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How to make homemade tinted lip balms


Before you make a lip balm on your own, you need to acquire the appropriate components, starting from one of the suggested recipes. It’s not difficult to create a natural cosmetic product at home, and its benefits are enormous - a DIY balm completely eliminates the presence of harmful substances in the composition. Components can be selected based on personal preferences, combine different flavors and add oils, based on the properties of the skin.

With petroleum jelly

Lip balm can be made from different components. Vaseline is suitable for those who have very dry skin. It helps soften lips, prevent cracking. You can do it like this:

  • heat a small spoon of petroleum jelly for a couple of minutes,
  • add half a spoon of almond oil and 2-3 drops of jasmine essential essence,
  • put well mixed ingredients in a small glass container and put in the refrigerator for half an hour.

Tip: it is advisable to store a non-solid lip balm in a glass, hermetically sealed container, preventing moisture from getting inside.

Recipes without Vaseline

There are many homemade recipes without Vaseline. They can be made on the basis of oil butter (in this case, the balm will be solid) or vegetable (the product will turn out to be a creamy texture). The aroma is added using etheric extracts, which can be used one at a time or several at once, getting interesting combinations. Here are some examples:

  • ylang-ylang + grapefruit,
  • lemon + mint
  • bergamot + lavender,
  • juniper + rosemary.

You can make balm fragrant with the help of special cosmetic fragrances, which are absolutely safe, do not cause allergies. The range of produced smells is very extensive, manufacturers offer a wide variety - from the smell of cookies to subtle green tea.

Color will help give natural crushed berries (cranberries, currants, sea buckthorn) or cosmetic dyes. The latter are available in the form of a gel-like and dry pigment. Extracts of healthy herbs (cornflower, chamomile, calendula, lavender) or spices (cinnamon, cloves) can also be added to lip balm. But coarse scrubbing particles are best avoided, remembering that the skin of the lips is very thin and easily injured.

Based on these components, you can independently make a lip balm. Below are two recipes, the components of which can be replaced by any others from the list already indicated.

Hard balm

Make a decoction of calendula flowers: pour 3 grams of flowers with a third of hot water, let it brew for 20 minutes. Strain, free from liquid.

Take a tablespoon of cocoa butter and macadamia, bring them to a liquid state, briefly heating on the stove. Remove from heat, let cool and pour in a small spoonful of sea buckthorn and olive oil. Add 2 drops of essential extract of rose. Pour marigold flowers. Mix everything and pour into a prepared tube for lipstick. You do not need to clean such a balm in the refrigerator, it will freeze in a short time.

Tip: the container in which the finished lip balm is laid out must be well cleaned of the traces of the previous product (this can be done with alcohol), and even better, use a new one.


You can make your own lip balm based on different oils - its properties will vary depending on which oil you choose. The most popular oils that are most often used for lip balms are shea butter, cocoa butter, almond and olive oil. They are easy to find and provide good basic care.

But if your lips need a little more nutrition or hydration, then try other oils:

  • evening primrose oil - heals, nourishes and restores even the driest skin of the lips (in general, for dry and sensitive skin this is oil No. 1, as well as for anti-age care, it is always in my arsenal),
  • jojoba oil - softens and protects the skin of the lips (covers them with a hydrophilic protective film),
  • castor oil - nourishes the skin, in the composition of the balm gives the lips a beautiful matte gloss,
  • sweet almond oil - nourishes and moisturizes the skin, is easily absorbed,
  • apricot kernel oil - for sensitive skin, soothes and moisturizes well,
  • pomegranate seed oil - a vitamin cocktail for the skin of the lips,
  • Avocado oil - nutrition and hydration for dry skin.

Liquid oils can be infused with something interesting to enhance their properties - for example, calendula (for healing balms) or vanilla pod (to add a natural aroma to the balm). In addition, you can use almost all solid vegetable oils (cocoa, mango, avocado, shea butter).

What else can you put in your lip balm to enhance its care properties? Many things:

  • Vitamin E - Highly Recommended! It is useful to the skin and preserves the oils in your balm (you can buy vitamin E capsules at the pharmacy, pierce one capsule and pour its contents into the balm),
  • vegetable glycerin - improves moisturizing properties, gives a “moist” lip gloss in the balm,
  • bisabolol - a healing and soothing component (based on chamomile),
  • zinc oxide - a mineral UV filter (if you are doing summer lip balm),
  • lanolin is an excellent ingredient for caring for dry, chapped lips or for winter lip balms (lanolin can also be added in serious proportions to creams and hand balms - it works wonders with dry and weathered skin),
  • chocolate - a small piece of natural dark chocolate will make the balm “tasty”.

