sides and say: “Father, fire is eternal, so that I, the servant of God (my name), be marked by excess, wealth, and prosperity. Amen".

Put out the wick, fold the strings, and attach them to your purse, pocket, or purse.

Who conspiracy to attract wealth will turn into luck

The rite of gaining profit, attracting good luck is a magical act. This is not a nursery rhyme that needs to be advertised with expression and wait for the result. Exists 7 rules to help you understand the essence of any conspiracy.

  1. 1.Affluence is not superprofit. They use magic power to solve financial problems. This can be an unbearable loan, debts, a series of forced costs of treatment, endless repairs.
  2. 2.Goal visualization. Carrying out the ceremony, you need to clearly understand how much money you are going to attract and for what specific purpose you want to spend.
  3. 3.A lot does not mean good. Do not fall for pseudo-teachings about strengthening magic, you should not use several conspiracies at the same time. In the best case, you will remain with your interest, in the worst - you will harm yourself.
  4. If there is no specific indication in the description of the conspiracy, then the best time is the period of the growing moon, the day of the week is Wednesday.
  5. Magic does not tolerate “herdness”, the choice of a ritual must be realized independently, the rite is carried out alone, the fact that a profit conspiracy does not apply even to close people before the result appears.
  6. Do not wait for ready-made bags of money, the appearance of the result is possible in the smallest manifestations. They gave additional work, which would result in a promotion, met a person who will tell you a treatment method that does not require many thousands of rubles.
  7. Do not carry out the rite of conspiracy until you feel the strength and faith in the result.