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The best crossover in basketball history


What basketball crossover? The basketball blog has already addressed this issue, read our basketball tips to be better, faster and smarter.

Basketball Crossover - this is when a basketball player during a dribbling makes a sharp change of direction. Performing it is quite simple, is one of the most famous movements in the game.

Settings for a fast crossover are almost as important as the performance itself. The philosophy of the offensive is this: the defender must perform the opposite movement of what you want to do.

When dribbling with your right hand, your head and shoulders should feel the ball vibrate on the right side. At the last second, you kick your right leg, creating a point passage on the left side.

During the crossover, transfer the ball from the right hand to the left. Point the ball towards the floor quickly and firmly, otherwise a good defender will be able to take the ball away from you.

After you have successfully completed the crossover in basketball and passed the defender, throwing the ball to the other hand, gain speed and attack the opponent’s basket, or perform an effective transfer to a teammate.

Any attacking basketball player using a crossover in basketball will upset the defensive stance (he will lose his balance). In my opinion, this is one of the most effective ways to beat the defender.

Of course, when performing such an action there is a danger of losing the ball. Therefore, professional basketball players often perform crossover behind the back or between the legs. They are able to protect the ball more effectively, but it is much more difficult to perform such a crossover.

Running a basketball crossover behind your back is a difficult task. To learn it, you need to train for a long time, but having mastered it, you will become a nightmare for the defense of rivals.

The crossover between the legs in basketball is another advanced way to change direction and protect the ball. The head and shoulders of the attacking basketball player must perform such a movement so that the defender thinks that you want to make a pass to the right.

At the last second, you throw the ball between your legs. The key to success is speed in motion. Having mastered the fast crossover in basketball, you will easily penetrate the opponent’s defense.

Allen Iverson

The most spectacular basketball player of his time, Iverson became a conductor of street basketball to the NBA - do not explain how highly appreciated by fans the ability to beat one-on-one. Some of Allen's crossovers will forever go down in history as one of the most memorable episodes in NBA history.

We advise you to pay attention to paragraphs 5 and 1.

Jason williams

In Iverson's footsteps, guys like Jason Williams came into the league. According to anthropometry, the 2006 NBA champion is almost an exact copy of Allen, and the defender’s playing style, nicknamed “White Chocolate”, can only be called crazy. It is hard to imagine that someone would repeat Williams' tricks - his manner of playing was truly inimitable.

Kairi Irving

An Australian point guard from the first years in the league has established himself primarily as a player who knows how to beat one on one any. Irving rightfully won the title of owner of the best crossover in the modern NBA - just one training video with analysis of its dribbling has collected more than 1,500,000 views on Youtube.

Steph Curry

Who is able to compete with Irving for the title of owner of the best crossover in the modern NBA is MVP-2015. Steph Curry does everything with amazing ease on the court - like the rest, beating the Golden State leader one-on-one looks elegant and elegant, and a sharp ball behind him becomes Stef’s chip.

Jamal Crawford

Do not forget about the cold-blooded shooter Jamal Crawford. Defender “Clippers” at 35 is still able to “pour”, leaving the bench, simultaneously delighting the audience with sweeping, mocking crossovers.

Crawford's Clippers partner Chris Paul's outstanding ball control allows him to play almost any kind of basketball. Crossovers Paul always succeeded, and the star point guard himself became a victim of hooligans - remember at least last year’s episode with another person involved in the list of Steph Curry.