But honey is better not to add honey to the lip balm, since it has a water base and leads to delamination of the finished product. He will lose his care properties anyway, since he will have to enter it in a hot melted mixture, so if you still want to add honey, then do it in a very small amount and only for taste.


Essential oils can be used to give the aroma of balsam, and for additional lip skin care. The most popular aromatic component will be peppermint oil (it can be added to balms with chocolate, an interesting combination is obtained).

Ylang-ylang oil additionally moisturizes the skin and gives the balm a “delicious” floral aroma, and benzoin oil gives a very persistent natural vanilla flavor.

For anti-age care, you can take lemon balm oil - it is expensive, but has unique properties - it restores the pigment of the skin of the lips, which loses its intensity with age.

For 30 ml you need to take about 7-10 drops of essential oils, that is, for a 10 ml jar they need very little, literally 2-3 drops do not overdo it.


So, if you are ready to join the army of fans of home lip balms, then here's a basic prophet, on the basis of which you can come up with your own recipes:

  • 3 parts liquid oils
  • 1 part solid oils (butter)
  • 1 part beeswax

If you slightly increase the proportion of wax, then the balm will be harder and denser, if you increase the volume of liquid oils, then it will turn out to be softer, almost creamy.


Sometimes they ask me - “can I take a wax candle and just cut it into pieces and add to the cream / balm?” Honestly? Not.

Because today it is almost impossible to find a candle made of good pure wax without different impurities, candle manufacturers do not interfere with anything with wax (if candles are made at all from wax, and not from synthetic analogues).

It is best to buy refined beeswax in capsules, which are made specifically for the preparation of creams and balms, it is safe to use and melts easier.

I use wax all the time - add it to creams, make balms for hands and lips, anti-cold ointments, etc., so I usually order a large volume (this option or this one, both of good quality).

The benefits of balms / hygienic lipsticks

Hygienic lipstick protects sensitive and delicate skin of the lips from weathering, frost, or from the scorching sun and heat. Use the balm can adults and children. Such a care product is suitable for men.

During use, the balm benefits:

  • restores the skin of the lips,
  • softens the dermis and speeds up the healing process,
  • contributes to the treatment of herpes,
  • protects the dermis of the lips from temperature changes and various viruses and infections.

The main components (base) of which lipstick is made

To make your own balm, you will need a set of natural ingredients and oils. Products are sold at any store or pharmacy, so finding the ingredient is easy.

The main components of hygienic lipstick:

  1. Beeswax - serves as the basis for the future balm, and also protects the epidermis from drying out.
  2. Cacao butter - protects the skin from chapping and frostbite, softens the lips well.
  3. Jojoba oil - has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  4. Shea Butter - has regenerative properties, promotes the healing of cracks in the corners of the mouth.
  5. Castor - nourishes and moisturizes an overdried dermis.
  6. Chamomile extract - relieves inflammation and heals cracks.
  7. Aloe vera - has an antibacterial, healing and softening effect.
  8. Lanolin - Suitable for the winter version of the balm, as it has nutritional properties.
  9. Squalene - an antioxidant that improves the absorption of other components of a hygiene product.
  10. Additional ingredients - vitamins, honey and sugar.

You can get vitamins for lipstick from ordinary fruits and berries, for example, if you add orange or any other juice.

How to cook / cook / make / cook

Not everyone knows how to prepare homemade balm, so that it brings maximum benefit. To cook it, you must follow the rules:

  1. Melt the wax in a water bath, placing it in a container, and putting it in a pot of water on the gas. Do not melt the components of the care product in the microwave.
  2. So that the product does not turn out solid, wax is recommended to take no more than 30% of the total number of products.
  3. Solid ingredients are added to the wax after it has completely melted. No need to keep the composition for a long time on the stove, otherwise all useful substances will disappear.
  4. Ethers are added last, after the composition is removed from the stove.
  5. Not all oils are suitable for mixing, so this point should be taken into account before adding a component.
  6. As a form for the balm, old lipstick tubes are used. It is advisable to take opaque containers, as some oils have the ability to oxidize from sunlight.

Chocolate Cocoa Balm

Such a hygienic lipstick is suitable for the treatment of chapped lip skin. Shea butter, which is part of the basic composition, has regenerative properties, so it will help to cope with the problem.

