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Do-it-yourself bottle decor with twine


How to please and surprise guests during a big holiday, how to decorate (make decor) your own chest of drawers, which stores dishes for holiday feasts, without spending a lot of time and effort? It’s enough just to show imagination and decorate the usual item for everyone - a bottle of twine. You can choose it from under any liquid, the main thing is an interesting appearance and the absence of damage.

Bottle decor

Surely there are interesting bottles in your kitchen bottle that you can decorate.

Applied interior and exterior:

  1. The inside decoration is for bottles that have a completely transparent design and have a perfectly even or unusual shape. Often, expensive alcoholic drinks or even children's juices in bottles are sold, which are trimmed with recesses, indentations, even whole aesthetic or comical designs.
  2. Decorating the outside requires less features from the bottle. It is enough to use even the most ordinary water tank. Of course, unusual shapes look much more interesting.

When making exterior decoration, the master takes advantage. An empty bottle can be filled with water, then it will become elastic. When all the elements are completed, the contents are poured. Beginning needlewomen recommend this particular decor method

Design Ideas:

  • a combination of colors in the interior, such as gold, burgundy, sea wave (suitable for a marine style kitchen), bright yellow or green,
  • vintage with noble and nostalgic contours, suitable for moderate brown cuisine,
  • a shiny finish resembling shades of precious metals or stones,
  • marine motives a detailed performance of all the attributes of a summer vacation or even sticking small souvenirs brought in memory,
  • heterogeneous openwork patterns, color-based linings or applied directly to a transparent structure.

Step by step instructions for decorating with twine

In the technique of decorating bottles with twine, you can create the likeness of many interior items: decorative panels, dishes, fabric products and various vessels. You can choose not only bottles, but also cans.

The only condition for twine decor is the manufacture of glass. This will help to maintain the design for a long time, as the plastic bases are less durable.

You can take not only a transparent frame, but also painted. All stickers that may fall off must first be removed. The color of the base is not important, since it is usually completely covered with decorative material. If you need a beautiful and unusual thing, you need to choose the most bizarre shape of the product. Interesting ideas for kitchen design can be found in this article.

  • selection of a quality basis,
  • any fabric that is made through coarse and simple weaving of threads. Great bortovka or tape,
  • the acquisition of paper twine. You can do without store material using sisal or hemp rope,
  • 2-4 mm wire. It should bend perfectly, preferably this element is made of aluminum,
  • two different adhesives “PVA” and “Moment”,
  • it is advisable to wear gloves so as not to be nervous due to the adhesion of hands to the surface.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • Work starts from the bottom of the bottle. You need to follow in a circular manner. Spread the entire lower part of the glass product with a thick layer of “Moment” glue.
  • Glue the twine to the very edge and begin to wind it sequentially from the very extreme line of the bottle.
  • Tightly twine the twine to the previous layers, while adding a little glue. It should not be applied to the threads themselves or to the entire surface. It is enough to regularly add 2-4 drops to the base at the place of subsequent thread wrapping. You do not need to immediately pour glue over a long distance, as it dries quickly.
  • When protrusions or indentations begin, and also when moving to a tapering element of the base, it is necessary to coat the surface with a sufficiently thick layer and try to twist the thread in these places as soon as possible. It is advisable not to damage the quality at the speed of work, since an inhomogeneous coating can spoil the appearance of the finished product. Absolutely all parts, even when entering one after another, must be wrapped with this material. If you need to put the threads inside large recesses, you need to gently push the material into them with a stick or with your hands.
  • The neck or other particularly thin parts are wrapped a little denser than the rest of the bottle, as there is a risk of delamination of the fasteners.
  • Separately, from the twine, crochet a pigtail. It is done by applying the basic technique by tucking each new loop into the previous one. If the master does not know this knitting technique, you can simply divide the threads into three parts and tie a familiar pigtail. When this line is made, it is necessary to periodically put it to the edge of the bottle to see if it fits the exact size of the circle. It is necessary to make an accurate detail in size, since the stability of the entire structure depends on it.

  • Glue the obtained pigtail to the bottom, going a little on the basis of the structure.
  • Bottle decoration in progress. You can use any improvised materials that have an aesthetic appearance and are suitable for twine. Most often, masters make curls. For this, ordinary twine threads are taken, wrapped in several layers and twisted in a chaotic manner or form a circle.
  • It is desirable to decorate the central part of the obtained elements with any bead or decorative flower.
  • If the resulting product seems too dull, it can be easily refreshed by picking up a bright color scheme, if you wisely use old jewelry or any transparent elements from clothes. You can see children's and already unnecessary sets for creativity. They also help create a great look for the product.

