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You probably have often seen in the recipes such an ingredient as flour for cakes, confectionery flour or flour for baking. It differs from ordinary premium flour in a reduced gluten content. Due to this property, baking from it turns out to be less dense and lighter and more airy - just what you need for an ideal texture of cake layers. In order not to get off your feet in search of such flour, since it is really hard to find it in supermarkets, you can cook it yourself at home by replacing 2 tablespoons in a glass of premium flour with corn starch. It is better to sift the resulting mixture several times so that the starch is evenly distributed.

Still good:

If you don’t have flour from the cake, use two cornstarch in a tablespoon, combined with enough all-purpose flour to make a cup. Your baked goods will be a little tougher (due to excess protein), but it will still be nice.

Use a substitute to replace one cup of cookies. Double or triple this substitute as needed to get the amount of flour your recipe calls for.

We will need:

  • premium wheat flour
  • corn starch

To make a glass of Cake Flour, you must:

  • pour 2 tablespoons of corn starch into a regular empty glass
  • add a glass of plain wheat flour
  • sift carefully - better several times.

What is confectionery flour?

This is flour with 8-10% protein. King Arthur's confectionery flour has 8% protein. Other brands may have a little more. So why does all this matter? Because the amount of protein in the flour you use plays a big role in how light or dense baked products come out. Flour with lots of protein, make denser, chewier baked goods. Flour with less protein makes lighter, more airy baked goods. Confectionery flour is a relatively low-protein flour that has been specially developed for use in things like cookies, buns - and as names - baked goods.

So, while many hard-baked bakers will swear because of the need for flour from the dough, most home-bakers will probably be just as happy with the results from whole-flour, you can make great cookies from all-purpose flour, and you save money by doing it this way. Special flour, like test flour, costs more - often much more.

Measure your flour right

If you want light, airy baked goods, without flour confectionery flour, take the time to properly measure your flour. While it’s faster to dig a measuring cup in a bag of flour, you will put a bunch of extra flour in your recipe if you do it that way. And nothing makes a cake or sponge cake dense faster than too much flour. To match the measurement indicated in the recipe, use a spoon to dry the flour in a measuring cup. Then, align the top before adding it to your recipe. This simple skill can turn a good baker into the best of bakers.

More flour substitutes

Here are some other flour substitutes you can refer to when a recipe contains flour that you don’t have at hand:

  • Bread flour
  • Cake flour
  • Self-healing flour
  • Frozen Substitute Flour
  • Self-developing cornmeal
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