To prepare the balm, you need the following set of products: shea butter, cocoa and almond, as well as wax made by a bee. All ingredients take 1 tsp. The solid components are melted in a water bath, after which add cocoa butter and almonds. Mix the composition and pour into a suitable container, then cool and place in the refrigerator for solidification. The product can be stored for a long time. About masks from cocoa for the face can be found in this material.

  • pleasant aroma and taste
  • heals cracks, wounds.

  • melts at high temperature, so it is not suitable for summer.

With bee honey and lemon

Beeswax honey balm is suitable for the winter season, it softens, moisturizes and nourishes dry lip dermis.

To prepare the composition, you will need: beeswax - 25 gr., Avocado oil - 15 gr., Lemon ether, honey. Melt the wax in a water bath, then pour avocado oil into it. The resulting mass is removed from the fire, honey is added, a couple of drops of lemon ether. Mix the mixture and set to cool.

  • natural,
  • nourishes the dermis
  • easy to cook.

There are no significant shortcomings, only the individual intolerance of the components of lipstick, for example, citrus. Find out about face masks with honey and lemon here.

With cinnamon and chocolate

Chocolate balm will be not only useful, but also delicious. The ingredient heals the epidermis, protects the lips from chapping and frostbite.

For cooking you will need: petroleum jelly, dark chocolate, cinnamon. Melt the petroleum jelly in a water bath, then add the grated chocolate on it. Mix everything and wait until the chocolate has dissolved. Add cinnamon to the resulting mass, mix, remove from heat, and pour into a clean, suitable dish. After the product has thickened, you can use it.

  • protects from wind and frost,
  • pleasant aroma and taste.

Lip cleanser with vitamins

Such lipstick favorably affects the skin, since vitamins nourish, moisturize the epidermis, and have a healing and anti-inflammatory effect.

To prepare the composition, you need: cocoa butter - 1 tablespoon, liquid vitamins - a few drops, shea butter, sea buckthorn and vegetable - 1 tsp, beeswax. Melt the solid components in a water bath, add liquid oils and mix. Add vitamins with a pipette, they are needed in a small amount. Mix everything, and pour into a suitable container. Leave to cool and harden. Keep refrigerated. Find out more about vitamin facial masks here.

  • emollient and nourishing properties
  • promotes healing of cracks and wounds.

  • oils can melt at high temperatures, so the product is stored in a cool place.

Base balm with honey and mint

Honey lipstick helps soften chapped skin, promotes healing. After applying the balm, the dermis becomes soft and smooth.

For cooking, take: beeswax - 1 tsp, almond oil - 1 tsp, honey - 1 tsp, peppermint ether. Melt the wax in a water bath, add almond oil and honey. The composition must be mixed, cooled and introduced peppermint ether. Place the mass in a prepared container.

  • ease of preparation
  • makes the code soft and tender.

  • allergic reactions to bee products are possible.


Well, actually, let's move on to the stated topic - a tinted lip balm. In essence, this is the same care balm to which you add coloring pigment.

It can be mineral mika, pink clay, mother of pearl or ... unnecessary lipstick. It is easiest to work with, since the coloring pigment in the lipstick is already distributed in the fat base, and this base diverges evenly in your balsam (mineral mics and clay can settle during the baking of the balsam).

The more lipstick you put in your lip balm, the more pronounced the shade on the lips will be, but at the same time, the coating will be not dense and very natural.

I tell you more in the video, study and be inspired:

In general, you understand - if you have lipstick lying around idle, then there is a chance to give her a second life, because we use lip balms more often than dense decorative cosmetics.

Try it - it’s so simple and quick that you’re unlikely to ever want to buy a lip balm again, you’ll see!

Healing natural lip balm with sea buckthorn oil and vitamins

Hygienic lipstick prepared according to this recipe helps in healing of cracks and wounds, copes with weathered skin, removes peeling, making lips soft and soft.

You need to take: beeswax - 1 tsp, shea butter - 1 tsp, sea buckthorn oil - 1 tsp, vitamins A and E 2.5 drops, or AEVIT - 5 drops. Introduce liquid oils into the melted wax, mix, let cool. Add vitamins to the cooled mixture, mix, then pour into a container and put in the refrigerator.

  • removes peeling and dryness,
  • moisturizes and nourishes.

Homemade anti-frost hygienic lipstick

Balm will protect your lips from frost, wind, prevent frostbite, soften the epidermis. Apply lipstick before each exit from the house.