Such decorated bottles fit perfectly into the Mediterranean or Scandinavian style.

Twine is not a bright material, so it is advisable to give it a brilliant and original appearance, adding something shiny or stylish. To finish in a simple style, just add a coffee bean or a dull button inside. It is advisable to add the exact same circle to the very top of the bottle so that it looks finished.

Twine bottle decor watch the video master class:

Cereals (semolina, millet, buckwheat, rice)

One of the interesting and original interesting ideas is the decor with cereals. In addition to a variety of cereals, you will need special corrugated paper, glue of two types: PVA and hot. For a beautiful bottle decor you need paint with a dispenser. The standard procedure for gluing a bottle looks like this:

  • a beautiful bottle is selected and cleansed of fat,
  • the cereal is glued in the form of clearly defined zones, patterns or protrusions,
  • roses are made from corrugated paper by twisting. It is advisable to form them in different sizes,
  • when all the elements are glued, let them dry,
  • the bottle is covered with paint. It should be applied evenly and everywhere.

Flat semolina, buckwheat, rice, millet can be supplemented with curly pasta. Additionally, you can cut various curly elements and complement with various decorations.

Satin ribbons for the kitchen

  • satin ribbons,
  • brocade ribbons (with the addition of brilliant patches),
  • glue “Moment”,
  • additional decorative decorations.

For the decoration to be successful and the bottle to become an excellent souvenir, it is advisable to take the product with gold foil without adding any inscriptions. The amount of tape used depends on the width of this material. To make the bottle decoration easy, and the result is excellent, you need to perform decor according to the scheme:

  1. To implement each layer, you must first apply the tape to the desired location without gluing, and then cut off the excess.
  2. On the surface of the bottle dots are placed with glue. A lot of this substance should not be used.
  3. The tape sticks close to the surface, stretches. Each subsequent layer is adjusted in length.
  4. When gluing the tape at the joints, a kind of pigtail forms. It is always necessary to cross the edges of the material in one direction, so that the pattern is smooth.
  5. When narrowing the tape to the neck, make sure that it is absolutely even.
  6. After gluing the bottle with the base decorative layer, you can decorate it with any additional elements.

Lace decoration

Such a decor in the style of Shabby Chic with your own hands will bring special charm to the room, for the completeness of the style, you can sew chair covers, potholders, napkins with lace and make boxes for storing vegetables.

It is advisable to paste on the following algorithm:

  • the bottle is degreased
  • suitable places for labeling the material
  • lace elements are lubricated with glue and applied to the surface,
  • after all the elements have dried, you need to cover them and the rest of the bottle with varnish with a glossy shine.

Decorative items can be crocheted, cut from old clothes, tablecloths or purchased as a set.

Types and ideas for decorating glass bottles

You can decorate a bottle in several ways. The interior design is suitable for bottles with transparent walls. For any method, it is initially necessary to prepare the tank for processing:

  • clean stickers and labels,
  • wash
  • to dry
  • degrease with a special liquid or alcohol.

Below is a table with some simple options for interior decoration of a glass container.

Divide the salt into several portions and mix each with acrylic in different colors, knead with a fork,

Place the resulting mixture in an oven heated to 100 ° C for 1 hour,

Mash the “baked” salt with a fork and sift through a sieve,

Pour the resulting colored sand into layers in layers, using a funnel, alternating colors.

Cover and decorate as desired

Black and white beans

The essence of the work is very simple: you need to pour cereals into the bottle in layers at will. The nuance of this process is that small cereals should be at the bottom, otherwise there will be no clear boundaries.

This method is as simple as possible and perfect for bottles with embossed walls. It is necessary to pour paint into the container and evenly distribute it inside.

Fix the container in a vertical position upside down on the grate so that excess liquid flows out of it.

After the first coat has dried, repeat the procedure again.

External processing can be used on containers of any color and size. It can be made in the decoupage style or with the use of improvised materials such as rope, thread, cabochons.

Other options for how to decorate with your own hands (painting, decoupage, interior decoration)

Decoupage. Special napkins will be required, which after application to the bottle are painted with heterogeneous patterns, decorated with floral motifs. At the end of the work, you need to give the surface an aging effect. It can be done by applying light, heterogeneous paint on the folds of napkins or when coated with a special varnish.

Interior decoration. You can pour various cereals into the bottle, forming colorful drawings. For convenience, a funnel is required. It is also allowed to lay pieces of fruit or vegetables, however, for this you need to use a preservative. You can use not only alcohol, but also saline, gelatin. Vinegar is not necessary, as it will give the products a white tint over time. First, fruits or vegetables are stacked in a row, forming decorative combinations, then they are poured with a preservative and clogged. You can read about serving the summer holiday table by clicking on this link.

