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How to pack a gift beautifully: 22 ideas


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It's time to start packing gifts for the closest or farthest, but beloved people. We do this too, and here are some of the ways we especially like it. Many of them are editors. Bright Side took note.

For travelers and dreamers

Everything can be used here - from old children's atlases to huge political maps. If the person to whom you are going to give a gift likes to travel or so far only dreams about it, he will definitely appreciate such a gift.

Warm packaging

Finally, there is a worthy use for the old, but beloved sweater. The technique is simple, but the originality, comfort and warmth are just off scale.

If you don’t like ordinary bows, pompons are a great replacement. They are fluffy, warm, cute and very New Year's. Yes, and make them easy.

Natural elements

Having gone to the nearest forest or grove, you can find many nice jewelry for a gift: these are traditional cones and small twigs that can be painted in any color and decorated with tiny pompons.

A beautiful fabric can serve as an excellent gift wrapping - and most importantly, you can make a lot of different options. The packaging process itself is very simple:
1. The square of the fabric should be put face down, in the center to place a gift.
2. Tie the two opposite corners of the fabric with a knot.
3. Tie up two more opposite corners.
4. Another node.
5. And one more, final. Now you can add decorations - and you're done.

And so it is possible to make an absolutely unique fabric. With whales, for example, they are adorable.

Instead of boring ribbons

If you want to do something very unusual, you can try embroidering a decoration or a wish directly on paper. Paper is a malleable material and it will be easy. Another option is to use a paint on which you can write in chalk, as on a blackboard. And if you have a sewing machine, you can easily do something like this:

A method that simply captivates with ease of execution. All you need is a pencil with an eraser, paint and a sponge. A simple and cute polka dot pattern is always appropriate.

A very simple but unusual way to decorate almost any packaging. We recommend that you first prepare a stencil of thick paper, then circle it on wrapping paper and cut one half with a paper knife, then bend it. It’s better if there is one more under the top layer - it’s more elegant.

Salt Dough Labels

The recipe for salt dough, known since elementary school, is also useful to us in a difficult but enjoyable business of gift wrapping. The most common cookie cutters (and now you can find Christmas cookies) and the simplest materials - pretty gift tags are ready. Patterns on the test can be done by any means at hand - for example, attach a knitted napkin and squeeze, you get a beautiful knitted pattern.


The easiest way to pack, suitable for a volumetric or flat rectangular gift (for example, something already sold packed in a box) - gift paper. For packaging, you will need a suitable-sized sheet of elegant paper with a print or strict craft paper, adhesive tape or glue.


Such a colored paper box is suitable to hide a small or medium-sized gift. The size of the chest can be different - if necessary, resize the pattern accordingly and take a larger sheet.
You will need: a sheet of thick colored paper, a ruler and a pencil, scissors, a breadboard knife.

In advance, draw and cut out two patterns from draft paper, one with a valve, the other with a slot for it. Draw a square on the sheet, circle the patterns, cut the blank and fold the box.


To make such a package is quite simple, while it is universal and can look either strictly or romanticly - depending on the choice of paper.

You will need: a sheet of colored paper or cardboard with or without a pattern, glue for paper, a pencil, ruler, protractor or any round object that can be used as a template, scissors, ribbon or lace for decoration.

Prepare cardboard or paper of the correct size. The length of the sheet will correspond to the length of the future packaging, the width of the sheet is twice the width of the box. Leave room for “seam allowances” on three sides.

On the back of the sheet, draw fold lines. To draw rounded lines, use a protractor (saucer or something suitable). Circle the blunt end of the scissors along the ruler and the template with the outer edges of the future packaging - it will be easier to fold.

Cut along the outer edge.

Fold the workpiece along the marked lines.

Glue the box along the side seam. After hiding the gift there, tie it with a ribbon or cord.


Such packaging is more suitable to give something to a girl, girl or woman - for example, in a video in one of the “pieces of cake” a ring is hidden in a case. But if your beloved or dad is a sweet tooth, you can hide a gift for him in such a “cake”. If you want to give presents to a whole family or company, you can hide one gift in each “piece”.

You will need: 12 sheets of thick colored paper of “chocolate” or other “confectionery” color, scissors, glue, white ribbon, flowers for decoration, paper towel or box for cake for serving.

To get started, download and print the packaging template.

Next, follow the steps shown in the video.