The composition includes: beeswax - 1 tablespoon, olive oil - 1 tablespoon, peppermint oil - 8 drops. Add olive oil to the melted wax, mix everything, cool. Introduce mint into the cooled mass, mix again and put in the refrigerator for solidification. To add color to the balm, you can add natural juice - apple, pomegranate, berry juice. Find out the recipes for face masks with olive oil here.

  • protects from frost
  • prevents the skin of the lips from cracking and chapping.

Against herpes

The problem of herpes is familiar to many girls and young people. You can solve it with the help of homemade balm, which kills the virus, makes the skin of the lips soft and clean.

For preparation you will need: beeswax - 1 tsp, cocoa butter - 1 tsp, poppy oil - 0.5 tsp, castor oil - 1/3 tsp, tamanu - 0.25 ml. , geranium oil - 1 drop, orange extract - 1 drop, myrtle oil and naioli - 2 drops each. Add the oils in turn to the melted beeswax, mixing thoroughly. Cool the composition, put it in the refrigerator until it hardens. Use several times a day on affected areas.

  • treats herpes
  • natural composition
  • softening of the dermis.

  • a large number of oils that can not always be found in one place.

From chapped lips

It is necessary to moisturize and nourish the lips so that they do not crack in the cold and in strong winds. Подойдет помада с кокосовым маслом. Сделать это можно с помощью лечебного бальзама, состоящего из: канделийского воска – 24%, касторового масла и ши – по 20%, кокосового масла – 33%, экстракта абрикоса – 2%, бисаболола – 1%. Воск растопить, ввести в него другие компоненты.Mix the mixture well and cool. Apply to skin before going outside.

  • prevents dryness of the dermis,
  • removes peeling,
  • heals cracks.

Lip crack healing

This balm heals wounds and cracks of various origins. After applying the lipstick, the lips become soft, delicate and smooth.

The composition is prepared from: beeswax - 1 tsp, shea butter - 1 tsp, vitamin C - 1 unit, D-panthenol - 1 drop, rosemary ether - 1 drop. Melt the components in a water bath, add oil and vitamin. Mix everything well and let cool. About face masks with vitamin C at home can be found on the link.

  • skin softening
  • healing properties.

No petroleum jelly

You can make balm without wax and petroleum jelly using butter butter or vegetable oils. In the first case, the balm will be solid, and in the second - creamy. To add flavor to the lipstick, add essential essences or extracts, for example:

  • ylang-ylang and grapefruit,
  • lemon and mint
  • bergamot and lavender.

You can make a tint balm by applying natural berries (raspberries, cranberries), or food colors. You can add natural extracts of herbs to the composition, such as cornflower, chamomile, lavender, or spices, cinnamon or cloves.

Do not use abrasive or coarse particles for the preparation of balms, as the skin of the lips is delicate and sensitive.

With beeswax

Beeswax balms are good for winter time. It should be applied immediately before going outside, but should not be used at home, since in a hot room it can have the opposite effect - to draw moisture from the dermis.

To cook a cosmetic product, you need: beeswax - 1 tsp, avocado and almond oil - 3 g., Orange ether - 2 drops, vitamin A and E 2 drops. Melt the wax, then add the oils, add the esters, and introduce the vitamins. Mix well and leave to solidify.

You can make cosmetic balm without wax. In this case, add components that will give your lips softness and saturate them with useful elements and minerals. You can make cranberry balm. It gives the lips a bright color, saturates with vitamins, and makes the skin softer and more beautiful.

Preparing the balm is easy: take a handful of berries, crush them in mashed potatoes, then pour melted petroleum jelly and a couple of drops of almond oil and avocado. Mix the ingredients well and put in the refrigerator.

  • ease of preparation
  • saturation of the skin with vitamins.

This lipstick with cinnamon or chocolate smells good and has a sweet taste. You can prepare an edible delicacy for the lips from the following: a cocoa butter - 5 g, cinnamon and cocoa - a pinch of powder, dark chocolate - a couple of pieces. Melt the batter in a water bath, introduce chocolate, wait for complete dissolution, then remove from heat. Introduce cinnamon and cocoa, mix, and leave to cool.

  • pleasant taste and aroma
  • nutrition and mitigation of the epidermis.

With pepper for lip augmentation

The effect of lip balm for lip augmentation is achieved due to irritation and redness of the skin. This increases blood flow to the lips, making them swollen and supple. You can achieve this effect at home by preparing a balm with pepper (hot red or cayenne).