Video: how to paste various eggshell objects for decoration

And here is an option how to make a real designer thing out of an ordinary shell:

In order for the resulting design to bring only positive emotions, it is necessary to choose an aesthetic bottle and use high-quality, preferably new materials for decoration. When the work is done taking into account the harmony of the color palette, and the whole picture is coordinated not only by the details among themselves, but also with the surrounding interior, the result will be excellent, whether it was coffee or semolina painted powder. You can find out about the blue kitchen in this material.

Decoration with different threads and lace

All that is needed for work:

  • Multi-colored threads,
  • Lace,
  • Glue,
  • Cabochon or artificial crystal,

Design is as follows:

  1. Wrap the lower and upper 1/3 of the bottle with threads, alternating colors,
  2. Glue the middle part with lace and glue the cabochon on it.

Crystal decoration

Necessary materials:

  • Twine,
  • Lace,
  • Thermal gun
  • Large rhinestones or small crystals of the same color,

First you need to divide the bottle into 5 equal horizontal stripes, each of which will be decorated with a separate element:

  • The first layer should be wrapped with thread with silicone glue,
  • Next is the lace strip,
  • Medium includes the most painstaking work: gluing rhinestones. To facilitate the process, you can use rhinestones on the tape. In this case, you just need to cut off the strip with stones of the desired width and stick it to the glass surface,
  • The fourth is lace,
  • Fifth - Twine

Between the layers, you can leave an empty distance of 1-2 centimeters, so the finished product will not look bulky. Another variation of this design is the reduction of layers to three, where the middle consists of wide lace, and one strip of rhinestones is glued in the middle.

Bottle decor with twine and salt

For this type of creativity you will need the following materials:

  • twine,
  • white acrylic
  • silicone glue and PVA,
  • colored fine salt and semolina (made independently, as in the internal salt design).

First you need to paint the bottle with acrylic. After it dries, glue the thread in layers, leaving a distance of about 5-7 centimeters between them.

Lubricate empty spaces with glue and sprinkle tightly with colored salt, allow to dry.

You can also decorate the bottle with beautiful decorative elements.

Instead of salt, you can use semolina or beads.

Decoration of glass bottles with twine

Twine Bottle Decor

Decoration of bottles with paints

It is best to use glass bottles for such creativity, since this material is much more durable than plastic. The following types of paints are suitable for work:

  • acrylic
  • ordinary waterproof
  • aerosol
  • universal

When painting, you can use a nylon brush. It will be the best option if the final goal involves roughness and some irregularities. The sponge will allow you to achieve an even coating, but for this, painting should be done in several layers. Aerosol spray can achieve a dense and even coating the first time, and they also dry quickly. Below are some options for decorating a bottle using paints.

Twine Bottle Decoration

Beautiful decor of glass bottles with twine

The idea of ​​decorating bottles with twine

The easiest way to handle this bottle is to use acrylic and electrical tape. To do this, wrap the container with electrical tape, leaving free space and cover it with paint. After complete drying, remove the tape, and the original pattern will remain on the bottle. You can also use stencils, paint the container with different colors.

Decoration of glass bottles with twine

Twine Bottle Decor

Glitter decoration will become a beautiful accessory for a festive table and will serve as an original gift. Initially, it is necessary to color the bottle with the same color as the gliter. After complete drying, it is good to coat the surface with PVA glue and sprinkle it with glitter. When working, you should use rubber gloves so that the sequins do not remain on your hands.

Twine Bottle Decoration

Beautiful decor of glass bottles with twine

The idea of ​​decorating bottles with twine

Decorating bottles decoupage

To create a decoupage bottle you will need:

  • polyacrylate based paint,
  • three-layer napkin with a suitable pattern,
  • decoupage glue or PVA diluted with water in equal proportions,
  • synthetic brush
  • acrylic lacquer.

First you need to primer the surface with several layers of acrylic and dry well. Next steps:

  1. Cut out the necessary pattern from the napkin using nail scissors and carefully separate the top layer from the napkin.
  2. Stick the picture on a glass surface.
  3. Process the pasted pattern with diluted PVA using a synthetic brush.
  4. After complete drying, cover the bottle with acrylic varnish.

Decoration of glass bottles with twine

Twine Bottle Decor

If desired, you can decorate the surface with additional elements. Such a beautiful accessory will serve as a wonderful gift for any holiday.

Such decorative bottles can be used as a vase or as an element of interior decor.And also everyone is pleased to receive an original, beautiful and functional handmade gift for the holiday.