Wrap the gift with ribbon and tie a simple single knot. Turn the gift over with a knot down and rotate it 90 degrees, wrap it again with a ribbon to make a cross, tie a knot again. From the remaining ends of the ribbon, make a bow and tie.


This cute bow is also a classic and a great decoration for any gift. Choose the color and width of the ribbon - you can make a miniature monophonic bow or a large one from ribbons of different colors.

You will need: packing tape (such is used, for example, in flower shops), scissors, stapler and paper clips, glue.

Cut 6 pieces from the tape: 3 - more authentic, 2 - a little shorter, 1 - the smallest. Of the five segments, make the “eights”, as in the picture, and fasten with a stapler. Roll the smallest piece in a circle and also fasten.

Fasten the stapler into the blanks for the bow three large "eight" and two small. Then glue the remaining cylinder in the center of the small workpiece so as to hide the paper clips. Glue the resulting workpiece into the center of a large workpiece.

Wrap a gift ribbon. Glue the resulting bow to it.


If you give a bouquet, a “single” flower or a plant in a pot, you can also come up with such a gift for a package that adds a festive mood and makes it special.

The easiest option is to wrap the flower with a sheet of double-sided colored paper and bandage it with tape at the bottom.

A more rigorous option is to use kraft paper and coarse rope.

To pack flowers in this way, first tie the bouquet down, then lay it on the packing list with flowers to the corner, wrap the stems with the bottom of the sheet and tie the package with a cord, ribbon or rope.

For packaging, you can take two sheets of paper in different colors and decorate the bouquet with a small glued postcard.

Fabric can play the role of wrapping paper - for example, a rough canvas will emphasize the tenderness of colors.

Another option is a delicate smoky package of ordinary tracing paper.

To prevent flowers from wilting, if you put them in a vase directly in the package, wrap the ends of the stems with a damp cloth and wrap with cling film on top before wrapping them in paper or cloth.

The gift wrapping can also be the flowers themselves, or rather leaves. For example, they can decorate large candles. Put stationery gum on each candle and season flowers or leaves under it. Then hide the mounting location by tying the candle with tape or cord.

If your gift is a plant in a pot, you can also make a package for it, for example, from fabric ...

TOP 7 packaging box ideas

You can show your imagination and make your own very beautiful packaging. To do this, you need a little skill, improvised stationery, paper, cardboard.

1. A beautiful package of thick paper.

We take as a basis thick paper or an ordinary newspaper, a magazine (the main thing is that the product can withstand the weight of the gift), and cut out the most ordinary package of the size you need. All joints are well glued, and as a decor we use a funny tag or bow, ribbons, pendant, toy.

2. Boxes of different shapes.

You will find it useful: cardboard, stationery knife, stencil, glue, stapler. We transfer the stencil to cardboard and cut out the blank. Next, we make small incisions in the places of the bend and collect the box. You can also look at beautiful packaging boxes of various design options at kruglaya-korobka. It is very important that the design style of the packaging box matches the theme of the celebration and age of the birthday.

3. A packing box from a bottle.

A bottle of good wine can be sealed in beautiful paper, and the original gift is ready. If the bottle is with a wide neck, then it can be used as a beautiful container. Remember how Winnie the Pooh congratulated Piglet, pulling a deflated ball from the bottle.

4. Double packing.

To create it, several types of papers of different colors and patterns are used simultaneously.

5. Mesh packaging.

It will add originality to the packaging with a beautiful mesh that can be used instead of standard ribbons.

6. Japanese packaging "Furoshiki."

This method involves packing something in a piece of fabric. This art is very ancient and has many patterns, knitting methods.

6. Packing from unusual materials: candy box, matchbox, postcard, glass jar.

So that your gift will be remembered for a long time, amazed at first sight, it must be packed into something extraordinary. If your gift is very small, for example, a ring or catkins, then you can seal the surprise in a nutshell or matchbox, and use a newspaper instead of polished paper. You may think that all this will look messy and simple, but in fact this is yt. We recommend that you never throw away a beautiful box if you can make a beautiful surprise out of it later.

Decor for packing box

Do not forget about the beautiful, original decor for packaging. For example: ribbons, bows, ruffles, tags, pendants, a card with a wish.

Of course, additional decor is not appropriate in all cases, but if it seems to you that there is no key accent in your creation, then something will definitely need to be added.