For preparation you need: 5-7 grams of a transparent ready-made lip balm, baby hygiene lipstick or petroleum jelly, clove or cinnamon oil, ½ tsp. pepper, vitamin E - 5 drops. Melt the base (balm or petroleum jelly), then add pepper, mix thoroughly. Add oil, stir and let cool. Hardened lipstick can be used as intended. If the product burns dermis heavily, you can reduce the amount of pepper or essential oil

  • instant lip augmentation
  • softening
  • nutrition.

  • unpleasant sensations from pepper,
  • the effect lasts up to 2-3 hours.

What to do if the child ate balm / lipstick

If a child accidentally ate a piece of lipstick, do not panic. If the balm was prepared at home, then the products are all natural, nothing terrible will happen. The only thing the baby can complain about is abdominal pain or loose stools. In this case, give the activated carbon tablets according to the age and weight of the child. Coal is an excellent absorbent, so it helps to cope with the problem.

How to make a balm with a shade

To color transparent lipstick, use:

  1. Sea buckthorn oil. Add a little to the balm, otherwise it will turn out a bright carrot shade.
  2. Food colorings. Add at the thickening stage, then mix thoroughly.
  3. Berries and fruits. You can cook several red berries of raspberries, black currants. When the berries give color, they are removed, and the composition is filtered.

Storage and use

The balm, prepared according to the rules, is stored up to 1 year. It is necessary to put the hygienic lipstick in a special form with a cap so that nothing extra gets into it. A dark and cool place is suitable for storing the composition.

You can not store the balm in the sun, as it can melt and deteriorate.

Any cooked balm should not be used for more than 4 months from the date of first use. You can use the product as needed, an unlimited number of times per day.

An interesting video with several recipes for lip balms with your own hands

Berry balm

Grind dried currant berries in a coffee grinder. On the stove, heat in equal quantities mixed cocoa and shea butter butters (5 g each). Allow to cool, pour in ½ tsp. sea ​​buckthorn and evening primrose vegetable oils. Stir the mass, pour currant extract into it. You can make a fragrant balm by adding a couple drops of ether of the same berry.

Wax helps to keep the balm firm in shape, but using products containing it is recommended only before going out. In the room, it produces the opposite effect, drawing moisture from the skin of the face and draining it. The preparation of balms based on it is similar to the previous ones:

  • Melt a small spoonful of wax, pour 3 g of avocado and almond oil into it,
  • add 2 drops of orange ester,
  • pour a couple of drops of retinol and the same amount of tocopherol (liquid vitamins in capsules are sold at the pharmacy),
  • pour into the mold, leave to solidify.

Tip: wax is bee and vegetable. The first is also divided into yellow and light. For cosmetics, it is better to choose white bee or herbal - they make the lips softer, nourish the skin. In addition, yellow has an unexpressed smell of honey, which can interfere if you want to make a balm with a different aroma.

Cranberry Balm

A remedy with cranberries can brighten lips and replenish vitamins. Mash a handful of berries until mashed. Pour melted petroleum jelly, a little avocado oil and as much almond. Mix the components. Keep only in the refrigerator.

The bee product is famous for its antiseptic property, so you can also make a lip remedy with it. It will be especially useful in the presence of cracks. In this case, do not add essential essences, if honey is used to make the skin supple, you should not exclude them from the recipe.

  • Bring honey to a liquid with wax,
  • in a slightly cooled mixture add plant extract of avocado and almonds,
  • pour 2 drops of lemon ether and the same amount of mint,
  • pour in the molds.

Getting involved in eating lipstick is not worth it, but if this remedy with an appetizing smell accidentally licks off your lips, then nothing bad will happen.

  • Melt the 5 g butter cocoa butter, gradually introducing dark chocolate into it in small pieces,
  • remove from heat, pour a pinch of cinnamon and cocoa powders.

A fruity odor balm can be made by adding appropriate oil extracts. At the same time, it is better not to take cocoa butter or beeswax as the basis - they have, albeit a light, but smell that can mix with the aroma of fruits.

  • Preheat petroleum jelly or white wax,
  • pour in a little almond and olive oil,
  • add a couple of drops of lemon and orange extracts.

Vanilla extract can be added to fruit balm - it goes well with fruits.

Useful video

A few more natural and healthy recipes are presented in the video.

It’s not difficult to make homemade lip balm - just select a foundation (petroleum jelly, wax or butter), add the accompanying ingredients to it, mix them in the right amounts. Hand-made balms are much more useful than those sold in stores, and a nice bonus is that they allow you to save money and combine components and aromas depending on preferences.